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ES ee eee 

Q, Edison. tapers 



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Thomas A. Edison Papers 
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The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 

ISBN 0-89093-702-8. 



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jp elibie: > 

SALSA caret Fa omamatenerscd tne eee 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 



PENRO TESS Oy et Seu PS eee ees te a 



Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited. »: 3): 

In lieu of transcripts, however, ee 
enlarged photocopies of selected. 

items contained on these reels 
_may be made in order to facilitate nee = 


SEEN cnet es SIN es 

Letterbook, LB-029 

This letterbook covers the period April-May 1889. There is also one 
letter from June 1888. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred 
O. Tate. Many of the letters pertain to the manufacture and marketing of the 
phonograph and talking doll, Edison’s relations with the Edison Phonograph 
Toy Manufacturing Co., and his suit against Ezra T. Gilliland and John 
Tomlinson. Other correspondence relates to mining and ore milling, the 
phonoplex system, and the Edison exhibit at the Paris Exposition. There are 
also letters concerning the purchase of equipment and supplies for the West 
Orange laboratory and the exchange of financial notes between Edison and 
his various companies. The spine is labeled "From April 8, 1889 to May 21, 
1889 No II" and "LETTER BOOK H April 8 to May 21, 89." The book 
contains 499 numbered pages and an index. Pages 491-498 have been torn out 
of the book. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed. 

a ae a Ta ay bye. : 
C ar 
Z <<) mm Garey 4 Came er ee “Ge . | | 
oF Ct CO Bow” Rieieees OOK 

Ck rele f Cele Meanerbker Aveely ee ed Os) 

ry fe ‘ 
og Liz = 6 ete Ree L rd - fa 7 cae et a as agit Corriprauy 
bn a Che ~ COA Fare v4 Ye a A AC. aaa 
va GC prc Sorerrvdeee rh fly (ea? SHA aries 
/) | 
Lb As vd ok vA lod ok €€ét a ot Coy € sll ces TT a “ 
- Des x isn. toe ye ee ae, h As at Opt 
ALL, | 
piforend Crss 
Co RKO Cos ees ss LL 
SE pelo 

ele oe og? 


7th, you must 

nave mia Soy : ae wy y atpoosing tht 

Lo exper tec 
ho docs s Sign Yves 

loam fully emerged, have 

» B Beparats 

information 3 


Morganton, Me Ge 

Lohave yew Lether oF: ard instante T oan: only: 

a mithers ach ae fon have heen unvent igating 


Il have no nse now for chrome 

the pradiste 

do not wirh 

to continue the investigation 


not prepared at present to toke up the othor euvjects: 

s. that- I desire +o ‘contimie 

ah rough vowels Mes 

mut wher. a tire ‘gome 


I will bo very “glaa to’ svat my sol £ of 

work of this oheracter, 

your sere i453 Bo 

Yours very truly, 

; | April 8, 1880. 

Col. Geor se Fh. Gourand, 
Hittle Menlo, Upper Uorwood, 

Surrey, Fneland. 

Dear Sirse- 
I peg to confirm the following eablegram sent you 

to-day: ~ . 

“Phonographs oan be exhibited to full advantage 

. .in apace allotted for all my invertionas Rar 

tubes axeitae: ald outside noises Re fuse abso~ 

lutely to pormit aharging ontranee fees or the . 

introduotdon of any sido show or Barnum methods 

at Paris. #2 a4 40 ne* 

Yours tmly, 

April 8, 1889. 

Samuel Insukl, Pane, 
19 Dey Shree at, 

New Yoru ot for. 

Dear Sirs - 

Loney to sabnowledse veaedipt of your Letter of 6th 
instant, enclosing cheak of Mr. J. We. Ghapman for 44,915.00, anf 

your o@n aneck for 39,406.54, for which please aacept thanks. 

Yours very al 

Private Secretary. 

April 9, 1889, 

“its dohn 3. Powell, 
620 North 8th Streat, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dear’ Sirte: 
Mra Biv Ve hag reaedved yee letter of Sth instant and 

onthe sur tole aay dee Vo sh he wanhes Live to try one of your 

wofiva sotortee Lei? oe: forward it to the ators addres3. 

Yours very trul 
. cy 

Prigate Secretury. 

cer, 4 

Avril 9, 1889. 

Mr, Proce G, Smith, 
$2 North Ingalls Street, 

Ann Arvor, Miche 

Near Sirt- 

My, Edison nas received your lotter of $d instant, 

anc seva thet if Tellurium could ue obtained cheaply, he could 

‘uso it in large quantities. Mb has wrked it to a very aonside~ 

extmt, andi pronounces it to tea marvelous eubstancse 

Yours very truly, 

Private Rooretarye 

pw 4 

Fortes re ce earn MRE pe ee RE Vm eR Ten BE ORIYA 
: : ? alas : 


Arrdl 9, tase, 

Nye Jeron A. OlLaney, 
500 Thivd Avenue, 

Narvoit, Miohe 

DoaPY Sirse : 
Mr, Batson hits heen so may that not, ynitiy 
to-day have I been AbLo to hand him your yeaent gortespondencs 
He was very rman arpridni at the statements mace in yoru Lotter 
of 20th ultino, and it in needless to aay that he wah nnanee of 
owing you any moneys Tha Ten Dollars, with admpound intorest ta 

date, amunts to $37.85, and 1 enelose herewith Mr. Fdison's chrck 

-° 46 aover yvamee 

Yours vory truly, 

Private Socrothty. 

Anarley Rtehalor, Bsq., 

Rad son Phonograph Vorka, 

Dear Sirs- 

lo spoke to you on agturday about a system of sprink~ 

iors tor ths laboratory. Ye had a fire in the Yalvanoretor Roar 

seaterday, which is the third that has ocurred wthin tho last 
Tiwe dave, 

each one of whith aun disunverad and mppreased by purt 



‘Yours vary truly, 

Private Secratar y. 
« 4 2 

Mr. a Frank, ‘ - 
" $0 South Fifth Aveme, 

Now York ity. 


Dear Sirt- ; 

With referenae to the two cabineta which yon made for 
un “one of cherry and one of mahogany with glaas topa, tha top 
: board Of each of these has atacked from one end to the ather, ba 
CUBE of sour hav ing urgent grotn wood instead of reasoned wood in 
the ir anntiabian: ‘Shall we retin these for yau to fix them 
wp, or shal] wo do the wark.ourgelves, charging you for’ same? 

. ~ 

Kindly let us hear from ym at once in regard to this matter. 

Yours very truly, 
i ataaiate. i 
. i, Pe ie 
Fees ne es Cats iad 


Mary Hapes Dodge, Faitor,’ 

"St. Mae holas," 

. Naw York City, 

Deer Madam, - 

+r, Rdison has received your -letter Of 29th Witting, 

asking him ta eentritite to ’St. Nicholas", an artigle on the toy 

phonograyh, and cesires ma to trenk you for BAPE _ 

‘Hire Rdison vegrets very pvuh that it is inpracticayle for then 

to aomply with your request and is sorry that he Carmot aed hinge 

self of the oyrortimnity this offered to axplain the haw PLonograph 

. 4 ° 
to the readers of your maazina, ita experimantina, newever, denand 

#0 mich of his personel attention, he never has any time at his 

disposal which ke could devote to literary WOT» 

Agnin tmnking you for you letter 

i mm, yours yery truly, 



Private Becratary, 

wi A 

April 10, Lesa, 

My, No He Doda, 

Rloomfiea. a, He Jo 

Dear Sirte- 

L have diaposed of the lease of my factory at "loom 

field, and the dearer of thin note will take charge of same 

Yours truly, 

: na viel - 7 a 
arg “vi 
a we ye # 
a « xy A rae 
aay caer aes woOP es 
“s ae ? } id 


fer fre . 



“A sf t- JS | ri é fi 
Lx hy Aran. Adult Ly L a 

SZ ve ther ohn @ebheouce ven y~ Ho. MWete. 

OR (oA & LE CM BW, et of ¢_, Cian 
Hater nwt £40,000 th Hero 

chan AAR TM, OOF the freed 
ee Af. the “nt S7 oe fhod yy A 
tlre ar ere wae eee ae Cate fe. Be F 
thu. ea ea TOT bs 0 ae oe a ae 
fer ay sR Aad HA Veh 6 pee 
ORG Spee eer, A. bt). Lo e2 & Be OG AE 
MAIC AN fb ee tia 
Baccus ag awl kup. frome 
pe-rths Ctx .. AL. Phtarreenels ef te 
ire cat hk unr lee - Krve 

Ga. --Ceeu- fee a 
4 - Piaf fear Oe By Arte ae % a 
Fiiicw bea bh be Gee Oe 
ta Ketp- Ve aut” a. MO 
An acpnneetra ANnhwity 
MA Sd etek: Arrarcint~» Fhe 
baa a pags AAA BBO AAR 

April Li, 1889, 

Mor, Kis avenger, 
Dive O'p'r., Pha wy Railroan, 

W411 tumsport, Pa. 

Dew Sirte 

A fev duya since we mailed you a panphlet, Aerneriptivge 
of the ¥disn Pnhonop tex System of telegraphy, the firgt sentence 
of whieh, wider *Lergth and Arrangement of Dirgnits” reais as 

"Thin aystem of telagraphy can ‘he operated upon cirgnits 
not exceeding 100 niles or 4hererbanta.” . 

The above appliag nora part Lavlar Ly to Looul wires, and not 
to Shrough wires w tth ont few of tags, We have sigeeseMily 
worked a elrauit between Pitt giyar 21: tnd Altoona Lor more timn A 
yeur, and one hetwem Philadelphia’ and Navrisireh tor aba gix 
or seven months. “Ye alao have a eironuit that is wrking ninoly 

an the National Tranwit Go. Lina fron Tdma, Ohio, to O41 Gity, Pas, 

a distansa of 400 miles, This fattar nirattit is wark ad On on aopper 

Veswue sidbaswidannad 


Mre Ke 

If ym contormlate using whe Phanop lex System, wa shall yw 
: ; 

pleused te tarhiah you with an estimete of the qost af aydprens | 

if you will kindly send us a diagram. 

Mr. Faison has a amtract with the Pennsylvania Ratl Road 

Conpany which given tha Latter the right to nage tha Phanopley. 

Syston on any of their liner. 


” , 

Yours vary VG, 
tbh f 

April 11, 1889. 


howis Glags, Neqe, don'le Manayen, 

Paci tig Phonoeraph Joqpeany, 

“28 Pine Ste, San Praneiaao, Jal. 

Dear Sirie 
Md you reqgeive my latter of Fayary 2lst, amlosing 

eopy of pn soreunication from Col, Gonrvaud, in whieh he indleated 
his willinmeas to rnkoe an arrangomont with Mr. Sabin for the 
Sandwich Lalands? I huve reaaived your letter of 2a inetant, in 
whicin-you state that Fol, Goursud has not sormunicatad with you, 
and Tam triting him to-day ttpon the onsjeas, TT do not think you 
ned have my fedr of Losing thr Sundvseh Islundne I camot sposk 
intelligently reearddin:s Oontral “Aner be, os Tam not fomtliar with 
Col, Gorurand's operations. To do. nat holfieve, however, that ha has 
a4 snosad ‘of thir territory, for the reason that h® has, wy yot,: 
cone no ronal wininess, having devornd all his time to Leeturns and 
the goreruL introduction of thd Phonograph to tie reoplos of Eng 

“Qand and Pranea, LE will br very'gind to ssatet you ay far ast 

poentnly oun, and L wiliave that ater Col. gourand recoivan my 

dormrtantian of tnedwy, WA witd give the 

Ait % AX, & 

The Fdlson Maaine “orka, 

10 Nay Mt., Haw York. 

Dear Siynt- . 
L beg to confirm the following message whieh we | 

agkod you sy telephonn to-day to tranamit to Mr, Kreneis.- 

"Neer maghine givaa fourteen four-tenths ' 
Warts par.pound. It ia goed for twenty- 

two, Nd iaa ne® 

Youra woily, | 

April Li, 188s 


5, % Raton, Puqe, 

120 Brootway, New York Gity. 

‘Dear Sirs- 

ne herewith (2) letter from Sarmed Ensulk, ecm 

20th, LASA: 

I anolo 
dreased to mysols, under date Maren (2) agreement anaee 
LRBO, betwam JInatars 8. Fnts und Tnorias A. Rataor, 

dave Lsth March, 
to Thomas A. Fatison, ant of, 

(3) two nosignnants of Iustuzr Be FRnhz 
panpeet ively; 3a duy of Tananrys 1889, nid Lith any of Feyruary, 
1889, Nre Inml asks to have oartain qorroot Long mule ain the ° 
agreement ot Marah bith, onal L pave considered 1% adyisanle to seat 

al jast them, and returt: 

ga that he car 

ali the papers toy, so that you an 

thom to me, after whieh I ith advisa Hr, Inswld, 

to Nr. Fntz's oopy of the contract - 

mace the nocascary ndditians 

Apa) Lh, Lees 

Te % Cornery, Page, 

Righrornd Hill, ae Te 

Danr Sirt- 

Replying ta ver lester of Loh inatant, Br. Mddion 
will oy vory glad to geet yoursoh¢e and your Tvtends at the Lahorsa- 
tery any day you fox mo sonvenion® %£0 sarnt ava, Kindly do not, 
fall to udvice us in advange, so that i cen arPanise DM hava the 

‘phonograph on exhtoition in the leature Soar 

Youre very traly, 

woe x 

Soke fear go FR. Gorraid, 

Lisevle Merlo, “Upper Maroc, 

Surrey, Snghard. 

Nour Sirt- 

Lowag te aut) your ateention to vour Letter to rit 
undas date Beh Pavruary, du whieh you indleate your willingnogs 
ta necotiate sith Mr. John 7 Sayin for the asain of the phonograph 

in the Suataiah Tglanda. Mr, Sarin, os I kav alroady informed 

you, fe ve Prectddsnt of tha Paetfte Pronogranh Company, a& ram of 

innatg ne an oxealient man of bisinésa. Lh vetthd We di frioult, 

: 4 
iz not ot: aenireS for you. ta find a setter conneation Yor operas ing 

dn thee uae nway abpndlay Ll om toeday in rewtpt of ao lettor fron 

Mr, Subin, or rathor from firm Wane cinte, ir, Towds Glass. The 

“ datter in the ‘eneral Mango of cho Pagifie Phonograph Go, , und 

Mre Sauin’s protharein-Live He states in hie Letter that a some 

miViteatinn agdragnad ba yaw asang Fomotusey aay wad applying fr 

ahy Ron aed ity Hye ate pnd dong rad elle ty fh - up Manger ate 

cab Hive defen sere Gam basy with the geaermad Stade vbtis of the 

Bono raph ban) Tacha ne and st hast forty SOUP LT A hy unt shat thotr 

sersanpent Son waka without Geass ankwe atcention rar yan had 

an oopportuiity of &actag tis ruttor pe 

Your's very tr vhs 

. Prgente Saenatary. 

BA we. gt Ge-qotns, a me forale 
tho ln a€ pe aekee. See nop 
ee Opa. fed tatats of the Fag Anan OF 
£& eF Pay Ga ew fe As. JM rae ee ag 

ane | sa | ME te, a ada dbl, tid 
: é 


Res “f » Hon 


Apval ty, 

Mowers, Porpily, Oleaint & Pish, 
47 Mor ganery Oyvege, Jarsny O05. 

mn 4, 

Der Sirat- 
Tan very mich obliped ror yar Latter af ap, tristornt, 
in peg to tucition of tt Fed one Phonoerark a. 

Wiuh wefaranya ¢n and af gertaln prarerty a looeeyata, 
mndeh weed went, edt sy Me, Ton O. Tomit noon, st Shy purteg es oot 
havens the titia svarsret, b we SO gay that tila rroperty oekorga 
‘to up, and for several montia pet Ebay tao tryin to ind ok 
reer Nre oh aon wih oe dtd vith wy eamin, Ue 346 wider she 
layrrsgion Ghat taney were rom: ain papeta tat woa never gabe ty. - 
Aoante thon, and dt save Shee my Tae be abe Loam yey riteh plead 
tm tint thar fipatli, oe ei van soald be Sond anough to aannirme 
the geearyh Whe ae yor Have ahrgady fre ®d sage, und Phen tht ature is 

; ae 
Geetha 6a, ahyiae pe af the tape pod Pareand ot @ hilh tov gue 

gtrordunt dapeqsod, Yoyne vary tty, 

Aev id 22, sau 

Menyrse Raton «& Sarin, 

Te Aoeadway, Maw Yor: TH by. 

Daar Strat - 

I enolone herewith noties from the Repartrent State 
Noard of Asxoxsora, Trenton, Me Tee recouding retum ewhish ia to 

be mace on or hofares he ‘Mth day of May naxt molative to aefnaiva 

pf the Paton Phonosvaph Go, - To dbna anckowe & Letter fim Mesure. 

Parmly, Shendorf & Pink, of Jeeney M4gy, who ttalt with thia rates 

Last veure Turing 419 year Lak the Fal ann Phonayrant: So. omned 

a phonngrayh faetory at Mooi ieka, Me 3., which laser on Noa 

turned owor to the Rdfoon Phonograph YWorege 1 at not ‘cloarly 397 
apon Wht yInd WA Cas ut the pragint tina aogerite tha Ff ant 

Pronsetep ie foe mb a rca ier inj, Co,  Perogpa thera is sem ati 

way by whieh We Qu avoid faration? 

‘foutn: geaaly,.-° 

dpvit 4a, lasy. 


Hre Chase O. Klein, Map'e,, 

The Fdieon United Mf. Company, 

tera Yay ity. 

Dery Sirte 
In reply ta your letter of 8th dnutant, To wilh tone 
‘up the tructng of Rockefaller's pinunds and avat it over tw yon 
arn ee iine tomday o * 
T have a bill apabmit vour Cnemany whieh To will forward wary 
shortly, 29r the preparation of threat plana. They ware made by 

Mr, Smirok at a ttn when hin salary wae noting fald oy thie Lahore. 

tory. The b8l1 annunts to atone §4n,00, 

Youra tly, 

April 23, 89 

My Penv Insult,- 

Masor Tinton writen Mr. Fad con, tinder auth Sth 

instant, referring te the Lnteer's ngrocaént sith Mee Lipp inant’ 

met to ortng mit Ag Bhs Gtidiend ag Tomtinwr gor pix mepkr ay 
thes tae tle gapirad an the: Sth inhunt, wna fay as Mr» Teton inw 
eott 16 gonaerned Ghana tawethdiagy epaynit our sonmen of ne seit 

TOW s 
Yours ney fe 


Gene) Indl, Mage, 

19 Doy Ste, New Yorks 


April 12, 
Gol. Yeorin Be Gouraud, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Fnglande 

My Doar Sirs~ 
The pxsmosition vhich you mike in your letter of 
26th ulte, in regurd to the exhibition of tha phonogsaph in Parts, 

hag inarked a period beyond m:teh To aamot go without expressing +0 

you very fully the inpression which you have irade upon my mind, and 

upon the mind of the public at large, by the course you hove pur- 
sued and are continuing in your ‘Syuuknoss relations with mpalte 
Had I yielded ts my inclinations I would long ajo have race this 
matter the aubject of Kh conmunicntion to you, but the hope ak? 
you would eveitually reali2n the impropriety of your methods and - 
Doviaae then without interferencd on ny part hag obused ro to Tan 
trvin hithorto from discussing the question narennallys this 
Letter is the evdaence of my disappeintmont. I feel that in jus- 
tiad to nyaelf and my interests 1 can ‘na longer maintain a pranivre 

reaiataned - for while I have not befora commented very frebly 

tion your agtiana, I have sald enough to gonvey to yeu something. 



Gol.s liy Ke Q, Sone 

more than gf aypyreation of my raal opinion, 

Thre. rar opinion is well founded and my §udyment sound ia 
Provan very glemely by tha resulta which your policy has brought 
Lorthe ore avery quarter, direatly and indirectly, ‘by letter 
ani rersonally from travellers returned from ieee: se homme 40 

me exprescdanys of popular opinion ar to the way thea phonograph is 

handled in Furope, and all alike condemn a system which takes the 

/ . 
instrtont out of the realm of cormorse to make it an adjunet to 

an advertisin, echome which hes ‘at one equal in contemporary his- 

tory « a rofermen which my anblegran of Bth Anstant whl) nice: 
quite alenr, 

From 3a purely business standpoint, and apart entirely from 
any pergonal feelings which I may have, your policy is soenptibie 
of the gravest critiaisme t an parfeatly familiar with and ap- 
prestative of the hmofiozal resvlth ta te darived from advertising 
but there ian limit to thia ag to every thing: else - a time wien it 
iy wok] to crop the sensational and deal with tho practical side 
of minthane and this’period you renahad ‘and passed long age, und 
the publie whick, for awhile, Iistened raspect fal ly 4o all that. 
wan to be nad about the phonogriph, is asmming now a very aif 

ferent uttitude = an attitude expressive more of artigamont as to 

personal motives than of interest in a practical and soienti fie 

novel tye 

Cols 4d. qr, qa, whe 

Under aover of axed ting pithlie interert In the phonograph you 
have adopted a plan vindoh retards thea pro;yréass of real suoinnss 
ani KeopR the inatriment afore people us a cwtlosity with which 
they may make thowselvoa foitiiar for a Slight eonsiteration, and 
80 long an this praliminary system qontiniae to pay, is appears to 

be your intention to mirtain ite Nothing of the kind was contem= | 

‘plated by re when I conaanted to yow handling the busines se 1 ae 
bellevad that von wule pursues semiine Yisinega wathods and nevor 
dreamed th. you wanld side-track the whole enterprise for the 
purtpors of gaining time to indelyge in sorien of wisayine side~ 
show which ao for more harm to your real interests than can ewer 
be aompenantad for by tha tomporary. pain witan they ENBUPGe 

lL do not now rafer to any ona particular affort whi ch you 
have rude = some of your plans have barn excellent, othars Jat 
the opposite - and it ie the ‘latter whiah roawit in rendaring 
migatory all os your batter and higher endoavora und pro anea a 
general oftmat that savora-too me% of the atyle of sntorprise 
poouliar to a certain eluus of phranologi sa and ventriloquist se 
You have simply let voor desire to make qiigx monty ren awoy with 
your patter jJudguwnte . 

Your, prope sition in regard to the Porin Pxposition ta a 2tep 

ton frre lt aannot. bo that you aro so blind vo all amno of prow, 

prisby as %o he wndble to 8e9s tho position in which I would Ho 

plagan ware yon $n have darriad aut your inten tion in thin 

Ooi, a, Ky. g, ; wan 

connection, Dt er were midentiv @ito propared to snarl cles nt 

ortunity wan afforded yo of mating a Little roany 

80 long AS an opr 

Your suryention in ePahle of no other explanation, 

and it, ta of 
dust avoh inconsiderate at 

ton dn youre relations with me that 1 

I simply wish to aay in aonalusion that whon I pave you porn 

riasion to unn ny name in Farape, in aaineetion whth the intro. ; 

“Metion of thr Phonograph, the pormtaston “ng bounded by Limita 

of rrason and Propriety urd vonvayad no Liconse to take nda ob 

uneall ed for Linartion with it, My associatog agting In my nay 

mist understand 

that my perdonility fan ftuetor damandiny Lespeds | 

and consideration mand thut there ara no sonda of ony natnre whatate 

ever at rong emugh to pint me to a tusinesg relationship fron whieh 

these elemmta have hoon eliminated, 

Yours traly,. 

April 12, 89. 

Near Mian Stilwoll,- 

“4eh roferangs to your letter af Sth inet.,: 
I nog to inform yo that Mre dian has no objection to the upper 

part of tha office boing used for the purpose mentionad. 

Yours vary truly, 

ET es 
Pe th ft : 

at yan 0 “sop 
Me er 


Private Racretarye 



Hien Pagenie l, Stilwell, 
Menlo Park, Ned. 

Avy 41 12, 8De, 

Frongia Ry Upton, Faqe, 

The Fdiaon hanp Oorpany, 

Narriuon, We Te 

Dear Birt- | 

I have your letter of Lith instant, and am very jslad 
of the opportunity of pertsing sho correspondence with Mr. Rial 
ton upon she mubject of a new engagomonts FE dink Riontton Se a 

man of superior Inteliigenes, and he aertainiy hea a wonderful 

amotwint of onoTcye 

Yours very truly, 

Priyatoa Sacratarye 



Seorgn Fe Gouraud, 
Mittle Menlo, Upper Norwaos, 

Surrey, Pnglande 


/ Pxtract {rom your Inttar under date Maroh 29, Lao: 

"Ao it is dosiranln to have the phonograph oxhibited in 
“oliraumaétancon of abnolute quiet, and with every gone 

““"vantoner and aoumfort, I om of opinion that the noise of 

*your oe would rm wary projudieial to it in this 
rrent ate In this Mre Hammior agreans with me, and I pur- 
ope peovialig for this = and indeed have already taker 
“steps to that ond ~ by either finding a oreoting some 
“auitable place at a disteren from the general Pxhibitione 
"This of emurse will ontatl further heavy expenses, Fhish 

pp ato ne enero be Aa 32 onarseof aimisaion to. 
(drole 34 and gorplimentary tiekets ean mm ise 

*suod to the nobility and othe: paolo of importanga, who 
emay desire to soe it more Sip voughlye ZI quite under. 
"atind that ym shall not partisipate in the expense of 
"shia part of the axhibition, for whieh I tuke the risk 
‘myaclt, mduanyprotits, if there  sioh, which I do not 
*antieipate will be the conse, when all thingn are considerad. * 

I quote te. ow your eablagran in pena? ta my meanaye, pro~ 

testing apainat the above proposition’ 

*Protont neaaless; no such sna yone? 

You's trnily, 

Avidh Ww, Lshihe 

Lobave ugecphad, or genalc af yourself and 

“rg fein, ue tavitationa ia soneetion with the Jentenn ial 

bows Trirat ton of Gaara YWaciirgten, and DT opree 

és gaotdioned on She enalonad card whi do hera in 4a, 

rrauta tialy,- Shy, f 

April 15, bese 

Mre %e 8 Mallory, 
23 “ont Randolph, Strent, 

Shigayo, Wire 

Doar Siri- 
2 vag to oemfirm the felling *nlegram samt yon Leh 

Bother shut cow for a month #o We can axper iuient. 

Ship two harrels grmide ore and two barrels crushed 

ore, just as in the hoppare. Express twonty-five 

pounds of Lattor immedintely end few samples origi- 
mul ora, Todas Raison hie 


Yours +nly, 

. LO he” 

ieee oe 

. Yat wth 1669 

Ie Eciam Snachwe boku 

Sohune Tidy) 
har Ge 

Dewv dew 

R he 4 adv ede that, . 

Sroute on” vung oti. which have beans 

float & yon enedch, pO Poop ~ 

0 348  clabd, Aft as. 1049 Sous Snethey dus Qn a5: “eg 
ah thy Karen ana Bonk fe 4 svo0. ag” 
de 1349 = daled, Afurl id. 4809 Gown bnmthe hue Quay s- song 
oh the Eiveith Spon (awk, for Sroue, 

one tu 

Aprils, 89, 

Mre He Pe MeIntugh, Sac'y., 
Thy Ganadian Copper Company, 

108 Superior St,., Glavoland, ioe 

Denar Sirte 

Replying to your letter of 10th instant, Mre Pdison 
-aske mi +0 any that you showld not dalay any proposed works on 
hin agoounte He has been up tho mbjaat which you refer to 
actively as. an experimental problem, tt ao give no date wien 

he aun accomplish practical and satiafaetory regilts. 

Yours very truly, - 


Private Seqretary. 

Ses hy 

AIL 15, 1eKo, 

He Millar, 

In roefaronan to the Rloanlield Migtory, 1 eeroln 39 
herewith a bill from the Mutual Yee rit Life Ingurancs Compimy, 
covering the rant on thin fantory from Taniary Ist to tay lat, 89, 
amounting to $200, I have effeoted un arrangement with thia Come 
Pany wherehy our learna of the Meomtiold. featory expired on Lh 
instant, 80 that the smount due them for Yont ‘should be pace up 
16 tha dete and nt Up to the firet, of May, Make the Ad tine up 

in ageordanes ith my serangement, and we will pay it. Ze seams 

+o ror thet we have made t payment sinen the int of January on 

thin lens. ; a 

fervit 14, 89. 

Mr. Ye Ih Nendawgrolt, 
Tre Bdisay Uniser Mot! 5. Coe, 

06 Hirth Aves, How fork City, 

Baar Birt 

I nave your latter of 1th inset, seking for a 
dvrayvhugs oF tr. Feld son's eeiiieaters® You protmbly mrtan PHO. 
MOTOR. his He. Ibuarer tok with him to Paria, to exhihdted % 

there, with Ur. Fdison's otter inventions, ob the Fanwsition, and 

there ta no platura of it of the Taboratary from whiat I could 

hate a cary made for yous. Hoyratting ry inability to hein you 

gut in tis matters 


XL an, youre trely, 

Private Bugret Arye 


tet Yee 

Apr il 16, 89. 

Mar, Je Hie Zou, 

67 Lanorty Sernet., 
raw NoVite 
Dear Sirte , 
I mncloso herertth notien from the Pxotanwe Fire 
inairanse Joo, ralitive to unpaid prec ium on polfay famradc to 
Mr, Batson py that Compares Minty «ive 46 your attentLore 

Yours truly, 

Private Searatarve 


Apr it 18, 89%, 

Mire Pe Xe Puttinen, 
Weafiotu, Ne te 

Dear Sitse 
Losey to aiefen you thut tha Londe frank ing Taleapionn, 

Wehoh war idaned vou ty Mr. Fufoen, bas been duty received at 
the Dnhoratory. Te ara glad to Leanrn that yaw ottainad fairly 
Shed resulta Cron ite 

Yours emily, 

Apri h Ld, 89s 

Mr. e 3. Sanka, Mrastor, 
Standardicing Bareun, Badd con Fy Tite Soe, | 
: Tew Yor? tity. 

| Paar firt- 7 
| In reply wo your getter of LOth inatant, ralanive wy 

“naw rewthod ‘af wrsatdiys Noter Solution, I vag te aay thet this 
matter has roaniver voneideration snag haz alrandy boar pavm ede 

Yours trolly, 


Y a ae ae 

Sead tol BBpibedetistae 
A | 

Api ti Lt, Ate 

A, % Mor Sormany, 

LiekSt bao Shey Chbousr, ills. 

| Deur Sirt-. 

T nog to aoknorladge ree aint of yor ahoek Foe ms 

for $4160, gavoring Mineonrayh Royndtdes to April Lat, Af, 

for vid oh) phessa wear Lane fe 

na yer Bontrndt, 

Yours tmlys 

April ba, So- 

re Olinae Ae A namfield, 

zt Bank Atrant, Maw Cork Tere: 

Ten Kirt- 
Hr, Fdinon enye im vemoiy to ¥ 
fraigh% oa» and he woul 

ad like you bo 

the, ven’ em have ane mone 

make hin to offer for the pagsengar ante 

Your's were truly, 

Private Secretary» 


Apri. Lt, 806 

the Fatoon Machine Yor ka, 

Rahanentausv, Me Ve 

fear Strat~ 

11d vos KAanmtiY ser. un SO vdae of Rog 218 WWE wire 

Prepared an Codlowss - 

Wind with: one Laver of vory thin estten, then with mbber, 

and on thie braid a very hin lnyor of antton, at the sane time 
mak tty; bha mesh ax clone as pocniviag 

Aleo oma 89 yaa. of wire praparad as shove, Wt in pine of 
vraid, stmply efmi the cetton on tha mhnor, 

Tie dasa is to howe “3 Uiettse inflormawle maton isi as pore 

Youra truly, 

1 eaee 

cates , 
ae eae , a tte 
ye” ee : yf - te ; ce 7 - i: : 
eco Ppadinck.: 


Apr LL Uy. Hoe 

Joans Gelicnan, Faye, 

‘Now fork Mity, 

Rear 84 r t- 
- Your lsttéar of 15th inatant to He Pat wr, 
adtreound to "Hanlo Pars, * ouly tam to hand thin mornings 

Mr. Ridisen sa nieee very migh that £¢ wil) be inposadnie 
for hin so enli anit nee yor at yout atfhea to-day, - yon re 
queste He was ‘work ing ail of brat night, mvt eapedty WW be 
wo chang aeory niaht tis werd, on & neve axperiemt Mt tak nt 
haa hnken whe Sf, howseer, the matter in Pagar to weich wou 
anrire to sna. My, Pal tnon ia Sreertant, the Dathar wilt arrange 
to go in a Rew York ana ane you one aay shia week, {howe whl 
1% him knw whieh day would be mast sonvondent for yoursal f. 
Tf the wtoject ts ‘one thet sould yoad$hty he donde tad hy saorreage 
pontenca, Hr. Fiteon would rian prwren, tngt pio af. granting, Sh, 
a noma of hin axpopinants arn tn prah n pmttiden, ha dogs nih 
Uke to agra Minn, avqn DF a moh Amey te he wbAL nat apaw 


thic vonsidernation ta prevent hin aalling upon you nhould yan 

heres {t deuirabin, 

Awaiting your reply 

Private Sasyetarye 


oS t 
9 : . — ue .. at 
a or Apri t 26, 1G. 
. 4 ‘ tay: 
Pearett Prosar, Fsqe, . Py a 

1:4 Mater Reront., 
og ay 
Rew York City. 

Doar Rirt- fc . oo 
Your ROSAS a? 18th inatant nddre awed qo Mire Tate, 

acknor ind ging: receipt of meme tnvoiess for phonograph parts, ams ® O° 

you eng cory of diredtians for wading, mew gpentaciv, al ao tnyulring 

aont of phons. blankr, f4 duly at Hinte a 
3 selophonedt ons this moming te of aftect that Mr, Tate vas 

$ think’ be with ye aetadined the rest of 

aheent in Satan « aheng 
wore ont yur odvent yorivt 

this wait, n eg that iat ‘plrnks 

eomts per gaanene® a aa ‘ 


of. the *hirret tonn Sor Uoeint bs 
I «it foe 

We ure having & Seed 
phed, ma epan ‘qhey-are whaly 

yor a Tov coplane oi oh 

Sppetnaia® mimeoger 

Mr. No G. Duven, 
808 California Stroot, 

San Frangisyo, Spl. 

Dear Sita 

‘ ‘My, Fdison sttys in reply to your Letter of Bh ‘ingt. 
that at prasont there th not mich demand Yor Bismith, on agcount ° 
of itn high aoat. He {s of the opinion, howaver, that if its 

presont prias emld be reduced one-half or one-third, a large 

market could be norked up for it in oohnéstion with various inw~ 

dustrial tines. Mr. Fditin world Like very mitch to recokve a 
genple of tne are, togethir with som dencription of J%, and an 

ivgiioation af the probablt quantity hee 

Yours very truly, 


Private Soqreararye 


Apri in 16, Be 

There has not been anything of much irnomance 
nev, erdred at the Iahoratory to-day 
Tiere was a Letter in thin mowing’s mail, under date Lit 

inatant, trom Jesse Selipman, tho Ranker, asking Mre Raison “to 

eaAtL ond sen hin at his offiae in New York, Monday or Tueaday, 5 
a etec of aineane The letter was addrasnad to Menlo Park; 
hence the delay in rrearivin, ite Ao per instructions from Mroe 

Faison, I-wrote Seligman a nice letter, stating that the former 

had heen working all of last night md expected. to work rverr nig nt 
this week, that it was Arma cattle for him to go into Mex York to~ 
day, mt if the matter wap Anon tant ha,woild arrany? 29 8 5 in und 
aee him ono day this week, &ce &o. 

There is also Letter addressed to yorrre! f from Selcan, 
stating thet the rate need his Compan)’ oe phonap Lex wind ty 
* gonaiderad con Piann% ied, and reqnestizy, us to prepare nee eons 

‘We also reaeived to-day from Dick ahecs fer Pe oe 

Royalty to April Let, amount diy to SSL Eas 

A. Ye tT, . ape 

There. fa & lethor from the “WORDA,* rayopting, on pemif of 

Mr. Pulttser, the addrese of tha ranifraturera of the toy phono~ 
evaph, whieh Ioan holdings until you return. 

Mr. Auglineloss and a large party of friends visited the 

Hyhoratory yentorday aftemoon, and ware show through, Mre Kene 
nelly doings the honors. 

L intended poing into Noe York to-day %O mot Gourandt's power 

at attormy for India fixed ip, Mt ther® aore so many little 

things oropped wp reqd ting ipmediate attention, T was vnehe +o 

do noe ‘HAL po in te-morron. ° : 

" Yours respectfully, 

Aw Oo Tato, Kaye, 
a,/o Parkar Honses 

Ao ston, Masse 

Aprih lg, Lenn, 

SB. 8. Raton, Rage, 

120 Broaiway, Mew Yorke 


Dear Sirs. - 

dn tho contract between Those Ae Raioon and Josse Ne 

Lippineots, urvier date June 24th, 1886, ro ference is mide in the 

First Clause to tie Nerenvay ctosk, and tha guount mmtioned in 

the contract aa havin; been paid for thin stock fa $22,500, This 

is un error. There were 150 shores of stock sold to Mra. Hemesway, 

and the price puid for the seme was $148 per sharo, making the 

total snoant $22,200, or 3500 less than the umount nimed in the 

above contracte. You told s@ mnme thre ayo that if I would write 

you about thin meter, you would adjust it vith Mr, bippinestt's 

att orney » 

¥Youre very try, 

April 19, 1889, 

Nigholas H, Rell, Page, 
Sup 't. Foreign Maila, R, n, Tep't., 

Washington, De 

Dear Mirt- 
Referring to your Isttar Mo, 85,20 Ger,, undor data 

JOth ultimo, quoting an “axtrng’ from a eormmiention which you 

havo reqnived from the Gercan NCfice in regard to Phonoplex Telo- 

steph appar aties for tw Leparial Poatal Mugen, I peg to say tint 

YT am tuwing these instruments mde, ana mil Coveaed thet %.. you 

securely puekoa as guiekly as they gan be gotten raul ye 

Twiah you want ter ood ermiigh tn annvey to tre Imperial 

a oe Which they hava 

Germen Post Offies my thanka for the nak 
Blass ronnie you to ingtrwet the Postrnster 

sent to. me; md I wild 

at Nex York to forward the pAchAsOR rect to mm ate NEANDt Ne Tf. 

Basar ieiers trad 

Aprt’ 10, 18806 

Col, Uaorge X% Gourund, 
Uittlo Merlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surcay, Faglonds 

Dear Sirk» 

3 enelose herewith a ictter fom the Seqretnry off the 
Bi ans nghers Rinetriesl & IAuatrian’ Rxenihition, 1589, minke tas. "4. 00 
get aoe a phoweraph wv he eanibited in bret teetttn a a) ark 
; gition. “Wil ym very hindly arfanys th WHY a machine third 
sOin® Vinw BetyoenArpist Lat and Setoner sdth noxe, 

* 3) 

‘Yours very wuly, 

eS ae bs 

tO, Sharp, Reqs, Saa'y. & Manner, 
The Mleetricnl & Iniustrint Fxninitien, 1880, 

Birningham, Rayslande 

Bear Sir:- 
ZL hag to aakmvdeages Ge revaiy’s of your letter at 
ire Inatent, in regard to sending a phonograph to she Sowinghet 

Roetries! Rotdbltions A trave toedny written my Agont, 201, Gr. 

Ry Qournad, Fitele Menlo, Upper Nopwani, tirpay, Fngland, ashing. 
“Bim to comely wlth your veaqnest. 

Kindly aiveneny vo your Qoimittes my thanka wr the dnd deed 
tation whieh they haer extend ml to me to vinit the Mrninstan 
Klestriasl & Tnauatrial Rahihition hatween Aumat Lat and Otonar 
Ney, nant. 6 WAAL give ra great plepsare to aceapt Ueto davie 
tation Af my engarorente ai permit rib wo go abroad thin yaar, of 

which 1 an at prassnt in crupnte 
a, Yours very truly, 

April 19, 80. 

United States Supply to., 

#51 John Street, New York Gitye = 

Dear Sire; ~ 

The rotary pup thet we purchased from YOu 80m time 

ago does not annem to be Large anongh to pePyorm our wrr, What 

we Wink do a pump that wild Lift wnter ton rast through a one 

inoh ripe und deaharge about 150 gallons per hot at a elevation 

of 70 faz, This ths pump we now tave WEL? mot dn. Fram your 

letter th us of 27¢h Fenruary last wo got the impression Swat you 

gould eapply us with a pimp copahle of doin, this work, sit we 

have tried it in every possible way without ota ining a satirtace 

tory reswlt. Gan you supply us with a larger pump oapthlo of 

perfLormity, the work as above dencrihad? “a varld Like you to 

ayy? BONS dhe out to sae ua in repard to the ratter, or if it ie 

ene conventant for you to sem! a repraomtutize to Orange, we will 

an) son: one in to New York to eansnlt you. 

Yours vary trinly, 
wy ee 

April 19, 1880. 

Mre We Je flamer, 
Ras son Rxht pit, Maghinery Palace, Fxposition, 

“Partoay, Franoe 

Dear Sint . 

% bee, to oeonfirn the following eeblograngs set youl ~ 

April 18, 15890. 
#Phonogruph puss 6 axfiibitnd same ap ‘ 
pill my invantions., Forbid absolutely 
charging atimiasion fons. Use your jJude~ 
mente Rd iso n® : 


April 19, 1880. 

"Take absolitély no inatrnetionn as 
40 phonogr inh exhibit exoopt from in8+ 
Nake no wrrangemert, with Gournud about 
Pa sharing OP ENh OB. Savition must not 
gost nora then threm thousarle Intona 
ezhipit haji be my own, at my own @x- 
penss, and ynder my ammtrol, RDISON, * 


April 18, 89+ 

sand wg tha Lollovirg aavlagrin arnt you 

Lond = 

GOUAAUD . NORWOON. April 10, 18896 
"Have canslvdnd that Paris phonograph 

mut form portion of my oxbipis, at my 

own expens and under my orn etntrol. 

Rai so ne® 

Yours traly, 

wwe eat 
erate oe 

Sinsceey | cat haee 

ee: ae 

April, 22, 806 
Be % Faton, Faq, 7 | , ‘ 
. 120 Arandway, dew York Bitye 
Dear ‘Birt 
; Iam mich obliged for your Letter of lath instant, 
in regard. to Ne 7. tax on Rdiwn Phonograph Go. | 


* Youre tly, 


April 2, 80. 
S, B, Raton, Rage, 

120 ‘woadway, New York. 


Dear Birt. 
| I hed J to acknowl nage reasipt of your favor of Lath 
inean, informing me ‘that you have. mocended in getting my name 
“taken off of the New York Ady tax ist for the aarrent year. 
Youre truly, | | 

7 a April 20, 2486. 

Hr. W, J, Hanmer, 
Pa.r its, France. 

‘Dear Siyte 

1 have reagived your letter of ath initant, enaloning 
“on dourand *s ‘Jorter 40 yourself under aad 84 inst. regarding | 
the, thibition of tte phenoghwh “an Paria, and have elabinere cone 
firnk my cablegram to you dh thd ane mibject. 
‘At 40 my. in intion that the phonograph, as well on all my 

invontd or » ahall bo exhibited in Pirin upon a purely soien=: 
title tasio, eaie all commar aint or speculative elemanta, and 
I have dec‘Lded that in order to garny out this Anreny om and koep 
th control of my exhibit in my om hands, t wild aaaume personally 
thi whole of the expense commocted with the phonograph, which de~ 
cidon toppled to Col. Sourma yesterday, as well as to” ‘youraelt.. 

tf wilh not comtenanse any exhibition of the phonograph for 

mae enyancre hess the Osty of nerte during the time the “Repo 
aiton is in prggreans IY deaire you to rogognize only my own 

ins uations relative to the pear ente ewe of tnie Anatrunent. i 

W. ts M, . Sie 

In rogard & the pavilion which you propa te milding, tre 
3B mount which you name - five thousand dollard - is too. highe “You 

ought to he able to erect a suitable. enclogure for. an cmount not , 
exceeding three. vhousand dollars, which ‘Latter mum my gablajran of 
yestarday ‘authorized “you to oxpond. : 

Kindly keep me fully informed upon all matters odnnec ted with 
this affair, and do not fail to use the cable when you consider it 

Please ncknowLedge receipt of this letter immediately. 

Yours trily, 

ghaue nnn” $700 ae _ 
Seve 3 © pen? VG hi aur = 
Kourenr Afor* Mee awe dhe fa td perm. 

Cotta Cae ig fiertita he 

mS thie sgt spn 

| April 20, 89, 
Col. Yeorgo Re Gourand, 5 
. “Little Nentlo, Upper Norwood, 
Surrey, Faqlatnt. 
Dear Sirte : 
Your letter under! date 24 instant to Mr. W J. 
“Hamner, regarding the exhibition of the phanaqraph in Paris, hs 

beon referred to mee 

L wish you would examine two of your stateronts whion t pha 

parallel below! « 

March 26th, 188B. HAE, April 2, 1889. 

As it is dowiranle to have the 21 am of the opinion « . that at 
phonogr th regan in eiroum- would bw. yetter to have the work 
atwices of anmplite qiict « - - _of tte phonograph, lectures, 
I pulrpse prowiding .'+ « some % :Jowd and low rocords &ca. for the 
 mitable plac’ at ‘a di stancé. from jeaneres public at some other 

1 We exhibition it-. 

“the geYierval exhibition. « + « This Place than in t 
self, .tromize we would tharehy 

Of gold will entail: father hea e022, Woe id th 
vy oxpinaes, which I expect. to ‘pe jnot only reduge but ‘indeed en- . 
covered ¥/ & mall charge of ad- “(eae LYS te the question of. 
miasion +0: tht general public. ', ef gmpenne for Mire Edi aon ane 

i sua Me 


ae mebandé, in whieh latter. 

ere be mia ‘phduld t@ haypy to give gou.a 
me are aciaidoren.Per ented supervision. mo 

Uo gyda 

Cok. GO. E. Ue : -s 

You havo repronented ew Mr, Herne that the diénse of tht pro~ 
posed outside exhibition of tt phonograph Was to we vorne by you 
and myself joimly, aid you alas domp ty, tint Twas to have heen 
antersabid an thé arti ddfint Wd proodede, Hotwith otandiig the fear 
sha Yau tha propondd td me aft éntiealy ditterens arrangemont, 
whdLd pot dbabemend, Os Hi. Harmar rd pirding & ‘Large wrplus® does 
hot “harndedisd Vary wakt with the atatoment yor previously made to . 
ine off the danie min jee v. F ; 

L & wit wilt thiw matter wefore you to dhagias the propos 
sition whith it Anvolwemy on I have already: notified you tmt I 
#121 now songan’ fe mythin of. th hind, we ¥ wuld like © 
kriow “hy you considay At regesaary $0 misingarm 0 upon ey arte: 
jeet tint 4s dLauaned, DeaNAAN UB. 

fo far on Paria in eongomed, 7 anvhed you yeaterany my aes 
akaban tq the effvot tha I will myaal $: hear eal: the, qxpense gone 
neeted WHEN the gxtinapion of the phonognape i fp, thie becomes 
I .) dabarmined a hava my ghote extibit, ineluding the’ phanograrh, ° 
gontunted upan a ruvely notenth tie rasta, axaluting all epmmbrotel 
and spoouaative alements, and I wil, not aountenance an exhinition 
of. the. phonograph: for money anywhere ad thin: the Sity of Paris aue 
ving the t ime thet the Universal Rapaat tion is in’ progress. 

It would ‘be nich batter if you ‘and. t could regonaile our 
ideas of buat nese, wh thou ony further Adley s | Ba at present thoy 

are wery vide apart, and the seraauences | of ach a “stiate of af- 

= mat ye svperont to ya . 

Cad. 0. Ke a, : ‘e3e 

I have done ali in ny power to assist you and further the 
work whieh you iraw in hand, and you have met my ef forte by the 
inauguration of a policy which te not only obstrugtive in nature, 
but motually threatens to wing the enterprise into contemps in 
sd @stimation of the publie. In explanation of the policy which 
yo have pursued, hay Will: probably plead expenasd - that the 
eount: of you outlay in eanne tion with pioneering Se. has heon 
very Anrgs; and that yt hhew desired to mike the business selfq 
sustaining itm the start - perhepa a little more han ‘self-suse | 
taining if yoo Landon exhinit jons have realised anything like 
what you antieipated in Pandas This ples is no juge@ficarion of 
your ‘methods, and it is therefore useless for you to advance it. 

You have’ p very large interest in the proceeds of tho legitimate 

_ mtenyri sos oantesplated in yatr contract with ny andfy und no 

amount of money whieh ya. could peasy apord in properly pres 

paring to carry: ows your agreement would Ww other tions gnall 

; conaiderayion for the. benefits which it uecure@® to you. For ovory: 

dollar which you spend in thin twsinosr I epeni not less then 
twenty-five. “2 ampeated to inveet monry neffore Lachine for 3° 
retitn, and expaated most decidedly that you would provide Lhe 
funds rieaensary to carry your work through itn onrty stages 

1 thout resorting: toa ee which means nothing more nor ees 

thm thé evasion and postponement of my intearcats and ‘the eonem-= 



Cdl, thy it, G 

tration of yatr efforts fr the benefit of yourself alone, 

Youra truly, 



oma tl bie 


is joer oe is i " ET A 7 - 
East ea RENE cM Silt ween ere gi ER 


lifer § 

AN thewe ft. 2d = 
"GT fy hitakay- Se 
BAe ver t, 
ale ALAA. hi rotat al pe LH in 
& heat Ge Pete 
ae pagel At e.. Share MA Met ds Lhe: 
fab Ae 4 ke “Ae ttt ha. RAK tt ad 

“Dive Mf Ge, bane 


Aah ‘ RAA. PT ee - 
Loh CAA, © 
4 ye fre wae 

: r Apa 4, Boy 
Fatwon Rant! company, : a 
Ware baoh, Nd. 

‘Neh! Birat. 

1 netarn herehith fotur Roptha note for $2,509,00, 
payalla to yout aver, whieh vas enslosdd with your memornndim 
OE pubédrtay, ily signed ant endorsed by ttre Fdieon as deal rod. 

—¥dura gruly thi a i 

Air phe 
we EA FP 

30 South FARh Ave, 
Rew Zork C2¢y) 

biae Sirs. 
‘ K have your lester of 14ny enatant, An-smply to mine 
bP AWN Om, rerasine 40 she catteaty, Whigh you ane “fer me. 
An orgerity these enbineta we vere nartiontar wi | inform you 
ea to thé. ate of Mm hole which vas to te mt on tay ‘of sane, 
tou wern gloo indtineted tp ‘Wate the opm ow of tuur pieces of 
| . alued together, instead of mich yo noe vives coils, eons 
eons to onter. fad you followed oun snetritkions &n, woking vm. 
dnysnets, te tops Would not have’ split, and We -explenation which 
ain offer in your Je\yer under reply relative $9 this srt 10 
Vihy unentiafaatory ant will, not hold for a monen t+ . fe you think 
it fe npouss ple to-cut a hole sich as we nhe in our phonograph 
cabinet, witkens the: wood splitting? te «0, how ip it thet te 
tope of sewing waahine tarkes 60 moe spike, ait they Hae: ‘poles ; 
4 for thom of about the pam? ein Aa diarst » Parthemngiley tiv . 
‘erkew oF 747 sabinetg. orp. APLsbinge Pst tipon the end mere the F 


ry . 
os ce 
3 i. ob 
3 \ 
¢ 5g 5 
fé . 
§ 32 

Telegram. - April 24, 1880. 

ALT. F, “angemann, 
Parker House, 

Bonton, Masse 

New Fngland Phondgraph Company complain you ere giving punlis 

ex:ivitions, thereby interfering with tirir wsiness- You mist 

not @ a0. Yo ean remain toenight. 
T. Ae Ralsone 

a name at aged RISD 

Telogeriain, Aprit 22, Leo, 

Ty Me Vippdnsote, 

280 Prondwuy, New Yar, 

Have inatritated Vaniemiunr an rojuasted by New Enjlond Compares 

Teaew Nadigon. 

Ae rer AA NE RR aR aeRa yee enero ft eee 

RE een EE AE, ese cnn 7 Pars 

Apri. 22) 

Mr, We de Hanmer, 

Rdioon Rahivit, Machinery Palace, Fxposition, 



Near Sirta 

I heg to confirm the receipt of the Dllowing oaple. 
Bram ra ae tved trom you yoatar dny3~ 

"I understand. Ship- exhibition spoctacles 

and wax quick. Hammer," 

Yours truly, 

Bey i. iia 



April 24, 1&0. 

W. 3. Jenks, Faq, 
Raison Ploctrie Light Company, 
New York Citys 

Dex Sirt- ; 
‘Me, Raison haa made the flowing pote wpon your 

letter of 22a instant, ‘in regard to transformersi~- 

*X think the Machine Works ¢ranaformer wil) 
fill the bill in, avery respect. All that z 
_eould a was toward sheapening, not inproving, 
as the Machine Works truna former in more pore 
feos than my known transfomer.° 3 

th your letter 

& 4 return agile correspondenes enelo 50d wi 

under replys 
Yours very truly, 


Private Secret ary. 

: te 

April 24, 1989. 

“tle Je Aldor, Fuge, 
27 Leadenhall Stroet, 

Rondon, Me Cos Pngliwde 

Desr Sirte . o- 

Nr. Fainon has raceived your letter of 10th inutant, 
and agza me to say in reply that he hus tried ahout twenty di f~ 

reront forma of driving tha phonogtams Hin Intest form of saren, 

with its acoonpany ing devices prevent the ignorant from dacaging 

the thread. Me has eutomitia rachinery for gutting this agrew ar 

an oxoeedingly tok conte = Are Vdivon says further that he cannot 

aftord at prosent to mke my changes in omection with the mae 


Yours truly, 

Priunte Seoretary. 


April 24, eho. 

Jeane Baligran, Faq, 
Mitle Riding, 
Kew York City, 

Deat Mrie 

Mare Réinon Anka te t0 aopemnieate ta you she riette 
of the teat nade at this Tmwratory.of the Gaumer Dry Muthery, 
This vattery has been found to w nearly, wt not quite ee good 
es a Yeelenche eell of eguit diismneions, which is the sme con- 
olusion ttes ethers who hove toater this vattery wae arciyed ate 
Tt ls very portanle, compass and ofean, here hell ringing and — 
Ligh) diasonbinnous work 1é required, it Le wel mited for adop- 
tion, wt is in no way qma}itied Yor the ypro@eation af eleotriaal | 
power. It hes, therefore, quite. a uaequh mt sxtonaiye fiela to 
wyply, bas eam hardly be eald to tn tte Svery page® even in tret, 
Line, Ite convenience is ita best qHality, and rover cannot be” 
expected from ite . = 

Yourg very why, : a pce, 
ie eo, on 


_ Private searotars. 

gy Pages. 

hark oS = 1§§ ts 
Pteunaw hatinal fank me ' 
Broad Sa 
heuvanh bh. f 
Dea dav / 

J be Ah enrebas Pe eT ae 
hee St Morgaw%g © f J 20009. % doo, 

pee fea, cams Jp ony eed, oud oblage 

foros Tialy 

Nomar G. Edun 

Apes wh, Laan, 

Raward P. chatk, Rethy 
thd Meaning Port, 
Mew York Citys 

Bear Birse 
| | rhvsived il ‘Letter of 22d rere An regard to 
the With Wergyhad Fond project, ant neve wretight the matter to 
Mr. ¥aigon's: attention, who aenires to sured} ine firey @liara 
this.00), fy ahatén aroun 1 vend plonwure tn onatostng, hid cheek. 

Youre very wart 


3 Nas ee 
ar. ae 
Private Seetotary. 

April 25, 89. 

Col. door ce ¥. dourmd, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, F?nglant. 

Dear Sirta 
I neg to confirm the following carloegram sent. you 


GOURAUN, NORWOOD, April 25, 1889, 
"Haya no old epadtaclos, Yew ones - 
coverbd by cane sent you seventemth. 

Murry app iieations and Advises 

Yours trttly, 


April 25, 1830, 

My Dear Upton ,- 

Am hard up? You 

owe us about THREE THOUBARD poy. 


LARS, Qan You let: me have pare 

1 t > no matter how small aparte by Saturany ? 

ee very truly, 
Wi _— 

“Franeio Be Upton, Page, 

“Raion Lamp Gonpany, 
_ Barri von, Ne Je 

April 28, 1889, 

Jesse Saliignan, Raq., 
Mille Radlding, . New York, 

My Doar Sirze 

Mr, Rat ©n will go to New York an Saturday next, ; 

aid would like to moet. you at your office at St 50 tim same 
aftornoon, If this hour 48 inconvenient to yourself, kindly: 
advise M@e . , 

TomLinnon and 

April 3, 8y, 

Se 3 Faton, Mare, 

220 Trowdnay, Now Yorn, 

My Dear Sir: 

Mr. Fainon hag asked no ta say to vou that Mesarg, 

11.12 and have enraged Passeare for 

Trope ona 
steamor Loaving New York on the 15th of Maye He wi shes yor to 

Z ts ie 
know: this, ao that you ean take such Hation. aa may pe necessary 
in regard to commencing ONE Es: 

Yours very tril w/ 

ed ate ‘Seore tary, 

‘April 26, 1889. 

My Dear Hr. Dredge,- . : 
. I am vory raich obliged for your kint letter 
of 2a ingtant. I quite agree with you that it ia desirable for 

you to: earry out any afrangments which you nade in regard to 
showing the Ore Milling nachine, and I hape that wu will meot 

with as moh guscess over there an wo have here, 

Yours very truly, 

Jamon Drevige, Page, 
35 A 30 Bedford St., Strand, 
London, Wl. Ges Pngland 

Apri. 26, 89. 

Mr. John Kreusi, ‘ 
The Raison: Machine Yorks, 

Schenectady, N.Y. 

Derr Sirte 

I encloae herewith. three Banples of fireproof wire, 

Those wires burn som when nald ina Fleme, tnt do not tum with 

the: current. Can you suggest any inprovermntet | 

Yours very truly, 

April 26, 89. 

Méssra, Armstrong, Knauer & Oo, 

822 & BRA hroadway, Naw York. 

Dear Sirste 
With reference to your lotter of 23d inatant, I 

bag to say that Mr, Raison does not care to advertise in th 

Official Catalome of the Paria Faponition. of 1889. 

Yours truly, 

. Private Secretary 

April 26, 89, 

Mr. John H, Mood, 
67 Hevantese St., New York. 

Dear Sirt~_ 

Tt have yow note of 24th inat., stating that you will 
cone over tn the Laboratory on’ Saturday a. me in regard to sprinke 
lerg. Please ‘try mad va here not later than 10 a, m., aa.I ‘havo 
an angagemont in New York for twelva a STON and shall leave 
Orenge urout eleven ae me - ; 

Yours truly, 

Aprdl.26, .89. 

Sol, Medr go RF. Couraud, 
Little Menlo, Upper, Norwood, 

Surrey, Fngland. 

Dear Sirte 

Z es to eonfirm reueipt of the foll ning ennlegran 
reo'de eon yon under date PAth inatantt- 

| “Bend ola spectacles Paris Lonton pending patente 
Acad any ereat smccesa.® 

Yours truly, 

Banc l 4@. Gotivtee 

April 24, 89, 
Jesse Selignan, Pages 
Mille Wge, New York. 

Dear Sirt~ : : 
T teg to confirm the following telegram sent you to-day! 

"Mr. Fdison will be at your offices to-morrow, 
Saturday, betwenn twelve and one. A. 0.. Tate.” 

Yours truly, 

a ea ae hee "i Veo pe, : i 
OO a I TTR: OTC SE CCR een ELTA aes APE BO TEN ee ae —— Pee 
. CP pce rE Citemprecie pieenere wes. 


‘April 26, 80. 


So Ry Raton, Msqo, 


5 scan As GAS IE LEE ri 

120 Sroudway, New York. 

Deur Shred 

I hog to confirm the t2Lowing tolegram reeeived from 

YOu apeday t= 



"General Company boat mit to-dey. Orixanigation 
compl sted and avery contrest approved snd ordered 
exeonted., With yisit vou to-morrow. S, 3B. Raton. * 

‘Yo which T roplied as followa!~ 

: "Will bo in New York to-morrow and will eall 

at you offices. To A. Fe" 
Yours truly, 


Fd a7 Ony #9 
| nn 

Ay teanchers' F Aake plosenr : 
| Aaa hrrynng be (or Wh 10.M th 

a pole rupruauali wig inttreeks A 8 a 
aq 7 | ewe Mi'nnsograph ork w* w he Ft | 

dan anseed AA 
Bam sae Or a 
| “ ott cek) Arerntea tae or 2 ih 

—- hah | Gr MAng, 

. thie hy ap eet i 
tt oll CAA. ae pn rDre 

J We | pe lm Mtsta AURAL 
Ce wn Car fdas : 


oo Nesp OUBRB EAL Seen ee M Sa ee 

| May 8, 1846 
Braneiea R. Uptan, Tages . 
Raison Sens Baal as 


Harri gan; Me By. 

. Dear Sirie 
the writer p of so attached letter, Messrs. Armgtrons, 
Knauer & do.) wrote: tt) hei Ralaon, raquenting him to advertise tn 
the orrtesad Catalog» ar the Paris Mtpobl tian. ; Aa Mee Fadsqn's 
 oxhibit is ade upon ta yarely aotentitia ‘pagas, and as hé dhes not 
wi oh to eehiaas any aoravenedal etemnt into the affair, x replied 
to there pasbie As in divatell in thodr Totter. Z have thought “na 
perhaps X in hot, fend Aer wim the WAtute of this Official cata 
Lome, and ant shit font mid yrominly hdaratand oxantly . whet. tt in. 
T ghall be gina. fo x hoesve any adyioo that you may: think ‘tt de- 

sirable “0 give me. 

[Copies of this letter were sent to the following people: William W. 
Jacques, Herman Trost, Otis Weld, Ben njamin F. Stevens, George A. Alden, R. 
M. Field and Lowell C. BESS pp. 263-272] 

“May 2, 1880. 
Danif. Wold, Secretary ant Tranmirer, 
Raison Phonograph Toy Manufadtiwing Oo., 

95 Milk Streat, Yoston, Masse 

Near Sirte 

| | Refervarig t to the agreentin’ between Lowell a: Sriggs and 
Wi1Li0m W. Jacques, and myself, dated flovenher 2B, 1887, providing 
for a Liaense under recwane Patent in various fords en gountrLes, - 
for an Improvement in Photographs or Speaking Machines, inventad 
by me, and having hoan informed that you claim certain rights. 7 
tonehing the said agreonent, i noreny nari fy se that the Moense d 
therein contained hus expired ‘fy non-payment of royaltias, and, 

inbraover has. been forfeited for violdtion of the provisions at 
: ‘ m 

the contract by the said Briggs ant ms eanieass 

A oopy of this Lotter will be. given to each of your | sapeieeee.c 

e i: § 

ta eagh member of your Foard of Pireators, ad to noth Mere righ 
a eaq } 

and Mr. Taoques. 

Respectfully, Co 2 


Riohara dante, ‘Koy 
. 4 

eangee, MT 


To reve your note of even “ha, out hlogdine tee 
tierats, sfmitting hearer to the “ahornbory, Snkureny Aoxt, 


May Ath, £286. and th: tiee mentioned therear, is antirely 

satiafuotory. We. ialL ve pisaured tn regeive tho Delegates 

of the Asacetsvion, ¢. a will do what we.can to maka their wisit 

interest ings 

D, Prbytite Searetarye 

April 27, 1880. 

M un 1 & He Germany» 

Dear Sirs i:- 

Mee Frid On has reenived your Letter under 
date 18th of March last, relative to the Ohm monument whieh you 
purpose @recting in. Muri oh, and has asked me to thank you for 

If you will analy inforn me when you desire Mr. Faison to 
forward his contritution, | I ‘shall hw 0 mugh pleasure i sending. 

you his check for the amount ,- vie, $250, 

Yours very tried yon, 

April 26, 89. 

We Te Aldar, Raq. 
#27 Leadenhall Street, — 

Vondon, Fe %, Yngland. 

Near Sirte 

‘Mp, Faison has reocived your letter of 19th tnstant, 

end asks no to any in reply that he has tried chou bventy dife 
ferent. methods of ariving, she Phonograph His latest form of 
sorey, with its nea oupany tig dovides prevent the ignorant from 
damaging the thread. Ne. has autohatie machinory for - eutting 
this ssrew at ak exceodingly ‘low on, Me, Faison cannot at 

present make any changdh in conneetion with the machine. 

Hay 2, 80, 

Fai mn Lamp Nae, 

jared aia“ Ne Ve 

Dear Nrata "3 3 

r return herewith four months note: ‘for, in 

SAG 6 aOR ei a Sa ETERS ech ast tote at 

'. favor of the Consolidated Fruit Jar ‘Go, ‘the name having heen 

Fain n 

enclosed with ‘your reve of 27th ultino, dnly signed ww Mr, 

as President, 

Sa eer 

TFivate Seor otary. 

Mire Wms 1, Mendawgrott, 
s/o The Faign Uniged H'f'g. Coe, 
New York ity. 

pede Hives, 
I haye Mr. ‘Salvage"a dnquiry yoelative 0 the phono~ 
graph, addropped to the Fdj pon United Niet ype Gov, and note your 

remarks thereon. 

ALL comuniaations in regard to the phonograph in she United - 
Svated ena Oeeikdh should he roferred to tn North Ameriaan Phono: 
Co., Now 159 AnogpdAway, New Yor ke. The shae of the phonograph in 

_ the reat of the world, exe qpting Chim. and Japan, 48 controlled 
by Col, Odd. Me Gourpudt, Idpre Menld, Upper Norwood, Surrey, 
Yhelana, the Anntinyment in China and Japan haing in tho handa af 
Unesras Fra dat & 00, 124 Water 86+, New York. 

Yours wery aly, 

Bigvuho Boustotyiys 

May 3, Asia. 

Mr, W. fT, Mannion, 
Faison Pahinne, Machinery Palace, Fxposition, 
Paris,. Prance 

Deer Sirt~ 
1 weg to confirm the following cablegram received from 

youn vesterday} + 

ENIAON, NRW YORK. i May 2, 2869, 

*Semd twalve NM, one thirty-five 
Harmer, * 

fo which I replied as followg}e. 

NEWARK, PARTS, an “May 3, OHO. 

‘WN not understand your eablegrem 

“ Yquyra tmuly, 

Nesara, Raton & Lewis, 

120 Yrondway, New York. 

Dear Sirst~ 

The tax return relntive wo the affaires of tt Fdlsorr 

Phonograph Company mist he madé to tho State Noard of Assessors 

on or before the first Trendny of May (7th instante). r ® not 

ge that we can do any thing to avoid the tex, and £2 you wilt 

kindly aend the form enelosed with ry Lutter to you weter date 

11h April, 188D,to the Laboratory, f will have 2% filLed out ent 

formirded to the proper parties. 

Youra very truly, 

May 8, laso, 

D. He Raton, Rage, 
“The Pleo trical Agquralatar Coe, 

44 Troadway, New York, 

Dear Sirt~ 
Mre Falaon asks wm to say in reply to your Yeottor of 

2d instant, that he van he Pteasad Aa have youraalt md Mlends 

visit the Tavonaceey on Tuanday next, May ‘The our Mr. Kermolly 

wild show you around and to whet he ean to make your vialt interas- 

tine. | | 

Yours yory truly, 

Private foorptarys 

May 4, 1489, 

x : to 
Dees Are “atay- 

I enelous herewith Mr. Fdison's notes in regard 

te sie Nay 

“ay Phonecraph business, which you telephoned for to-day. 

Caisa encloen tor your tnformation oopy of Mes Fdinon's affida-rit, 


wash J forwerdad to-day to the Nepean tesnd Stato Board ae Anses-= 

Re BON ‘trenton, Ne Js, togather with RETURN, relative to “the at- 

7 ve i re oot the at son Phonograph Noe = Mie Lewis ‘dictated the affi- 
Uavi&®e .Faton = lewis! Lotter ( enehaned contains dad views 


in recard to.this matter. 

£ telogr: Shee you to-day as follows: “January 18th, Maguire, ® 
sbigh mma that the articles re Tomlinson end ‘01114 lend appeared 
in the Me Ye papers on that date. My recolléstion is that the 
BUMMANG Suy er et ‘was printed in their isme of 17th Jmmaty, ahd 
ah} the morning punees had it the next day. I sent you elipr ing 
Seen the ". Yo Hwald® to verity date. 

Just at present the Daboratory is exoyded with YoN. G. A. 

Youra reapectmily, 

delegates, and things ro in more or less opndusion. . 
x will mail this leter ir the “Special Noston" “pox at the 

Grand Central Papo to 2 tyre it its mtek aoliverr. 

May 6, 1889. 

Prof. Yim DN. Marka, 

909 Sansom Streot, 

Philadblphia, Pa. 

Dear Sirfs 
Mr, ¥idinon has made the following ‘note on your letter 

of Sd instant re -dtorage station? - 

“In the present) state of the art, the loss in passing 
through the betteny, the depraoiation and the interest 

_ On the Anveatment in “yatteries, would more than pay 15 
nor com on the stations, whieh would render them wn 

NOONBABPY Taking intorast, daprpotation med ‘loss ‘as 
Ante, I nave nover in any sane baa aye tA ftimane aut 
p nin un sratanne where direct qyaten Tauldn ' % ne at tm 
heat arene, Raptr ove WAR AA GAR BA alaimed. * 


rang feormary 

ly LF : 

Rr eemess ei ele le le 
x 3 

ToC Iie ATC LL Oy a en Wein at see See 

Way ¢, 18nd. 

Profs Vity De Nurhe, 
Philidelphin, Pa. 

Dew Sirs .. 
T wg to confirm the Sullowing tol gran ro qakyed from — 

POU tNadayt~ | 
‘Would 14ke a prompt reply to my lettor ‘regarding: 
storag: station if possible. Vane De Marks. ° 
Yours truly, Po _ 

Cee a ‘a < . ay 
Op eel fal oe 

Gharlas aA, -Cheaver, Faq, 

257 ¥Utth évonue, 

Now York. 

Dear Sirtn : 
Mr, Rataan has auked me to ththh you for the tiakoes 

of admiag ion to thn wating of tht Hie ropoL tam: ‘Pho 

nograph Coe, 
for April 

30th ang May Lat, to view the Oentenn ina parades, 
you kindy went him. Mr, 

your kiftineas in this 

P avail himseke ef 

ra ttey, yy ing Previqualy mTanged ta: view 
the proedaston olaenhere, 

Pdison waa tmble 


Yours very re 

Private nen 

May 4, Tsao. 

¥. He Jonneon, Baqes 
Wijpon ¥lhectrie hight The} 
Yew Yb Mitay. 

My Dear Sirte 
te, Ralain Aeiired ma to ask you ta kindly revunn. 

to the Lantteony the vadAn yore whieh you herp, ite anata dD 

aed It Np Paris, to ha nxhibited at the Pega. there ‘with 

tile Chet! Lnvent ions. Please oive this yo propet attant ian, . 

ond oBbigh 

Youre tenty, 

TenwAe Ragretary. . 
4 ef 

Mas , 1380. 

Faison Phonograph Works, 
Orange, % 3. 

‘ Dear Sitet= | 
' Mr. fame wyritna, neqneating us to hurry up the 

MiAtary Phonograrhs ang forward tham “i Parise as edén as ponai ble. 
3 Lot of wax oylindera for taking 

Ha aldo Mantes you to send hin 
KXiptly give this - 

records, art half a a ia flexinle nar Shee, 

your attentivfs 

Yours troly, 

eee “y ? | a | 


4 John © Tomlinson, Faqe, 

New York Oitye 

Dear Sir te 
Pleana dolivor to Major 5. Be. Raton the 

: ng - OT ee \ 
contract batweon Mosars. Srigns and Tacos mid myseif; also 

contract betwam myself and Col, deorge Bouratat s - 

pact sven : 

May 7, 1880. 

Major 5, 8, Paton, 

1:20 Sroadway, Now York. 

My Dear Sirte 

Reforring to your telenhong megane Of thin morning, 

{ send you horawith an order on Mr, Tamlinaon, shmed by Mie FALE Ni, 

asking him to deliver 1. yatt contrnot batwann Mesnrs. Rrigga pad 

Jaomes und Mr. Fdiaon; alzo contract hetwem Mr. Faison and Col. 

Goo. Re Gouraid. 

Yours tly, 

CA ing 

Private Sa orogeny a 

1 Praneia Re Upton, . Fsqes 

ty Dear Siri- 

May 4%, 1a80. 

Rdieon Leap Gompany, 
Harrigon, Ne Te: 

With re fracas th the material for Hr. Hexmex, of 

which you dictated a memorandum when a the Lanoratéry the other. 

déy, E beg to advise yot as follows? ~ 




The griter has. spoken ahout this to Mrs 
Trym, who had already conaylted Mrs 
Sime regurding the desirability of Hon+ 
ding @ torpedo to the Paris Pxposition. 
Mr, Ineul informa me that Sins has de- 
eided not to send a torpedo Pariny 

Mr, Dickson has taken & memorandun 40 
sopd itr, Harmer three extra phote graphs 
of Mre Rdigon AA #00n a6 PoRAibler 

Mr, Wurth 16 ab Work on the wie extra. 
Lamp condenpars dnd Sipegte w have 
them ready thd Jatter part ‘of this wook. 

ast : : eo Re AUPE ASR 3 
a PRN ce eae 

‘ M, ny b, — : soto 

tsghe north te 6 rit wall wy ft i 
i my wile anieghe salsa to 
vo bitter for ¢ 48 
a ue Fhiitey 

:. we oF thtee will 

vor ay. rrtierrn, ‘ 1 had, Sritvely It. Jolsnion to retivd 6 
peter 3. Giigihe which le hits Ww the Ih, 

MEWETARY PHONOQRATIN, I tinve wit dan die b “ork, 
= Fert neking Alet (0 a tery ry Np Pagan mn re 

f pheregraphs, 29 oF derag Thao 
BEANK OXTENDAR ‘ag haem Jeanie mee anit Mr. Temes 

RAORDS our ste; Manqnrpr dish, sb ys 
= | niawigad reanpdp qo tube 8 Sere Thiet? 
, ty ext pve es ead, aly Mme 
way Rpt metre ree 
wn to # # 
é the oqutismanst of ch Mice a, 
auine ve 3 Pothrds vt verloat Kinks. 

tte roneiwad this morning a vamondlton ifMom tha Lemp. Chagherzs 
under date Ath instant, sontnLAing wha =e fxm a Laster’ ie we « 
Hamer, telative to anestl Brit: duivwtiLht. Which by dopir'ee in ti 
to Paris, Thin da also HAV ing amar sdtentiany nif soy Wadd Wh ode” 
| viaed whey, she totaten rain odang DPT RTP evap 

Yona “urd " 


Mis 7, isn, 


Wigihe Me Lewia, Rage, 

Messrs, Baton & Lewd s, 

Lan Btonaway, Raw York. 

ity Denr dirt. 
. 2 neve your Wetter of Ath histatis, dich Sr acres 
og agroomant vmiitir: wh let 1a, Faison Held etoek oF rs Niall Proeet 
@ruih Co, at the tine of iw pple to Lipy inbote, 
The doeurent Ahab your want is the foal gto anit whee Wiese: 
_ finde prior io thn aale to Tithpineots, aid of whieh we howe. nev 
“oopy in our filet, tr. Un. 8. Perry WITL, Yivever , ne ain ok 
. rrdah you ith that mare evnrt, and z fa Wwerlay ae a . 
“aaking shat he ygee a waz of thn sith in your tends a ones 

Yours wary Brudy, 

‘By pyabe Seg ze 

Yete Be Porry, Tiviss 
Corjnoksaas of Stndk & Petrol ddl Pheanaes : 
60 Rropaway, Rew Yor. » 

My Dear Sirt~ 
i have this morning ros elved: a letter from om 
Re He Fowirs Af Neasra., Raton & lewis, aking %Y @.opy of UW 
agreaneng iyyler which Jive Faseu held etook of the Ydison Puaro~ | 
Graph We pt the time ov the wale to Ling insgtts 

The Geasepenit which ire Sot p wants is the good saratriont 
whieh was hatte qordar to the pale to Lippincott, and of thich TT 

have no cory in our file, 3 hav replied to Mr. nondl a letters Poe 

stat dig Uhet you. would 'n0 bie to fen iat Hin Wd a eopy of wit 
Contraes, wna. yet aah you to Mit hire tn Fdunéusion of tw? “san 
ot the writen panthhe coleman, ag _ sm, tmgombeny shat be beinteeil 
tovee is: «\ nner Pleas: giva thig 1" prompt ane 

Youre * wary. wuly, 

May 7, Ata. 

Ow. trorge He dourmd, | 
Little Henle, Byer Norwoot, Surrey, 
, . fe 

Pear Sirt~ 

I beg to contin the tllowing; extlegran sent you 
torday t4 | 
GOURAUN, HARWOND, : : : Nay 7th, 1880, 

Rrady to hip phomgrephs in pracateal 
serperesal form for salé aft use gat 
rergl ally in moh quuarti ties as you ree 
qajrw, Am inpations ta get your olgera. 

Fa iwo n*® 

Youra truly, 

Mer 7, vaso. 
Mit. Philip 8,‘ Dye, 
‘Ri py 43, Antwerp, 
Sa) ¢dues. i 
: * 
My Euar flirt. i 

. . t we $9 2sontirn the i] owing eablagran sak you 
eae ; ‘ 

Dem ANVERS, oY ‘Yay 7, 18RD. 
ae Beers hetanae our Pabdne hektee yagord 

Ahowd oxelumive ileimse to Rogevelt, 

tho stithtetres to Leelenche Rattery 
Corpany. Her explonation. Faison. * 

Youn AWRY, 

Would. have saved $50,000, and made a sucanns. 

May 7, 18890, 

Dear ii, Lippinoote,~ ‘ ‘ 

r have your letter of 6th instant, enolow 
aing a aoresinleation shieh you received from Hilwaukea, relative 
te the Phonograph. z have handed the Iattur to Mr. Rateholor, who 
wild reply to it in detail, Neanwhile I desire to sayt 

x lat. The present battery is tenporary. 

2nd- Ya are getting rentty to turn out good ona. 
Srde Di t to Finds. Oylindars, 


I gappoee you remenner a long time ago I told you that to 
make @ sicoens, it wuld be ntaeseary to leam expertas The 
phonographs ard being shipped all over, and to parties wm krow 
nothing iene the: Late toviees. Several paragrephs in the Wae 
eonein letter show ne that the writer doean'\ understend the ma~ 
chine. No one tut the Almighty can tell how to wrk 9 man 
chine by maid. You. will have lots of thig for several montis to 
eons, ond instead aie) being an immediate @iqaeas, it will take time. 
About $10,000 spent ag the North Ane Phonograph. foe in experts - 

I have bYought out 


Je He L, aR 
P : ‘ 
| “a ’ ‘ U ‘ . ‘ 
| too many things in the Jast twenty years not to know that on tip 
| Op start, experts are everything. 
i Yours very truly, 
Soe! - > a re 
| . fy Fede gf. bE gE Ptchics 
be EG. 
Jeane He hipy ineozt, Teae, 
| 160 Aroadway, New York. : 
\ ; 

May 7, 1880. 

NOTES YOR wi, BATORELOR i1 vepiying td attucghed loster 

from Milwnuken, diatated by Mr. Ndieone 

The vattary now sent out with tho phonograph is only vempo~ 

Cary. Tho anount of vork neasanare to ger the phononraph ous nas 

bem stupendous, and we hud nd tin ts fool avay on gnthing a 
proper battery; henee woe wera cor@elin to zond out an ordinary 

type of mattery, vhich we know is not of mich value, Yow proplo 

should I think bo notified that she battery is only a tonporary 
makeshift, to permit them to get into pusinsas, IT am now mitting 
i, up @ milaing, and aking tha machinery, to turn ont a prope 

: battery for the phonograph. “This In.very is about twioa the size 
| of tho prosent oall, and inatead of lasting ten hours ~ oF a° | 
eouple of days in ordinary practios - at will lant 50 days, and 
a : by renening the flutd will Jast 20 cuye longer. In other words,.. 
se will give fitty days good ordinary aervios, and the rondwal. 
proeéss ia very mich simpler than with the present hattarye 

7 Regare ing the aaah ta of thick eylinders, I wish to say that 
the thick oylinders do * not warpe The error comas from the fuct 
that the inside of tha uylinder gets dirty from wax ard ather 
things, nnd tie thread onda tacoming 10084, prodic®s ah ecaen~ 
tried dy, aparently, Wut not reds ig the aylinders abe kot 
pfoperly gleaned Anata, they will not te ecemtr is- T migyA say 

Aft resect of phanogtiyh blanks that wa have ma 7 pay nore ait 
ta mary spp radd she 
gon hb pdantple 

: tention 06 the phonograph thar the blahkes 
the fit il the Company ahould bs wy ind wtb 

Cy ae 
; = 3 

With single record Blanks, und we pare oftting everything ready: +0 
turn them out in large Wantities, and if yow peopre will exer. 

cS & Little mre Pationee, every onmplaint and defect will be : 
remeaiea. Weare wall axare that there are ‘defeate in the phona~ 

Ereph, ant wo are sriving to eradicate thom, ant to 40 the yest 

aa rapidly aa hunsn fleah oun stand it, 
he elasa of complaints tint we wonld Like 

for nl2 coneemed, 

to gat, would te 
not generalities, mich an the mttery is not good md eyli 

are defensive « 

facta which we know already ~ mit meotanienl and - 

TAStle defects in the mechanism of the phonogtaphs These are: 

defeeta whieh we ennnot tint out ouraolves, 

aloneril2 wing ont. Thaae are the kind of complaints that we are 
anxious to get hold of, 

and which pragtine 

the followin; are my answers to the questions asked in the 

“Milwaukea Latters= ' 
(1) The nattery witon in being sent out at present is only a. 
temporary até. 

(2) One charges of tno tattery, ‘as por direations, should fuy the 
phonagroph up to speed for 12 consaoitive how's. 

(3) . Battery does not noad to w given a olumee to. requperate, 
; If the solntion haf Heon mide and used ag direated, 1% wild 
TWA 12 hours in thé dgregate, Whether nm aontintiotsly or 
otherwise. ‘ mere : 

(4) Wa | ive to work on a new mttaty, andi havé got it per: 
pier pega getting ready the apparatus for SHO LS tree, 
1q- The tastery will last 85 dayb, 4 hohe bday, bid dfs 

20 daye, 4 Youre pai thy. the bateairy vee. 
Sait Dyaviy tte mai atrength tip 40 the fant hot. 
: 3 4 ‘ “ 

FS ee RR Nae 8 eee Ore eH! oF AOE an EIRENE gene Se AE Lathe 





Will not didotiss this question re prastnt tatterty. 

Do : No No 

Do Do N 

Implion that the battery will fail foo Mo,, hd gayents 
treudlo attyehwent.s This is ontiroly unnegoseary, us with 

& proper hattery the phonograph will not give out more than 
onse in am yoar. The partien remark that threo Slasaag from 
the recomter and reproducer were Broken in shipping the ma--_ 
chinog, ant aske if you will plense send him three more. 1 
anygost An this eonneation that it is a creat mistuke in the 
case of n reeorder and reproducer to. order broken parts, od 
have the partics, who do not understand the little fine points 
put. them in. ‘The proper way to do when the glass of a trans 
mittor ar reseiver is broken, is to pit it in w mmall hox and 
mail it %0 ue, when we will return it in good ofter! otherwise 
through oareleanness &o., half of transmittdrs helne put to- 
gether nedly, will give very poor remita, They ask for two 
apectdtles of the latest. atyle phonograph to plade Upan two 
014 maehines. This cannot be done. I have understood that 
the old phonographs should all te recalled,: and after thay. 
are roonllod we aan fix them ourselves and send them out as 
new phonographs. : 

(9) We shall ne able to ship sm of theae singl# record oxlin- 

dera in a couple of weeks, 

(20) With siglo vocord oytindere it will never bo nvoeusnry to 

et the repromecr, therefore it is not nectseary to raiae ths: 

- Jigetaeke =. 
(2a) ‘The renorder ma reprodueer adjusting screws; ain adjusting 

thesq ya will never out the record, providing you do not 
Leave more than one record on the.part of the eylinder md 
forget to tum it off, or if the drum of phonograph ia kept 
ao dirty end the intérlor of the cylinder go dirty, that it 
ruins 6 badly. A properly worked phonograph will néver have 
{te record cut. Wa whderstand perfectly that tree machines 
into the hands of "green horns® ultimately, and we 

are to ely, 
wonté alao Lake to ecALl your attention to the mat that over 

the partion in Milwaukee are "GREI RNB, * mpd Shey ave jum | 
As grem ap thd publiq. After a witile, of onrae, thoy Whi 
‘noparea RXPRRTS, I wish to aay that f dannot for tim Lite at 
me underdtnnd how thease Milwauxeo parting omy 9 Ag WALA AB 




want ta 

they ha ye dong with the new 
sore Planation, 

(22) %¢ hoa: 


Provont ‘gylind 
Péeoplo will at 
. WL find thet 
- the mtnpe 

Replying Loa 


1 wren the habit to min the aylindery 
Horaarter,. 91}, misle will pe taken ot’ 

Phonographs, without réeetving 

& 180 for Magia. 

no& higher than 125 
longs The amount of words: that 

gay that NE WILL nat 

Me paya that 

tting ranord, 
to tiun aff yy; 
Ole Ceeméerionty in 
' *Suppoas ha wing 43 

to Bere that 

PYOPOXLY @ wikis 
Porst dle way dA 

ei tea 


da not nacasnery tos 

told that wher; 
tight Ree, the 


I think x 122 
kind of a Letter, 

SiG, ater 

wrk the Pho: 


Odteph pro 

Lite be 
eh gay Rt. 

the remirks on the ® 

Le addition to this, it air 
uylindar, wait tt WELL ali 

the aylindr, 

“peatacte, dorm gy Lit 
AN exert t@aching on antsia 
the universal Joint 
courte Het 1% dow hn 
¢ mide, for tha 
he ota it dow 
dent tu. prev an 

trom the 

n to be gareny 
ted from be ing -madess 

atop hore, 


annax® to the le 
disousa the battery; that has 

The ntmest care io required not to gue 
876 rhist ibe SomotN iy wre 

beauino every pho 
that if g oudtomer tat 
Linder, the np 

of 41 be recorded ay 
er, depends on the speed, If the Milwaukee . 
ow their phonograph dow to 75 of 89, they 
Yr talking juat a8 good, 

And they can get dourie 
Fof words on tin oyl 

wa MMdently siting with the. Miawankes Partition, 
Sreeh gant ort 

As to trim cen the Latter. half of the gy» 
tA aah thar 

$t WA12 turn that off ¥ithout 

Screw nt. hang, 
rd,ea stated, 
réaeon that & 

not only petmit them 
Ow .@ wery gonsidern 

He rinkes a ‘stator 
tie yard.* 

ar ~ if he tewoht fie 

there is no ; 
The litere aent 

hat if thy 
antl HA “th, 

POFLY, to std on 2 man 4 

party ia 
© aylinger 

eee} Wawel G é ; 
49 De H bad ’ 
, , Aw yok 
re tay Low ; 
fl y h ackuewlad Hi peer OF on javiyY 
t. ' bh ot ah tivel uaa Po re F auye? rye Ls A teh fun Ab 
bod Bi 
i’ 2 Joo Q. oo Ave | aaa Oy... the Cha “n Ge pe vr eof hoathek 
i di eb 4 he orevite ered orate : y hw Gelraen (207) Ontarctent, 
euncl etprmihid) same ui Che Dhow ge htetiinal Spank, 

j ow, Tisly) 

. May 8, LAK9, 
Bugene He Lowis, Fiste,” 

Messra. Faton & Jewln, 

ie 7 | New York Oitye 

Neer Sirt- 
i In acwordante with your request, I send you ny 
\ GM f | ; , ; bearer minmate book of the Fdison Phonograph Company} alrd. an 

: order on Mr. Tomiineon, asking him to deliver to yor tte pool 
ei agreement which wan entero inte Sy the stockholders of the 

Fai won Phonograph Co. r 
Yours truly, 

Private Soorotrry. 


May 8, 1380, 

yom 4. Tomirisanh, Mage) 

Maw York Mity.: 

Dear Sirte 

Plange deliver to Mr, Fagone iy hewle the agrearent 

which Waw unterad byte vy the atoekholdera of the Yaligon Phono~ 

Braph Canpany , ith relation to the agle of atogk, Thia do guntnt 

weg ueeliy retried to an the “pool agrament,* an 
: / paren i ™» 
a oe @ 
Swe 4 Calcoves 

ee Cee 
Hay's, 1880, 

Major °R, .“s “fabs, ae 

120 Woadway, New York, 


: My ‘Deak Slet- 

Ute te har tet dae ory Mary 

1 ara ith eonein’ of a ‘[otben, unided dah Ath instant, 

eet a. 3 : 
WR ee De, %,: ret. hdd wE tn tease, DE ve 

en Bi Eyl med oning a corrmntoation frary yoursels addregaod 

ast ve en ee ee tht oo at pte Stet ath per 6 
to es Minon,, wiative to Male fonrand’s 8 phondgraph ontrtiets, 

ad) Ee pve os LY nen a AP ae reryy eg 7 
Tn the drat. of inter whish you mapas. Mr PAsOR, shoule 
send to fol, dovrmud, you ranyion rye. eoulinora,eireasnan ttre Pét son 

' has only one dontrnet with Aqurpud for exploiting tht phonograph, 


“Which applien to all of his territory, There wera two cantraats 

drawn up, at dourmals ragtest, ane of whiek app&ied ta Great 

Britain and Ireland, ani the other to the halance of his tarritory, 

Theae latter, hawaver, wore never exeatited, and peferénde shontd 

not, therefore, be made to them in the proposed cormmnioation fron 

Mr, Faiaon, 

K ontted Qourhil yeaterday, ae onthined in your Lotter, ant 

AE youn $2). gend me another araft of dattey, oop formbns w “tha 


whdea Cate, X wilz Monit ft tay, Faison, and if hw app rivds 

af vere, have him aign it, when 1 WHIT rad l it to ouratel tith 

4) possibia dempateh. 


Your s vary ‘‘¢rmuly, 

Private Sesretary. 


y A dorton, Rages 
Te Chive Nien bo, 
Chivago, 222n, 

Deut Birte 

Mr. Fdiain has mie the following note on your letter 
Of £3 ultimo, relative to tent on lanps mide by te 6, Re AQ, Ry 
Co.t- 7 | 

_ Mortont Jugs walt a little. If f get a omnce 
there will he soma fim. F,* 

Mre Ve Ke Yobliba, 
Ast Be, Park Beladt, 
Raltirore, Hd. 

Hear Sirt« 

. Ure Fdloon gaya in reply to yow letter of 224 

Ulting, that a good witel Motor, with governor, Would anawer 

for the phontgrayh. The hattory which ia being sent out at 
present => the naghine ia only a teupexeey ane, pending tho . 
congas ion of theo regilar phénogroph battery, which is b aupsately 
perfect end wilh give entire antidadtior. 

Youra truly, 

Private Sepr etary, 

Hay 9, 1yho. 
Mey 3. P. ‘Horret, 

424 Franklin Sz an 

Reading, Pa, 

Dear Siyt. 

Mre Ridean saya in reply to your letter of 2a ultimo, 

: : ( ats : 
relative to burning TMtlverized gake irtto blocks, 
Qf wood tar 1¢ baked vory slow 

thet ten per cent 
up to a red heat should wrk, 

Yours tmity, 

Brivate Seuvratary, 

May A, 89. 

Urosvensr P, towroy, Kune, 

New York e 

Desir Birt. 

Mi, Bdison has reeoiv4al you letter of ath instant, 

or whLL ha glad to hide Powrnelf and: Hr. Thurston to-mortow 

(Friday de 

Yours ¢ eee 
CON Gj G2 

Pravate Saoretary. 

‘awe 29 ’ 

May 8, 1889. 

Daniel Weld, eqs, 
5 Nik St., Yoston, 


Near Sirte ; 
XI hag to confirm the following tole gram gent you 
to-dayt« SA 
®Absolutoly necessary that moeting shout be 
aalied for Monday aftesnoon three oelook. 
Myisa mo at once if Jasqtos will not be ah.le to, 

attend, 89 I dan gee him Honduy mornings A. %- T.° 

Yours truly, 

to, to 
CO! opt 

| , Loe i 
oe - - so . abe toe = 7 te LORE COTE IER TE Erne tame NT Sree 8 pete 


Praneia R. Upton, Fane, 
Fdisen Law Coe, 

Narriun, M. J. 

My Dear Biyt= 

Here ie another letter from Armstrong, Knauer & Noe, 
in regard to advertising in the Sffiedal Gazette of the Paris a- 

Pesitions The advertisemnt which thoy suggest I do not Like. 

Ag the dieplay Which we are raking at Paris goes pefore the world 

ea Raiaon’s personal axhibit, the lesa refere@as he maken to tire 

welf in the Catalogue, the hatter wi2L his taste pear. How 

would it do to simply enlarge his atograph and put {8 across thé 

aheet, in the way those people have written the name of Raiwon? 

Nay in, isse. 

Yours try, 


Surrey, Faglandte 


iw exhibit in Francs inventions. 
avered by Cane Tinsty without endangering 

PRantef Mataons* 

*haxs 7 

I peg to edAfitm tht foibow ing. wablegram aent yn to- 



Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Gol. George RF. Gown ud, 

Dear Sirt~ 
day ia 

Pe ae 


4 Otic, 

Yay 10, 1580. 
Ae %e Diak, Fag, 
e/a Mowarpe Srowm, fhipley. & Moe, 
Lan@égon 7 Faglande 

Dear Birte 
z hog «to enfirm the fllowing eahlegtams roqived 

from you and sent yy ht = 

: .¢ : Parks, Slav 7, 188 0¢ r 
Zeportant know deciaion on ecrtiadt.s =. 
Answer. Dio ke?® 
5 s Paris, Mdy 0, 188o. 

"If not prepara to doside regqrding 

aontmet advise me irmediately, Am: 

ready to progeed; mist decide on plan 

Anawor Hotel da Castiglione. hicr,* 

RA wo nro 

RA4 a4 te 

Diek, . < = as . 


“Ban add nothing to inptruattons 
elready given you, Will advigg 
further early Gs possible, Raign,* 

Yours truby, ae 

a aa 
a Ap of: lan ae 
ar ’ a ; 4 Le WF . : 

Hay 10, lego. 

* pear Mrs Fores, = . 
a I regret very mich to say, in. Pipl) to your 
2 : : / ratter oF 4a; inatant, that just at p#esuit wo cannot rngnive 
ee aed 0} aes nf the Laboratory. Mr, Rdi sin is dondieting a lot 
of exporinn te in the Leoture Room, which 4s the only reo atition 

room We have, and the only place available for an oxhinition bf 

the phonograph, whieh I presume fs the ohiet obfOst of ateraction, 

‘nd Vaid tabae are conpleted I wilt be tinahle to rake mM bppotnt~ 

not ter goa? yupiie. Just ae abon da tt 1e practicatie, hdadver, 
1 wilt advise ye 

Yours vary wae 

iw : + 

tate Segrat ay. 

Gane & Monty Mag., 
Nanak, Nn, J 

May 10, 1889, 
: | P.O, Bast B37, Ronton, 


Dear Sir 3p 

In reply to your Letter of 20 instant, t heg wo 

aay that the statunents made at the MHeaguen! 8 Meating® of Sitri«< 

tualiste haw sieiaiaecat no foundot to An foot. Mrs Fainon ip 

not a spiritualint, ena has no angen with the movement, 

May 29, 3880. 
H Vila, ¥aqe, 
Noe 54 Rue Truffant, - 
Paris, ‘Pranoés 
“Bear Sir te , , : 
in reply to your letter of 23d wltimo, 1 hog. to © 
gay it would give Mr. Paiwn jpugh pleasure to gaal st you in ths | 
work which you have ttertake:n, in furnish dre you With a -biograpni- 
eal nketeh of hinself, topeth er with hisotfeal bAd aosoriptivne 
uocounts of all his invention a, had he the time at hin disposal to. 
devote to “ works It fa, thowever, quite Arprooticaple fot his 
to give nny attention to enythiing outeide of his emer iments, which 
ke) him anploydd night and day. At. the Paria Exposition, the _ 
Faleon exhibit will embody all of Mre Rdinon’s inventions, from 
Thigh a descriptive ageount an tid readily be obtainod, and ym 
eoulg algo obtain fits this ao uree® an ht toriont Abtount df the 

‘games’ Mr. Raion anke me to oxpress to you hie appreciation of 

your interest in his work, as indicated hy your letter, 

X teg to remin, yours vory ae) fi . 
: | Afy f 

May 10, 190. 

tr Se Sharp, Faqe, Sad'y. & Manages, : 
tha Klealcical & Industrip2 Rxhipition 2880, 
Birmingham, Faylunt. 

Weer Birnie ' 

ir. Raison has received you Lotter, of 25th ultimo, 
rer 40 oxhthieint the phonograph at the Tiirt inghamt Fleatri«: 
out ard Indyatrinl Pxhibition, to with atid. we have already taken 
stepa Wy sonmmuniddting with dol, Gow'and, Mrs Rajson's Furopean ~ 

: agent. 

Hre Hdl an ths m %9 say in sexvation to forwarding a cass’ 

of exnseltn Tot he has. alrendy aont every aya inbie oxhinid td 

Fart 9, nt fear that he wi, ye sia 46 comply with this latter 

reque pt’. 

Youre very trnly, 

Mey 19, 89. 


Standard zing Parein, Fdivson Fiectric Light S00, 

New York Gitye 

Pear Siri- 
Pleane advange six (6) Special Meters, with all 

pornible spond. 1 aasiva thene for shipment to Paris, .and aesire 

to forward tha nt the earliest possi he momente 

Yours truly, 

May 10, 80." 

Hess? Se Berman & One, i . 

New York City. 


Derr Sirst- 

Plense udvenca six (G6) Special Meters, with all 
poasivle spend. I roquire these for shipment to Paris, and 

desivé to forward thom ut tio earliest possible moment. 

Yours truly, 

j Bee Rai oon he used! 

, in dron, 

_* xv, . * 
Mre Albert Seheivin, | ay 10, bb, 
27. Rast State ift.e, 

Ithaca, N.Y. ‘ 

Dear Sirs. ' 

In répliy to your letter of 29th ultim, I iu Ye say 

that ‘Hr, Bigkemeyer ’ 18 marerncua fis o magneto eleatrig Ant\etion. .¢ 

apparatus, while Hes Rat won! '2 ian purely mégnatie arrangement. 
Inia rairet te bridge far the detection of Slavs 
and it ts also uspful for astermining tho peat tron for | 

dynamoa And motors i In fact, its. use is, Yechnieally speaking, to 

dompare tho permeatii ity of tron with knom ptandardp. 

Yours very truly, 

May 11, 89. 

Wti zon Floctrio Tight Ona, 

Now York Gity. 

Dear Sirste. 
- of hand you herewith bills for experinants eondiated 

at this Iahorator}, on your behalf’, umounting to $4,458.52, for 

which emount I wild be glad to reseive your eheck at your early 

corrrenione 6. 

Yourn very truly, 

Cr as mea ; - 
Ah 9A. st oo é e] 


1 Nc 

The Faison Naahine Works, 

the pire whito onef. Nose S81 and 085 Are made by squirting | 

May 42, Aelia, | 

John Freust, Reqs, Aan't. Gen'ls Mamysor, 

foheneatrdy, Ne Yo 

Dear Sitt. . 

Ye send you to~dny several sarples of fire proof ine 
mulated wire, These wires atand tent when heated hy the ourrcht, 
but some of them burn when held in-the flume of a Bunsen irre, 
They have. een kopt at a heat of 210° ¥, for 25 days, excepting 

fire proof compound on wire previously soaked in a non-fireproo? 
compounds Regarding tho fireproof corpount simply ds a protec 
thor ngainet fire, and trtisting to previous treatment for insu- 
lation, 1% seems to tis that the wire oan rade. to nerve, 

Your's very ruby, 
: : Me 

Hay 14, BOs 
Mr, dhan. Ne Mromfied uy 
a7 fan k sis New York. 

Near Sirte | 
Mre PAison geyn in reply to yow letter of Sth det, 
that he will not wall the dar at the prie® which ym offer. 

‘Yours truly, g 1 eae 
Stee", Beste 

Private Soqrata'y, 
NeeTA Bg 
RF - 

May 18, 89. -- 
Mr, We Tt. Jenks, 
| | Fdteon Fleotrio Jdght Co., 
New York. 

Dear Sirte 


Mr. Piiison anys in reply to your Letter of sth int. - 
thet. he alrewty has full seta of the jourriala whieh you ment £ ane 

Yourg aad ee 

Private deerintary, 


Se ee 

of Dyin ed cae eae SS oe 

May 23, LHBD, 

Maannits Fazon & Leia, 
New York Mity. 

Deny Sines - 

: i I bag to aoknowlonge Sfoaakr’ of: yours of 10th Lite, 
te Mn, Riiaon, Loaing utaterant of tho Iakter, in the form of 
an affidavits not rn to, re WZland and Tomlingen mit, 

Your at may, 
Sos!, Age eng 

ae ae cad 
et age Pe 

Private feqrasary. 


S. % Raton, Reqs, | May Ly 89, 
U0 Nrondway, New York. i 

Dear Birt. 

I nog to naknowl pidge roaeeaipe af yaur letter at ie 
instint, Yo Mr. NalLaon, enalbsing axpy of the ALLL of Oop Yad rit 
in the GNALend and Torlinen matter, 


‘ "Seepage 

Your, tnuy, 

Private Sqapatanys 

ara . 

. May 15, 89. 
B39 anal Street, 
New Yorke i 

Dear Sixt« - 
ity, Rdiaon is mayen onliged for your Letter of sth 

ingtenk, ext for the phonagram box whieh you kindly sert him. 

Uye Raison, has tried thie form of ox, in twelve different va- 

rieties, and the remit has not deen antinfactory. Foxes simtiar 

to yours were sont to Prighand in the umal way and rewur nea here, 

and in avery dNhd the fonogrema were hinkin. 

Youra truly, 

Private Secretary. 

reentfif” ; 

tay 14, fatios 

Me Ce. Mavon, Fug’, 
SOR California he., 
fan Fraheiaco, Tal. 

Deny Sixt — ' 

My, Féieon has read your letter of 6th Listert; ard 
saya in reply that, eruth ean never core ‘4nto preat Usd at one 
doit ay dludtatitring for the reason tint it can ve ‘wrght {n Zurope, 
in ‘t, eld Lhe Lots, ay $2.25. If the price eould tf rednqed. to 
fine eents, Mre Pak apn thinks thas! i would permit Mharmah 0 i 

used mite oxtongivehy tn the arta. 

Yoqira tudy, 

to Parlt.: We-dnyey however, that if you ill dtimé dver to the 

Mos. i, Lao. 

Réwin Me Fox, Faqe, | 
147 Nanak Serger, 
' New York, 

Dear Sirta 

. Meo Faipon haa read your letyer under data th’ inate, 
relative tO proposed srtig¢ on the Faison Fehibita at he ‘Peris 
Fapogition, and in repry sake re to state that all the cats wh sch, 
You would ragnizs in tha preparation of this article has heen agnk 

Lanoratory yo my bY abled to hidp: you dut in the matter, although 
{¢ wonld ‘© somewhat diftoult, whe atatiatios tc. not ting 
eee for, Fe forende, ana ain furnishing you with aa ri@eensary 

informpiion wq would have t¢ rely, mare oy ema, on our rerary e 

I nigts 900 add thas: ‘Mr. Edison’ a Private Beargtary, Hire Tate, 

ih a Hrdome An Soston, and ta not eg ge tan tr return to Orange 
iare@id. Thurtaday vente | would, tharefare, cugyest that you defer 
Your. viatt anv} she faiter's rotumn, ay he eanta Bimbieas renter 
you. mean ‘ann{ ptange in your yprk. 

Yau WY 




ALI right’ Gome over to Orarige 

John Urkinbine, 

May 14, LAR. 

Cake vea. ‘B, oder y 
Tedéhe Nuno, Upper normed, 

Dear firte 

E bag to confirm th thllowing castegram sent. you. 

qawday ie 

QOURAUT, MARNOON. | | Hay 24, 180. 
Scahle date whats caasralient applications 
Cage ninety woraemlled. POLSON,” 

Yours trahy, 

ges my 7 

plete ® Lobel deie 

May 14, 80. 

fene) Ineuil, Ying, 
lo Tey Street, 

New York G1ty. 

Deer Sirte— 

I bey to acknowledge receipt of Oertifioate No. 
1,071, for 478 ahriven of the AnpLfZer Stock of the Edison One 
Milling Conmpaty, ‘Tdmited, the same having hetn maloped with your 
letter of Lith instant. | 

Yours truly, : : 
wh. ot etna pais are” 
EE en LG 

Peas. bin B 
a ies 
etigge PEI f 
rp igen © ceeds 
mary ty 
Wey ry 
hare f ay rereny | 

A As aw 

A yn trey 

os fir Ary 


Song Lop 
ake reve mery. r Freyr wry 
borne mop 3am Wr preys 
aa 23 bir pv bn eee amr 
ae gore” ait J) 
a: rep 2aTly | 
£4 very 

“erry Dawe sr mmr 

May 25, 18380, 

Mr, Porey M, Allen, 
430 nN, Alot Atreet, 
Ve at Philawolphin, Pa, 

Doar Sirse 
, Mr. Fdian's time is entirely ocqapled with his om 

inventions, and i% 4a imprysticable for him to ednsi der the mattar 
referred’ YW in your Yepeap nf ith instant. 

Yours tay, 

Ae, or 
Private ‘Baoreqary. 

os hed 

Hay 18, BO. 
Gol. Sep. Py Gourai, 

Witele Menlo, Upper Nosnood, 
Surrey, Fngland. 

reéqeivad ‘Prom you yesterday: ~ 

sopectfientions mail Atatrdada bénth Mays? 
Yours traly, 

Dear Airte 

Saneh en | , | no ig 
a > hook 

rey REVO nels Se eo, sack haw the Gdaaon 
7 7 hu Eclvacy me oF oan ee 

May 10, 1889. 

Toh Whom Let May Concern, 

This db to certify that Mr. m J. Mullica has been employed 
at this Iuboratory, aa an Fngineer, in charge of «mgines and an 
leg ty ly Lehting plant, since Aetoher 1887, He hag performed his 
work in. thoroughly sompetont mamer, ant I take pleasure in 

recombniding him to any one requiring thé services ofa oOWpe ten 6, 


$4 ne SSOSTBENG A 1A fag 

vee Mies fh Ma s000 


Hay 16, Leso. 

Mr. W, «ft, Neemor, - 

Faieon Rxninit, Madhinery Palace, !xposition, 

Paria, Frenee. . 

Dear Sirte 

I wag to confirm the following odnlegran sent you 
to-day i. , 

“W411 cive you twenty-four, phonographs with 

attachments and extras whorahy”aix listen 

at once. Better sive French Taieon Company 

six of thene. Also Will ship: two hunidrag 

mupieal cylinders amd follow with one tundred 

: : " oes 
evary wank vary fine ~ phonograph go Saturday. 


Yours truly, 

Nay 16, 80. 

Charles Ratchelor, Faq., 
Faioon Phonogryph Vorka, 

Drange, Me Je 

Dear ‘Stiri * 
In roply to your memorandiim of 15th instant, relative | 
to riisies? cylinders, Mr, Kdizon say that, we re mking about 
firey (80) of these per day, and are rigging up to furnish 890 
daily. Please send orders ‘(writsen) fpr musi¢al oylinders to 
Lahoratory, when we will. wook than, and fill same hy stnding then 
to Phong. Sor, mking shimeens s0 that we will mot Md ‘out of 


Yours truly, 

Hay 16, L889. 

Cal, Gao. FR, tourmd, 
NitbLe Menlo, Upper Norwood, 
thifray, Rngland, 

Dear Sirs 
I we to aonfiny the following sablegrams reqelved 
from you and aent hy ntir 

NOBIDR, Ne Yo ° ; May fi, Lake. 
: hist first see coneraias maching and prica. 
If oth satisfactory large orderal exprear 
zarple; cable départurdé; wrote Saturday, * 


*Can'’t give prie6 until three thousand made. 

- However we bill them at forty-five dollars 

to Company here for firat thousans, forty — 
for next, and probably thirty-five for next 
thousand, subject to final settlement by 
nooks. Ultimate price Wil to lower as we 
hove xtoppé@d making. shanges and ore cheapening 
work. Te have up 0 toxday delivered seven 
hundred. They are working notisfactorily in 
harids public; send order for what you want 
now, whether oné a waek or one hundreds SAIGON, # 

Nay 16, 1L880.. 

Yours truly, 
Ms rab. & 

- May 16, 1889. 

dooxrge a Gaston, Faq., 
Miohigan Phonograph Co., | 
‘Detroit, Mich. 

Dear Sist~ . 

Mr. Pdiapn has Héad your letter of bth natant, 

In roply het destria ne to sly that, We Whall adon ne ready 

, to 521 your bradr: {Bh moXors to Ye ith 4K vonnection wlth Light 


In rogard to furnishing you with head picces-with ear oep 9, 

@e soon as We Ime the hdwi:'s supplied with. phonographs, we wilt 

9 wple to firntah a number of adddsdorieas, 

In ragard. tq the adjustment of the Phonogrph, the second 

‘thousand m¢hines will have eitomatia adjustrente. 
vi, Yat aor #122 te os}iged if you keep hin foxted an defnete 

an wetmiis. 

Vied trity, | i 

Brivatd Sedrétarye. 



Moy 17, 1899, 

Philip 5, yer, Mage, Avent, 
Rue Ony 48, Antwerp, 
Rely ivuny _ . ™!y 

My Deer Sirs — 

I am going be aormenes very shortly in this aountr y 
the manufne ture of Tay Phenakeesh movements, for sale-in forei en 
countrieg, and shall in @£E probability wish to establish a smell 
factory in oe or in eome Place where Santome. Will not tnter- - 

fere ‘ana where ront is reanonahle fd Labor chéap, for tho purpose 

_ Of ansembling the parts of these movenonte sent from my Amefican 

factory. Also, for tho manufacture of some of the parts, more 

eapecial ly the tin casing which encloses the movement and whigh 1 
can make cheaper over there, This fastory ean’ consist of oithor 
ona, two or three alien: I rol) vant from ten ta fifteen thon~ 

send square feet of floor space, with Rotiers and engine of 78 he. 

Pe, ir you can happen, to abtain these with the factory; ar ‘not, 

with. spaco to erect them. The machinery and tgole I shall: send 

from héta, and shall propaply require yout to run the mainess ond 


of the fetorys 
I also may wish to stot a Lamp Faotory there, and wil 
require 50,000 square few of floor space, and it will he wary de 
airanle if you emud got these properties close diceehae: or even 
right together. The suturhe of tis eity vould arawer, oF a gubut 
tan tom, or even a small tow where good Siiening facilities ara 
available, I have not yet completed my” arrangaman te ita marketing 
‘the dolls in Furope, mt this hrangh' of the business will propably 
be placed in the hands of Mr. Ay Be Dick » Whom you have doubtleas 
met during the past month, I having given him a letter of intros 
duetion to you when he sailed ‘Por Purope “a few etka BO». 
Lwish you would look atound and obtein prices, and end me 
‘plans and data, dtating the boHdition of tin propirty, Gost ur 
repairs ay alteratidna or iriproventnts Hdquired, cont of dba, 
labor foe, and, in Mot, every kind of date that yau dénkl dor wilt 

ba of interest to me in os tablishing these factories. 

“I whall ve in Paris in Auguat, when I can take mord werthite 
st ops in this connestion. th the meantime, I dfaire 6 ovbiln 
from you ddl information ‘that you can give me, 40 as to pave the 
wary as. fa ab. posai ble for w speedy decision when I arrive, unloss, . . 

of courde, fT th it praotieahle to inst riot. you definitel y. be, 

: ‘thre thon. 
Gididland ans tomlinnon ane atin: to. Ravage with somo men 
— ¢hott that hared an at * Patents ko ony a fnotory for falta e 

eo ree 

run in opposition to mre But 7 feel confident that I ean “iguat? 
them wy on cheapnenn pnd a better doll, to say nothing of the ner 

patents which 1 have covering methods ad dotatia of canatruotion, 

wi tamt whieh it in impossible to mke a firs, olase talking d01?. 


Please lose no time in commencing your inveatigntions, ag 

outlined above. 

Yowrs vary seedy, = — 

- a 

5 SRR aoe aE ERIN 

Col. Grarga Kdward Gourma, 

Little Mento, Upper Narmod, fhurray, 

'nsland . 

Dear ‘Sir. 

Referring to my contract with you for exploiting my 

phonograph invontions in all parts of tho wrld exept tho Unitda 

States, Sanada and tho Anplres:‘of China and Japan, and referring 

more particularly to tha fourth and afxth seations therdof, and 

a Tor the purpase of avoiding any future mimmdorstanding na reperda 

our several rights and obligations under that contract, please 

take notice that I am ready to ship to you the articles wvered ‘by 

the anid contract, for adie and use cornmereially,.in a practicht 

and cormerdial form, in @rantities to maet your roquirermnts as 

inddoa ted by your firm ordera, and that E have sent you on the 

7th instant the following cablegran to tho above effect, which I 

now oonfirm?» 

Col. GF. i, : 2 

“Ready to ship phonographs in 
Practical sommeraial form for 
anle and use sommareially in 
moh qiantities AB you require. 
An impatiért to get yow orders. 


Youre srily, 


Ny Dear Inmli, - 

Hore is another letter from }ip. Praxar, in rae 

| gant to tho invasion of China and Tiyan sy the Rerlin Fdian Qo. 
‘This eatter has »4n put aside fy Ghe last fow moths, awaiting 

until affaires had dévelopad to mich an oxtmmt that you could ape 

proach Mr. Villard ard obtain his ansistance. “hat Frazar ob» 

Jeets to in, the use of Mr, Rdison's namé in China and Japan hy. 

the Berlin Conpary. He says he ida not afraid of their competition 

$f they compete unter their am nama, wit he does object to ‘the ir 

Oa twee 

advertising thensolves as Mr. Mdison's agents 

Yours truly, 

private Secretary. 

Sqmek Inwll, Rage, 
2 Ney At., Naw York» 

May 17, Lang. 
Praf, Wine Ne Harkn, 

Philadolphia, Pa. 

My Dae Sirte 

I- havea received your letter af Rth inatant, and 
bog % HnoUre’ You that you have ry ayrpathy in your endeavors +o 
bring tre Fdtain dlectric Light prominently and permanertly hoe 
fore tho public of Philadelphia, 1 very mach ‘fear, however, 

’ that the method whioh you eaggent would not agcorplleh your Oho 
fect, wt would remit inv wory mpepdy dentruction of yow* 2itoras ts - 
ture, Hy judgnont may be widnded vy siy modesty, mt na I aannot | 
give aise which 4a oppnsbdd eo my eorvietions, ani ao my oonvic~ 

tions in “his ense do not: havrionise with your proposition, 4A is 

! dmpassdghlo for me to econmistontly give my consént. 

Yours yory truly, 

7 | 
: ~s May 27, 2880. 

&. Fe Chipnosk, Fate» . 
The Palen United Hits. doe, 
Now York. 

‘Deere Sirte 
kL. englona herewith @ letter " from Mr. Auge eayara 

Smith, of Appleton, Wes in regant to en electric Lighting plant . 

for ‘alle Norlege, Aurara, Ils Xe Mr Fatagin eae ‘that you 

make an bid for thin plant nt abaaluse ahoy qont. He 
na will ‘ye very ‘nteh 


the onse ona whieh merita thin actions and 

‘obliged 4f ym oan sae your way olear ta anrry uh the pila 

Yours. very truky,, 

Private Searatarye 

My Dear Me. Smith,- 
; 2 hve redgoivad your letter of 7th inpts, in 
regané to m aleotrie lrkting pent for fells AoLiege, Alirora, ¥. 
Yo, ari have WAtten to the Pranident of The Pdigon Unive eae ; 
Qo., making mggedtioe to hin in relation 20 shia plant, whisk, 
Af carried out, as I telfeve thay vill te, wi22 remit in your 
realinivy your wishes in that aomneet ion. 

In regard to ast advkiahing sorrantaation with ue family, f 
would miggest that you antain whrse phonayeranhns The vattery 
ick gobs. with thea will min the machine four hours a day for » 
manth, during which tim’ it requires no aftertion, and tht prooesn 
gf rongwal is very simple, By méann of phonogr@ha, you would we 
a akle not only &©> vonverse with your fnnily, tat to ‘interchange 

neasieal neleations of all kinds, and algo to avail youradtf of 
tie rmuionl records whieh in a short time sil uipplied to all 
 unerp Of the phonograph, containing selections by *he “foramont 
masioinna of the day. If you have the ineandescont Light in’ 
your office, or 4¢ any of your Monily are so Bituated that thoy. 
hey tine Shs {nannaoncent- qurrent, I contd fimnian you with mae 
wehited. feiuind fof otek . palace which watld, of Harae,.¢ éo away 


te Nhe Ss. Bo 

with the use of hattarios altogother; or if after further Anvestie 
gation you shold prefer trhadie phonographa, yo gan obtain these, 
eithough Ahoy are not as desirnbte for miinteal records as thono 

ran by the electric enret NY eqally an gogl asthe latter fr 
sonveraation. | 

? ! or 
i Yours tmly,_ 2 
. ¢ Fa 4 
yetoe yes ‘ cs ark 
ate? a * 4 meee 4 
eae a uf - ‘ as 
‘ % 
a 4 i ; + 
\ i ‘: 
ve : 
‘ ‘ ee 
me : 
Auge Ladyard Sith, Fan, 
bate at weg een tes ML eon get 7 eyeuet Sage . 
Appieton, is. . 
sak ree BES EOP hgh Te Fie ea ee 
‘ . 
Aiie tags. 3 ae da ' a Boe e, 
“ae ig 2 . Bw . 
aya? ) : : cae , 
é vo aan BS hy ‘ : F ae s ae * 
g : ‘ . 
Ne aes: be 
‘ os 1 ee 

’ \ 
i May 17, 1880. 
= I G. *, .Nrner, ‘Reqs, Baainesn Monager, 
4 New York Worla, 
| New York Oity, 

o ‘ a 

Dear Siria: 

Your letter of Ath instant to Hr, Pad on has remained 
unanswered owing to my absense from Orange. ‘ 
Mr. Fajeon has given instructions for a doll to te pnt in 

shape, which will tw sent you ag soon an ready, and he will yw 

wery glad 4f you will forward it to Hr, Pulitzer with his complin | 

ments e 

Yours very truly! / yo 

og 7 : : May 17, lags, — 

: i Mr, é Vins R Hivble, 

| eee Fort Myers, Fla, 

Dear Sirt. 

I have received your Lotter of 6th instant, and ene 

close herowith my check for $200, ag requeated. You ean send on 

a list of rs terrin) required for painting the house und. the aolora 

will we selectet here as you mungest. Please make a separate 

bila for ry preminea. 

Yours truly, 

‘May 17, 1889. 

John J, Matterfiold, Itaqs, Manager, 

Mighigan Phonograph Conpany, 

Natroit, Mich. 

Dear Sirt« 

I have received your letter of isth inst., in regerd 

to a ¢ omunication whieh you hnvé reoeived from the North Ane 

Phonograph Oo, in‘which you state that thay olaim that the hattery 

is not A port of a Sorgnte motor phonograph. This is a quention 

upon whdoh T aan axpreua no opinion, for the reason that I have 

noti ing what over to da with tho wisiness methods. of the North Ame 

Phonegreph Goss r may Bay for, your information that I hav. awen 

a great deal. of atvantion. to this. mpateeny potion, - sam an getting | 

ous a cel? which will Inst for a month or go, and.whioh wh21 be 

perfestly satYafactory in every respeat, In this vieinity’ anere:, 

are a number of private telograph conserng which make a wed neas Ve 

of supplying hattery power ani koeping it in order, If my of 

the. Phonograph ponpenies should find it desirable to adopt this 

‘POltoy, they will. te ahle to put 4t into effect very readily, and 
sould éharge ao much: per 200 phonograph hours, the battery being 

4ts am moter. I nover intonted that tho first tattery tarnished 
with the phonogr@h machiries should adopted permemently, ae it 
is simply a Grenet cell, and has all tht defots of ordinary mat~ 

teries, : . . 3 

Yours very truly, 


me yd 

pean ere abn ak ae ll 

ae eta ae cterearten’ 

of oh 

Pp atk 
td iw “May 17, 1a80, 
In af ui 

jary Department, Century Company, 

#58 Rage 17th St., New York city, 

Denr Sirst- 

ae | Mr Rat son .has reeaived your ‘Lotter of ath ins tant 
4 md aeys in reply that the wra GRAPHOPHONE wan coined by some 

persons and applied to a phonograph of a different: mechanical eon- 

iia strtietion than his. They obtained the name hy revéraing tho word 


Yours truly, °~ 


ade) ~Seoratary, 

ee ncn nines cunesnieenn 

May 16, 1889, 

Co %. Owston, Vege, Manager, . 

: Stdndarg 941 Conpuny, 

Clevalani, Onto, 

Dear Sirte 

"With refermee to your Letter of 11th instant, ‘rr, 

at says that, the motor which, in need in connection with the 

phonograph is mun hy a. new rathery: of his thrap months, Zour hours 

i cnily, The oattery in diastion gmorates About 1/49 horse powor, 

tad Nr. Fadeon in of the opiriton that a motor of the sar type, 

With twolvo colle, wmild give you all the air you require. 

Yours truly, | 

Privute Socratary, 

gh ? BS f q 
Pao  alhag ey” gy 
Nel BAN Lhe netee, J 

* aba ag =e Selina ig os x F y r ge 

Pi Adsen ss pon-he du bjt of your 
regpeveal Gt, pte Egat Of OO 
Be suedh Arse ag Ae tera wat Carve 
pawn a pla dae ede Kicee 5 mais Ae Gow 
oes Aad kK Sf tans aeeavion ah ane 

v | ie. $F te Coat «. wea & fuer 

bitte we ie pce f MLA Cee i 

ines. e 

ee ze he WS coce fate ened 
x astern em Liek we 
fe etrat, hin REM. ¥ ania Mot | 
hy Setters Bar of Aug vedo 
Ag Aes hence oe eh: Gate | 

ike Jeefe, Kno Kesentine, 

ana he alee dante  entey 

Mander dervwk atte he. 
bec iaborreinagrsel Spe scart Pan 

a. GPRS ETA Os Mouth 

~he Cad Ce fore... Anew. cote - hee 
is Mean’ ae ia ae oe or 

tat*,, ppt a i KPO a fhe 
© Mytecnets whe Base aegrs 
— AAa dente 8. balay ° oe taht 

- “At Ahaha a MARA . fe f e here RANA. hand 

‘Lh 46 theut Ope feriivy at be 

ane - tae ana f aeda dient oe Laching | i 

ke «fl. Ah ff tee FIX #1 1 Massy of 
Mae eee ear sta he. Adee. 

re re on epee ee rere. 
Oe emt TEE 4 

Jafar aecky 29 haa oi 
rt t Adaeeey SEEPS aa liigen 
5 fee «hd hethtenhas a peninants 
13 hone sAygnbia ty frvrctley — 
a at svuneatetan: — bouttter Me rneet’ 

Anade of fer Me ¢ herr fet a 

a en ‘™* 
Kirra AAA A nite Koo, | 

| ate. Jaan. & feewe 

aes herncle Par the. oe fat 
ANA Mek fy oS eet _ 
Fane thas o, 

At fn & Ram. Lee 
“be on, se 


Wetor May 18, 188b, 

‘Naw York. 

Send man to tune piano this afternoon sare, 

‘ Fdiaon’s Lahoratory . 

' Yr. bt, aw 2 | 8 Fray seh a ie 
20 Maanas Ha | 
Waa dow. | Jaw Gerke 

hacket Wegman theck, fo ¥ 196 244, 4%, ivene -thue obdinete, 

are elas auld, Ong Lone F urhch, Peet ae frotlnuns. 4 
Edrand Aen ograph hrokw Irn a7. 39na Soue, due Cug 23. ang 

Meoae th ome tine af thes! mite oi opus F er 
4 gow Fale oy Aw th dase Porque 7 Te et 

ely AY wile pacity 

20. onag, 


May 2, aa. 

Meanyr, Horta Brothels, 
BOA Rrosiway, Nay York, 

Paap Sirs: ~ 

* ° 

tn yefareme to your lofter of 11%h inet., I neg 
td Anforit you that Mrs, Fdieon does riot desire to tae ony tire 
ther sotioy at prenem in regard to pgaittonal flonry At her 
housé. Shé ta very mich obliged to you ant desives me $0 thank 
you for tho information which you have given hor, ard I wid be 
Qbliged if you will adviee me what disposition you. desire rate of 

the semples mimmittyd. 

Yours tivity, 

My Rear Major Ratort~ 

» Here ia & Letter from the Faitor df 
*Amerigan Notes ana iets,” asking Mr. Fdisan tw siggent a 
naw wora Which would express the act pf exnquting by Olentrinity. 
Mr. Faison has fade gevpral angamations, sugh ag oampeenmno r® (which 
ming esta death by th passage of anges of ourrent theatgh the 
body), ane dynamort (sugaé@ative of ayneetia death), and other words 
eh 88 Qlheatronort (aeuth ‘by nlegtrieityl. ‘the trouble is ther 
norm of 19 here renenep enough latin $a inepire am fi dence in the 

otymoto ty Of thede poined wants. Mrs Faison would lipo you ta ree 

vise thane 

Yours very traly , a3 

Bt} ao 8 3, Satan ; 
2 iat Wrontmhy, New York, 

Prot. Mm. D. Markh, 
‘Béieon Flaatric Light Coo, 
\ Prifadetphia, Pa. 

My Sear Birt 

I taxq phoasure in sending you under soparate 

sbver ono of my photographs, as & porsmal gift, Yow have, of 

gourne, interpreted my letter of 17th instunt as meening that <. 

e of my portrait an your advertiaing paarhy 

decline to permit the us 

Yours very truly, 


May 20, 14sb, 

Wy ue Hamner, Fay., 

\ ts 
otd Parig » Franca, 
: Dear Sirs. . . : EE 
a whe to gonfirm tha lowing cablepram gs Ye gakved 
irom yen and bent sy mete . “a 
tw ; / : 4 i) : , Sky 
ne roxio, Ne Xe Por 18, Lav, y = 
4 ™o you agrae bo at'Penpoment With Franc ‘ ( | 
‘ Company or Yo you préfei 44 panadar inde. : f | 
vis . Pendent? Sea Letter Apriy Btn tb Upton, é 
: FIAMAER, © / 
REWARK, PaRIs, a May £8, Jaro, . 
faeb "Sant vas anhls sixteenth, Dig yor -. 
; det ite énth to, wTHngement all W q 
soot ight, wt ivi dhen wig Phiénogrepha, me | aes 
they paying exerts. Pat sor. # ; RE 
‘ ‘ + Se i ieee 
PPISON, MY, May 90, 289. i 
"Gable rea civea, serie ompany O dort en! 
tke only ona, ¥renoh Telcp hone an i 
- adong to show in fal tn ne> ' 
ran Tower. Oan ‘ho adie ince H 
meta. fF pe ae a b i 
HEMARK, PARTS, May 2, 16%, | hp oe 
WALL ee #8 to French Tel "hat to. td e 
dition." . te: 
Yourg asus: . 

Balen Lamp °,, 
Harpiaon, B. 1, 

Dear Airs: - 

Will you kindly. semi mm blue prints of the brick 

York of the oarbohizing furmoes tha you use at Fast Newark, 

aia woh oblige 

‘Yours ‘ary, 

Letterbook, LB-030 

This letterbook covers the period May-June 1889. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters relate 
to the manufacture of the phonograph and talking doll and to the formation 
of phonograph sales agencies in the United States and abroad. Included are 
instructions for operating the phonograph and its battery and a draft 
agreement between Edison and the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing 
Co. There are also letters pertaining to Edison’s personal and financial 
affairs, including the purchase of property for his companies and the 
maintenance of his home and grounds at Fort Myers, Florida. Other 
documents deal with Edison’s phonoplex system and his exhibit at the Paris 
Exposition, The book contains 500 numbered pages and an index. 
Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed. 


Sean esta § 
° . 

i Nay ak, B80. 




Ol. George M. Gouraud, - , 
VIL Menlo, Upper Norwood, Surrey, 


fear Bays. . 

I beg to oonfiry the folloning cablegrama ree pived 
from you and sent py ma. ’ 

gOURAUN, NoRWOnp. May 10, 2682. 
“Can I now eynihit in Franoe inventions 
gavered) by Gpae Ninety without sndange- .. 
ring phiantea. Bdisoy.” ; 

EDISON, N.Y, * May 20, 1es9. 

"Corbuiniy not, nor tinder six weekn withottt ris- 
, king Auttraiia. Yon mist send ola Peatecles 
| 4 i? nathines to be Neel mohnwhite.*® § 

RNISON, t= He Los May 14, Las, 
; "Mugt daqiing orddring until ace mechiine 
Pronpsgi. Yast radalved prowess wnentie- 
| factory. Drefer whiting automatic to 

| ; injuring afhenwise splindig. hualneas. * 

‘Yours + mbes 

. oes ETS 
Sect pate GEE DEST eee eo 

Jaane iH. Litpindote, Naqe, 

180 roadway, Now York, 

My Dear Sing « 

I understand that you ate 6oming ott to the 
Lahoratory ta see Mr. Fad son. 

Thia note is to ndvish you that 
he left tpenight far Pitt sturgh, lie ray be back on Thursaay, 
bat Ioan not quite sure, 

Pefore you cane out you tad Letter 
telephom 70 

tre Laboratary and ascertain if he is here, 

Yours tmly, 


Ae D, Tati, 

Mr, Wi, ny Hammer, 

Paria, Pranoe, 

Dear Sirte 

I hog to aonfim the following eahlegram received 
from yo. 29¢h ins tantt~ 

* rand reamtion dine third, architects, engineers, 

Phonograph feature, send eylinders with Fdiwon's 

voilea, Hammer, * 

Yours truly, 

Mary 21, 1889. 

John If. Savin, Faqe, 
324 Pine Syreet, 

San Frangiaen, Sale 

Near BiPt+ 
1 wag to confirm the Mliowing telegram gornt you 

_ towduyt- : 

"do light on trendles. We have new battery, four 

sizes, Inst qne, two, three pnd wis months. Also 

motors wound for elestiic J4ght ciroults. You oan 

rin out a telephone wire and put sixty phonographs 

on one airatit, supplying oirrent from sel} dynamo 

an gas engine, oll made independent by resi stannta. 
. Raiso ne® 

Yours truly, 

- wine Vf 
CM he Avabiiy / . 

ee Lm ee ng. OT 
Lk Pub Gt Aafhe Lhe ff Wt 
On by be ees 
Ah ewe Crar ks Yeo Khe 
Vien ae ka eS 

Fae oo pe- Lies 

b4¢é Lu a BA Soe ect LAA. Ua 
Clana ky (2 See) \ Sae K Ay GS BOOED © igs. ae he 

LE 4 


/ “it AA ae: 

May 22, LBBO, 
Profe “ms De Marka, 
999 Sanaom Street, 

Philatolphia, Pa. 

My Dear Sirie 

L have overlooked ‘your lotter of the aBth Apri, 
in ragard to your resigning from tho Kleatecie Slube 1 hardly. 
think it would bo worth while for you to do this. “oe have dis 
onased the matter mony ourselyen, and hava doaided 4b wonld be. 
petter to retain our membership. Perhaps some aay, if wo make 

an effort, wa can alter the state of affnirs now ext Ming thera, 

Yours vary truly, 

Rai on Lar ao. ; 

Varri son, Na ds 

Near Sirai~ 

in favor of the German Nat'l. Sank, 

with yow lotter of 20th instant. 

endorsed by Mr. Bai son as deaired. 

I raturn herewith ‘three notes for 92,5 

and $1,560.40, renpectivély, the two fo 

the Consolidated Fruit Jar Go., the sama 

May 22, 1880. — 

60, $5,000, 

rmer neing renewal notes 

and tho latter in favor of 

having boen enclosed 

Thane have heen signed and 

Yours tears, 

Private Seoratarye 

© le a CL pe 

to. fh 0 fA9, Co Ky bints, ale b. 
4 A. AA / me 4A fh LEC; Wi the he 

Pee tint a Vane bar MK paed O- ye 

FP <a ne é ow. ae O44 But Mt AA rele. 
7 no uff Vise TL AEA Ge. GAA AA LAA OAA ey 


A a Ph" vs ; A AK.. t-- (0. LI AA Ce ; ys Lng 4. Th. Ling: 
Le. be NR . fA OO. te L. ao? Ae : ore [en Pay et aye a 

Aas J Ctpet rar te: yp Alt. 
C1 AL 

Zt 44 [At Heh A, aA Ml 

we | Ay ee : Le im 
c . 
a ha Addy ty a bes - fh a oe 

Bee, (AAA Aw fRasag is a Fe 

On acl tie bet, I too, 
AS BAAD I @ bea ae AL GE ft egg: Dg 
Confit try te br tle 1S OMA. OM LL 
tr ao ee fl Vie lan Kates DAA th. AAA CAA Za 
ee Of Yop tat Lh al SY tan bbe An he 
af Lae Of AN Af UA. has ued 
SURAT ff EM ajfthe Ye ag 3 GA 
dn kiran tar ty Cy vs 0. arg £ hath Lf 
fan, . ‘ft jon. | Lyall A BLA Loe 
La gt bee (AA Me Vis ee Borarg ha 

ifL 0 6o ll Jon Voi 

og So saptrtam a Seo Ase ae Ln 

Me ee a 

May 2%, 1880, 
Fawin iM. Fox, Page, 

Tinos Midldd ry , 

New York 

Dear Siri~ 

I beg to confit tho Ln LlLows ny, 
¥OU toHdayie 

Sal agran roe'd. from 

"Ie Mr. Faigon in Orange? Want to see him. 
“Impo etint. Anawer, FM, %ox,* 

To which IL replied as follows?+ 

Sl in awny, Rxpeet him waak to-morrow, A, o, T° 

Yours trad Ys 

felwute Seavatayy, 

Tho Fdiwn Maghine “orks, 

Behoneatady, Me Yo 

: Dear Sirsa: - 
On May 11th we ant you saverni sumples of fire 

proof inmlued wire, rinee wider tina wa have head nothing from 

you Fegardin; sans, WALL you kindly let us snow if yen. examined 

no, what yo t tink of Une? 

these uampioy, ard if 

Yours trolly, 



of the fonwur ‘s yoply to saneieo 

Te Ae Edi aon 

Bare Re 

May 23, 1689. 

Shas, Natchelor, Faq., 

Raison Phonogriph “or ka, 

Grange, Ne T, 

Doar Sirnie 

X send you for you information ¢opy of A. talLegran 

oty. I, Sabin, Ban Pranciaco, Cal., hy Mire Raiaon, and aopy 

| May Qt, 1889. 

Mo light on trandlda, “e have new isttery, four sizes, 
Lant ono, two, thrbe and six months. Also motors wolshd 
for alerotriie light aironites. You can rin out a telyphone 
tire atid pi sixty phonographs on one airoult, sipplying 
guy rent ftom amal] dynamo and gus tngine, all made inde- 
péerfiont Ww Fegistances, Radiaadn Me 

: May ay LHAe. 
Replying to telegram May alst, «0 have orders 
for treatin phonoghephs. Please send what you 
can AR BO0GN 4&8 pessinle, ay, eo SABIN.” : 

Yours tumly, 

arlvate neabayarys 

wegen METER eee 

Ino, Ll. Sanin, Maa, 

4am Fan 

Near Sirte 

BA Ra se et 


Sno Frangiaes, Gal. 

OTN rrmeeneseerat cme g is oe) 
ot Bie 

May 24, 1889, 

Ione to aonfiry reseipt af tha follering talegran 

rea'de froMyou 224 Anstantt- 

"Revytng to telagran May 2lat, wa have orders. 

for Yeadlo phonogrephs. Please send rhat you 

G41 B100n an porsible, JNO, I, SASIN,* 

Yours tral Y; 

eee ae 

en ene 

Fra aye ee 

Preane nee wa ja re 

DO raw deni: hae} se 

‘ J beg ke err ck vate 
Jor dal jam me aaa recite tran 

fon J ¢ 196 £70, “3. | ve an ae era 
a amd me , ep , 
Juuowe ‘A © Ge enclane de wondd enh Le a again 
rey A u | 
cl Mae & abhge 

pena ; é | 
Merve Q. bdisen 


Oye actay 

Ney #4, 18809, 
Rad gon Lary Noe, 

Harrion, N. a, 

Dear Str? « 

Reforring. further to your mamonrandim of 6th instant, | 

relative to’ material for Mr, Hammer, and partioularly to Diract 

Current Tran sforrer, and Multopalar Dynamo {new), wantionea thorein, 

I weg to advise you that Hr, 

Raig@n hag decided not to send these 

to Purine. 

Yonrg vary tunby, 

stwate Secretary, 

Major S. % Faton, 

120 Yoadway, New Yorks 

Year Sirte- 

L encloso herewith uo memorandum of the varioug matters 

about which I have written you @ring the past few months, ant 

which ym ware to take up as soon as yo aould find time. 
i send yu this memorandim to facilitnte referenve to the 

various aihjeots whan yo have an opportunity to take thom up. 

Yours very truly, 

Private Sacret aF¥e 



February 41, 1HHD, Regarding the agpignment of 38% of the 
Phonograph Worka stook tamed to Mr, 
Rdieon under agraanent with Phono, Work a, 
@nted May 12th, 1888, 
Maroh 9, 1889. Contrast to w drawn covering Hr, Paison's 
armngenont with Fraser & 0., relativa to 
aale of tha phonograph in China end Japan, 


March 28, 1880, To look into the way stock of Phonograph 
Yorks has been tamed, regarding the: stam- 
ping of certificates So. Ad, 

4 es % ) . 7 ss 
CAA i 6 1 ( v A eae C1. €ce AALE: few fort.c 

fo C» vet AC J, CAR AACM 4 et Cf CA 

tor wee Hees A} CALA 0) Aad 
of fre tht RAG C 
“a: é tte) QA AA iS 


tere AA 4 ‘q (6 (og foe 

feet thee c{( festive Covet 70 
cpa. fg tA iL ALALAA ag 

Capen Pees LEA A fy, 
1.96 sf ee ty YA 

(he {AA @ pear foe 4 Wine 
of Bs f a 

Wf Rata t 

Ct Ase €L> (uaa + tt aA 
Cay AAA AA te if Bla LAL CAL God Me. fla 
vipa Gwe th fe, je iE fh Ad: yt oe Re 
faa. O acl PAnAC 
ie / 

ards ida AD tA fo beget g £4 { 



4. (tree bean fareey 

f c 
(Apa PAP 
on att. {4 a B- GC, 

ef wht AAAs MED 

pe tA. 

fe ie LUM: aed is tA. (hno 
sak Pomtrner i pet pel 
“rh Ch Bs 





1 ff Ae A E447 oo, 

Ete ta ef ies. fre £L fe The Ea go tent 
v t i ay cn AULA fig - ae brah 

) if ae of F ee Le ed ach 
are t 4 cs hee Oe ; as 



ae Y fi 1.4 44 id AWAU AAs CAL AL! 
% ed tl oA Bo SA Add Eke 

ane seas 

of ya oa 

PAgic f9 


#6 ffe 5 

ea f " S ' 
Vf wa fof Me 4 4 fa Aa Y 


[ALA Fd f- A aKa 

Raja Lan et 

“y MA A DAS, 

rs ¢ 

bf. PA 
(PA tad A Ad WAAL 

a fon GF fuk? a 
as {AM Arai t-d Al Reel 

AAA oe fad - ae T- LA ft" 
a Gounbids, , 


My Dear Hr, Prazar,- 

and oneloso herawith capy of my reply to ir. Nanforth's Zettor, 
With ralation to mipplying you with cont of phonographs, 
battery, treadie and nianneanns L regrot that We aamot iva you. 
this information in tim for tho rail Leaving on Vonda ye 1. think, 
however, that wa wi 2D ha ah lo to advise you of thone prices wme 
tine during the coming waor. | 
In rord ta tho ferman Corpany, I an aorresponding now Upon 

thie auhfoot, and doing ald that ean bo done at prosent to have 

" it adjust ad. 

Everett Frazar, Faq., 

- New York. 

Loam in rooeips of your Letter of 23 inst., 

Yours very truly, . 

Hay 2, 2889, 

Prtyate Seor etary. 

As We Danforth, Faqs, Chief Fnyineor, 
Shanghai Cotton Cloth Mil) Company, 
Shanghai, China 
My Denr Sir: 

I mm mich pleased to reoéive your letter of 16th 
ultima, in regard to a contract which you havo fiat cloned with 
my representatives in China ‘and Japan, Messra. Feazor & Co., for 
an Fdinon incandescent etsotrie Light plant, to be used in your 
mill. Moses. Prager & Oo. are fully. supplied not only with 
figures as to the coat of in tal lations, mt with photographs, 
.arewings and all other details pertaining to mich work, and they 
will w very glad to Mirnish yow*sgel? and all others interested 
in the abject of electric lighting with complete information and 


Yours very truly, 
: A 


_eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee CC CCC eS 

May 27, 89. 

Measra. Dyor & Seely, 
Now York, 

Dear Sirsie- 

I beg to ro fer to you the enslosead lottar of 14th 

inntart from Mr. Philip 8. Dyer, relutive to Lalande hattery, 

“hat steps are you taking in regard to thin matter? 

Yours tr nly, 

Private Snqratary 

May 27, 896 

Mr, Williom Lawre me Meeker, 
Tho Mitnal Life inae Go, of Ne Yig 
Tewark, Me Je 

Dew Sirte 
your letter of 21st instant, Nr. Faison 

Raplying te 
pestion of life insurandde 

in not yet prepured to oonsiner the 

Yours very try, 

Private Senretarys 

May 28, 1889. 

Samael Insull, Maye, 

LO Nev Straet, ‘law York. 

Dear Sirs- 
I enclose herewith Civea notes of the Kalison Phono- 

graph “orks, as to llowat- 

Muy 2, 1689 $4,900 Pas: Auguat 3, 1889. 
May 4, 1889 5,900 Mua August 7, 18k0. 
May 6, LH89 8,000 Ima Auguat 9, 1889. 
May 9, 2889 6,000 Tran Angant 12, 1889. 
Nay 2H, 1889 6,000 Dun August $1, 1889. 

Yourgs very truly.” 7 

Mat ie A - f 1A AOL an gern a : oe a s 

ak f nak pl ¢d ee AM de : a 4 
Wot oe 

CAM AN wk a “s 

on 26 


bs aneris 


‘ila ref. 






cS, and toe ay ind | 





1 2, 



boo rats 







d v3 







o¢iicn man 

he am se 



Ae i ig 

Tay 8, 

Myre Peivip Se Pyar, 
Rua ‘oy 430 Antwerp, 

ot See a) ry 

My Dane Siri - 

, aa Ar loRing rarewith a letter addraased to 

Mro Ae Ty Dali, care of yaursalf, This is a wary irpor Han% game 

mntortion, md To akall i very muah ayligad If you wilt see that 

it in placed in Mro Dian’ a hanne ab tne anriioat yorntsla woman. 

The Inet tinn Il addvesnes Mr. Oa, be wae at tre Hotel Castige~ 

Ldone, Paris, tut prosiming that he is moving (rom plac® to place, 

L have thuet:t it vest ta sand tea Latter above referral to care 

of yourself, 

Yours vary tdey> 

peng etrey 

May 27, 1880. 
Ae 4, Diak, Fane, 

c/o Mre Philip S. Pyar, | 

44 “na Say, Antwerp, 36) glum, 

My Dear Sirte 

As yet I an unnhla to inntiuet vou definitely in 
eee to Toy Phonograph. nistnass, hut oxpect to cable you my 
wishes soone Ieanm. tla you ean do nothing but ansurmlate sta- 
tistios and general information, whieh it is muite important. I 

should bo in pospession af an that J aan form my plans intelli-g 

gently. I wiah you wotild be kind enough to write mo dmmediately, 

outlining the wholes cannera ial all aystem an you have found it 
to axiat, hoth as to France and the doll trada of any othe? coune 
tries With whieh you hav made yourself faniliw, quoting prheos 
an far as you are abln, and using aare to omit no details of which 
you have knowledge. Perhaps the hest way would be for yor to 
wanume. that I bei mtirely isnorant of the whole husineas, and 
write ma in conformity with: that ansumption. . What I wish to 

avoia is the omisaion of any datall. whieh might seem unimportant 

to you were you writinn me under ordinary o irounstaness, us i 

5 orenee 
may have some affect upon my plans which you could not f , 

4. BN 

My machinery, which has an imnedd ata aqmacity of two thousand 
moverants per day, will te doliverdda in whut three waeks. this 
output am om inoreasad to three thousand daily as soon aa tho 
Grune iene heacare expert, You will, therefore, ane that I havo 
this‘end af the msinesy well in hand, 1 tant now to met a good 

grasp of the commeroial ond, and this 9 fully quipped alk around 

for quick astion. So pleasa lowe ro tina in comlying with my 


Yous very truly» 

“Hass ih F dscns 


ay geen 

May 28, 1889, 

Rdiaen anp Ooe, 

Marrinon, Ne Je 

Dear Sirai« 
I return herewith yo note No. 208, for $2,590, 

under date May 27th, payable in 5 ronthe arf ate Ot, 30th, which 
has been signed hy Mr, Fdison aa President of the Teanp On,, alan 
ermorsed by him, and which 4a to take tho plage of your note No, 
205, dated Aunday, May 24th. 

Mr, Fdlson saya tint in view of tha. ragomt nd jus tment ot 
’ bight Gompony affairs, thia ought to bs tht 2nat of your notes 
to recoivo his personal enforsemente 

Yours truly, 

oes fo =. 
cae a 



Privaté Baqretaity. 

May 28, 1889, 

My Dear Mre Gonnery,~ 

Iam very glad t learn fron your Letter 
of 10th inatent that you are raady to leave for Haxied. < amr 
prepared to give you the machines which you require for your 
initial work any time that you my «all for ther 

I enclose herewith a formal letter oddressed to yo solf, 

which covers the point referred t in yours unter reply, regare 
ding the commncenént of the three months preserinéd in the joint 
letter addressed to you by Aol. Gouraud and myself, witeli was not 
dated, mt which I refer to ay under ante November 7th, 1888, of 

it was on that day my signature was attached to tho same. 

Yours very truly, 

Ze ae 2 ary < 
gt Garces 

Thowas Be Gormery, Fsqes 
. ofa Mopars. Fox & Prenle, | 
147 Nassau St., New York 

May 28, 1889. 

Thomas 8 Connery, Faq., 
ofo Nessra., ¥Yox & Preble, 

#147 Nassau St., New York, 

Dear Sir ie 

Referring to: the joint letter addraared to you 
by Colonel Gourmd and myself, and which was skgned by mo on the 
7th day of November, 1888, ung which states that ‘You are within 
‘a period of three calendar months to obtain from the fovernment 
of Mexico an exclusive License or congapsion . . » » + + to wipply 
that Government « + 6 « « « ‘yith phonographs, manufactured in ace 
cardangé with the present or my fugure invention or improvement 

of Mre Te. Ae Radaon,* and whieh alao provides that "Within thred 

calendar months after obtaining gich license or sonaéeainn you are 
to form or establiah in Ynglemr¢ or the United States of America or 
the Republic of Mexico 9 Oompanty &c.," end in answer @ your letter 
ynder dato 10th instant, askini f me to mame a date fran wWhioh the 

thre months ghove referred to shall comidngo to Ym, T ws 

advise you that I mm at the present momont prepured to deliver to 
you the machines which you require to emble you to start for 
Mexico, and, therefore, the term of three months above montioned 

shall bagin from the date of this Letter, 

Yours very et 

‘ : : ee 
ee 4 ON Foe 

Mey 28, 89. 

Faison Machine “Yorke, 
Schonectaty, Me Ye 

Dear Sirsie 

I weg to confirm tht following telegram sent you 

to-day t~ 
“Than may we axpnet report on inst sampler inmlation 
sAnt you? T. Ae KR. 

Yours \ruly, 

ee s 

ra Coy 
ce y ort? Mae a i é ote PrP ie 



Jo H, Yail, Faqs, 
Faison Fleatric Light Co,, 

New York e 

Dear Sirs 

Replying to your Letter of 20th instant, My. Fdiaon 
has been absent so mich ‘Untely that I have heen unable inti toe 
da¥ to submit your latter és him. If the members of tho Prasby- 
terien General Assembly, New York Gity, ean come to the Tahoe ra 
tory on Friday of thin week, it will ve aonvenio rk for us to ree 

ceive them on that day. 

é. Yours very truly, 

Cf, a aaa 
Lf rae i r 
aie Mp eo? 

. ir 

Private fiscretary. 

May aa, 1aso, 

Wet. inrnor, eye, 
Parise, Pranaos 

Dear Sirt- : 
1 heg to oonfinn the following enblegrama sent hy mé and 

reooivad from yout} 
NEWARK, PARIS, ; May 29, 1889. , 
"Mont ef your phono. material shipped 

18th, balance gods Satwreday next. 
amt you nmisien). records by Captain 

ateamer "ha Ohieapdgrie” nailed 28th. 
Faison. ® 
“ . Parta, May 29, 1889, 

"Tell Btoholor 12 phonograph 1 prought 

nad nm apé@etacle; rush phonographe: 
Harner. ® 

T. Ae PENISON, rs Paria, May a, 1880. 
“fond raguldor ant animater for of dynamo 

200 toast nookets and 590 asnorted volorad lem 
Hanmer. ° 

Yours vory truly, 

Nay ma, 89. 

The Fdioon United M't'y, ao., 

68 Fizgth Avanua, New York, 

Dear Sira,- 

I wg t aonfinn the follening telogran gent you 
to-dayie . 

*"Mre Arka very meh amoyad lamps are not yet in 

order. Please sand man out immediately to con- 

neat wp tuben with sriter: board. Ohase Nataheloy, * 
Yours very truly, 

Chan, Bathtoh@lor. 

, Ne 


Fran¢ias R. Upton, Msq., 
* Fdieon Lamp Conpany, 

Rarri Ban, RK. 7, 

Daar Sirt~- 
Tha following ia copy of a sahlegram which we 

received to-dny from Parigs- 

To , ie : 
Thomas A. Fadl eon Prom Patin, “ins I. ¥., May 20, 89.— 

Send rigulator and Hirecer for 56 dynam 
200 test aocketa No. 23% and $0 ansorted 
colored lama. Hammar. 


Mire Fditon waives yo to give the abave your imnmld ate 


ae ee 
Gn wle 

amen td 

May 28, 89. 

org, Nd t son ye 

Mr. HIESl@ has sent tho attaghed skeet ah, 

*O bave you Rmelegt the nolovs Sor vor Plorida house, With hun 

to '@ repatntad. IF you will indicate the eOlons that von wouia 

lie to hove ead, J wild wrette itr, Hibhle ancordtngly. 

May 2A, 1889. 

Fawin We Fox, Faye, 

Nan York ; 

Dear Sirse 

X beg to confirm tha following talagrams regéived 

from you and sant by m tia-dayte 

Te. Ae Rdiaone - Hay an, 188 

*Didl you ‘re ceive latter about phonograph 
attnohment. mailed Friday? Anawer., FR. My P,* 

Kdwin Ny Fox. | oe Hay 29, 1889. 

"Your Lettar to Mr. Fdinon re onived. Am 
writing toenight. A. % 7.” 


Private Secretary. 

May 20, 1889, 

My Deay Myre Fox,+ 

Mr, Rdieon has rogodved your Latter of Ath 
ing tant, and aaka ma to sny in reply that he will tw veiy aglad 
to sen you at the Laboratory any day this woek and to havo pear 

bring yoiw mpring attachment for the phonograph. 

Yours ey 

awe Snereter ys - 
ae ie iy, ’ fi Uditwsys ope 

a f ~~ de 

Fdwin M,. You, Bans, 


147 Nagnan 5t., Naw Yorks 

Nr, Me R, St owar 1 

735 Ne Meridian Street, 

Ite ianapolia, Ind. 

Donr Nadama iw 

ti. Faison aske me to acknawlodge req sipt 
of your kind lotser of 14th dnatant, ani to aay in reply, he be- 
Lieven thas in ting elmotirigity will take the place of stem ene 

tirely an a rotive powaor, 

Yours very trnly, 


Nay 29, 1880. 

My Denar Inmill,- 
Raplyring to yaur perenal lettar to Nr. Faison 
of 27th inst., with whinh you melosed copy af correspondence from 
Mr. P, 8. Dyer, with rejlution to Slewens cable, Mr. Kdleon says 
that wo ought to heey ¢ ho report of Mreator Pe Uppencorn, as ‘it 
practically confirms ite. Faieon's opinion of the Aleoine -eonik, 
namly, chat at ts 00-4 elentriontly, tat defestive modhatlerd2 y. 
I havo filed the copies of this corteapondence iio yon mert in 

thin office. 

Yours vary truily, Po 

Private Seoretary. 

Samed Inmiv2, Pee, 
4p oy fit., Naw York, 

Mey 329, 16eo, 

Hr, OlLvar Fllaworth, 
728 Geary Street, 

. San Frangineo, Gale 

Dauner Sirt. 

Replying to your letter of hth inwt., X wg to aay 

that Mr, Pdiaon his made a few Amndawntal experiments in aon 
nection with alr locorotion, nit has not had ‘3m Ne 

“woh attention to. the HUHje ote 

: }? P : 
Youre tralyy 4, x eer 


if aie ip 
vee ad 


Priv au ‘fear atarye 

May 80, 1889, 
Nicholas NM, Rall, Raq, 

Sup "te Fored gn Matin, Pr, 0, Dep ‘te, 

Varhington, D, 0, 

Denr Sir te ; © 

I beg to advise you that on the 24th instant 
1 shipped to the Posy Offiae Department, Yaa}.ington, the llo~ 

wiry Phonoplex Telegraphic apparatun, for tranenianton to the 
German Postal Authorities! 

8 Phones. 

' 2 Magnetic Oolls 
2 Tranamitters 
2 Rneostata 
a Kaya. 

Diagreme were also included, showing how to connect Up the inutrue 
nent le 

1 will ship you in a few days, 4 Condensers and 10 cells of 
battery, which, with the above apparatus, wilh constitute & some. 

“plete equipment for two Phonoplex terminal stations. — 

Yours veiry oe 4 ( | 

Messrs, Jas. Ye Quean & Qo., 

 Philadelphiis, Pa. 

Dear Sirat~ 

In your lntter to un under date 20th instent, wherain: 
you re fer to our having returmd your draft for $568,54, ‘you state 
th at the rotirn of this draf't was the first notification you have. 
had that your bills were not, “batinfagtory to us. -Thia is mi overe 

sight on the part of som o:f your anployaes, on wa have vn letter 

from you under date 28th inrtant, wherein you dinousn the defects 
of the woodwork of the inatrumenta covered by Shdae Dilla the 
defecta.are not the reatlt of packing, tt are cmeed by gtetn 
wood having ean uned in the renifacture of the instruments, ‘They 
have warped and cracked, anit we certainly should not te expected 
to pay for the repaire which will  n@ocessary to put these instru 

ments in proper condition. You ask ua to state wint we onnaider ; 

“would be a fair allowance, ‘Te have nate an aatinate of the cost 
of vepairs and haw fount that five per cent from amount of. 

your bilo will cover it. BE At é vet L f 

Yours vert ae 


| T. B Poolsteds, Reg ., 

Ro a to Manis: 

My Rear Sirt- Aah g , f 
T apald se herewith’ a letter: wide te give your 
non tne privileges ‘of thin Litwrathiy,$ wim te wanes to Orang? te 

nee Mr, Pataone t an obliged to send this © you, ae you give 

Se Se pene So ee tte en ee 5 

no aidrons in your Latter, ana no ans here 40 fentiiar th te 

Looation of Racklani College. 

Yours very truly, 

| Hay SL, 28D. 

Thia wittl aantt tr Beopatetds 

to the FKataen bahoratory, to ne 

presented tor ri Mia ge aT Oe 

eo w 

Ay B Chandler, Haq, , President, 

io " Poatal TalegrapheCnnle-Co., ° 

1 Rroatway, New fork. 

268 ‘ ’ f an ‘ 
Dear Sirts.-  - CUO, AE ye Ge ie eer va S645 
40 site bee the: feiigiics: ‘Sha’ AO Maw ing bi al dent eo wate 
Sacdayne Oe ee EE ne af 
: ; st “ee ere oa oe 

"M122 be pind to Baer ym at the ieetstary 

os toomormiw (Saturany } any tine. Srehiak 

to.yourselt, TA, FAiaon, * 

Yours truly, 

ee i 
° U mie 

Hay a, 1889. 

we a Rare, 

Sol, “Georye Ke vouraae 

haeedo Hen "np ar Norwnnd, sited: 
Pralants { 

Decor Sirt-- s 
et icine 2 

T be: toventinn the Malawinig eamle grass. reg lved 

from you ani arnt ty rage ee CC oe 

net goer Ste teay ” a 

theo rye tis 
wie ar age ae Sa Oe OU, EP A ay EME ae” pang 
? 77 ” 
. be a4 we HR Seger «eee 
7) ete hag OR OS a i ay wae, sane aie 
‘aounAun, TPAD, me ‘on 
Lape ee Tae we a. 
* Contines,. Nearer 

wy ens Yi 

Tu08, “he vison, SN AE esi mse gin sy aa 85, 108 
ae a ae “ieee you ia é, 


aouratn, "NORWOOD, : Rut tee smerny Nay 89, 1aHO, . 

we ie we 

*"Senting Latest phoneqraph une fifths 
MS Writing fully, Faitnons* 

HOARE grt yt 

Yours teal, wnt 

"Hr wan aenst bofine the, Hs ietiegil— a ee is 
rats 6 tele. Strata ot FE Pegs». Bence 
Ch persons 4.4 aes ; 


fay SL, 1ABO. 

Pas ap 8 

_ 8+ Flood Page, Maine, 

‘the Fddinon & fran United Mlantets 2. Mo, 

hondon, Xigland. 


My Dear Mise et Bk pee ari ne 
On the Bath of Marah Inst’ t wee” yah i ‘rower, * 
cory fe whack t anciose: herewith, tin) ‘wideh T asked you~ Ri oily 

send rte copies « my agremmenta: which. jou. may hve in| ‘your Tod 

senaion vetween Mr, Hainan’ ant: the old Londen Rakesh Meowia"™ “>° 


Light M00, alse tetwnen i, Faieon ant ‘the “patieoh ry was United”. eae 

Reotrie Sighting fo. ‘he have not : yet renived any reply @ thia 

le tter, and inasrmoh an I am at presente angaged in recamMing all 

"Of Hr, Fatson's ngrensenta fe. in-w Contract ook, for te. parpose 

| of conveniem feference, ant an anxiann to have it ag eorplete as 

possible, I shall we very mah‘ ohligat if wren reoelpt of this 

letter you wild infom re whe ther or not 

with ecples of the contracts anked for. a 

Vous vary truly, 


‘ay 31, Lose, 

Mr, Inge VY, We Pleraon, Me Re, 

Bhoomfiatld, Ne a, 

| Dear Sirte 

: I bey to eaknowledye ree akpt ef your letter of 25th 

| In rely 2 ropret te state that at present there is no 
| position vaeimt in the Lahnratory © whieh you sould he ape 
pointed, fr. Fdinon already having more anitsangs in hia work 

| than he really requires,  Jnst now he ia qutting com his statt, 

an he contemplaten a trip to Furope thin wrmer, and work will 
not tr taken up actively until hie return. Your application has 

| bem placed on file for referers, ant whould an opportunity. Oaour 
| in the future, I aiall to Pyshen: to copraninate with yous 

Yourg trily, 

*ei-ste Secretary, 

TN Ngee ee agp meee 

ol. doorye KX. Gruraud, 
Little Menlo, Cpper Horwiod, turray, 
Yayzd ards 

Cie ares ra Re ST ee 

Dear Barts - eet ; 
—— Your latter 4th, inetent, wherein ae atete trit 
*the last phonographe reavives fully realise ‘the ‘opeetations 
| “witch I have conti ent y held throughins br Lf you we vom 

"ready to promas then in raroe nun teks, ‘as wider'etind inare 


. *raatly yon, are, tre nocerh | han. 0.008. and no tine wn ‘wy Towa: 
"in rrosending,* han ween Peenived. eee 

On the 7th tnetent t anhled you that 1 waa’ *Rewty to ship 
sphonogrep hs: in pra: ‘ead ‘comalotal form for anle and nse come 
*marosully tn aust auantition ‘as “yout ‘require, “Tes inpatiors. Ld 
"get your ordera,* tons ‘while written tefore 8ip reeeftpt of yank 
leter above referred to, manera your depliat peation as to 

whether I was ready w Proaee naihdnes in large ater we 
Your reply to the howe wan ennaiea in yow cable to re 
_ Under date 8th instant? hat thre Bee dorna@roiAl mehing and 
“price. ir bath mtintnatory dere urdera, Hxpresn ¢ eirip le. ‘danla 
"departure. Wrote Baturtay,* wien t shawored on Yho Lath inkte! 


fects tS HES 
OSS SPR nero Ret ct Sar eWT 
"Seneca rene 
; ‘ 2 = 

061, a. Ra, 

"Can't sive Prioe wntil three Stina a made, 

Nowawor, are wILing 
"them ut Sorty-five dollara to Sompan y here 

for Pirge ep conamnd, 
"forty for noxe and pm bably thirty=five for roxy thousand, 


*jeaet to final nght> omant “Y WOOK ae UAtinate Price will Joxer, 

© as we have atopped mab fry: arenas CU 

Tare chem onirg work, %a 
*haw. up to toetay deliveret srven, ma arad. 

"nutdntnetori ly in Tarai of pnotte, 

Tey sre working 

3nd grder for sy 4) = 
“moe, mbasnor one "MSOF O08 teindend «® To this you replied on 
17th inst net ie ano line orfaring 

a) rend one rechine Prrapassd, 

“baat reantvnd, prowen tmaatiateotory, 4 refer watt Loy, wtoratde to 

“Injurine othornine wplenate miatnoas,*. , Sich wen, fllownd fp ‘y 

your ewer of torpaint dated inth Aneta int, TL .qnpgs ell. theese 

aahles in = ie proper order An arplian ¢ With the. sis eation in 

your Letter ast re ferred te that t read tha telegrang in the Light 
t tren : : 

of thon trmeat ely preceding." “bowed aitrlot iy. in. this Lent 
rt wml open’ that on thonograyhs Anat. “AMG YON Na ty read og 

the erpeatat ions atch you had | dontldenddy. fala tier owshaut” ap w 
= fe itiag 

the Ante of my. rapie of en inate, Raking for yaw ee 
that yow sranten ‘ne tngar 

3 ee fia Mare aaa a 
Set onal ee Sree MED A pe : 

t find your speed tHe teplainns. to 1p awh Pollewe, at 1 will 

herby @ spe 

answer then lee ‘thn “rh one . give thes, 


1)“ osene Arrepilerity, 

ot yt oan 4 ine ree eee shite g 
“ay Di sph amily oroke ne an mohen 8 ‘k: 

~ ma “en tere too Mtsae, Z.) Son rhe 


(4) Rew maahinen lena to na rad Leg on than previous 
michinee Tae ea . . | 
(3) Naw mvahinee require spartan. 
‘a anaiduer ne ‘asa trot nite hares The Phonsgrm h 
POV I cue ts AB aveiees a pieea af meginnion an ax! ta 
towdny amt perfoma ita work with ANEGAYLS WOOUEBA YS t 
rf hive proven Sire mnt asal rn. my tart s mate minder my 
personal uprevialon, ang i hawy nevar hada KAngl® ore 
plaint as tn ‘aa Bonen tig in sonredat Ley wits ‘the pon . 
nashines widek maw Seon delivered tn dute to ene 5 60h 
anna af the n Hort On srw tenn Phonogroph Rowpanye- 

Tia to hed in “emelunive ee ttaen: ef the inereratenay 
of the persone in oe Hyesen An wu haw riaeed you ine 
. atrunmntay ‘there ie cod renpan ohatever ay. the dine 

phragee ‘anda wet broken. : They ore welk Proter ted, and 
the ortinmry | handling of a raaninn in veeatten waa” 
showla rematt “tn 20 ‘teen to te 4 tarhrag _Thia ome 
plaint alee as origina. with vane 


1% wan naver cy intention to adopt rermsnently the 

_fhrat mitertes amt ous with the Phanocraphe 1 kno 
thoy are wore, teyteteete. | Ss have “axpersatn ten weanaty 
for more than a your to otal a #itante pathany ier 
thie isiness, ant ! haw Aionoededs One af tng rant 

os Ie ee bet 
7 eee 

Ra a caieely amen 

Col, GO. hy G. oh 

Of theae whieh I haw rude will ww shipped to yon on 

“etnenday next, Sth prox. Mt Wilk rom the Phonograph 

four (4) hours per day Mr. thirty daya, and ten oy” 

atding a walt pent ey of argent to trys lution, 

‘WEER run for twenty daya MFG, i san prodong the lite 

of thin mttory to ain onthe, or arly part shersa't, ay 

spareatate: thw eine of the cells ‘praporttonately, 

FOURTH, This in arnttes aritioten ontimnl y ori-inal ‘with your. 

| aelt and te diapro sed ny aw: ex erdenen voter we have 

had here, that ta fe wider than yonr own. Your thounls 

{u without dubt want of kneel edge on tht part of your 


PIYTH. I haw had met operimee an the wank oning GL neweh 

‘aesueiene ant \ have never yot. nem a piece of pected 
neghtiniam. deat goed for uttinee ase a tne generat (mb 

Mie, that aouta * ynged atengsiy: in their benta withe 
out erptoying experts. ‘to sengh ‘ana inatrugt them the 
Telephone, the Neatete Pats tht Mineagreph, and whe 

various dowiacs mindind’ in tre slootwte Ment ayater, 
whion are han nt bed ‘tiv. ‘prate, . ali ragiirs ‘9 wm Om 
plained ty an wn ure oes Lise vith then, and, ewer 
siete on Ana tr nant aa an V inproved flateiron involvon 



Cale Ge Pe O whe 

8 certain mount of agilention. by an “expert” wore it 

can te Antelligently introdread into domestic use. 

Prombly ninety par gent of all thn seving snchines me 
ployed to-day are operated by wertin and 0).0 Snepaales 

onploy paid agents or “axperts® to attests three, whieh 

taken from, thran te four weeks tint, Ivory naw device 

whieh from tiut ty tine te hrenght eat ay aewi ng mashing 
preple has to be Any hatred w uh expert, ant ecesprred 

with this instrrwnt, tie pheno graph fa 6 marvat of 

airplietty. 1¢ takan us fet ant two hours to them 
roughly inatenst « peraon with na previous know tence in 

the operation ant care of she phoney rep Hy wat the ine 

stricter reat te Sinraywhly earpe view and fwitar vith 

the raohine, or hin inatmissionn outa sores only as 

confuse ard ada to the Lgnoranae at nie puptde Your 

trove aaern to Pd that yore ha ve no one who ta master , 

of the yew Ana tere, tonae gun 7 yeu | aan rare no 
afeios ont aratiotes ane! thn phone) rap ts: haned coe, 
farl¢n whiten ‘welt amny An anes eho handle i. ¥ Your 
compl aint , there tore, in rédqard to er in shbmrt. 
te the: majority or ‘yobs this |\ Sere *axpert’, one 


, vey the ieee “of intribney, ™ £8 ajenne wire Bese fa j 
a cron deal: in 8 raniny 2 Uitne Gf fe ween we aah oe 
ren ePrinogean Operators” anventyat er) pe. genk ne ‘ee 

visionary di friouliies.ef We inatmunient would Maeppedes 

£00 } 

| Col. G. Be. Ge. oe 

In roguni to loudness und ONher gialiting yu rertion I gan - 

reply to all you Mestions of thiz nature wy way dre. that we find 

the new. inate t mr erior in every raspest th the ald ANGE. 

Z find in your oorrenponhenns the following marina, anavors 
to whieh follow 


(1) Yow many Phonnygrar hs AN you rely men hn romshly dee 

Liverina wutmning ¥ ith tue 

This aes ontiraly upon yruraadt, Se aye tondey ont 

phonogra: ha at the mite af fron as to 240 Per ‘wee), ad Ao ing 

‘averyt hin: meee ennty to ineirense ‘the ouspuh, rep idly tn eet the 

N21 nuriere ordered hy ‘the Marth ia Pigoon Phewonraph Str Dehals 
300 par wrens 

Then you sade your eantrnct wba ay yon soriced ay) 

yourself privilares Yagad ing the tr her of rashines bad wien sm 

would. oa ontitled. Tou owely 45 pnt espaet Mol Lad guarentee Pree 
visional delivarten, dependent upen yar Tatnire Wotton ow 


whethar yar wild ander te Ane treente or rout The ie pregtt~ 

cally what ya: aa: ba) to te, ax 1, of enn net, feeling 

(2) hat are tie sande: pr cen of 

{al ‘Hator Naohiews 

(o) Treats Hanhines, 

te) Motor Machine for hten ert, Tags Werte, 
(ad Rawutar Th ranete’ Tattory. 
(@} Mew Owtdey Tatleryt - 

(a & ») 

“e are billing theas to the Foran Ararigan Phono. 

“oo at $48 aaah, enatustve as waiees power fr the 

former, wiion Wilh  dtlled ‘ceparatily. an aq Lalrred 

Vhon we have tnesmd ows ties shousind mahines 

“the corrvat prina wii ap ce teminad,-: ‘Tp eftact of 

thin will © to mike ohe everare prine lo? thean 3,00 

Instr Mts gonaldarakty t4 awe tah wothlt wa pine 

arrived at’ AY thr peeghe CAPO Nit itments MN n Sane 
tured te dante, as the perem tar 

“0 of adneran aphr ne WHI) 

 lowor whey appl ae te the 

firrar® avn vo tre dns 
orannee ‘alti canbartin ipa the trie fh DP ot 

be igs 
of ow aporas ivan, 


oy Say he. ve ae ed det 
we be aiey tween) faniitar with Shia 

0 Bint, & Langer Tomogr of parte 
tt Ages’ a atyan Mra cre 

new work ere ahle 

ee eee rc iS hs oe ccc. ca ee 

(a) Bat tna pPaahit- tn are azn deys sto: bury 
(300): Hoty dann a NH 

Xoo mediioes at 

ce ‘Thay ra qiatire . Weel | tate 
wrk nen the ontery Vantrindn'ts,: Nie? tively de ao not 

think the at ttermiee tn prige ot 
See WALL. we. ac. Breate, 

the two elassem oF ine 

ane an rae t 

3 Ag hehe 
aan . 

‘ Fy “ ‘, 
og SME Merely ay Pe, . : 

ta) the prige. ofthe. twttem 4 de 4 


at, Vian. Ohl: ee 
ia Be 

({e) we ‘ve jitat erwones 8 Tew + bday in thden to rinstimes 
ture thiy tatiory, Wp ba rake vib*ioun a 304 tfepors 



dol, a. K. Ge fe 

tianate to the life desired, the meximm Ting six 
months. We have not yot made any twat the thirty aay 
sixe, which, for the present, Wi Will Hdl at Boo - pe 
cell, Solution cite about $ 1 per eaton, * See PS. 
(2) What is price of eothined moter and treadle machine? 
Wa do not intend owking an dnstrinent of thin ielnts: he we 
meke a treadle machine ania mater Mashing, I canmot see the 
utility of a aomiination of the.pes in ane inatriment, 
(3) Are the Anat dnstrenmte vant yal the anrm as the 70 
whigh 2 atagont an. ™,. Senke 28h int. nad heen mpplied 
to tha Mort ane Prone. Boe up « that trae 


A portion ar theas ave tho aume ans we» others like tho - 

ching which noes to you ‘an adnendny upon the arrival at wraeh 
you will find that. tie a ffeveme tn no way “maticien yor vehenent 
oritiaiom to the affeat that I have furdabiet the Moreh Jc@rican 
Phonngraph Conary WITH Inatinuntntes: cantly ‘superior. tq your ow. 
The npectasle adiustiment.of theee Inter meqdhines La more eimple _ 
than that of the earlier inutrumente, which, aonntitites the re 
Changes CP and pone baie i gE atin Soa 
There arn “pty of ‘thane provingrephs lin the hands of the 

publie right aroun Newark, and no sorplajnts, The only trathl 
I hear of 14 1H ennnaation with’ tha old bitteries, “high. we ae. 

“Yep laaing aa apidly as posible. Mr Jann Ie. Aauterriera, Narvee 

eer of the Michigan Dinnegwenti sas ae n@ ‘niter date th 

"ment absolutely perfects 
There is no relian, howevens why businesn whould t-delayed | 

wey aera cael PE Aa 

dol. u. ¥, a, ele 

“lam clad to my (hat the phonograph, with the: 
exneption of the tinttery, ia giving ertire satin- 
fastion. * 
. Having provided a réliahl sattery, the only remaining di fft- 
culty 4a in the wus We have ‘insunle in: freeing £t.trom dnp 
rit len which haw the ef tect: at’ etaine and mMlling ‘tha knives, . 
and this of cauran Pemilte in w rough reeonling aurface.on the 
cylinders. Ye are after thie tmableand wills itminate ft -siry | 
shortly, Predueing Bins’ OP Liar which will’ neither Shed dial 



_ AUL these minor ai reiémities are inettental to the Aevdlop~ 
mare of mn entirely new ‘anlvarpri an, mid will invme he Ataape 
pea, ‘Ye are thormghly pert with’ all points where tng eese 

Jette, SPUN ge, Raat 
ibe Pha : 

whila we ee cotre ‘Enroagii nese AvCferent degrees-of parfeqtions 
Wo have pnaned the cofere {tive md will’ reach’ the wiperiative in. 
008 H@RA Me . That we a now: waking, a practical oorerer of ris 
chine is Seyond dispute. | Any elangen thich are mate in roth 

of: adjustmemt or in-ot direations will mt render useLens 
other parts of the inatrinen}as Phonograph parts ee pul inter 
ghangeahie - - are amine to apie: tit in ranufpeture = antl any 

A peer on eo ome 

mort in desirare ‘and are ‘lavatiing every nerve to eke, he dinates 


ne ntl epee enn ee are 

Col. Re ¥, G, in. 

nev 30" henge will he adap ted to inatmmeante already. sent: ont, rae 
dakving: only the removal af the pare intended to. he ‘Tepinaea ~ 
nothing else will be interfered wi the . explain this. mily w 
aon bramine you apparantly Aeniro to be asaured that 1 will mabe 
no further olnnyea, whith would moan practisally that I ao not: 
intond to improwe the inst iment iin the tetiires:: ‘If you"wart ‘ane 
mrance to the eftect. that J “AM. NOt ching to: make a retical change 
which would renter uwselesw all the instreenta: sort out an tur, 
md neaeanitate their, abundonnent ant resnls in & heavy 1naa to 
‘the prenent purehasars, x sive; it t ya: rpat readily, though: to 
interpret yaw Aeaire in thia mamer emid te erediting you with 
having formed tt a Por opinion of ny. Judpiete. 
Altogether your Gritigtans are muper tha tal and. are the result 
of a. very inparteot aeqmaintange wth the, machine, . 
z ea only reply to your pestion. as. to: when you will regeive 
a commere! al phonogrep h ty Bmting that you already hay oorriare 
celal inatriments and we wilh, . inorease the ruber: whan * 
you advise ny definitely of your wiehes. in hat: “eonnte tion, 

* i ae ae | 
bine oe to pgs 2 Mh ak cette wat 
teat oot ig at 

wo Yours xary tray, hae BE eS acter 

Ae btm» 


ae eel 

diffiqulty which wa have met with here, and not realized its 

Col. GF a, ge ce 

P, S, “It han ocmtrred to ma that you my have ancountered a 

cause, Wa find that inn who hava had no previous acquaintance 

e the phonogriph learn to handle the new inatmment more gti ache 

ly than thone win huve heen uasd to aperatirg the old rtsnine. 

The working of the inatminent involves thea atic ation of the handa 

as wall as the intellest, and an operator eventually mnves the 

motions of adjustment intuitivaly, A man Gransferred from an old 

machine to a new one in oblige not only to forget his pravious 

education, tit ‘to joverconn the innulon of his misales to Andale 

ina famtliar movoment. Thus an old oper ater ia’ virtually harsti« 

capped for a ta which though short an itaelf, @mmenmen more tine’ — 

thm is nooesanry to mi ueste a now. rane 


Te to mite irgoantnte tor mm in th ie letter to quote price 

of raw tattery ant ao ut fein, I wilt atriae at yu of theas as 

early an prastioable, Mre Misterfiald, whom 1 have referred to- 

vefore in thie lester sayst °I am rakiryg a teat of a storage 

"battery hore writen Prod ace to. te ary m@lafactory, 1¢ rims 
*ahout one hurstred ard eh ftyetive pours, without stopp ing. I a 

“use thin storage tattery in connestion with the machine until I 

“get some other hattery fras yons* 

Perhaps ym might take sitvantaw ofwing is hare sugested, 

am try a storage cell until I an ready with my now type of 
Sadak! hattery. 

May al, LER, 

The Mutual Fite Inairance Go. of New York, © 
New Yor Gity.: aS 

Dew irate 
. Referring to your agranment/ ci th Navid N, Ropes 
‘pen the -reasint, of 35% 

under date 29th dnateant, which acknowl 

an pert of the purahann roney of tha «fend sen known no the “Kary 

A Davin Property, “ilo. 10,082), situfide in the tomenip of 

Roomftel, Fnnex foe, xey. Jersey, wy, i which Ereven® forva fire 

ty 4 

ther payment of 4,7 70 hed ronplete he said purghese, and ‘toa 1 

made on or vaforn the first aay of sung 10, +Y analo an herewith 

my cheek on Henares Prana, Morgan 8 ‘oe, ‘unter ‘date Slat inst, 

for #4, 780, in anv afnotion of the plarrent ‘mat: Bi tebred.. 40, the 


receipt of vrieh please anknowied gre 
a mqiag kes hae | i 

Woura trys - 

BET gate 

George P, Kingsloy, Ke, 

Oran ct, ¥. te 

Dear Sire 

f + 

i ansloas herewith Arronaent be trem Pavia Me Ropes 
and the Matunl Lite ine. Gos ae New York, In regard t the ite 
rain en known Be the ‘Hary, Ae Dow he property,* Moorfield tom ship, 
which nokrowh edger th receipt of $800. an acsomt of the purenace 
price of said property, ond the lance dua to somplite the pays 

ment, numly, $4,700, wan remittert to the Mutdal Life Inenrance: 
Coe yenterdny. i, Faiton would ike wu w take thie. matter in 

hand now, and to hare you ace that the tite we the property de 
ali right, ant that te “Aseaa, wnian t yen will prepared 
by th: Hutual people, aré in yproper sone. 

Yours very truly, 

bs a 

Private Rearetary. 

Georg Ps Kingatey, age, 

Granen, Ne Je 

Dear Sirt- 
Z enaloaa herewith azreensst 42, dap Lente panrees, 
the exegutarg of Tharlan Yarrend, remedy, done Fervent sercd Stayer 
ford Farrand, end Thoma Ae Maton, in reqere to property, in 
SLoenfiels ani Wilkeville, Thane agratrants sere prepared wy ir. 
Ropes. Ore of then haa been signed ty. These Parrund's axerators, 
ant tie other te ta te wines ty tre Pot rons WA12 you rintty 
Took at thes and tet at know Af they are au right for Br. Mater 
to attaeh hie signaure. 

Yaueg wary traly, 

asa. t 

Private Beaty 

June 1, L6h9, 

My Dear fourm, 

I ae nnenhese yeur iohteve of May 4th, roe 
Plying to nine of iin ie BO, of April, and a very euch anlised 
for the explanations lah you cake woth an to ® yow ‘poltey act 
your motives. + fe your them attergs t fentlierise re vith 
the work whigh you have men sentus ting, we hal fault te pur a 
that Y have arrived at econslualons tanad upon sanenen sien Peseived 
fron other wissen. That this Information was unetixed afth malice 
tovnr ds youradd £ I haw yo mart, the eensiditens arrived at An 
80 reny directions ware ton Uraninara to adit of that iden. In 

my lesters to you | ai nek onion any speci ties part of your 

polley. I neta tat 2 considered asm af your arrengentnts were 

exeoliens, at 1 had in mind the lecsures at yourea = af gow . 
Ganistants before \he Srientifis foeiaties of Inglend @a Prenee, 
my Spproval of which is ov taont by the asaiztangee 1 have oheonse 
ta you in your Preparations for tam, At thie gistemes it wna 
be quite inpossitle fur ra to point te that partiquiar part of 

your policy whien agitalet a wave of very miverse critigian on the 
part of the publ do abro dt, sm whieh when it Feashed mt ere 

Conelnedd mw of. what NY AY fas both to yas ait Mad mrate, ore 
Sepaetadl y as you wore on shy tates ar squat sting m inf iporavion 
in eonneotion Witt: the Paris Reteeitien etch we wound wth tae 
had enue to regret, 1 os ory to eno tat do. etree in Fors 
ohPrespentnsn | #e you “ads Wits ehréP ef adipent wen yw part, 
wit insteat wou reinte the nse ta i, Aah te ate Mmhine wae pot 
Upon a aimtine deapbieg yoors aa) ahs ter ‘i Ste % perma y was 
in we way Peepers ile, Pachapa tr at thas: Vike 1 tea hat in hte 
Tope a perseral voy reeentas ive having a whter fntereste a hears, 
the oxtigbieten te eter pon Hite; and eas abner etetakee wr wail, 
weuld rever mw teen mete, intent, wo per we t a able, to i 
PROS r7welt anaiet a repel sten of WHE Chinen 44 tS Cues. / 
2 agprestme Nosy the tmowe se nae Sipwanterad ‘thro e0 
attonnts Of watdwitore 4 let nit irntnamint te steel pour Senter, 

all of witeh yu aonwtlers Meet ae atthavit to eanttt at tue 

vararion of @ cate eee tt ts at — ‘setae tet thet 
you mts te wriayed im thaw why, wh % + think @he atin wien 
sou have token 40 waguting the PEMte itn te true swe er af 
tafve we in Oe HAG? ditetjen a8 WI38, iP ney tee mat ale 
Weaty dono a, ‘ne aang ath, pots adja, th Wert rent dem tee 
tereun. There se om Anding wing 2 T mn very pinaned ‘row in 
YOMP Pereus arrepensines, ant thay “ thas reo are eer tenglen 
Ving Ped wusinean, tha | fe hear poopie have envorted all, 
nese aie wag ‘l = of _— amt i 30% nq ‘ath, 


hy Our pronreny dn Range Atala os stare, 
Pedy for yay. wimneyer 

interass a rOnd 42a 

Prva gph are 
ot wats thaw ¥ met have’ exe ited Pablle 

AON 8 pitas an ja Ended iy’ “enctea . 

welt nator, and i. Jee 19 noe the Amar SIAL wide at the Phong. 
Bragh tare ohare tn ts eounty tan pite yor FNL, WIS gon 
C1 Rone tteeteh ° 

l have wet oat Fae an dn rrortarity te in Simei * te, 

wef mutling wit. iva ae ae 

ts istea, meat Amp your Propo ae 

3 Age we Lg te te F 

plan ‘er aumad en, Mat wes ocnaldae te pereren and gurerunt sate 
ae eM eH ONE BB ke me ot. 

‘with yom early te: the dem Goo E> 

‘ ; Bet Ig 
: 9 Fale Be 2 Lat xy Et ek , 
' * 3 SRS ae Gg 
noel ae 

Youra europea. 

, Amer icons 

My Dear te, wer, of a 

i hyve te thank, yor lene the very kind inet. 
, sation whieh san Newe extended t rae 

Fatoon me nraatr to vindt— 

you at your hme in! Taghands 

me: mages ‘sg say that mr plwa wilt 
not permit tayo asnamt of, yer nenarons hoapttanity,. 

ay we ‘Gane 

tarplate only a a-ort atay in Paris and on irneAtate Patiiey, 




Yours wary 4ealy, 

: Wig ?t C Aeaow 


Se » Sean, Fags, 
Laayd ston, Siondey, Ye, a 

June 1, 30, 

John I, tee tet, Naa, Manager, 

 Mfahdenn Whoopie: ne pea my, 

etre Sh, Miah, 

ia | . 

| My Dear Str. | 

2 \ bia a iit Bee sacanae: aed avtte: Of 38th mits, 
f | prelo ning a aaytiaived for Smee He, tog wrartey, Preai dent = 

ce Be the Nichignn Pres: Aiasetation. 

Fe An Fe mrd 60 rnstend Tageeia, the Mores femirieaws Praca 
A ; 5 Moe te partiatter in having Ml sich artern yans threach then, 

io: at Mr» Rdizon witeves “that there tn. ot hing in wn vay of pis 

Prasanttn; you, perenne? Ay, With @ seats of ime 

£ “iors, rat 

he tas, thersfars, peers" faasens Mans bie 

a sategtion or hal : 

dlasu eytindere to] te made and exprarecd to you, Vrdick nO aka ya . 

#4 the moeent we omnia Fane 

Snow wing meet toy teat Paryoats 

OUn at the earliest poust ste Man trk 5 

Hr, RMileen ove that tte 
remslts wich 

1. gn obta inde fron aterace batteries we exqel. 
dent, and w ts Giae to know that thw prhonogreph is 

giving satine 

Yuta very way, 

Private faordtary, 

8. 3, Raton, Pape, 

190 Browteny, Mow York, 

My Near Mtvt- 

ane The Manorandon of itr, MAR Land! ® agoxint whieh I 
Left vith ¥o thd other day, te not qite BSorrest, ae mma ites 
had not’ beni: en taro ttpon: ote toke when 2 took the heures fron. 
the bndyers i onelone paren th @ ia eta vnont uf the agwunt, 

Showy, a debe aginst in, ain) han! of $2, 80,18, 

Yoira vary trang, 

Private Fanretary. 

ES eT I ee a eer 

: Hay 81, 1889, 
To Wham lt May fonsern 
- This da to certify that Mr. Rrwin wn W4.- 
mowsk i, has heen amployed at this Latoratory ror the pact 
ae aay year and © half, na a Themiut, have found him to ye an oer. 

getic smd Mithful wrker, and take pleamro in Fécommending him 

to any one requiring moh serviner as ho in agable of renferd ng. 

ea eas Coenen 

Swr 3, 1880. 

Mr, Rd igon ,- 

Nore faa dreft of propoaet letter for 

Phonograph Gorpanies.  Kinely rake omy corrections whieh you 

think fentrable, after which I wil) awe a fide copy made and 


the letters to the Sarg: nies written, 

I think, mrely ne a mattar of form, that we ourht to wt 

mit this levter te Lippincott before it goes out. He wilt wind 

his offier on Thursdey, ro tint 4t wild net ett w@ my delay. 

| Youra tritly, 


Hy. Heorse Te Coxter, 
_ Faden Mnited M'f'y. So., 

M Weat Ath St., “inalrmntd, Thine 

Dear Hirt- ; - : 
I hav racaivedt your Lotter of Path ulte, in wesard to 

certain. exparionnts ed gh yar desire ve, to contagh with tho wiow 

of ageing whiskey qlestrionlly. As tre prepent tins 1 have on 

fen core ainty-seeon ai ferent agerivgnts, tO kay pore with 

which 1 ar obldiead to work night ond dey, Te fs, therefore, 

prdtve inno tid yle for we to erter won the ork whieh you waive 

re to take up, and 2 aamiot now sey when it world pt poss! hte for 

me te give the etter aonsiceration, a boa going thread She 

letter yert of July, anc wed not retin ukil ty fulle 
Regratting ry immbility to and ft you 

Lan, yous vary sly, 

Tune S, 1980, 

WRave Strmrmbers, Fag., 

AS from Bee, New York, 


Dear Sirt~ 

I ing to confirm ite foLloving séegren sent yon | 

to-day’ ~ 

e a ae ot FG wR oe 

mires se take any of the atnok which mu hw lott. 
* : : t.° * : 5 i 



Anower how mony charet, Ae 9, 
cr RAP = Crh ce 1 ara 2 Aes 6 ee 

. 4 

r . 

Yours wmly, 

+ Feet men 

A une R, 1889 « 

‘Chas, Wtehelor, Bags, 
Kdtten Phonograph “orks, 

Orange, ". J. 

Dear Sitrt- : 
I endyss herewith 6 Later Porn Herditen; in repare 
to the ant raghinegsn aant TOUPHAIS y widabs | re tat en. . bai axperd noe 
the former has bad with these inat ninats. Nee Faison taniroas 
to we informa vian yar mve ready the new pmohine that ts to 
arnt Gols Goura'et on Madnerday next, as he wishes to tent it bine 

self, are he will siao weite @ Latter of inptmetions to Hilton 

an to the contpudation of thin new inst Muwnte 

Yours vary traly, 

rid att Sat tint ze 

o Fl . ‘ ma 

“he eeegenig mene : bs 

Jure 3, 1489, 

He 5 Mie: Coe, 
162 = 184 Lake Ntroat, 

Mhignge, Mle. 

Near Sirat. 

1 wg to aeknon lady readirt of your Letter of ist 
instant, covartin: your akeex Noe HO, rae’ date, “payahle to my 
order tor $174.16, why: AOS on AA shares preferrat steak. of your 

Company Field ay om, fmm Kove Lat to May Ath, LANDS 

: 2 an E * Pa as < a a. x ; 
Yourn ¢mhy, 9 te teers 

a ee 
Siena R a: , yn Pa o : 
BO gh eR ce ag it cae we . 
. re Wt ee ie Pi ob top 


Veorge Pe Mingaley, Faqs, 

Trane 7, We We 

Dear Sirte 

Lonalosn herewith daed of the Patad Lite ten. Oo. 
of Tew Yor}. for the Mary A. Terie “property at Bore 18, Yee 
ferred to. in the mimorandun hetwean th ie engieny and Date fe 
Repas, wideh 1 nent yn let indent. MLL yo pingee mm ine 

this deed and fiviag re it 4e is, ir. prger Yor: wt ae ” gree 

‘wHough $a ierity the titae to the ‘prapetey. x matter tras ‘She 

dead ip made ieee toa Lean ‘of tne Madd geeaierve. het lease 

does shia mfr sot 

Tiwa truly, 
. eed 
ons , bet oy 4 
woe tye 

Tee Perot at ys 


Mh Pert mnees coven wee ii 

Srmenetschit iBone aR RT ANSE EAE: 

| . Tuye 4, 1840, 

Mitual Ti ze Inmrangn Coe, 


Row Yor, City. 

Dew Sirpgs. 

T wr 46 naknoe ledge rcehpt of yaw’ ootter af ine 
ingtant, onaloal fy deeit oP ane Davie rroper , 

ty at Moon fta ta (19943) 

Yours emily, 


ey a see GS a, oF ae 
: i :. Boe cons 
| P| 5 r oft we ee 
| | ee ae feet Qe a Lg tee oe 
a “ 
. 1 : J 


= wt a 
Siesta ta SB vn pat ees 
Ee ON ie REET Vig is ~ 




herewith my eheck, payable to the atdér’ of this Nqmity Punld adn: 

June 4, 1880, 

le Fy Adaru, Fags, - : 
Grand Union Hotel, 

‘ New Yors. Clty. 

fad Sho Fil a gett By 

Near Sirte 

Referring to cur conermation of yeuterday, Y alose 

Compmmy, for 380,00, covering: twentyefive yearly sabreriptions to 

Rqauitye Please send the paper to the following persons:~ 
— Randolph 7, ¥, “a worth Chaz. 7. 2) 
- Miller H. 2, my Rend |i, 8. — : 
—Denhior 0, So dee Fred. — i a, 
— Dick ton Ye Re Ie aan Foaseingen X. Ae — | > 
- from G. A. > Torr Inoe — : ae 
-™eolwright & fF; y. Glad@tone Je Mem. ft . 
— Aylesworth ¥, soe Mt Inoe Fe an 
— lord J. He - PS Ryfelt thos, — . oe ar 
- Maguire 7, 7 | ; iy Schulze-Mreoe Fe Preh ~s my 
-Foulken 8M $F Narahril De — soe 
—- Ne«mn FP, Dr, Pe a Wang avann A. T. Re = 
Hotfneyer Ge As i Hipp Le Jan. — ; ~ a 
— Force Se de ee Ai 
7 “\" Nao 
Yourn trily, 
eo waa 

ag ry ae ar ae 
oe i rf er ee, Sate, 

Tone 4. Ohi. 

Mr, ® KR, Stoware, 

Oossepaion, Ghiia, 2 

Sut Sivse ‘ : ea : . 

Toyave veaevad yay Lettor e® tet Intent, ty 


GA to San Phanogrgh in oOnata, X ctyrot age tysopende tly 



OF Cote Gouri’, avs’ ave, Gners fore, Sobsoread you corgrinie 

wnt ion tod dm. Soke brug will cnuttiags gee we ny seal ty 

coP pom astfon 

Veurn oergy teny, 

Cole Hoange %, Gta 
HIAble Merde, Uppey Borasa, 

Ravres, arhird.s 

‘Thay Stet- 


Lendlees iovewttt a tntger troe itr, # M%, Steamers, 


nndor date Ist wits ia moped te tee yionageyh tn M4. 4 

aprenre that de gtepberhong seer ls are trytes te ent fey Lakes 

privileg 4a teat caurtet, and Pot, Stawrt nollie Ghat prrsts 

sation du naarsaary in ordor to head tren aff. 

tthe vary qetthe ) 

; wof, ogee Ost Le et £f2 

Aine 4, 194, 

Wwe 0, Santhburre, Wy De, ae 

Port Myone, Fla. 

Deer Birs~ 

Ws re han mer iwed vow latter af 27th airs, 

Telative se the on$ Rohs PLIES, a? 7 Sra Pxpert men tad eran 

wt eee ge nae 

at Fort Myers, ard. solic Ath ry. fie nin a genvritne ion © the font 

Mish yar ere miaing foe tnt prepa nse. tes HALeon coset anne 
the the prope nes Mavoerry te | Sent tan wn c erie an nog atiecn 
to Fors Mears, and Jka insteister re ko ace m a ome ree 58, 
to be hatxied are to Ue Toa of Taint cen Latte the vettor in. 
ehtrye, att F tare rrch plearvne Is emer: tle sae reer ihe 



Yours vary traly, 

Peicnta Sashet hrs, 

Hine 4, AS 

Bec ring. Resealda Aas > 

U8 Paltun Mtrest, 

Naw Varb ity, ; 




att ron nshaty ‘nena re @ tst of sore aqpeoprinte 


“ ‘ aage me TEE 


for pairtimne a free moll: tye vous ds eee i ron tine Ya 

pinte that Wort ‘etn tre ot Recent cane: 80 vats = oo 18 oe 

oo ait Be rere a ie Le a 
to elect the tnt drwy ore tate ‘tt yeu have as fs Uhinns ane 

wal geri Ue aden, t) pint Vm were wayed. “oad 204. 

rs et Soa RH 

& ¢ 

Youre wary Featy, 



a ae a el ata gM Si 

‘une 8, 89, 

Mesors. Dvep & Senly, 
¢ New Yor. 

Dear Sirai~ 
Nere is another letter whi a we huve raontyml Prom 
Hand ford. 

Youur tru ly &. 

Sere. Insill, Faqe, 

10 Ney Ste, New York. 

Dear Sirie~ 
Ton righ. obliga’ far yours af ath inant. , melon 

ohesk of 7, We Chapman for 84, BOSS, 

Yours very truly, — 



Arye 6, 1680. 


Ws Js Hamer, Yaqe, 7 | 

Paris, Bran‘en, 


rer) Pes < 

Bete Se pom eas a 

Dear Sirr. ase aes 

, Tome to confire tha fot Liltne arblegran gent you 
tye tomilay to , a seat ave et a ay ; : a3 


NAWANK, PARIA, ae s mye of, RENN, 

“Ye nhip' each seek nh atladanlAytinders: 0 

vin. Mevre and 90 via Loins “AM youn 

phonagreph material ae Sehiuoiky i BYRON, © 

: : atte 

s¢ Shy x wa 
é he Ph: xy rong Ai 1 Sra 

nah See Re) : 
termes ery aly, ms 

24 ee 

. he, 
18 seh 

“a a+ pfhep 
AA Spies 

& o6-f 
aaron as Sa 


‘und this priae avr, of Cra, be rem ed, tf It. tecrqaund devirayta 

dose not, fine in the losdt whim miblected to a cuyrart of 100 

oe ee 

aE Tm § kame, “OR DEP tae we tae ear ee at 

eB YL rier am cose og rd be ott) iplectate. te \ 

: . 

i Sen - | 

Kap DT ES Mae Sy aa ge de tha OF mane ct DSTA 89, { 
Samed Add, mb! ange ave MAGS wel? ety Geb ao ns, 

Has Gotha Mao Be fra Happ, Me tte, steel de 

» p sé see 2, 
Ce ae Sma POH Ry ERE NE OY tS rede @iciarg Glee, 

Yaga very traly, 

Dear Sirs. 
tt a . ee : 
a Ae eo RR ae Ay OP diet eats : aa, 
We say. to Bekr el anon Moret pe ae yen Ustsar ’P 354 rr 

Inavent. in remrs to inarlat tne comanrd, centcute of whidh we 

have caresnily noteas 

’ . 
We are seaitrs YOU theday, per UL 5, Wprzen, seve Pad tplon 

of ing lat in: conrotind, rhitl we ean HIPPIE Mor 89 -soaen yer bb., 

to mix any incre eu cat anes IR AL The opecd Ma nmravity of thig = 

* . * 3 
compound du 3 ta As, aopper yah: 7a nr 


Va are leo sending you nome asorlen of wire, - ree ee 
néocantry for yo. to report on thane sanples, unless yau conat ar 
the wire suitable fr your ure. Ya hau tented. aanpte Tos and 
very oureSkty, ar if vhows a rerfect tru lation afder wii hope 
tn vat mete at an eleetriaal phaara of 120 esits for an hora’ 

It has heen kept at # semporative of 210 ¥, fer 26 dayat and it 

RCN RES neem ey Ee oF eagerege 

Sek os 

arperon witil desemyed, The wira npOn which these eamplow af 

Ammilat ion ware pit, wan muppred to c# folly veh LniatLatnd ta 

bacin with, ba af shirts arnoke nowe $n the ftraprant coding at 
it Le hqped that [todd aot Ihrer wie wien aralana, 
The Yack paths Ay RAMPAGE, Pan, bie sed hts ve ficdn, a eh Ane 

newe Trwdil mend you a fon nore, eoaping of vita in a crore tira, 
Re ie Ne 

Yours very traly, 

Yea, RABAT ATO! gf T354 fas at 
oe tren Ate ly Nye nh ene NG tar ar ded 
hg. a ree Qos Pa WA: » “ Rersstta) 

a Te Hehe gy are, Ca Ta 

SEV Te satya, 

LEO Pegs fe pe heel te . . 
Eat wo “ey, ieee toon, TAM ar , ROMER Ry ee 

Cat Mie. wycatan \ : 
Mee Rerpewan, Ohba] me nae suede page gt Cole FAR by 
: ‘ a ? : : ER 4 

\ i ; / 
“Piece gee 4? 

Ba aR ee moma Eg it Le reins decorate / 

Ler gg rst wt Wee vy OS: 4%, ns 

! chee 
: ae . oan i : > * 
j hi ppg oO p8 eed ar ty 


An 4 464 a, i, eee ey ‘eade,: 

| fro tt, 
| ; 
. i . : Pa 
ee wpe cen DOPE cose ger The a eda, PR wh 1d 
\ : 
trop hore €] ta Peyort fi: Hey ria) aoe Sad ee, ihe ay Yah ae 
“MMe tery Sir Hote OP hoot Wented sien 
pen @bete ae eis ee SN TT 

ho BP Patra ait Lo rr es | a 
Tne ehh ee EP ahs A Ee 

Tune 5, 1680, 

Gustave Stronbary;, Reqs, faa’ ye, 
Vesta Furmage Sorpryy, 
a, o Tro al, 8%, Jew Yor... ‘ 

Dear Sirte ° ee ee 

vest Eenolose herewith it, Hateon's cheek for Morty five 
hunared doll nee (44,806), covering alxty, sheres ‘of atook of 
Vesna Armee Corpay, i Boaontancn vith your telegnae of na 
instants Kindly send re aertationte an nonn as poastdte, end 

onlice | es Lf eA me. ©. BAL ra enn tt: ot 
“Kk AR Py, 

we oe, 

seat i A oop 

‘ eee 

Yours truly, 

| = / 
. | | 1 Sconeuetneaiemnenetaneed ar eeliaaned cee TAT pnragmees ne ome YO ae - 
he ‘ 
\ i 
. F Nine $ &@. 
3 Mr, Kennelly yo 
ee : 
a) : . Neat Sirt~ © Y onctona horowith wtatoe 
H ment anc vouchers in vorneetias with tho Mieon Birthdey Rand, 
; N ri : 
i which I hove been dolayat in gikirg up oving to ny nob hardng boom 
7 @ he on : 

able to got the bis far vor) done in the Laboratory tt il ¥ ithin: 
the nat‘ fow dayn, Thenc Ynborntary hills sasunt 6 $89.57, 

An we had o balance on hand af vet $18.25, 1 nave steer a ren 

rate on this »il) of $1012, £0 ay to Mint ehsorh an thole of the: 

find, anit tinn rdiove ive of the omberrasament of adthe a eirpltur 

orn deficit. After yon haya exaninat tinse, Will you kinfly hint 

then to Mir. Gtt, ond he Hl we good enmgh to seus then ba wra. E 

Yengeram, who in tuen will yess Wah ta Mr, Mekson, Semen 

I have nem od all the Connittes, if my recolieation servtn ne Pst 

Youre gray, 2 

jee GWE. iY 
Fea dt abidnal Pants J 
Sew I. yf 
rae) Car/ dines 

df bes Ki orunckeas: yew bherevirkh, 
Lhe fothornrc “4. checke, urkach, sa Pt ae, 
jftasee ho i, radi, inc. etlge, 


From es Che ween) eae 4 303,” 
Fae oe AR BST 
n Crue On 3. 70, 

| Dotot rs G 3 VITAE 
f owus Gok. i ' 
ey ae Dis oP 
Pomona Cu Calc: 

i = Fe onan 2a! atric eames =e ee ore: ae reat 
. Lage 
q ‘ Mne 6, 1838p, 
} } we 7 ° 
! to Te Hhernor, Maye, 
a Paria ,Franga, 

2 bas te contivm the followlns sablograns raveloas 

Prose YOR rye went oy wed 
. a. 

FEIGON, WT YORK, _. Sune 4, 1aBe, 

ak ’ 

"Reni instars data ond copies Janka 

teper from Light Somparg. Hammer, ° 
NRVARK, PARTS, “Sune A, 1480. 
"Meter nn date, 39 forverd Saturday; 

2 . Tanks peper alrendy maileds Patan” 

Yours trely, 

Tint 6, USB. 

Frenaia Re Upton, Fage, 
Fadeon Lanp Cempany, 

Orange, Ne de 

Rea Sirte | 


With re farones tw your Lett er of 4q instant, wi ol: 

'. I have shom to Mr, Falson, the letter wi) mn at the ahorntory 

on Saturday afternoon, art ws x gine to non ‘yoursolf ‘and 

Sergeunt rds the Layoratery is sonnets Baturdays wmitd) Pie 

O'aloak fie ms 

Youry tru ly, 

TTT eeeeee semanet ine amg OS pmetes ete sae 

Frenein Re Upt on, Rsqe, 

Mdteon haar Gora vv, 

Semen, Me 0 


Doar. Sirs. 

iv iy to. contin } Hr, Magsten® a telephone Onwrastion 
wh rom “ae tia artarnioon, relative “s te Ueemer ascents ng the 
Brosi dere» Foprtonn Yxhd bitors nt the Poris 
Lutnys nt the ute of the own tu done “Mr, 

has no anjantion * Ne, Raver fatine in "the 

y of the Arnoedat ton of 
sprout fon and pring 

Lar om wap acity 
nor tot te Preatding a “dhe Fangnet. 


Yours yery truly, 

Private Savretaiy, 

June 6, r8a9, 

i nem ot eran 


i we 
il 3 
Mi x 
: f: 
2 i ad : e 
nl June 6, LABO, 
i an 
( J Jesse KH, Jipp treats, “ange, 
| Vi pei 
# H 2 va cot 
ba de North Averisan Phonagrap hs fo., 
| 18% “woadway, New York, 
if ‘ 

Hy Tew Stvze 

a ‘enelon herewith: 4 legton tres Mr. Py 9, Huhert, 

Ire, with whoum nae parkape youara fe LA a ph a wall known 

_ weiter tor the preas of Her “ark ity, ae well na toe renaer 

caYeeapondent of ropnter ef lnyvon femeral ne Roy Mery . Fdtann 

gryve the first metoieion of the phoroceph, Nr» tuba did nore 

_exenlient woek ef n iterary meting ty ry Pai on rele hin a 

Perronal rrorine that tw strule |) ace a pronepersg ts for bis orn ise 

When Ghe reehina war perfected, Pree tire te the eines then — 

tert hac wettten artiales aheut tre phanerrans, ef, ax you etTt 

see, hea not foraatten Ite Milajn a protiines. The Latter warttit 

lake very mough tw durpy Aw tits sletas end has agked of te wri 
you in regere to 44, He wobails ov Chae te an att ar ONY igh %o: te 
Hutert have a reohinh, te A elar & Herp oetted ey ditn Ww he 
tate of tn anrlity yp id ° ay yine Wonnsridy yin wai ae ib thé 

Sorviads of & valuchle nevnpaper vedter, Mr, Haloon world Linn 

. wry ts 

vo know iy thie ann we. arrungetic 7 
: ited eee ny Ye : 

.[t : Sar oy, 

Yaura very truly, 



Geor m Pe Kingaey, Faye, 

Orang ts Me te 

Dear Sirte— 
I mg to ncknowladge reaalypt 
tn, ane advising ne thet 

o tye title 

ar your letter af Bth 

instant, enalesiny tre Ferrand gontruc 

te af tris Prorereys und alo 

12 took into the %4% 
Tife Inse Go. of 

you wi 
to the property £018 tO He. Palesn ty the Mytrsd 

How Xorke 

. $ 

Yours very eruly, 

Private Rocretar y+ 

Tune 4, 1eBO, 

Miro Raiaon,- 

1 sand yal nerenteh an "Improved Mane 
Lola Bock, * whieh you usked tor the other asy's 

M thinksvew 922 

fing th: t this du whee yo war te 

Youre truly, 

° Jun 6, HD. 

We Je Harner, Faqe, 
: Parka, Pranee, ‘ 


Doar Sirte 
ZL ig te contin the followin; aablogrann reestvad 

trom you er nent ‘by mets *: 

FOIA, NPT YORK ete, en aA Jure 4, 8B. 

"Ie X cannot: nse now spectacle ee ee 

rant. haw: old once and, old. #2 | 

e411 patents are: necurads trowd 

enorwons.e Nant “for ot extra prrts. 
es Haniers® 

Iun@ 6, 1889. 

"touratd han tad atlundart tira to 

secure patents; ude ney ever ything, 

at only amplain pla dovicas. FRISON,” . 

‘Yourp very truly, 

June 46, 180, 

Jone He Lipnimess, Mipe, 
Nore): Amard cen Phonograph Go., *: 

149 Yoatwuy, New Yori: « 

Dow Sirie- ek a oo 


. . Lenalone herawith a rmgh dealt of letter whiter tne 
Rdfan Phonogreph Norkn Propoao nonin: te tho af frerent Pronae 

Brah Corgacten thrauthout the Inited States, and wfoh © mene 

tiered to yu thin rerning. Hr. Falnon vat Whe vary rttch to 
have yaw opinion, not only as 40 the detifle of thin letter, mt 
to the conerad proponition wed nh it involven. 

Yowes treaty, 

= ‘ on ee = 

Piteqte Secretary. 

responéonae wi th teolt others He Liyy Inoett aia. not ae 't0. “am 

: aad Atipessod ‘to have lioped ‘that * tne matter waild hav Bn OR 

nent saan i Lt Sst Sate Soste uendk ce c US See 


t “ 

Tune 4, 1880, 

Major S, %e Paton, 

120 Aroedway, New Yolk. 

Desr Sire . 

1 enzlese jnerewith a tonter fran Mey Resinala tray 
who da Mra. Hemenway ' ‘ uttor vey, Anger’ nou’ the - took ‘Which 
the intter holda in ap Pet nm PhLynoygrerh-* Gocrpans'« I saw Ur. 
Tidypdreote this nornt jg, und hw dhs nrguested tat I write: eae 
Gray, atat ine: i.) tint wt _the atone ot rete Pakion Phonograph Noe, 

oxe tity; Mrde dineinivay* ) nolan “His yAON wld tw Mr. Srippinaott, 

end that vontd penne place try ip ansnte ana Nre Oray in gore. - 

altogether proyared. ie tage up thin npttar at ‘the sreeert thre 

with Mae Herenwny mit nogoticte | for the redespt ion of her -at.oak , 

layed uneta & Lot ar a te = nt least nush ia the srymomgen yas 

‘he give ms In there any onjestion to my writ iry; ‘the Latter whioh 
‘ho miggeats, and win lyon id ney ‘ive re ‘your own idea on to how 

I shold roply. to {hin sormnioation, ‘The acknow Iedgemont noted 

on Mr, Gray's Letter. as of 34 dnatant, was simply a note from 

my Arelétmt, Hr, Mreuire, mying that I was not 
letter rmelee here 7 

at hore when -tne 
mit Wat I warld reply to it on ny roturs, 

Youra very truly, 

‘tne 6, 1680. 

Mr. Philip 3. Dyer, 

rue Ogy 4%, 

Antwerp, oly firs 

Dear Sirte 
Ll naz to sanfime the folloring onblegrans reodved 

fyan yo and sent by mete 

EDISON, HI YORE, Juno 8, 1889, 
"Pires fxotqry proporky sie to-morros, : 
hergmin tronty thotveand dellara, fiftesm 
thoneent oere Seat eround coverad by 
ten thmonand aquare facet floor spact ono 
atery bificinis, geod contition, extra 
ermmd irewatiate vteinity for loser | 
factory moout seventy sents aqua foot, 
plenty grant Cor eale fifty cents, 


DY, ANVPRS. Jur 4, 1389. 
"Price too high. FUISON.® 

Youn rary tmily, 

H. M. hivor, “ode, 

19 Pay Strant, 

My Dear Sirs- 

“re Mdleon tan reenived your tolegram of Sth tists, 
acking him to arrange te go with rey to the Giltart Mine on Monday 
rext. instend of to-morroy (Thoradiy), and he says all righ, he 

will ba rendy for yar Monday. é 

Tina R, 1889, 

Now York Gite, 


Xora yvory traly, 


7 pve 7 ih 69 
' Orange hj 
Yea diney,. 

Pleo t eneloe 7 hearth, Iv €iam 

giclee Ud ren of tan hago 

i ie ¥ 272, % Lhe wane ber, ache entecl, 
Chow Lebmainy Bangs A) Gu the Jeet 

ob Fund, 
cE iivee chee! aes iuncth, ae of the 

| | : Jone 74 “59 
aS Pevin ia helical Prawk 

| : : | ENO he. A 

a Dear dea) E 4 a 

— paleth fs op rary te 

Sh) _ oe JD. bh hav ears 

a es aig f s0000. ce 

= é. 
af mt ” Gere heakay he. ye oy 
mdash. , ° Me berrclinesevcls fy © My ‘7. oP 

Fotoks Vlooge 47 

Nom Eater Cchreon - 

bevaveacsils ay a a ’ 
1 rere re eT er © ATR prep 
: . CONE gene 
es. H 
Inne 7, Lett, 
Mere Sten tard Sars, 
| Shoeerger hd, - 
| TI Tegr Sart 
| ‘ . . . . ; vhs 
a Mae fo Oreloso beraddth Agrrhennt hetyedn Ancin 
| , ¥ yr F sarcge ‘ 4 
TALE aie Staword Farrand, eaxaqutora of Chaka. Fateard ait 
: wnt 
h Trova Ay Mai en Y : 4, 
, , Ay Mliarn, rointive 10 sertadn propert.&’ dn tho ternsh tps 

2? Sicommsta and al) eville, purqharal by the latter, This 

Gomwe:t Nee haem duly miged oy Mr. Fdl om 

Youn very truly, 

Pirieate Savy ately. 


‘dune 7, Late, 

Geore P, Vind av 

’ Pane, 

Ur anes. ne a, 

Dear firt. 

Mere Midaon ' wry anxious to obtein x trawioys as 
rhea Mr. Ropes. len eae 
EE NAN in Meomrind dy 

‘the rp) the Prapertien phi ole 
T waa you would. wary Rhy arr this. 
. e pes 

Gh aren and bine m tracing ji 


m2: to iia Dre for uh, tH] the 

Be . dl? Laren, re opert irq ahve. ate ferret ty ontalts ‘a in Of Paaw 
f eolara, re tent WO en ronghiize the round, ries OF mon Ae 
a Present ow heen no mp at axl 

, er in. ad au do soriytitons Aum 

. yt 2 wy 
are cansernag, we wp we ttre? v dn in ert, Thr. simon nat 


invites y te moat ‘te 
he gett t)s4a trv cing, und te wi! il 

kay the meaperéy ‘int require eth far $1 
Wh vale Tht eh Antone en ea yon atv 
you will ontain 1 MEOH au dated day 


sus Yomibte, 

Seite vary tty, 

PALO Morenita y. 

dune 7, 1289, 

5 Mre Tago M113, or, 

Ganton, hie. 


Near Sirs. 

Meg ae Bn dasices ra to thank you for your lottar of 

ae ame 

Paid lat instant, in moar to tah mugina woh “hd Bai naan tne! tn 

Glowlanis He sava ca Ans not sateh faith in retary’ angint ne 



; ¢ Nea knows of oninos 9? this ilies hav iy a upqose na high as ten 


thousand revolnt ions, 2 never. say one whioh WHA Sonn tonT.. 

i Yours very traly, 


Private fee ret wv. 

Jens weds tee ie 

"June 7, 1830. 

i 2p Mr, Gharloa T, Poytor, 
i. § Dr, Strong's Sattar tn, 
| : fara taza SpAinea, mn, Y. 
ae : 
0 PA i : 
| a Dewy rte 
| Rao amar i ; Bios ee Hoe : : 
| Mr, Kitson aha rO@ to acknawlatso enoaipt of your 

| letter of Ath instant, He ta gla to hear that von corn ttre 

ce « x 3 3 ske > is <t rat nee a GR * a Re 
| toi er, wig covering your health. ; 
elf ate Seay Pee, Mind es : a 
os i. ff Yourn very treaty, 
i os ans : 

Privite Secretary, 

hane 7, ®, 

George Il, Sahoock, FR ey 

50 Cortlenat At., Now York, 

Dear Sirte 

Mr, Mdieon has rannivad your letter of 6th instant., 
relative te’ an exhibition of tm phonograph .2t) tre “Pate ohamp at re 
des aing nena 5 whi dh the laden, of- you fogiety prapone, holding 
on Tune 2th, | nae : ee | 

yo othe z ghey ee tole tea py ae 

‘ _m™ a. Hr vat §)\ aesiren rm to nay that he MOE SER: vary 

~ mich he anmot himself Joan youn mag hine for thin ooranion, fe 

ia, however, powerlens in the. rater, an al exhibitions of een 
kind are, contralled ty the North Amerfann Phonogroph Company, No» 

160 Romar: ‘Now York ity. I think ir ya. app lied | to the 

North Am, Phonograph M06, thay omild perhaps: arrange to let yo 
have a phontgraph for thn oneaaion in quest.ion, 

Youra truly, 



ary id 

ae U 

Dean! doi as “ptf 

a to en chee yo huwnrtl 
tie he dit, Hehe = 
Que ts Hiss Oe or L. Ge 

fr B& 2000, %, hee ned kin, Lnott 

. and 
git py Men pitly aad the, nti 

t own ordin/ 

f 200%, beni Th ow, 
ibis eu da, Pegrneuh, 
ow Keeounk | Nah EO Drutlhauy F Leite, 
(Men fakes, j oo pet 

Ple ace achn vailicl as eas ne 





June 10, 8, 

MY, De No: Ropes, 
Vistha Notel, 245 tranont Ste, 

Seton, Maan, 

Dear Sirte 

Z "6 to atime you that J renitend 42,000 to Mn, 

Kinga ley, on nocmnt. ‘ot Mr ‘Radaan' 4 rortrace held yy Mra, Ropes, 
and that I also mado the naynen tp to the If 

the Mary Ay Daw ti woportyy The rnaeint for: 4500 mferra to iy 

your lntter af Ath instant q “cont to Ay, Xingaley, and  prosare 

he in hole ings it, oy there arypearn to ip rome diao repansy hetween 

the deneription of the land an writton in the daod Aelivored hy 

the Mutual Life Ink, Ges and thy resord shown, upan, YOUN. PET. 

Yours very truly 7 

anal Nite Tia, do. far 


ST neat EE ee A AOR RE SEN | SPER ert 5 Ve aan eeencerr rn meeergamagueneer meres «eta, a 

Se B Futon, Haq, 

120 Brondeay, Now York .. 


Dear Sirf. 

Replying to your letter of 742; 

herewith copies of mu Inttars ta yo urnsier date Vehmury Plat. nid 

Tne 10, 89, 

irutent, I ercipse 

Mareh Oth, 1649, relating, renps:tivdly, to S8% of the Phonograph 

Works atock and the arrangement mith Frarar & Qos for Chinn ord, 

Jepen. 1 will he in toxn toemorrow and will call and ae you In 

regard to thera mittara, 



Youra yory 7 ae 

Lites 1G, 8s 


Oranicn Nand, Busk, 

Orange, Nw, 

Denr Sirgs.  * + 

“ PD cane erentt ry ane aint vith tha Bnet 

eOk chon 

for Sa8.00, 

ac ” © 





We We Taaquan, Vanes 

PS IL St, Meton, Masa. desea ae 
Dea Gtyrpn 

I wp to confirm the follows re thleg rir, nent you te 

*Plonze rake appaintrrne. with your Directors hore 
Thursday Initead af Mednaacayy A, oO, Tata,® 

Yourr truly, 

June 10, 89, 

My Dear Peny,~ 

of neve your letter of Sth inatont, ndvifting pe 
that Hr. datting takes £0 sharin of “atmo Ayuce Co, wtotk, 2 
wilh leok yon Up toorior row in Lata pnd wid have tho, ptook, with, 

MB e 

Hr, 4%, f, Perry, 
AO "HLAdam Stirner; 

Naw ‘fork, 

Tana 10, 8p, 

My Dear ur, Lippdmott,- 


1. She ataohet edrraspondence samyn to rp 

to confirm: the Epasent sy or our eee: ont: mich o conaral lo tter 

_ a8 that whieh tn ‘new 4n ‘yen Indias Th aa@ition to vennmnrirg the 

verious Conpanios dn re mri to. reine jrowor,. ‘it wild, erable. nr to 

Place baton tham my- muemention. ‘in rogard to phonograph. eirauite, 

which I conaid ae an exe Lent ont and wiich. 1. teliove wild. w . 


adoptad ina graat mny plncea. 

a Yours wry: ae 

AG. - 



t ye 

Jeane ie Vdppineott Mages >. 

185 Frondyay, Naw York. 

eet pat 

pegs Te 




etree nm nena eM aN ER, 


Tina ML, ise, 

4 ek * a 
: pod 

MY Denar onirad dd,» - i ik 7 wat Se. ie 

“War eink ‘you on’ iotirnba'y ext, per Bes Be 
tatty of Paria (twa tpndkingbety fn aes Later: vwilguit dng dev tae nna 

‘wD etidona you, Hevenstfibdee ‘of ‘arivtaotdieit er Teast en's aah 

Lovegrot cneleat ttyly: tie "hin we Tae Hives” mote “delayed bo yond ‘the 
Aime ort girmlly nde’ ithe atittmebit habit yModnestiy 9 Leet,” pat 

~ hot re8-to. Lent them rp AeUT negra es oy ‘wnt ata” ko ah Eo" ie am 

‘RIFR parsom ly of: tir, po pag’ ean eion in. every remeat, ‘arf : 

; 6 yt io eee OR ea ee ts wot tal ge tek 8 
could anty de ao todays” Tam bYdo doh ire you twonty=fiva new 

“phonograph: blanka, in someotion with waoh I inve made eed im. . 

Provereant during the rart thw works, Yeu wilh te surprised to 
finde tint I have’ ‘gbttah r1donttrery ef all eoutohing SOs: In 

uoing these blanks, be ou reful net © trakk your pasorem: teo 

deep, Kaxreriencn with the ole a yLinder may have Boer yous Op a= 

rators into the habit. af traaking the rogor dar quite daoy, wit 

with these no onen Lb resuirem to ba tenn bed Ug, To tncere 

“tain how!.tea tracy “tha ‘latter, mak noveral traakingn form haa ‘to 


Mighty ‘and: yor’ W411" Haast v asi that whon traekicy Feu et 

acere aly nhy sand, aml upon rapro@oing you wil] hear wyeolately - 

aie, (er 




Col, a R, Ge ; oy) 


Tan, rors Cae ee Ea) te 

no s munt wimesee, ae OnE NG, tia of n ragord Wid gon tay 
made. Thea oylindars will not warp ax the oi onen ahd, “They 
art slightly afteatod Sy moi atura, tat if yn have any trong: 

fran that, PONE y ate re ‘pram WW, an i ean yivo yer on oy linear 

iget Pe 4 or moet eg LYS sy ep. 
equally. “o Good, Wat, ty mL nat. 0 “attoater ty rohature, aysl she 
: ’ been aes ch od Soe Be fe ps 
gout of whieh. will. be Spor joie 4. opt mp0, ‘Yen the rominr, 
fF oyh : Ps Baaetigte AV ne & oe oe _e 
wk -Paalty, wangot, Aes, how, Paid monoprepy Bir Ww ere rorn sinplo 
+4 t, Anage “Skt, ON ary) . 

than St. nov 70, Any: parron » a EBAY... Mel Ugense aa Learn, 

Ryrace wes 

to operate. At Sas an jour, ee ee 
ch opp Vy © “agp t igh tdey Nhe an _ 
* a: he va; jPinaads wed teen. a ee KG mart, to. wee instery, bi ah, 7 

Bore Vb TY ae i ay ' arty 

em Preparing to, Fn Ma CAO the ates: af wiht ok Lau ay yat luRHLe 
sy rts aor Te gee iA) 1 ven tt Pte we 4, 

6. ‘of eet = . 

bg W rity ha aad Jeg! ets oF ted “ & we ?. F tre aaa 4 as ce 

, biskgu Dp, Bard ke aoe from YO, Mune, Yes te ®, ret, Rita 

Hit nt Hin 

ip? ae, Ste: | oe 

ney fey Ronen intaa he. Liggs Weds em whea ees nae n Sir, Sorte 
ET ET ES Stak Ba Heat gd amas Wye ey 
ey pd ge ge Moura gory. iis AS COPE a Dee SMe de “anes 


ciptege Shae tle aws fe ee Ge A 
olla SO WARES “gh fate ght ( 

UTA Rae oe 

Be he thre Moluag Gah Rel Aaktiany O26 Le a : . : , r 
Tk RTA OEE AS eee eR, an ek Cee pe PRE nop By fo tee 
. J “oe 
tight pa Pete tage eae eae EP ee eh PE 8 ay gp app ae apo eo 2 
MTea ate a ef Blokes Pepeupgmer ite oT A 
i es 
eS aac whe aan, Caste llgdage” 2 dee hgegt a cs Ge ; 
yehen dip At Weg 7 FN ie tA as aaed fb Pose 8 ep ee meg 

Cale. Georene. easier + abe ed eke x ers wee FF 
Tiesto ‘Hen io; ae nok | Behe da key ty Cs ie 
ce PUPPY» | Brighunde glenda §, 

. ote een ine, suai inenen gamers + SPS lew. | 4 et carer Cota nee ee 

e Lad 
a on 
ye Ott : s ae , rf Sp ae Magee sot 

NA i anes 
Wt > teat ry vee toga ‘ ’ © RM 

mort i pgp RM ak ET ane 

fitop the Peet ny Bulag « aint the pun put ane meotacls 
; ‘ “sy ‘ s 

Lal at’ the ‘oxtrere Inne ‘ome of. “the cylinder: let tre srestacie down 
fang y : Yoighored tet Py Wie Lae ete tpg feed 
& onaily hy ‘the’ hie td a; ‘taka tho hand og the kardla pe SPH 
7 : seep yg Prat Vorname ‘Wwe fete FF aa ~ aS : 
Re) the’ index ‘Pinghe on thr top ay the Little holt near the banat e, - 
Sade spe AL Hagley Se SO pets "ge tah 2: ee aA, a a “ar 
oy a whose ond veite ‘on the otrat che etna; und with te tin press ty 

; iis mee By AGT Baie Be ies ea 

m os Hewes rire wrth, ‘protrudes. a rinkt angle n at this O° = Ae 

’ Fg ae Saha gly che gate cde pt a er el! “igeabbe Po 
fans lett. the’ very alin ttont touak wI Ud rake Mt tea? and eek the 

ror 4 Wh Ye 
ee agra Sg ekes orn aa te yt ae fe rh Mogtrle 

‘opectadle 4 ‘Toate tons Bart thr raw hte nna te aie wine in ante. 

You wil. nattee at on the or of the aq ents de, ‘tree ‘tae 
: : gekk OE thy Saab Pe BME Lt rk ah 
litve rendanius, with a ttle 86 naw on thn “ene of its, ihn, an 

feed Lo wi ag Oe hot ye 
the Aetormir ing top. cel orton of bigs eat: for. ot pe, sarge) 
ORR OO Sete Bee ri 
forme part of a elrote of which the Futerwiy As ue SOnERes | ares 
Peet itt OF ; Baya” tet ca 

vot ton: of ttn enrow ne? ich Parti x mes the oa inter when, Ste, sptg= 

- he 

“tnele in Let ‘dow, a Aetorntnes, the “ponst 0 af, the Antter, be 

“ue oy 
tees 1 ¢ 

a mich m4er “etemntarenc team tke Biden end pertome the wen 
sorvige an the “ole marht: te ee, ted ier Rives to atic 
serste ‘the. raaord Shes th tho apa rates pout - tore Nt roy vt phn 
“each aiid pad, Bean. nt (fren the aytneer, in WARY sete 

fap cet eel atte 

‘dov4on, an s09n as the ihdrane Atherty , She aren. Ae Whey th Ort 
rides licttly dn itn mependet pttson nitro. Grey ay tte 

ee ee eo a 

aeagering the yevord. Ye aall thin acrew the Spanien Whig? 2% 

hy, & Sirona out in it, ont by iurning ac nepuyt om Wa saad, 

me ” ia aa eHaale r, 
at etm “hp aid funt oa up or dom an na to migtinte the ong th or thine 
e peste . Y. te wi 

Yeu vill eae th a as ad fit tn, foram on ve right hana mr, 

ay at. + vv? ee fo Pe 

at thn sreoteol han apne: Liideet bn Lea rewenen-t ‘within ‘sertadn 

thy e 

pe ye Neher D, GQ pee ord tore) s fee eg aN oe edd 
fixed pointe, by mbites 8 aoline on 4%, Tho spo tuole ert 
Cae $98 pet ont ere gietes Elly cert 

again hin acrew when th rapre diame te vedte wa od, the pay 

eR: ie ee a TES A RAI Ghee Ye oe 
of, thts narar has ‘Mhen euraien aa Bn to aoa the spoatne le from 
ete Fo see “ho Dhey tae re er eey eve 

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tho yensulym no Kew, RAG eine the Latt BF. wo Vind ‘patwm th eyline | 
ak pa hi Ba Une Pr a tee oat y ny “he hbaumiate stineer eb: a ay eh 
der and lee tay travire ant indent the. rannrds The tepravemin ta 
Baye UE See ats bat guy ber Byores 
an. thie wachine, aa me a8 compared with thr ola ‘api ateoit , whl ‘ ‘ot 
7 Mae TR Yt RAPE OBR og ree 
onde apparent. The dwiae used in semnterson vin Op ‘fartor, | 

ro wd Shoe tp ak a oan ide nyat 
known, cal the Santer ael Jodeace craw" inn duihe tive, for thr reanon. 
thet whan the areetan te ‘hat bm srt how tito eittion, | tis 
forea combed to Ieak “the inerrant rte “atinete ty on the mentecin, 
ant’ 4f ee rrosnire hong pra te re sh ‘ken thick a “Ship wan 

r yeer-, tek veda i Bb me ytite, AS 

taker, or ar wpa the a as ene hanes In Aoottir “the rei” 
: Bote eee bryan gts 4 Been: 

nag stnert thers inno presmrs bruh Ye year Shton ‘oan nh any 

VEE ME TA tree hm ge Lia Peete 
way cheno th post t4 ons ritder the ape ated le ‘en end whi ate be“ 
To is coer | Sa Py dear 
depormined hy tp ontirbiny ay fee trewure wee aehedis ‘pen’ 
ee a 2 hte 6 Qtrbe oe 
the volt rhe rue tatguch sy front of. the “apedtlinw he ad 

1 ya Mayme: tm acy grt at dee 
Watne rg ‘ re oe ee a a Z Rn a 

reste "pon the atead cht wet 

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neta sn eens eel 




het eer: 

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seaeieyaus PAR oem SUS UE EAT eee 

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Sv tae Saeet > ’ . 

th ne af gar, Strat bars hug. rand 


four 4 Bee Salainkg Boryer Faate: 
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= rea DDB Trae weremat ih 8284) ate aA at aS are 

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Conn aad Yar’s yp HAG Petabeto’ 

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’ r sAfeeo Gitar tae ih. aR’ austen of ren, were wilt up 

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ae nas th ‘ot 
eit tie’ Wi aha ae tire the rHellae een mit ‘and 
jena ol ft ag Baie Lage ARPS aeh Chie: tewwmelde repos Hal ap obi Ore! 
. ae ounr the gue fh 0 
y Uurach thas te he hacen BORFEIT Its Foie salves 9 WE RRAE she 4 oe 


wil) wash the cornmtuto 
sareatlal tu: eaab ao thaeh andibe sti oy fl ourgta ns with a Littie 

olsonel, 2 ti 
veneer pinks He BORA, Sadahneteineie ponte itil that tro. 
"2 wee eae iy ty Brey he arr ta 

sa vert ates, SOLE ts aan, taue held the tao Lasge sey kn dover. 
wee i 2 8 ogra 
sence ‘pe sonasatay oem. ho Hy Ea REN TAR Lo ox ‘gave "4 ‘ot tis 
: Agh Cea Te oO eia Be ste Py ; 
aicaranets e Latent vk at tie ote at "ae" seit CPide,~ 
nd pe ty rakes aa Stathe ae ene" : stares the wehy clint 
Yop O48 20 Bite hee 4 jhe’ $4 eewharershay sre 
aataeink? tip TER tLe "a nove eke i fae 

ed da 
‘cinneetede,  anery Paper ay ae" wia.tinath carbs kt bait hpays ot WE fay, Battery 

Pre oe “Fle: anode gy Wate Bienes: Me abe Hes Wiay4 wigh. hore tngrenand 


wePrioheaths three nthe, PhAnyOAABl npc Sit iY diele fem, for toe 
‘ % a *e ys wry nm: ey 

tet Me Ae Be Pah PEP TR shrsatt Agate SAF Aabetiaatd = Ge cat sause grest 
é » ary. Serb bhi ar, yin 

sat $ AR Battecy. k F 
a } i) ‘es bat Yeap the punt Gam Abed ip ae, th aa gel tae 

BO RTD St gegee® Sag ge A Me Sa cp: fows Sob ph hl et 
Rcd ‘ a hte ire foot ba ce 
2: : a 
Bere IPOE : 4 ‘ ’ t ‘ . 
Bs ’ ‘ é * moh, he Shea aay 4 
oft & Fie es Ceti pee@ny ve Cer ow Pe tags we eats 7 ae fee 
: 4 4 fay OVA net 
a rr Me eee ae ate , ’ ; 
“ arr Ht ene tga She int te bee tite sk owtg rh te 

eee ge tea | bie Wage Co Seep eet iia sagas : 2 : a 
{Pees . kOe Sn LE aaa : Te pe oerg ay ARGH OME tease 7 

wag Cath wep m@e eet arp ac. tee Pw ® “it egy SPR eRe 

ae : i Se OER cee se TE REELS oeever Sidcnasee seer ene 

btaucttons von carting uP satytay 

set frame contatatag COPPER PLAtES fn atddle o¢ Jar, tirat turntag round strip 
Of copper at bettom of ftene ants3 it fa at rignt angles with the frase, 
om ‘sf : ae , Place on either side of frane one stiek of s0Ds and fay SP with water to 
om within SU Saohes of the bop of Jar. . 

Peae brave regs of beth since through the two onati eoene holes ta cover 

fa and attach tyes te the paceur coumteren, eave beteg tates tat they ‘ere cat | 
ta perraltol to eneh otter, and te the Chppey Peete, aS . | Oo 
a Place cover tetee sinus atteonee) en jar ‘a @4GR s ponttion that ihe two re 
ae oo extreatt&es ef 0opped freue fase tuedugh thd two fargo hates tm cover, 

ct " : , Geacect up ta worsen, Vin, Dae elke it wee pet: to the corrsn of the 

i — q Wsnt-e038 ‘and pay paétiveler adtoasien s8it too aise of the copper trans, [ 

Ke ; og aad the dress reds af Te-aiaes, are Ravi i etven ae (he ‘pofate shore they are 

° Br conneoted. cuery ohoee aps’ - NT ‘Wager ateensy, Setoe OLose the Battery ; 

o | on ttsott trem abort: ‘86 $000 Ajantes, wien phe darvest with bore isoressed t 

is if beftiesonsty to von lie reamngreph, i; 3 : 

tO ae ¥. B. Do nen ahare elenash dnqgey tied qooasoary es 4t wid3 couse grost | 

4 7 3 f waste in Battery, o : | 





eu WW De 


Ool,. Geors. ei Bohai \ 
Titede Monin, pper alata 

_urrey, Raglan, 

Sy hye. ; ™ “ : - 
t et? Bike Biss a sae . ae 

Dear Birte '* 

z les? midine yo per Be Se teiny wt: Pardee’. toearrem, 

four ants of the noni" Yaittary endut miter “1 nee 6 rravbearly weihe 

ton yo, thay Porte” of it wi 1d oyaratn ane prune tbe ie 

t ~ Ae FS 

tached te thas gat af inte set ans ie ea to. ae re w nays 

re. 1) ¢ ry 

¢ ~ irc . . ¢- co ee 
o! the phonograr a ya wala tings Adres otdaa Pee ‘get tage ay ene 
Hyyype - ny fhe ree 

startiry these salts, 9 Por the preaont ple won Oe Gl ere dy th ed 

sattory xo na ta rivk “te rb) tantian of Rhy at ite dehid ia, Farp 

it for sow a preonte uns. 

Yours wry ear: = 

. Ms + ch 

Strnd 1 uF ? 1889, 
Wentoen Furrnnde. Sovpen y ,., 
WO Strondorg, Sanretary, 
3S oat 'Rt., Mew var, 
. ' r : . 
. rad ‘ o . te a °4 we Oo ae ’ 
Dene Hinie Ce ae ‘ray ; as : ; ’ ve . 

rs oer 40, nelapeloiae am af igor your ‘lett relat fer 

thane pened iy Caress co TEL Yin ie y “Ot AP re af | Grn at aes! 

ae P ‘ age Boas ¢ wy * rea j Ce roe 
‘er yee Cachany in IY. Arey ¢ + Se, Rae | Ae a de eye 

ae Sy : u t ya “ . a ; ‘ 

er Co me age SARS, evry, fraity, cde ce 
. vo. i 

. oA we . iS 

June VL, 1S39. 


an ot 
; | [tone aS, Mark, Mage, Mhog-Proagdent, — 
i Vastern Pamayleacde Phonocrarh Coy, 
JAA FLCtH Aven., Ps eteranch, Pa. 
wil ', | 
Neer Siete oo, 
fart i | | 
' : L. hey te ea reqalps oft yore Lets bak: of stn 
Poo LH a ; va 
exist ilant @ iaewrerd te Wea ta thee Latte, Town quime daare wat the 
’ ° ‘ . i ese ab SSE a 
“ firnt: hatserion sent ant wth yt phere et He are yrnmnt sn faa tors 
10 ‘to i 3 ' 
‘ ar it wats naver hy inte Hahn that “phat ‘whonla he miopeed perme 
6 mT Peas een Se) 
dnonti ys i howe anette Loe nyry’, ak, th topteln & yalianio 

nettery witha ery, Vg eer sfor tbe phonagrey! 13 wh yon “el ul in 


te day tat F ‘ave ae 1 ge archer 2 The ea eepard rin tn 



a nrghle ne te rem wr new ane rien 

ware “not acne lvoe’ in ‘ins. 2 

wae with “ern Ptrnt phomagrag sa pied, ¥e WAP Lint, bidadl =f are real ivy 

is rpees an 

avrry of rt to Sibr ter thas Say the Rinne hai po andy 

aa shatter mareiftic Line and 

tires We Tove eractal aA rok tee at Se 
fowa Phorogapp Jonpan gee WIEST fet 

notified by. sirculer aa fnory as Yo BG peudy 60 exit iy ge Webs 
as sede ai ni, pimze vt toned ed ti the 

are aqnipp tte tt, ard tht vibe 

We will rake these eelja in 

J i at 7 “J . # 
FESO Mitra, She intone MoT Po esthay | The mRliary aia” 

(4 colle ton tatgory) ttt mim te ORM Ph Pony Nene gam dese 

for ad ior, Ant than by nine AW lette Drevh sates, wf mm a 

days Lanaep, 

: Th orsearn OR Le meat ion at mative Power, somrsh ee ta 

4 “ ¢ . = . : . 
OCOUP PAL % mp whey TRY NOG ba op, hen, Lm hd as yy HUE aay 

ers why y mabe. < r a 
others, tra whden f thtuk SOUT Lint famine dta to. HE Ante 

im so es or ie 
affent an PAB SOU 5 i wm Pew 4 wat Li Rh keys PHAR. Au 

REE SON ee. BBE NER Ae: 3: Wor comes PAsoe: a PAL) Ay nee mt yore 

Corvin d aR, IPP, and yen th hy SORA oP “” Caborie ar new oir 
ate ty wane ; 

Onyetr, cre flor £6 a ont Lel@p tors wees te sates stat TRAD Pig, 

TU $4 rye a9 mth eR Reames ches tlit mad ued es ae bey sttaatin an 

the raquironets of yaw inalre ag” eRe: bat ey tee Iesen wen, 


WOW! be eae soa ant the. gates rege ae very aight, ao aay at 

* 4 es A Re - 7 . 
& eH w tay, om tae mre nt yars ain He alee Var are 
Pe Ht . 

‘ rare 5 5 
PMWiRE Ly sara that wa “gon Mee iy ya with ators ining pi lege 

th: Ug akeodtie Cheon wt Ly ato Mts Ge Pate ry et ut sitarin 
bY ania Of you cwbooray - ‘ as 

Ag ; ears 

OR ley op ey ttniv 
; eS 


pret : Bet _ dupe Li, Lana, 

theres vty, foe eh 

My Near Hix, = 

“Tt ws Li bp ite teponed sie itor 1m? 40 mikes . 

Perrone} ox! htt at the deg Laude itntvar and Jes tridal on tritdon 

whialy into he hete n't sey fate, Moy, Sermons tne Raptenibar 4th, 

+7 : ea ‘ se Shy er Soa wet & to ged tate tye eet a NA 
1889, far the veakon tht’ ALD hye apparetie ie th PdeTes X ehink 

that the mopa rich? white ns Re FLT aah witdea ys OT 

s *y ‘ s egos ha Bag pee re Ne ten Big tees St Yat ope 

aS wise tg 

®, Prestor, Mix, Race, 

a4 Bos yt # 
i oe ae 

Mee Yors 

“June 22, Boy 

Mancen, Raton & Lawn, 

wee 2 che, 

Dear Sirat~. Ea Rega ees ey 

; *e enchage ‘heron th “ete Lae Onin , tin toopte ns 0 af thn 

Blate of Sow. Jarsry, to. the effrot. that the Bolan Phonogryh fo. 

ee been taxnd $1,200 on tte rae ftnd, Ona mw fevendt de rede to 

the af fidawit rhieh ite, FAlfon a onitted, and ei toh porkape ray 

not have voarhal the Cacptyolior, 

Yours very tmaly, 


Arne ui, Las. 

Masurs. Dyer & Seoly, 

AQ nal Bt,, New York. 
cy e . 
‘ : 

Ter Sirns~ 

Mr, Pais degires to obtain aeptinas of ath patents: 

ewerting the SahansehiofY battery, are piso, ere aa saves ut. 

any: AasLanMent Of the ay rater ts. rep, baer reco te yar te. part Aer In the 

pane AE 

United Btoten, Tn eee ronda, whe the peeagnt omern, of the 

pat ate ams, or iff mr. Mogrsea ave chron pare: tant vere 

Yours very truly, oe. 
” . a“ 
Bed Fog 

Peivete Secrets, 

» KO, 

_ mune 

ant pr : 
; Major §, Ys. Raton, hoa 
§ za nate to ARS, ‘ te ‘ 
120, Srondvay , Now York m | 
Fo eg ee © oY May 4 ” 
Daar Kist~ 
+} . ; 
: Pe ope one apegith erate af ow re, Miar Pr ompler: 
oo : 
ae contre ar, cavarity the ed oof te ¥a Aeon a Pronoy We. yet en af 

Talegray hye “the deni: oe WA u he gor toget Y ix “ran yer 

tian mvater of offiacon inal 

yom, yer ciroutt, reper all aae: af 

in the gircuite Far imssanat, tf we aquip a oelere petone|n Mew fork 

ang Phdintelohia, astablishirg, ecmpinieat ton bolewnen Chose tm 

pointe, Nu lromanos eouls siiein any maser ot Antenne ai Se a 


fices on thin wire ana oor reyelty tent still resein the mie, 

$100 per veor, 

Daler fond yoo herewith espe af ry letter to ify. Mellen 

Realden, Gene Mayptt, Yelegreph, Wltirnere & wae hy &y, Terr 

dute Mardh 28th, 180, tegothar with his Latexe 42 te dApted April 

1sth, LBRO, hath of mich rolete to a rey contmid eR ish Lwith to 

hewe ‘proyered patween Mr, FAL tnon ane tht 9%, A&M Ry Be fos —wrory- 

thing in the old eortract vematne vw he How, bgvant UR o huige Lox 




oat.ion hetwom taone rot nteg® we reel aber ts art FBO, qe sypttam 

royalty. Ya dosive to rake a tmpeclal array eiannt with thie Sorte 

pay, whereny they wil} pay we 820,09 for each completa wnt at 

Phonoplex Anatrnuente nga tee the tinna. Thus, if they hed a 

me ~ 

wire Lwawenn Naw York ret Paliaer phd wid we antan Li ah ed corerini 

for tho ‘faa mmmts eoployay at New York mii 630.00 ror thom Brie 

ployed {n Phaladel phia. ir they ware te fn luae sev Iintered! te 


orficnn, =n cs aaa Sen, a) for ansh nme n° inatrumente want 

pr et ue yg WN . oe 

bet nner bad tomer ANationks 

es State Rectek ey, 

“4 ry 


Sime 11, 8% 


a , We W, Jasqraa, Req., 

134 - ae 

798 Min. Ste, Boston, Mari, 

Hy ry * 

te Dear Birt. : 

m Io teg to cenfira the ep Lh veri ne selag Man Mesivad Way 

ie you ent semt by mot~ 

afl : Me 


at. Ae , Tatos , j a ; ‘Ratan, Jae 8, 1ARa, 

x : ae OR eS eo i 
Saye conclude the navotdeticra, Wil 
sal) om yor ‘Monday. Me He Pu pies, ? 

ia Ae o, Taterg> .. ose ‘ a Ps aatton, Jure a, isan, 

A. Piyadtora ftseape ard Piel! etl go in ry 
MOR Are world Mise to cet Mere Pttrone 
an fs “see ther one Waite htnein Meésday or : 
Tednoriays Lf not, wher? Anewar, “ee Te® 

we, Janniita, -- “fans Ath,” PRO. 
: Nr, Maulaon will be very glad to qe So 
aC your Peragtore We detnday nixt, Ae We WP 

Youre truly, 

os OR ete 

Priv:.ta Seqvetary, 


xa od 


Mine 11, 89. 

Gol. Gnorge BF, dourmrd, 

Hitele Mando, Upper Sorwoosdt, 

Surrey, Fnglen ie 

Yaar Sirs- 

Io bt, %© aonfirm the mlowirg opbleg rams sent hy rp 


’ Aw 

ami Yecesdvead Thom yaw} 

TROS. A. TDIRM,: HRY YORE, - Jnne, 8, L&Ra, 


"Nic miohine laeve ye aterdny?® 

GOURAUD, MORMON, . Jum 8, 1989, 


“Sew mohine unavedd Nhly selayed: Vednerday next. * 

Yours tm ly, 

jure 12, 1889. 

Ny Dear Dvay, + i778 Se 

I angloae hore th a letter which I hive received “hy 
th tu tro erére from Goi, Gorrnud, in rename to dal phonopraph 
patents, Onten 80 4 87, together with tro reports wade Ww Sir 
Fred’k, franvel)., under tha hea’ ings “Case 8A Pat ent No. 1A,SAA of | 
lat of Soptemmnr, waa” era awe 87, Patent No. 12,594, of Let 
Septemoer, anu,” , ; 

Mr, Pah aon is amt of tom and will not yw hore un'd 2 to~ 

\ | morery, Tol, Gorm rtaten in nis lover. ord loB eR, that it is 

_ of the imeatent Importarce that ue ae doownmta whould ve con~. 

sidered Lee's 0) oe an they have to bo returned apy tn tire “NS 

tor filing py the 2%h ine,  Ot+herwhor the patents will he Jost. S 
To aeodd nry dalny, ahe nature, KE osend Akl tha doctmonts to yotr “S 
“Dr, namilne Bary, Ini a separate pac nage “he will hand yo a 
mamber of douunonte, whi ‘sh t pelieve relto to tho eeu haphor anda’ 
to a te. drs of Arsern ind Her Liner. I hiwe onbled Gourmdé, an he S 

roquesta, advising him tht thage papers hove arrived, Will yoy S 

kindly give them tho attentiqn wrioh thay. ve quire. NG 

-Youts truly, 
Private Seorata’y. 

ne mer ERs Rm on - penetra 

Ch a AL. Coie latelry ae a “4 

Goo Ad PHL Plo-w08 DOM opt. Gn, 
ee Cav ye WY; 
| Acca Jin . G iret ate Tse 
WS tte f eta | bine On Gihy 
ar be ety oor fA os eo g 
PRE CO Me mn. pileey go: 
neste ty ite aves Oe cs PAL: by THK 6 _ | 
ey, Rha OnLy, Oh Pkrvvg" afte >. 
pace Co, ON Lig = oe Ltt Orth, 4 
AN . Ac, » [AE LVtddtd Ms ie a 
Spe he AL A a Loe AMAA: er AAA gn 
; aban teaay se eae SG EE nd, 
A PEGE 0 Fo SE (ites eg aot 
= Kia By. ee cinak, nel 
Ne, Lon “O- Chisy - COL - . ey LO 

Dice eve ee 

fp grr Art, Civrte, tn : 
. che . “Hh. AN the heen oie . 
NE EER ep ake ra oe 
eee ee 
Shey Gicias PE. Ae wes net 
KIA Life frau padre tao 
& Atte - 2 bh UA 4AVN, 7A 
| Id ane Mep-t the, Arattey Gosts 

oh P=. ASL Ch UKE oe Oe h Oh abe 

en ats esnee that WE 

0) awe Vay, *, Ppeteeeery 
ee nee ge the a 


a, 7 




Oi a 

i, Ae 

Thor Ap Fateon, 

Ture WL, LRRD, 

Wachtaiewiile, poy 

Ferg ct. ctarted Jor Saettelaedi be m 14s 

roymhvad separatua, 


| ew fparvts b. Che yes Lartley 


STREP tet te nt ie ss anne 

G of Wekey 

Oe Cel hey fog Vt OR. 

) Coca. Brat. 1g 

C -- ate me tereene etn 
emer eet 

KEL. fA/CE er 
I Cc 7 an C eee Me. BALM 
i . ' , “s AK ALE a le 6 c. KCL. es Ctr OF 


ot. Cat S thet “ye AL oe a ue : ae 
Doe fr Mate pt Hh. Cite 

LED parte’ of-a phsurpenphe & 
a Pop hae K- fing uA a Flan ar ae oe - 

, fi AO MUL He 
a : UL pare crvele fle. Ate Ce Certer 

wk tye, AS 2 Sees on Cpe fit wet G 
te AA CULL: Chere Py eee so ee. Ontey Ge gi. 
18 IO i, 
a a sees anf hats 
ANU ANA A CAG a eo le 
ne tM. take 

fr see) 

. ei, at Le le ere & 


we ene pene eee 
en Cpe ae eet ta 

— fe oe LAA... t. O oo ; io 
| ee: te OW Mi 
ds; a i a ees , NN 
he he Cou fir the felt a 
C.K, & ee of ers 

ay ae 

I k oh. MAAATMAAAN | URL © Af try CH AAD - | ue 

Sh aftr A, Aprttne Ce Cnaecs 560 £ | Pee 
hte Ktw Shae a: » Onnt_B | 

wre A? vAt. AAR to OMG ACI 

4 my ; 

btiimlie. * 
: ; Y, V, DEVRY AAACAUNW ae oth LHe 
thas Actin hunt Aft” 
. A MAY Att betes, ‘ Arie rite 7 
; ( LAA, OGL. | PRL Ge Ly. Gute | 

Bt... Satin why CLA / Be oh | 
CArd nen sla CF, Up. le Lette | 
AK, SL ‘Kapa thegp. apts Afon fer —_ Pe 

LLG firAptid- Abts, 

bo or btn gore br lhe - 
PUAtad camry, MAMMA Kt G ferret 
ae eel 
abn e hs former “te. 

HMarvgwrawsy, 76 Git /eerrty 

‘ | 321 

Cot ee Ore a iis. SL you . 
ee LALE- Chtre8 pp Oto afr. As 
i tr hav Orr focte Uf PAT 
AKA oh rut fon ae 
fy Ea age Catt GF. tHe tiara 

C a poate aaoroas, 

o id sade Met GE aus suite Today 
Vib phaluMndont vee. S- / 

Atin phd ALD A 

ca by Pf 

mee Eire Cage 


/ L fe ‘ 
’ Bee a” eee ALM sf M¢. CAG fi oe Cay (At (9-TA 2: 
ee a | el Gigs 

] Crt BAMAALS SCA a G4 thir Arg cee om 
Yr ak tg, THe /¢ Or te levi Ze 

: “ 1 — : C tniy- hry pre. rte kh w1le 
Kyo : 8 Qader Phane Ap ALD 

poo DACA Ct0tom 
b Wie Oanep tae) 
l AO RA RL, | pe. 

t UG ert te Cans ; 
> ie aaa 

a AAWAGLUARILAA pees Athariz | 
ads Anti. etio-ary Ss nererg . 
Dee paeeny we es rn O58 

dine | ry ROY 

The Tetven Phanograeh tay Mig Pay, 


HS UILE St., Winston, Maucne 

Dear Strpte 
ot Lone. te aentires te fal tovt yt ta Ings ran wink vey 

to soy e+ . : 

"Hr, Heat con wnevaddnbhy csd UNAXNes tAdLY 

bin : 

‘ tefetnes dn Pamaylvanta and aanmot pet 

hy : ‘ 
Qurk this weak, Toiat theratare am 

ny ’ 
youre Morestersa to pontpeme lad used b 

peat seek, chon eH lh ve wlad te comuit 

thal cay sees Cae Py Ae 9, Tate,* 


Jun, a, 

. Masor Sed. Raton, 

\ 120 Wwouadwas, New Yat, 

\ 1 
Ny Dear Birt- , 

~ Mre Matan {rvon, tie Attorney of wo Pal avy Phono~ 

anich vow WP =, Coe, are Ww MPR you tore ow monies, and 

witnt arta of the nme aontracss whieh are toe wy an torad Into 

tara\nn Me, Uden pout that doopeny, i arvlore ra reed th oupy of 
tha ners aus whieh tp the bart of the eontrau tn above re forrad 
te t Waite ony} your atten tion to the ML owdsy podntah.- 

(Ll) The renorantam lent mimad previden sheet Mr, Vddsorn is ta rae 
selva tna~sichen CUA) of too darital Rack af the Toy Phanoe Soo, 
Wid ch. Wopottion 1s to ia ad ntainnd, with respect te ony furtier 
dnortiane, ao lon: as Kdfaon retains the stock so danuad ta hime 

Tt also provides trot ie, Bilao’ ‘oled ny: of ntock in tn mn at 
lenat forty yer sert (40%) prenter then tin nunvep of chorer 
dined to Madden ard MLAland, ar gold to sattle thelr a lade 

The Omit of tre Tay Phano, Qo. ta ta tA Anorennon ta Onn Hite 
Mim THY Ne 5 hide ARON ¢ af whtah ik $18, ms Tho aaadey of 

at? (L) 

10 ay tea 

nig iD Eo 

a POE 

sales st 
Y boris 

nd oft 


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Frnwe 1a, LEO, 

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New York ity, 

Daar Slvat~ 

Tomy te asknowledge reoedyt of your lester af Leh 
inutmt, incoming of that yar doliverrd to Mr, fauel inl, in 
‘aa tonne: vith oe Inetevatient, 1682 anaes of Paieon Gan'l, Face. 

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staherert afew ort seats. Leth dave a cakes abeeb an 

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Tear Stet. 

Ve OMet wnotet of the weotlewee ay My, Fea 


bee 4, 975,000, warning Hk beeript, Melee ever pa gee 

repre SMS MPRA aa Gin eke mb har ea gi iy Relat 


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BON Pach lly Phonggeeed, Boy - 
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alter ents, Let li oeeife seek of yas reacqgtiy, ard gym. 

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Coy Aan 


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Tee ae Hwy. 

Yrs Woliee ashiodt at ab Tacopatory toe steer ain, 
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VATOE, BENT, CROP AN Teka non nm te, Wel vae lo eh na ey 
are, OF s Bes et itep with tek Pye ae Minn, , ; 

Hr, Taleae rhe ee ta wg omg's, (SH ws, We FAT & M Wpee 

foe eG gots Tt nn teh aweahen wit, 


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ener acer : ceueheiiienetd ——— ro gerry TT < peenpmmmememee i Tree amg, _ * 

Case Et) We, wy 

W, Se Parry, Kine, 

foraclssetes Patenions & Mteack Ticeher ne, 

Yow Yorr ity, 

Dear Sirs. 

Phen to aelne late with Gearon reseint af yout cheb 
fer SAI. fap payeerte fo 4a ws see O° Sesto Birnert flog stants 
Binh FAD Mt oar Marea taste Nag Mn at the Patras Parnyet Say, foe 

20 spewey oF theie tags, tate, We ear iets onfanae coe 

from: Gerth toate bardet prs fhe fay on tam ot dersey ay Mr, “ates 


ARR ae Tee | 

deep Ui, 9, 


MS ot nl 
jer, ¥, Yirgater, fege, 

Orsi Ne Ve 

faer Birt. 

TactkR taal , 

r fe mela nerari te: aprame:t for tna sal @ of property 

raters the eats nf Rtase Farrast ai Bowe Ay Mit wn, datec 

rss “enbacokt 

t Bh nat 
hiparvin yoy at 

Um aa, ISK, eli 2 told yeu poatenday 3 wold tered yan, . 
wm HA yor eMmls have the MereO yes WN the ines of abl te 
. propenty vrish He, Riiaon ta prtainni ng tra her par abana? in 

ieee haere The dasd for the iepae peaperty, spon widen HY ta 

Ropar haa «& rum bee, Wan Atom Hoe. Raper 4th abt: tea other 

parers, fo be viaam An vor bsbay ayt Bahoundas tee free gH Sh re 

: wow phth figt ak sav aerd ty wwe Pilea, bt et, 3 «te: 
ty Se ¥ Oe arr : 

sat whe at tre, Saree fim Ste bore thee: Liner ack etter, CEM 

Mrs Pak gen we ype kis seaty deelroae co having shin Shekd ig Jae 

bdo BAD ey a Ageseb ty At Winer Moa A ak Ma liaet ile, whieh ais 

wirat the peter 4F toe Farverr ot fect poioety gob, Son sat 

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wldte, OF Brera, ite eS wet 4 ageae tho Lidar fee a? Soa ater 

gepghAhei ty Hoe eR tel Ho Fe pe, ee ote te Wee 

ae te ep asatea V4 faa he 


As eet WS zat BS cae ae ely Ose oe ye beter. pteqers diet a ern ee 

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bet lem tak arr, 

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as 1034 ie ay tay A's Mf es. 

sie Bloc. As t Lp KA: fe et fea nr hk dS a. - 

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‘Cy ee cae ha” nae aes ma. a 0. be 

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mod avant . yeu nes werrdh teeta test ta Baty ates PRA tothe rg byt Sy az) 
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net ton: teal octane SR PYYeiS Petar tecen at ae ct TF pe mm tebman | 
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Iretta howe are tae Tt for BY Ad ney Baty * 7 


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iit Sy Ot {arte cane Hore. 

qantgcag fire HRD ate Gs tag 

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aotiae eifivata 

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279 IAD o\g 


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etal 4ay ‘Donte 

Mator S, 3, Rat or, 

leh Trontway Ts Yorke wat 

Doer Bis 
. 2 enclene haranttnctrart Af Lotter fer tr, Rot 
Gray, in Yacmed te Have neal atagh : | 
lotear I haw aaia rere than oan really ntoemery, 

ao ei mphye for the pirpone or 
mation, ome thet Ll hava 

Yours truly ; 

June 17, 8A, 

In the first part of tyia 
s os 

e labor &t don « my fdea wine to sive 

the tryression that Ll des$re to euwnit freely ort? milly all (nfore 

a Little out af py way to eo ade 

Kindly 1 no know Af yay gpprove ay thie Lothar? 


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omar ik re 
‘hae 5 


. mig} 20d 

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vad I, 199966 
of vients on 

hanOtrih ngs 

At makina 

HL ibe 

tn the sper wn 4 Pant Nitive Seteent barver wy Cae Aad ie Leet 

fare 8.7, 8% 

Mrag “Lifson, ~ 
S have eestesy Meg MESA et eer Paepanat, Fr’ 
fecard.tOtin cativata fer sabytioe the MOLEC agit ‘da te Byer se 
Dokare eagetees Seis yo Sayreld's leet ar beers geil ULL" 

PALnt ny Mo f yadetatio’ hdl yal wane Crepe wad lod nge pad nad 

To preene tte evp ee SELL ae le nb Pe Late watt wa her 

from him egetne Makioet tio DL will nes Riwnsa’s Viet tow resorance 


whan ordeting: the Hands ee 

. oinse neat * | 
ai i 
ste nan berate / 
ref ete ae to a 
ee ee / ee 
goby a. 19960 i oo 
ctw ral gp M4 ° 
is satgoetite : NS 
et: ll oom : u 


cere ety tral 


me? g 

Ort, tony FB Gorges, 

(AT Ante Ath ® MEM Mnetants alzo veut letter af Mat wlt., met ice 

Pe aa er Bi a el 

apie to noraantes tea ai th yor hy atepner mat ig trem Ue ar a 




tana Leone, 

Adttle Mente, Spoor Worsned, 

Berrsy, Pngdond, 

fiom Sirt~ : 

tnave juat tH ae Lvic thin rorning your Latter off 

Oth ingtant, in meerd to Maaes AA ANT, ongloning | eoptan ete 

ters to yee tt Prim Hr, Have angtac, your Yous ish Patent Ane, 

én: Ganon ts m7, att wied to eidoh Font Ch) copy af Latter Por 
Bre Hawtizghan ‘uncer date Let inst, to youentes (2) aopy ar Latter 
me Sey Piedthy Rope red t ooguiar ants 2A wit, 
Upon reeatph 2 yrut feprer sosmmntcut tone made try; bal tinge 
Gasen WA 4 87, aw F Mave alrsacy atsivod you, x Aspecd abel y tore 
mane Vener, a ry Patent Attorneys, He naras i er 
They Aignst ag tre arts Uniamt Rie, Bnd YavueRe Orerythdog to yan 
ty We Re MURRVIA,® Eth Sihante bk a Kant ag te Moana, 

Pye & Reaty the Lateeys gaya ledrmt borin and prepuma te th oa 

H ogoeh fad A 
she ake Ns 



irae 4 2 ie ve oY 

ima fent a a b 

wih) bd wee 


49% nth * 

"FY nana’ : 

Nee KAdcon Pilskeneh: Serkan, tov $5,000 enoh, 

ardar O° Those Ay Maluon, ond endraee hy th: 

Mine 17, RO, 

Mr. thorns Bway, 
FAL don Maghdine Verkn, 

19 ny St., Now York, 

Door Siry- a 

A ovglout horavtith 5 four’ Menthe natern of the 

wide payahto to the, 
O later, thine of 

whigh beer cis te une Wth, ani tyro sine Sth, 1989, Kindly age 

knowled go rnveipt Writ oblign . 

Yours truly, 



-asie mi 

"to <ehto 

tH, So deh 

mb fori 

tne 1A, L869, 

Snodeta Trtorrntionnle des MlertMectens,. 

YOR de Hoenen, Perdis, Praroa, 

Deny Sips 

Mr, Malvon deadras mo to acknay lode receipt of ymyr 

kind Lotuer af nmr Nitine, neluring on rrntinad aera of tnwie 
tation for the National Sonsrem of Blantristars to ye held tn 
Par 1s BATH -GLat’ Aumin meat, ani te any that dt wih) ehled bin 
nich pd taanee Co mes mypt the seine inte ne oat avi practianhts Cae 

hdr, to da co ut that tea. 

Yours vary truly, 

Private Sagratery, 


, : . tof 
Cremd taal yM 

ef Gsantihy 

ben pearctadte 

mnt ferme 


The Nad rou Magi tae Yor 

Seamaes tales. 

Dear Sirat- 

See OAM Gt, we cheua Know at ance 
wena oe can pax ase at ene of the tn silating aorpounds 
whi thovs Cues pie ter wae, srontes af whheh ag atreany fn ven 

hh OY thas yeu presar, 

cove Erita, 


Jue 1k, L8aq, 

Stems - 

Mane 1.3 

Mosarq, Deer & Ban iS 

Naw York tty, 

Draw Styete 

Heer go attired the seplos of pehastn eavertey tha 

BUurwwia hy Nktany, ba verami te eed ch loprote ver ity tn stg? 

Mr, Vadomr, Geatwes 40 S4¢ planed 

“get - R 
SANE OE post Sly ont, 

in (PRE Aso of these nf the 

soa ttt aa? 

Noawes tenly, 


HALA vat Private Snore tary, 

0008 1 of ti 
roo its ivy 

TOL ganas 

S.ON, Ming ren Mere, 
Sh aasear Stl, Mew VYiute es 


Dear HUve- 

sf KEY Ae 
L yee te adknowlodie snoei pl of yerur ght Postel 
faeee % OO AGE RN Ua fe 

the . 

* hart cee reigh an SUL ee 
wie Sak: © RS ig hy THE ES a howe ren weake 

Yours os “Lvs 


Repineda Gruy, Raq, 
60 Devonad tre Stract, 

Roston, Maus, 

Deur Sixt. - 

i rave before ire this 
ultimo, anking, on hehaly af Mere. Hen 
the Edi von Phonoyrrgh Compre, an ang 
wing to ‘a fnaened from Oranun. 1 
Ply dry with veur ra jest, 

in order th BL yot may intel wise 
whtoh the Plonoye h ‘aalieee th: een 

fom tine, dt 1s neoensar y for om te 

June LW, less, 

Mriine your letter Of RAth 

MmwBY, Information rempeeting 
Wer to. whish has beon delayed 

are pleagurte now in vom 

: j 
tly underatune tyo mainder ty, 
out fa patted at tye pres’ 

trate ms vou that the imtrnct 

betwrmy, Mr. Malsan and the Mai son Phonograph Gonpuny , shntehy the 
; % ; a 

latter aeqnirad the riphha whieh tt PORBAAHOS, pave to Hr, Par On 
Pa eas 

the englutive rier. ta mantifae tute ph Ono grep be ai aupolfes far 


aala in the United Stetes ard Crnada, 

. I. 
the artlolen ro nitefae tured 

to be dalivarnd anly to the Ratton Phonogroph Crpany or ite nom = 

neste » oF dp other words, the Corgan 

ecunnnmnatne merna try the 

urtic les mamalastured for it by Mere Fdtaor, 


“These mre fae turing Fights ware tant. year aad gned hy Hr, 

Rat son toa corporat fori ae at Led the Kd 

the iaecer. eracte: Lae Taytory yd 

Laon Fh nograph Yorks, and 


tinge 1 OYan ge, ard “aqudped 


att ye 

he tall 
poms Ls 
BBR ait 
ot wit 
w yythvig 
| eh 

it dod rir 
writ t gran 
{ pr nwied 
z ‘aegaas 
faxe one 
$ ok els 

Ieh ad of” 


th aber 
} ratokew 


oS nee 2B 


atént ods 


didpnea tabetha cameo ee Oe 

R, U, 

tm tt a “ther . 
t} TeTor ga Apacdty at axe Ininayag sample phonographs per day 
; 2 es o @ 
At the Prasont ‘bind they naw mare 

nae. ‘ 
inst wientr, Thany of wd gn pre I nals Que @lynocy dn the handa of 

thy piv xt 1 
Mdliec, at givin: eae setdafuewion, and thoy are onnt Aiming 

delivery Qt the rote oof ayont tro ire rac ane forty inet, minnatg 

poy wer, 

Witt. re prd te tho agledee or the Bad on Phono vaph fon: rant, 

probably voy alroady Ka cee that Str, Titi oH. Lippincott, repr nrane 

ths the Norgh Ap mrt nen Phanng arurh Bnew: 2rY, PUPahasad alt the 

bthoer af She form, AxaOLt Dry the shares rresimaly Mure haaed oy 

Mea, Hertewayy put Loco ret think yv ao are svare thet te Kad wn 

heen wre this anle in an aw ay AN +o preNe ira Nentinwny ‘peor | 

Mwy Posy? dhe RABE In the nage stetat tons bet wom Mr, Fat mn ae 

presenting in addition ty hia om Beka aes atl the shoek)alderd, 


arc %. tings Meee Neorenvay ) arid Pir, Typ ine ons 4, ty the total ‘aur, tae, 

tac the bLock az Tay aed ay HY OITANSe relate pee sare Lana than ‘the 
prige paid by Mri. Novmarug , vee WaS inust phlo in a traning tton 


involving eveh a Large amount of money and aie nalo ar sich A 


Leg amrhaye of anwar, Xt MASS, thererown, Arman ttannte to 

imite Urn, Hemenway to Pants tnd pate in the Ts “hut ir, Fal wii 


TER tone. ta ewe her to take the erintomaay : wal pease! 


rieke pertaining Ae 0x pont vithent arantan, ne ha, there. 

TOrEs intato 1. TAA ng ote an tt. Lavanae aut af the Amount had to 

eelivery af nhaut trelwe yimaread 


i : 
cual - 

of ofl 

ae A 

1 att: ta 

tre rus fort 

gilda ont 

] rravedeb 
ethow oq 

: ridudorq 

I at gilt 



10 dota 
cena ¢ Ath 
iP Aayiats 


a ta ROT wn 
pik ae eT 
yah gp ox 
heat ooh 



eutre eget 
Pow ley, 

nl adie - 

ot Sa eh 

LA pwns saw 

bing adgls 
‘s wi Me ‘ 

oo 7 
wna Ayer 

Ry @ aK : : 

Mre Fai son by the Tormar, aqui to tha aun pala ny, Men, Hom mvay 
for her pranmt holding, whiah, as L recall ot it, was to 50 the 
prian to be offored Mra, liemanmny , whole Mr, Teippincott drsiirea 
to yuvalege, ant shin Aeoiae ta gall hor aborer, 

This wild way eny fecra whigh Mie. Hemenway may hase had 
as to the sniety of her iynimabnsies. 

With your permiaetian Yo wish 6 WAH A AN oRt ian, eta in 
that, Io think it waded be aes: Anuirabla for yourasl?, an Hr. 
Herenway's raprecante\t twa, and Mr, Yipplyatt te aftfedt gommuni« 
abtion with aeeh atber, Mr. Lipp betta ‘aang ta, No, LAO 
Broadway, New tork nity. . 


fonura vary troity, 

“Saarnt wry, 


amc dt, tty 

3 she eine cs Re Oc ALUTMg 


Ricaie Monae, Uppee Nava d, 

Brevac, Eaetriws 

Beige reap ste ie 

avtR card . 

Tene GBivew 

ee Lobe to contivm hy fellesong aAhbagrame eeacivod 

0, ane 

4 Pret tron yond amt wept ob met 
Te Ae NOUN, June Le, LM. 
e e - ‘ i 
Mable ce Po are vce ae tows Piet Maglune 
wegte Serna aday pape ome dae t nG 
gebooor sacn Acé@rpieay Geepaig, bas weve 
4 fue \arty : 

4 Pee ITA 

UT ee | 

aybica | 
' , ; fay 2, Des 
errand’, eo pce F PSE 03 iy ¥ * 
Soy cateadte of saivate, alle tor turd date 

ee a tp hes Woe gael @ 

Aras deepinicia fo tate 

ue . Sane Wty Uitte 
Lee ei, Payee gste > $ : ; ek : 
: Moa toe erna and Bete sry tty of Parad 

teed dais  Ndtacite id 

Youra tty ay 
a re 
out ae 
* I a 
Fes ua sas RAS os ia Sigua gaat re pte 

Mane 3: Ug, 

Horace Povanonde Pia. 

Bad “Mee vas Atraetk, 

y rt © See 
Now Yowr Site, 

Reny Sirs. 

On She Brey Meat Leet, YL vrata YOR, Ye mestine the 

retire af the ploterront:, eich vere larrad you oo your arttoln 


dry the Monmaped Seu Masandie,® nd an set yer, te terola vitient 
unite Apt, Atthe peasent ther se ayes very paeh 

Leshoratar: Phot ayresey fy Che Rowand te were pce OM ped $F uray 

fro onete af 

resaicg af this lettep yan vende rinthy retire tare thot ptedypag 

Hers Pa Moi ae fa, 

Yor say tritly, 

Mr, Thon, Sirt, 

Posie eBoy ate Ve : 

Near Aste 


en oe Cee ae Fe ee 
Trorapay 4 rr i ther a? Uth abtion, thioe ta ae 

geaition tn Me, Bea sare aside se ote 

Pgh YAN Ge OP apd lntheabe 


Date gh ti 

: ; . - Yours amily, rae 
: o. 

+, we 

HE Sh 


ta , ee 
ie oe 
Private Masts: 

“37IR rae 

Ioysem pk 
1! ,oLroM 
Ares PAH. nk. 

a CO Se eT, Hoomisr, Kaye, 
Paris, Peanae, 2 
: ft : Nig v Sirg~ 
2 ; Toho te contiven the following aah legen regal ved 
: Seddevare Eh tn tty ee 
a "Sut Talaon phonograr letter to Mies Matoont | . 

nbue gortnet nad Land evlindark, flosen axtyn 
hatterieas cfarhracges, and repair material, * 

Yours tly 
- woe ee 

Pe a 


k a? oi 

niP thal 

ort fh Lf 
mk yes 

Va VL oh 

EO tno 


tite Xow 


MM Mh of 

‘une 18, 1880, 

Thomas ¥%. Comery, Mtg., 

o/o Nesars, Fox & Predie, 

#147 Nasam St,, Mow York City, 

Neary Sirse 

Referring tory letter to yan tinter dete May 2th, 

1689, A copy of whi ch.I onclone herewith, and which montions tro 

soperats periods of throa eal endia montha, during each of wich 

you are to agcomplish cortoin results, and referving more particne 

larity ¢0 linn No, 15, being the lant lino on the firvt page of 

this letter, whiah readers "three ronths above referred to shull 

commemeae to run é&a.," in order to eliminate all doupt arto which . 

of the two periods of three qulendar nonthe in‘moant, please ine 

sert inmy originn latter the word "Lirst,* hetwaon the words 

“nonths® ant “abave,® whtat will maka tho line read? "three rontha 

Biret above referred to shall gormonaé to run doe® 

Yours yary truly, 

a see 
wast badue 

of att 20714, : 

tow thet 


WtvlA nae 

Yl to tester 

fore lid? add 

namin debbie 

June 18, 1889, 

dol, George FB. Gourd, 
Tittle Menle, Upper Norwood, Surrey, 


Nenmr Sirt~ 

I enslone peresien copy of a-letter addressed to 
mynel? by Hr, Thomas Be Cormery, Under date May 10th, 1889, to~ 
gether with copies ‘of two letters, nddresaca by me to Mry Thomas 
B Oormery, wnder date May 28th, 1880, marked. A mid “8 respec= 
tively; also copy of latter naddresred by me to Mr. domery, dated 
Ino 18th, 1880, ant marked a, the joint letter adéreased to 
Mre Comiery hy you and myself was 68 dated. It was aligned by 
me. on the 7th day of Novenber, 1883, Mrs Connery desired me to 
fix the date from which voula run the period of three calendar 
months allowed him to obtain from the Qovernment of Mexico an 
exclunive license 4&es, end letter Bwas written for the purpose 
of fixing that date, hatter o ine communieation which T have 
| or the purpose of supplying an ommission 

nddressed to Mr. Cormery I 

in letter 8 that othervine ndght render tho latter a little om 

pipuous. Yours vary truly, nf : “oe 
an eg te Ce 

10M) « [0G 


tn 0 
id YLeayes 
| iMfovis 

TAL orirl 

ar0D 6M 

{? 10 om 

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tet at 

1708 td 

dada rdsi 

Terk qari th with Ne, 06, of @ yan date, on the - 
aa “: e 

en SER As 

Nevark Ne dey (6 Yen ovder, tor Ten Thone 

*) : > . gts peaqaeh + ’ . aon} 
ete lester (B20 000), tp exales “ot For vou Sok ter page amenntt 

“ : i : L nape fe: Pe 
WAMKCA BIW aw Tey Ce wt, 

7 TOT NR RR oe meee Steer eee peepee 

hint 20, 8 

Pleane pive the bearer chack far Twonky- 

five theugead dollars ($25,000), whiiah vor have -rag'ds fmm the 

es ee North AmeYiann Phono. Gas Lor the Mdison Phonogr ph “orks. 

“atala Ho 

ah Aa Geertan 
mation fei gu 

Hos Bo Serer | 

bee kl 

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aia crene Y, 
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Vito aro eo) 

Face Sean Nagra y* 

sive. ast Xe, Nae) 

Ms; A Biren 3 

Ms eee 
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SE as) a ices . 

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“~ vd 7 ie 

Pee X, Sikes. 

shorlajsck “* 

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AD ecard dvv:. f x / i 
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“7 ih tarvebouuy + ous both chee vi fev Yoad. 

A Co Coa ct chen oul, ye seecee fon truly tle yy 

Gow La; Paty) 

Pho CUd- OU Clhsawon 

ee ee een i 

STN ae ererrmerememagmee en ons “pn er SN Rt TER ETT SRR TENS ager ITE SPRITE 

. “Ds ' 

Morne wh» 


Sf Naja a ee bape wet. ie Ww 

wa Rf fnnatWey Cbs 0K. fds, 00, 
ee oF AAL TT > rp MD. f svt & i 
Co At + Cot 0e-w Mamo. 


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an A a 


toaya vitae ethar os 
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hits On Rist Fant preempt 

. owdae ast 
Tet yan please qaet a 


ere eye ey 


hye 2a, Lee 

> she y 
Rtrely athe ad} 

doutosa af tta laants 


F wR th ne neat 

arabe the pataed deus 
“a nibh 


age En 9Q) 

Hegotrs Walpnum & 6o., : = 
20% Saati Fourth: Ste, 

Pribmveeiooia, Pay 

RA RMA whe 

hw YAO teen Ne Amr toy 8 

Petes htt ees Cage gear ore pide’ sie varearded 

wore fo fe troifvdas cate fy ever Lather af Tote 

Yeo te rot seb l mat cosadaheat bag cobb ery 

hey he aay 4b 

dew tee tatatyeter ov cenqastrat day cop avserag Ma 

43. ageRet ba a cee ore nAlers i bo Moe car 2 ans 
eat ‘ Ps ree + < nl “ une gy x ed Poy gw 
comirtioa, “SR ool uadeclake ta ormet on poh wis aengantanse mae 

OP fer, pmetding tie cape ly ar oast ond neal aahe 

wineet? Malay ateak Gaus cer runaptagz, To sive ape o4inita 

Lowte, ee Be FAL Ga Oi Ch oes Louth, das ar loeathor 


. . ' 
otortne, oma dite ar ara nyer 

fee 8 C Psd hte Bay Yue saab best 

Ma, of guarwt, waite 
: . 

BO tone ci conostivatas pac aay a7 EF hontig 

wilhivg: T2 par a ut\aen) eon yah an Loo yne® 
Z : 

: \ 

ee ee | geil 

Mae tay So othitae th te 

nd tat. eaTanp | 
AN? g nek Yours ary 
wtanat med a 

RO Oy Ee, 
Para ‘ 

He, Thelen Bett i, 
Iba ant dveg AU Rey Sty, Mea ce sy 
" enoktsirids ‘ The ny Sirs 
Coots MAAR al ERR ile: eS Oe BRIAR SO as OY RI aia: ata A 
mbt: Pexnee OPEN Pek My eee te ne Peete 

DD, ad <Adeon 

any titte to 

oF sinaaté 

Ohitne Ae Ghovvor Bote, 

apr Pifth Ave, Men Vors, : j 


“ sart® aod 

Jeary Firge 

Your Lothar of Uth lnatant, asking Se an sprain. 

mani wieh pie toemoy wer (Prliay ) oo sning, ty raeedend, oat in 

4 ‘ as . i 

rorly, Lotmleere had vou this rewaies na foliowte} 

” ’ 

ant net done 

PBA &Xotat 


tue th opta 

"Yon, wii at ghd ta ae yen Prdday mornings Te Ae Fy? 

borne onal 

Oke EM e 

In ronly te witch Ioan peat nov in reaaipt of your telegram, whl ah 

To hee to comcirm? 

Pad SEN "43 ne at your Luhoratary Friday eorning about 
ae . 
alaven ofaleck, %e A Oo" . 4 
ee os 
Yours, ee 
‘ of 
me) “stg : 
f ye ee 

Prat?) eA Sdiiad 
4 ae an) 

mre TAS 

a3l8 ead 

seer eh 
es og NEY 

ay we 28 ort 

AM gs “3a 

erent i olga 


fee Br te 

frocad wget 3 

Mreo of ged I 




feihes hres Bi 

Tine iA, Bie 

Sigs Ne Word, Harte, 

BP hihesty Pree t, 

Deas B43 - 

TD oeratoan lores tsa nee mittens, ander date dine Loh, - 
ane Pron tive Sar Fire Ortice, ond the athor \ Prost the ‘Imited Fir 
mon'a Inte On., bath Ag Metts at Newark, My Soy netatying ME tut 
tieae Goeyanton aqoctys 10 tandritte the byattranes ‘on Moe Falwa's 
property, palietes, aor (rcs 4, 7RL, 207 sad aor, pirsiant 

to thear notfaca hoprast an Usth tet ant, ad nréns iki having nen 
yat re err there Gary enka on sacount of the fain Phone 

Rive this pustéae vor drnitata attention, ané adviea wav hat 

action ym tees. L tave not calnovledged the letterman 

Yourn truly, 

Baa 3 

aug 4 we vit 

“Private Sacretarts 


R ined 

7 ADD Oo) 
Ln? eat 
» sanrid 
vant tay 

if anvig 

feat ton 



fe We Eston, Baye, 

LD Broaditay, Nir Yeu, 

Boar Sict- 

Jans 20, I8a, 

Ll enoler@ herawith: cantanet betwarn Nre Raf son and 

The Rifas Ore Milling Coe, L'% dey under date ldéth der of Aatootn, 

LEST Vien thin eantract var pute, 1% vas vontmaplated that. Mre 

Ratan earte etartet exporimarte 


or the pumose of perfegtin; 
| ae ea = 

prounsnga Por tha egtrartion af metale Liom ores, and tint he 

yer spend on these eapeiterte oor not axaedding, 

$25,000. rider, 

WAS tO Be raraAld to him aftar bis experiment o romeliag miseenie 

fully, Binne thin qontbact wee exnasutoed, Mire Vion har given a 

great del ar attention to bis Ore MiUing pragess, beth for ‘the 

‘woraing ee itm orne amd ores gontadning 

to cel) your attevtian to th: Pourth dtiiee of thir contract, a 

‘portion af rita reatss 

9 cose he (¥di ron) whontd areeaed, hattever,: in 
Aartain; # practiael syetan for % 
of rmsfourt metals cram: oran, tailing 
ami other depo atte, al] ranrys advimdn 
for the memsns aforensin shall be rapnid by tho 

Gorpany &aq, ° 

ha extraction: - 
s, mravd] . 
1 hy Won 

preagtious neta ae Lowy! 



ya ft of 


“$4kR sned 

inate ont 
af (tet 
ree nia tba 
yang fdsrow 
af Of caw 
8 ot ir 
bad tonry 


Be Ww Re. ses 

Rperrineg rare partioutsrty ta the sords Fresedenc ceteie, 
quater abaya, Wr, Rafer has eran yo aphat deo AP oeanay Way fetta 

. : tel 
pic Ors BAU dae peace om fran TAM UROD, gs weAade 

Ve pe bow $7 estate thd t hapaewwnt Mey Kd pr, han @ Pig to: 
eetase pay vent. trom the Orn WELT, Go, for thts wart Ve poe 
trast apes tarny that he cust neerest R pronass RP BES 
Eee tienen 

trartden 9° rreeians motala, but perhaps a roceral construction 

wonld gorny tha wore soova rafarrad tn 

yiNicte” Sec ret wy. 


nd Re ss 

ee ee 
yk no Or 
phil totXA 

om Boht ect? 

Nitya 2M, Ady 
Mr, Thoe. Sitler, - 

Ao Ney St,, New carl, 

Dany pire~ 
Tovey to aaknow eden. ragadut of yours of 19th inate, . 
snoloring Latter: cea: Manse, Hiywnt, tyler & do., of Tondn, 

tha sam having han forwarded to yar sy the Ldgrh dompary, 

Yourn taatly, 

Private Save tary. 

J, % Cherran, Rsu., ; 

“1 Nanvat Street, New Yory, . 

Dear firg~ 

I beg to naknowledge veteipt of vow chagk Por $15,000, . i 

Lorwardad tomo by tia Flison Naw): ine Work s, Now York, 

AT oan 

R. BAd 
. June 20, Bde 
gat arte . 
Ra bt: 
Miaw Heros %. Yaivon, 
. \ 
ofa Drexd “Har jos f Gor, 
pardn , Freee 
Dear Misu Hai gon, 
L hog to canfirm the follow ng. cablegran gent 
iD oW ot you ty Mt, Halem go-diny?- 
. *}ave torvarded nine hundred eighty four dollars 
«th wed . : f 
: thratch prexel , Moyen 3 0." 
phrased : 
o Yours very truly, 2 


private Secre tarve 

NOk ay aalM 
, Nera ge a 
fT. o\p nage, Ne J, 

In conversation with Mr, Mdison, we hive don 
sided that you he-appeinted Manager of the Maison Phonograph 
Yorks, at a monthly gelury equivalent to Thres Thousand Nollarg 

HALM ting 
, (25,000) o vear. You will, therefore, undertake your duties 

; Srreaddataly. 
thf “us Hoy a : 
It 15 understont that the ravagement. of the “orks. is dofinec 

at taking in the general anager of all matters pertalning te. 



owing of material, manufagture of same, and shipment of sem@.> 

he hookketping eo accounts: With eugtomers ig in the hands of 

“Mr, Tate, aa formerly. 

lt in nlso understoad shit this is not an engagemst by th 

‘yeor Int simply ‘vy the ronthe ; 

: ‘Very truly youra, 


| TTR ON orn ema “roe ceeenmanrtire te areata Rs Sic oobeit Srp eg eet i cad Zi 
| » ' i A7G | 
| ae My 

wine Pe) » Be 

eg ‘ ; . | 

&, B Raton, Mer 

OQ Brant UY Verh 

Pew Site 

yy . “ a a et Lie - 4s Dore | 
Nie bettsoomndea soe Maation fvies te Moe Lipps 

oh wid aa 

Mau Booty Ais cnc Part et Gre, On SueGuns oP yhuande 

poly tra Hos con Phono, Warns, ail Me Dopp mac te hts 

Anruse Se 

ak Besjo00, Vee firet payment woteh ha 

MelG wa. Cutie sy Ansenet dn Roshan, and the onguk was hero Da 

Rre Ineilie The envond parmait vag maa yortertay, ant I notiead 


that Mr. dypineott gave his personal sheak, Hr the amount. If 
-was on the Importers & Traders. Rank, of New York ity, for $a5, 000 

unc abwnes Stasce Hy Wind sott, * made naynhle to tne order of tre 
. 4 

vying positively (Mr. Tiel) 

Kaien Phonesran “orks. Without 


whl Se able’ts tel! ao}, Lo presrme that tha tirst check was in 

sits as Porn 

Couia thean cheeks fin ary vay comuiieate matters notyeen tts 

Phono avis Works und the Herth Ams Phonos (ue, ol betwarxn ire & 

Fdiun and Mr, Kippinestt and the Morth Amoriem Prortys foe? I 

krow-that we have evidenas in writing in namird to the Hegored 

co iet ronmemaeipeoy = = . fe E . af, ie Poe SG Tonys 

; - 7 + hel [UTR Sette ertrntmt teens we wnctee ta 

rin api a swe oles 
j Trae, AE tema: 


vheek, eater Foray eee ad tee by stow why, in vas iste acig Oma I 

Fe G02 asenemn 

PTR Ite Shah tbo wat see i 

belo kd he Miamighed in Ye gard ty tp 

B rere Byoxiss ma) 5 on . 7 : 
| five Glace o Was DE date omic abner a wetye WHALE st. Get pe 
. Fe at Pra er i aycctaes woe F; a) ‘ 
BOM Wnt he RSG ay RAN LT GS Ui ne eessare tela 

fi * 
| ; ; : : fair ti} it 
£ SAY cr a: . OS SAC PPG tae wi es H A i ‘ 
poral SiO WA of QB: : BOE ange TE CPE A Aig ; 
“ | 
at a CLS : 
| : : . . 
Vv way 

mi WV 5 yy # 
a fh op. Itai sy 5 
| ee Private Segr® tas: 
nd tsar k gles i 
poner. jad ghar! 
; f 
eo mitherarh py BDSM 
Fes Thy 

| ‘ Mr. We Wiinowuky, 
Sanat § ‘ 7 ‘5 ; 
panaTs Asty te! haw # 104 Washington S4,, Wes York. 
‘ . i “ze a 2 
io THOrtOdT noe thet 
ae 2 Dear Sirte : 

« t ; : : oy : 
od leldn ec ole ‘ Lobag to acknowledge reseipt of Laboratory note unt 

eee yefarrad to in var letter witront date recaived veaterday mon 
eared in timta - nine so 

onads Lind 
adoW sin rynrodt 

U on ba nee th 

+ oe 
need Neen YASS RES RR eS Merch CT RE 
ee ra Caiae ee 



Ea venes. 

1 YL domly .Naeds 

BAP Set She ay 



Ge Nututg tag 

"ot ad dam ade 



GF yt tlt Di! 

row gil tht 

ytarivaly AOg Or 

at1te aed. 

COMGM MMe LE Pe soe apbeh varld hew ta he tht 

Ihe eeass wath dry 

BLOM EC Ppa Lage 

wi th ne 

Sceptre: com 

ye Towmet dear Gg? ary Coen sim ds 
Mateat of 

and Gene 

Ditepes Yourselynr and tir. Fai 

Inculs the Can .wcien which are formed for axploiting inven ; ™ a, 
, : By, 

fiens oflf, Batson, te desires an interest wht oh will 

ive him 



ov vort letter of Shh fast, 

yous tore tary gs 

* voiet in the: conttol of the Gompany's affaira, and in parting 

sf Ba such t artioen of 

steck placed outside ath 

aasr eoeatderatfens On the other haw, he might pe willing to 

{a hands, he shold recoive n antetantiat — i 

his pights aa warld %o@ represented by the 

congzicer & cash. "Par for tna Whole msineas. "We have ao ent ab 

Meghan rate to follow in ts 

is ¢Omecdtion, and it is, thereiere, : 

rppmadtionble fo* mata an just what ‘he wottld do or what he Wai? 

Se ODP eh day eee 

Cenerentola ge A tee 

aitney nor or in the 

Pe eee ee te Leben 


ud tert wht 



bod ene 
nett. ybnatt NOLOD- 
dilooges wetter 
ot dupgy HatALe 

° rox At tw 
add ris ad 
tih oth to ital E 
i) ent ant solov an = 

ro ktiaq: Howe Ade 

ne poopy taosa 

Iterentenoo Heo 

Anse 8 ‘vogtentoo é 

SMA, ea mtd ® 

UO sot ieee 


veethon pf fie Someta 

tya avin * “hs Foes 

“Ytes doen 



Bead Lh wad ragadesre 

/ owe gansdaeriatlon, 

yrs sartren dsterde cod tae ae 

a dn 

Soa Aemecy, mt os caight ie 

CMU IS maehts now ho 

weit tive 

it coats Timsety toca sutties 

aoe he 

WASH RO pe dacs ye Jot hig pleygedor sine con pmtection« 
Hols be aura stad to arc soproved by Mr, Mdivon. . 

tour teasiract ds now tn the course af praperation. are Lf 

sie ta cen mie caries 
RP, weldhovay bicly 

pear Ar ade 

Trerett Frazar, Mere, 

124 Mator Ste, New 

13 £4 

sme powehtony op 

ht é . 
ag title of your fim, Is it a partrersihdy? 
five me the names of all your memsere. ff 

teane adviae me wider what State law it is 

Yours very truly y3* 
, ‘gf 



oan gts ree 
ch owepsl Sot of , 

: \ 
Ta noksogy | 

eT ONT ot ribet i : 
fet as oe ted 
Phat ad bfacoste 
BCS ese y 
A Won OF ake 
uy Gfiw oe Vd 

teruertut ab th 



My Da Hasan Reto: 

Yen not quite glear in regard to duming 

these noticean for Stoskholdars Wohing of the Ndi oa Phonogreyh 

Ooap arc, and, trersvare, seni Mr, Maguire {nto yo with thia note. 

He has with him notices to wll the avigindl atoak holder s@ Qe te 

stork comifteate honk of the Phono, oe fa not here, sro IT have 
nonn of the payers to walsh I em refers My recollection 18, how « 
er, that when thie gtoek- was placed in the nends of the Gar fioid 
Sare Deypocit Goo, it waa aul tramfertad to Mr. Fu. Pee ax nopting 
vive shores in-the nam of exh of the other four Divedtore, 


nonely Batekelor, Gillian, foemigeon and Tate, The ayrewn ait 

with the Gavrlela Co. raters to these dertitiantes, giving I . 

think tra pamper of then and the aharas raprasented oy eaohe If 

tia 15 cor sect, as Lue almost positive it is, then it is necepe 

amy £9 gone noticas anly to Meacrs, Paigwn, Gilditand, Tomi on 

Ratehdlor, Tate and Mre, Hemenway». 

. os” : 
Yours wary” ON fot 
OLE ELH ties 


' . : Priv wo Ans 

ne 21, Lae, 

Pe LM we alts 

0 asolton nagnt 

Hy Degree iyo Fragar,~ 

th relation to the gestion whiak L- 
mid it be Rar ott. : 
| : 

heey bh oar vor, 

Se Ree eS 

when I last had the pleasnre of acelryr yot 
AOL t tras Xcode 

ia var a sae s 

» As to an alliaras vet ween yourselves ani the 

AT Ot To spony” 

Geri. Comporys 

» Live gotig to Marope on the 24 of next ronth, aad 
ete tant sive 

wad ww very glad to take thie matter wo when I am. ovar there, 
in Sion otne 

ifym could advine ine in tine whet your idens mre and Give me a 

nt poms syty 


panera outline af an aarmpenent whid) wailed oe sot? factory to 

Le fer trs8 ¥ forma 

yourself and yaw rriaids in China. 
ih od tte 

frngtit ot eebat 

SOD Rt gs trlt 

Private Saoretary. 

pe tage : 

To a eremey oe Ate ith fo oe aneeie q ot Se 
| 488 | 
| ; | 
ie | 
; yd 
| i: 
-s 7 Vinge 71, My \ 

¢t pt clin? & Ww ) : ii } Manoves Dyar & Sealy, 
een New York Wty, 
| : 
Dear Hingis 
Ley ta agknoeledge rogetpt of Portugese Met nt, - 
No ekias, Siyt. Sit, qk Hr, Aad fon's Orn LATA age ren ges, tia date 
i vedi A Live vegr ppt. To preavme tats patent deer mor’ Limts 
‘ ae ee e faygt> 7 ‘ ; 
wetrogadt hg on my Of the Ore Willing patents which yea have heen taking ont , | 
DO sages nae ea : Nyreed An in the United States. dr, Tat gon newid like to ren 
chee g ‘ agnsured on this point, 


_ Your way wnty, Fg 
of f 

f y Cae, fs e-£ 

tem tant 


we tok PARTLOW 

0 odd Yo Yan 

pak SAK heontn 

Aunt aaa 

by aks 

ny OME L 8 Hike | 

it so AO‘MeaN 

Sue BL, LeBR,: 

Mr, G.I Aaron, 
BIA Montromery Avercue , 

Sax Franedisao. Mal, 

User Siri- 

Reply tr: to view Lotter of UNth doote, b ropnet to 
say thet Me. Kdisen js not tins at the raat to wiva very men 
thought to the apbiect Of ver Aiea TON fe ekye that ir 
you wilt consult Paraday'’s Ronearehes, which Year ster, prauasly : 
fira in the Puholia bisrory in Sin Pravulseo, yi oan obtain date 
beating wypen the aention winch you have byawit ups Are Badeos 
dogs not think that rarniieen de sald vowle oxiAiad phevagay 
theye are Qo omumipr of tatteriar miata » (th in ay alae tmaes TAYHON 5, 

KL ve 
in colntiong$ separ mes by a poms Mp, art wetel.agt ped each 
other, ari the ramilts whieh yon hava obtalindd! fron your enetunes 

probably a2e to the ration bet wom povmangatie oni and the enl- 

phide whieh you employe 

Letterbook, LB-031 

This letterbook covers the period June-August 1889. Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison, Alfred O. Tate, and Samuel Insull. Many of the 
letters relate to the manufacture of the phonograph and talking doll and to the 
promotion of the phonograph in Europe and Asia. There is also 
correspondence dealing with the operations of the Edison Phonograph Works 
and with production problems at the Edison Lamp Co. Other letters pertain 
to mining and ore milling, Edison’s phonoplex system, and his exhibit at the 
Paris Exposition. Some of the documents concern Edison’s experimental work 
on electric lighting and the purchase of property in Silver Lake, NJ. Of 
particular interest are two long letters from Insull to Tate, which were written 
while Tate was in Europe. The book contains 507 numbered pages and an 
index. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed. 




My Deay Pontrend,s -.« 


vomee the, receipt nf your: Lotter, davidning ‘A 
<Br"po a tion. tor + the, mien ion nPia Company in Frgipnt t0 omtoit 
$14 -phonogr son and.ot your eabhayrin re ferping. to the aad Wye. 
jet, I have, heen emaidering what aatign at. mane ‘ve pert rae 
me to taka in order to facilitates muininesé- soteean us, and howe 
finwl ly deg sand my Private Ser retoty, Mt, Tate, Y Hays to ¢ o-opernte with you in ‘the wow wnt abi Yer has? dn hands 

Myre Tate ia fanit im with the phon ny? ACR buaine ss ag ome 
nized in thin omintry mid underrtands tnoreaihhy ev oan dees Ant 
wi Gee ar to any: fared m or gant zutdons of whieh L nine Awe than hae 
tare apy Powe ‘fina t desire ym to Atheade with ani atmit ty ie. 
all dat ada 3 who oh Sndy ‘ax ine and praris Wid ch7you may foren.asy in 
regard to the Format. don of enpant on in your tarittory, mg Titan 
bailing that after vou wha he hav @ arraniged’ Bs reepealtton, 14 miall 
shen bo. submitted to me for considerat tony! nih mrsune WAL LL 
avold the annoyance: of, doleys Which viuld ‘Gtheririnn ba Anmurrad r 

throush your navirt to seak my views and Leute iy wi due by mint. 

and gAnL As” wa! (ss Wea Ne EEC A oad ee ar Bee |e we Het le > 

ey r Pe ¥. a. 


E want you. An dag) vi (th NY. Tate an DLiy ary fread y AK Yan 

yoga a vy Ath nerael-t, Ay fs him exary Treility ta Ssead L Lorient hire 
eee r 

sal? Wich your y Fas eoeaity and \n detail} see asibmitring te rim 
nhi parars that hamay aek for or \het may ve necossary to agcmaint . 

his: thonayhly with the work in hana ~ in short, I desine Svar S 


thing to pass throng n hie besora reaching mo ana any proo si ie 

Mrid cn you neve? meh: 4 to ha pre sort ad Yo me Ww Mry Bite y ain hes 

iM ‘ 
Bae OK . 

tt cote ugk ma vor ents Puro AG, art of which wil Um Ly Cacliiie~ 

se gi baits Yr 

tate yoy progrein. 

Mr. Tate gaits for Liveypoal ea July fii, Se S. “Arizona,” 

a a 
» **@ ‘@ 

+ wer. eoms 


wory fimtho, ‘ 

“ ” i nt 

haat) re awe $ 

t or 

My Dear Inari, 


Iwill sea ve abot the atta snd 


Youra truly, 

Tune 22, oe 

Ratton Ten Ocrparmy, 

Harrison, Me Fe 

NOergr Slrete- 

I rotam herewith: note Ko. 28, for BBA, only 

airnead ov Mr, Mafon an Pres? tent af the Mai sn “om dt., the 

some pAavimy heen analorad with yur Lettrr of lL st instont, 

My Near Insll,- 

You wanted to prepare this statement voursel f, 
and I presume you will ¢o vo as soon as I send you Balance Sheet 

ov? the Raison Phonograrh “sine dune lste 

Yours trmly, 

. Sem 01, Ing LFsq ? 

TR ence co eer oe 
ema re a ng aa na pe : pe 7 



Boru eS, 


Yeti t Weegu, Boe, Moaea, 

Bae Bay tg Pine, Gry, VR OE Be 

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fu Pra. oe Dale 
1 Pprssas? Binds. 
: JO fae te bethany te Caddies Lmieorsncia Oo perbertty 
| eer str and cesdt oGy mp ot} 
TAS, de FULTS, Pine on, Late, 
Tear ih wou had dviaama aireelt tu 
resale of Tether of Jourtecr”As this 
mov dos) fel ap velte and tuna 
raged var greed phonogr gh, Wr ae 
ab otpe es vow aig ne hy Cynaua tert wo it, ae 
Iorts Qlass.* 
TALS GLASS, Tone 1, Uso, 

We ons Sh orders Coe phones samt to run in 
mutinie ure on londred volt etreaite, Ueryrla 
battery wooing inator re sires two volts and to 

and Nelfo amperen, Ya ean pot tyirty sudseriietas 
on xire in aerless use a regintgrae une conkinalty 
presen ing switch at erch phane to throy wmper- 
sotins resi atance of seveistenths ohm dn siradt; 
when phone ott of use phone plug naed not re touched; 
add Gnrewn rilver enil at ststion to keep gurrent 
nonutaste You can attach: tts to any inegandessent 
gitoude dn alty, or by vans our snallent dyato 
you can avppdy five evel vlrowita.  Tinow may have 
A Yantatycc® Ot fitbesn ohut or roxe with Yowar 
Whecribere. Our new battery hes ron phone 6 dave 
four Lowa dafly fall aspeal and ie great aicaasi 
Price dynamo two hundred sixty. POISON. * 

| Yous Shi 

. PRM, Ack: VAAL ALA eg <2 | . WG 
. cehlty Brithricg a 
iP aa = 
chy dents 8 Ki Y Ne a. 
| eh ahrrw ttre 
te Carrio, too fh. Cy Yy Seti BP ape 
ctterenten au 1999 toy owe 
forwtruty ot™ Mrhevwtr Wee 
MOON Att ond the “wtrcerts 
PPL. Beg errvttiacy the Wwia, 
Wee OWT Kafe sys ; : OE 
of Ave we. CUM of Clas era ritelegny, id 
A prrAh dbs? Ae 7G aw Aativer’ 
eee b-y etter HIF 
| | a of Cur bart uty Ce 

f fan a rs Bo of Jf 12 he a | ty Ow ae 
eae ad 

gi do 
FN passe, Cg 

Pp plat ace, Siar akS Ent ar e's 

Butcoh Patent of —* 
yeok. Lo ten. vty Ges 

Rete, fi baa wt-O- 1 rere ee 
tne Le - butng bhcig Ca frre 

nes S00 bea ak Yau art 
ene. Oa Uaree agreinwt Ath as 

a) My arr fatee Regeln 
a a | fr a prratard ag a, 
Gpaphoph onc asa & - 
es A pee 

hen na / ty : 
, ; A, 
é ft hein ae Chay Ob go 


ay ae LAP ELOY, tank, 


Tone 8P, 8a, 

Grey re Pe. B44, 

Nrumicd, Ne Ty 

Doar sirs- 

dobnd a te nveraatton with you some tina ann te, 
resard tO rutaittine tax raturns Ler tho haboratery a. Purse! 
Yorke, anc 1 itbereatond yo to say thet Awe wth fe +, 
do, wasn no% 4% S112 out blanks wid t.owere Nunians 2. tt: 
Ship, wnt to let tretir ‘reprasantative AneAsh OUP prapcrty ge con 
coMance with 4 ¢ own fudement, The blanks have recently yt. 
oh J20, OMA Y sands dike to be rracsurad ‘An to the correctness 

of my wo verstandint. 

Yours 4Ly, % 

Mane is ; 

My Dery Me, Tuylor,~ 

you ti 5 moran st- 

“Expect to go Kuropa first fuly visiting England and 
Gontinent. Ta my insurance Wl vist, Please taxe 
any stOpa that jny be necessary to mrrange it . 
‘Ansvar. As 1. T.° 

Saag ari ee 

am abroad. It is prmhable that Ll ahall be dn Bares fe nos 

sicerable extant during the next. fev years, an. Lofieu yet 
do whatever is neressary for the protection of my poud eion. 
should be mode to cover the whole of Furope, Piesse auteeine 

this can be dona, so T wilt know what action to take. 

Mr. Fe G, Taylar, 

Lintsay, Ont. 

have my policion adjusted in suah aronmcer aa to oma oe i 


L bas to oontirm the following telagyan cent 

I expoct to ba in Turope for aipnt tw months and dasive to 

Mow 22 BO, 

My Dear tari, - 

AQofne arms meeting ot the Stockholders of 

| i ‘ 

' ths Fifi say Phococeapt Works, the vollow ss Directors were el antocs 


: : P ; 

| Thores Ao Bad son, GQiselas Aateholor. ay Ty Onttine, 


| Sasiet Lritl, novi Ae O Tatn, 

doa ate not a etockholder of rasore. You ou srt to have tonne 
shares transferres in order to quali fy re os a Introntor, 


Yours tmty, : 


Bamvel Inavil, Kaae, 

New Yark, 

mae Bh, oY ge 

George Ty Van Sisten, Naas, 
Beale, The Holiond Saaiety of Rew Yor', 

14 BYouar,, Mew fork, 

: Yr, Raj aan nan receivad your anrammniont.ion tar 

if . 
date Leth dnatent, stat in tat he han been nerbortad spy Mit. Gans 

Us » 43 : : 

2 : : 

v4 ‘3 

aa We. Van Salen for rechorahip din the Hollant Sowt aby of Naw ‘cork, 


and Kew hii $o aad bis genealogy in direc* male Line fram a 

v4 Dutohman who aettied tn Ame tien dafovra Ay Des ABTA, | 

L know that a few yearn ago rome onterp ri sing yenealLoygl 

tae year 

A, 36,3000, mat Mr. Nai son has no eopy of this record, nor co we 

o , 

1s ‘know at the present t ine where it could be fount, Bnd Mire Fdi on 

- fas to other data, axaey tins, tamily tradition. He knowns that nis 
d . 

7 ereatg prente sreandpthear was 0 Ranxer on Mawehattien Island, dine his 

ancestorr in airaet mole line were enon; tae very ELy setters 

upon tha, osmind, Perhaps you, yhe aw fed diar with the ane cniat = 

, £ nt wsyees 2 tren ee. 
ters, migtt kindy suggest away in whies tea. 2 have thin hati, 

Yours crexy 

Tune AL, 8, 

Felt, Millia Sy Mask- 

“4 Walt Sty, Now tard, 

Mae Baar Marks, = 
Zo have teyeivad on sory ef vour report under Gave 

Pins Ath, wa, to tha Prentacne anc Direetora of tha Mal on 
Flagtric Tide ht ta, of Philadel shia, an’ lo think that a Saw waorda 
dn reemrd to or arperiensa at &he Pearl Stract Station may se of 
haneTit to var nt thin sine, 

We fom that the nert peviad te tare on new customersa waa 
Gueing the avemer mentha, and at that time our nolieitoss aid the 
peut work at wd the your, Spovery int nights they used to go 

theatca the ¢isteint, and enter an eatoblishmet vhere a lot of 

- Ban pets ware buniing = there tha pegie wera poprimnm their heads 
Wid parstiring - end Betking che pone iator sbay vault commence 
TARR CbAetoig Light to hin, and sonld point ont thay 22 ine 

fer fa yorlaga hid wks jeta by inemndtsanyt lamps, erch one of 

the Lanter wong 

vw. fy Me ne 

thon peryer vit S . 
ee OO OS TT CES oT , 
: + yoe\\%RphOrS? Bay Bee, Mama te Vit: 

Mae se Scr S . F 
Me QE Sa PANS ee ae ronan Donne 1G alee hts : ar 
an aes ELL, wa, t, ten 
wa % wey %}- ; 
We Wes Shah we Roo en MOG WA eats rhe ale Litter? Gara exe 
ee diem lhe ORE 

tar Fhea ai nti + é : 
J ot} bal y by: . 6 : ; 
boas je 7 att by dig? 91 oe a) A aoe pe teh te tm i 
i Lae i q ae 

i) Vass . t 
YOU tag 80 te sere Ade de Photacar Phi ts 

Xora very treat Y; iy e 
o WO . ” . 

ig L te fA a. a) A. Meta a” Ge YY w/ an 

Bing Ap MAD Mra pf fe.e Pe te 

h. ti antl wt. Pte. % fee web ifs 
a Wage. fx, AA ¢ kt : ate 4-1 ae J He. 


eee ents, Fin 2 tap andl, 

“be ¥ lhe o Kian lot BAe AE 

My Pane Pear. ~ 

dt te pe athe that uation the course of etn 
epribe vem owls qom tee fii it destragte ta sontraciyt we 
Slag wa the omsurieters of the graphophass make te cwaptanlity 
dr, rreordzres noun by cutting the wax with a knife recorder, mad 1, 
tharefore, fend you the following information, an proof of your 
antinipoated assertion? 

"Sea YA NATURS, edited hy Tissondier, 187, > 



page S48, article on Lemhrigots phenogreph, 

whara a out ting tool im desori ted ie connection 

with uterind wax; also Hr. Raien's RB¢Lteh Pee 

tent Ma. 1644, of LA7H, paragraph Sf of speoifi~ 

cation filed Oow mr Sta, sane Fear." 

Re te Dven, Fede, 
Now ToTk. 

Ne the Raeaer, Be 

Peete Medlit, Maghiners Palige, Maer uvtion, 

Purio, Penna, 

anh yo 

Loans; to gontimn tre Sotlestag gabbegonm 

Ad teutants - 

| NMARY,, PARIS, June 2%, 1880, 

“Were vour Incgment ryant furdes,  Grepho- 


thonen only clad ta erisins lity ia ra- 

: . eonibye by gutting wx, Proeara frredi~ 

nfs gous! ba Nets, adi&Zad oy Tis- 5 

sumaice, L879, pegs S49; srtdiele on bor 

yelaate ohonageay hover gutting tool anc 

i | 

‘ sterice ven. See plso my Beitisn Paetant 

HT Mantas i84¢ ef L898, paragraph thirty of 

ase Lapation Milac Oqtowr id, mrtson,” 



Ne Ba, oy 

We te Horsnsy, Mivte, 

Paviss Pranee. 

war Sint 
Loansg to cowinn the fl Lowing, anblegrans regaived 
Trem win te 

MsE0On, NW. Ve Juie si, LEuL. 

Wink rave qitak bound cenies Faison's patents; 
if ne arpires no rendy send old by next eteannr, © 

Poison, m1. Y, dune Bh, ao. 
"Juried laspest exhloita tn ten dave jit 
aprolitha Lf you wisn to make spegial alaims te ten 
greph os write at ona pint praparing im Stuer Por ony 
whtae vuble salient point &r phonogsted: fe grape 
sosng payed ridionlows claiaw if yar er ibe cebis mn 
te hale fury will letter arrvivas aprwver, © 

Yor an vey truly, 
cae > a) 
Pi a ‘3 

Jeeve MN, Liprinsort, Nar,, 

Nore; Ariortiony, Phonng sy Ga,, 

LAD Broadmy, New York, 

Dear Sirs. 

Ran ly trie ta vour Latter o¢ th Instent, 2th whtes 

“OU enaloved capy af Gao, WW, LAttlehalae Patent, No, 404880, anted 
Jue 11, 2PED, LT rotiyy, heravith your commnioat ton are the Patent 
referred to, Mire Mes Yn having mde the foliowly note on the 

"It doesn't infri 

nge ag all our thin, 
And this wout,* 

st WOT 

In ve mra to tha Phonograph ix Mexy eo, Mr, Thomas % Sonne Ny 
lite Minagttar 45 Mexiao, nas the p wvistonel rishts for the inst 

nont dn Moxtoay tervitory. Mr, Comery has, I think, alrenty 
started Por Nays 0, Tit he ean be utdransed care gf Mesarse Box 
and Preble, Mo. 47 Haasan Ste, Now York dity, 

Yours wary triy, 

° v 
Mn AA, Boe 
Me. WY. OR, Perry, 
Donee lL tdantad Stace & Potminye, Kxcranan, 
‘Now Yar ity, 
. , 

ZL ensinge herewith copy ota Ietter trom vr, 

“Ww stave Rieamiace Sacratary ov the inatitien Runsee Oo,, teogathar 
with copyad liet af stodholders whioh he smt to me aad whieh 
shore pll the ato, axeavttees tag disued fo Ye dhman and Strom 
tery. Fran what Stremhert,  sayo ‘Wh wold apnea that Mastecn docs 
not own goatroh, ar the gapdtaloar the Goyer fe 3100900, Ci fy 
thousand collars Heine accounted fae tn tha attaghed, and tha 
other 359,000 Stromberg soem torny, 13 divided batwam rinsel 2 
and “estrim, sithosh loam vot sure that I round pis Latter aane 
ractiv, aa tt in somewhat ambi gua te L have written bir: for arn 

explanation, and WILL communicate with you an noon ag T-hear from 



Mi, doh Nhe Tete nein la, Mmagers 
MHtohtyan Phono ach Whe, 

Nanri, Whar 

Lye v* ‘s 

Peplying to your tester ef ete Ingtant to of. 

Kao con, tas hatiar wihl forward yarn prongs an qe Pia Png 

way advad yaa, stating thet Mr. Priworn wALL be usd Bo eet 

Mee te oli vt tire baboretary ary time fer tia mermoys4 a cee 

ara yw phenogran far the meatin, af the Miahigan s 

tela yt Grand Rules, The moteal gos.ndera ven fare 


“, ss Suthurday iapt ny Expect nite 

Yours «ory truly 

ve He Seok, Witce, 
Meanras. Bate eo Inatas, 

New ‘iser, 

fear firt~ 

Saplydiir to your Lettar of Oth Uiatemt, dn resist 

to tha Midonn Pronopraph Marks 

Prostedont. Thorman A, Fdd an, Seety. & Treane., fH, A, Tate, 

MIRKOTNRS, Thos. A, Fat oa, Rothe Inn Chitesen:, Showlaa 

Matahvor, Samat Insbb sat A) frac 9, Tatas 


lem oting fa salts moatiye of the Directors Tor ane vay 

this wask, and te view of ry aemhemplated wo wore ad, Mey Ingbl 

wild be oleetad Trencurer, so Saat if paper. Ligh vat ata pvee 

paring are to i axnented cmder an date Lutes tian ZO ELS 

thie wee, vo am mae nse of this Latorimnationes 


Yours wery tri 

de Kao S82 sey Magy 

Pitts ar ae ay 

Dear firy- 

Mre Magan, sata Teaeved (aor detber a loth abgat. 

in whegh gree ray that Mey Loris. ok ost re DS aU Pomme cat! 

Wan w Trandla Prange | KEIN ay nee Ee sae ty Moy Mes ena 

ROh gra tht yar neve racefsen one AT fe Jet pe)eg mlfere tia rp fe | 

thedewe L enolone harawith a photogs at be Letipey be paw 

hava yet ors of tesan yew cant fo ard ana, 

Ta royuit te phones ns dlunva fore aingle coaord, we wt tt 
ta & Rho thew not only ve able to Suepsr you wlth thesa,y mig 
witt en genat iimbss of aifferort utples of rhosogrm bina ae 
all aindn of uae, There han haan se ineh praggere bought to 
oear upen te ta fern ont phonagreaphe yiiesly, that Mrs Roataon haa 
got had ting te give muh attergion to the mamifne ture of thee 

vlany, He bau tikon it up now wtyorarg)y, ang you will very 

ahortly be wuhe fo gat everything you ay 

15 f° 
Yourn very truly lif 

rate Shorobarts 

in that sognhurtone é 

Mr ae , ae id. eae oe fv 
ATE apm a fer’ ra 
a LE0 fro er Oo eas a 
Dre , ie rw a | 
St fo Be i eke ; Y i vw A, Plead. | 
Alb PRA. Ae. 2 ie coo > dey Pe 

- The Thus RO FAR 7, wi Nee er Foe 

() me 

eo few PQ. My 
ve AoW. Lees v~ yor once Pree hh LB or Zz atte cet 
Me Le be pote feel A Cot. Jima’. hi. 
: , eer pa AA es 
Pan san 

ter €£. 

C a Go # 
hs Sass ae bo Fhe. 
| A Sd COO bone 

a ts tvs Cres. “G 
oO? loa Ce a naa ae ‘Ved 
y, : jd fa. fom ehege “Cow x - Ta 

ct a 0g) re a) 

A peint Py aa 
we C-. , Me Come | ty -- 2X ee oe ae ; et 
aw A a ft or. a 7 of: a Mar RS ame Soe G&S 

a + mee ag, a MBE 

che. for nan Raw k- fee 
oe A ae oe gee wg we, 

pAMipy GP Baw 
ep ae, ee 
a a Ams, aoe ote Yoyo ~ e Ios. fee AB age ‘ys? 


vw. ae ww de 

; MS A Lee. ia 
CAA: ra 

Lieb Ph 

ME MM 7? 
Ca aon fietey ls 
£ Sep 
Be wR... «- ACM. Pee 6.00. fpr. e the, on 

Hee J i ane bat AKA trek» 
Heke Ae, Gorwtrwnwroau, la 

Fae bi ey bapa e a Ate 
a Af ee tte hey ie 

nd ho Reus 
- Br. 

Ce s 


rant nnnnoctidaanbindinentia ceased 

Vie ue Gt. PA : Ve & Cr ee 4 tog 
a C/A f ftir f? Ores, LI bye f 
ras t pas oc AS a r a fl 403 Hay 

C i ot the ae ete 

A? ace 
ae af BA A Ey 

wey f 
| ee Sat he ne bloson eal 

iis Ns AR Ge nn ee taal 

: } (ae sre ee oe € fio noe. a PHO yap -% th, fol, 
se f- Vere tt a Ge FF ww gale fas gf ty 
“fhe, aA. f Bp et, oh 7 ar Bi 
Reed rs 
le He MECC. Fate ae for 2 ff Be “f? 
aU eb ee 
wih wy 3D? * 49 ‘w » 
& a. 3 Me : : be 5 ‘ ae 
as Lfl. 4G ai BoTy tart oy PL 0, Mt Tan fre prio y 
¢ Le ag. Je bn low Jew - 4 tie * it 


, * A . a MN 
n. ff 3 ay we oa hh etard. of Pt a &. Me off oy ne, Pome wf 
; DS ere Pb en rpogte & oT [A vpn) 

og | 
Het 47 - Aeron feo 4 vimanas J 

te PAR a j * ~ 

° { es 3 
C a Noone £. pobgtn Pf mbten a ee Get 



£ li. 

ga ot: 

thr, Re. 
Cae. rf 
Ay A pais es, a va 
ae core 

A eat Aa: fu eb 
yo sf 

ae nba pt Aas 

+ . 
We a oes 


Ih» Sty. 

z Kia a. tur. 

piteta vee uap-tay A Ad- ey coae 



LAA * te 

Me aart vee 

GAL. Us ew: ¢ aah 

Ls me 

« (Rtee % Oe 

Antonia ‘regg & Npper oo, 
19 CLES ft., “Yew Yor 748y. 

Rear Mirgier 

With ra fivenge to you lattar qt 2th instant, An 

- glowing our aomayniaation of 0th {natant, addrqanad to the Ane 
emia ‘irene A Copper %q., Ansonia, Sonn., th ptiioh ma peaked if 

thoy sonkd gupp}y ua with tro at rips of shant Waa’, annh 19 fh, 
long, 78 inches wide ang onansighth of an inch thick, we ha to 
tn Gow you that your Loteer of 22nd ing, was turned over, in’ 
error, 4a ong af our enploynng who knew nothing whatever nat 
the orfer dn pioation, and who repliad to your darminion? day, wi die 
out raking pny inquiries regarding the matter referred to therein. 
Me vendiveA from Ansonia on Tine Aled, A teleqren in reply te mt 
Jetzer of 2th inst. uhove referral te, to the affacs thay they 

| ated supply the Waa hy mune 2Ath end aNnting us if we wanted 1% 
mara or potty, in Heapmee to chiah wa inmets stely wired thaw that 
we preBarrod vot and anking then ta expedite shipment. ax moh a 
ions nie, 4n9 holenrana boing diay aontirmsd ww le tter dated “une 

"gag, 88. 

Ay te Be ‘toe, wRe 

 rwnipe of var Lyater this ising, we Amends ately w gre 
y™ as Lolbowg!o 
*hur aren of Awernioa: fis two neripe oF 

nrass, all right, Imery is toreane, “rating.* 

ve srs that thie wreae in altenity mi itn way to the Laharae 
Vory, AA WH oxpaated to Paiaiva SF tomt@, und will bach Jrnon= 
verLanad if ite delivery 14 an) ayia moh longer, Plager advise 
Wa by reem mal) regardini therm ter, 

Our Orjech in sarruntonting f\irest with Anwonis, wan to sano 
tine, tnt in Nture we #23 aifrens aij mur Lattang te yor vow 
Yve% of fige, NP letter of AM inet, rotrend herewith, 

Youra wery truly, 

Enfpon Lanoraterpy: 
. 2 sake 

My ad 

Manevar fioan A Thaoe, 
; ao mashingtin mete 
AONE 1.7, 


Denar Ki FB ip 
se With np Pranae to ont |r, ‘arth 's insasypoy 

with ym of yOnsertng rel ive tu Matahraker! a tetne, With nom 

ertnding astasiewm, we peive yay to tirnish up with two of mae 

bathes: an goon Ma poartole. If you apinnot deliver tho tw me 

chines imipdiatay, pleane aend the one which Yr, "hath examined 

to the laherwtory, at ones, on we ava in urgent med of it. 
Please yer an mind thas we with new gtinding attnohnent farniahed 
with emh of the lathos. 

Youra vary vray, 

Reiaon hahorator y. 

ny Pe co iGo 


Win Fa, 

My Dear iP, Kubory,e 

£ as Sty, Ldppinomys sora tina age in 
resara +9 your rhonegraph, ant 1 sem him parennally the ather day, 
when he brought the mater up. le asked ma Af you untlerstont 
thas 16 val A he impractiaanle fir him to give yao a phiinogreph 
and pasa Bisle to 1%, He mays that he wil} be YY pad to le 
yr HAY & manhine and make you p pebnve of the Pall wre nt of the 
aneity whieh ig ahaged others. This would w praetioal:ty the 
see as thoach you owed the machine, and I told hin that © wns 
are AR would te quite matiafactory to yairnel?, Of annrien ths 
Norgh Aw riam Phonngreph o, cannot relinquish 4t0 s40244p any 
phonoy pha, p teahniend ity whi ah poo beni wild ner | yay 
peace af rind. I think Mr, Uippingots om Vea ron have bribe rae 
cldne AY ony tire if you will apply for St end Io Feet Winere 
$0 aerd 1%, 

Yours vary traly, 

Sar Me Oe we eee cree 

Ft wre i 
. P + . . & : 
p, te "Huhert, In, ¥aqe, . Private ore Wye y rs ; 
Nellport, 7. I. C8 bnnt oe, 7 

Tune aA, 82. 
The Yai aon Vag tine “or ka, 
1Q Dey St., New York, 

Dear Nirese 

The fa} Loring is aopy of a cahlagram reaeiver hy 
Mr. Rad dan tonday from ''r, Harmay Parig, the agne having heen 
tanemitted thragh the di eon Unita co., New York, ma Mr, 

Ral wn desire’ it referred to the Machine Yorks, for attention:«~ 

TUCHAR Ay POISON, — Paria, tune 26, 1889, 
“Send Tabbit shells {01 mimnor 5612 and 

Munfaipa). dynamon ono each, Hanmer, * 

Youra truly, 
LS ‘ 
a, CAS 

Private Seaty. 

ee IN rn 

veoare. Taa, ‘Y. Cine & Sa., 

Philadelphin, Pa. 

near girat« 

Replying: to your poasal onl of Hith inct., the 
repaira which wa ara making to the photo appariaus 8% 4% vat 
Aorpleted. Just as anon ae they are finished, we VIAL ahrtuo 

you and mem you a hill of the expanse inourred. 
Yours tmly, 

RPaitann Lanowratarys 

. ace 
Re LL faa ea 


“ate OF, LARD 

Ae “tab, Pon, 

rat a 

«fo "Sime Shipley a “a, 

Sar dem, “ne lens 

‘ew “Irtis 

5 om t eantinn tho POM ye vonage ye yee 
tren yes Mah fr ant t« 

set oe. wt ge dyll a as RY ‘ 
Varia, Surnherg, Sannehera, ‘Sema, wrtin 

Mryered ik Pirpean tradewh.; Texas ade 

vise bredige retirn ta emvnna ratters 
Nheemaity nertere sm agi, ould ratam 
again. ‘Carga’ nineag pnesthle in wustost 

fol wy enh ine Loy phenna. Diek, Anvera,® 

“ ” sf eae # £ 
’ Yours Orily, 
es ah A a Rd eee % 
ge Ee 
a OY ou » « 

TN tenn ce ec ay a 

Jeon #7 vb SSBF, 

Cs 7 ae TRALW IS: bay r. 
tar Ter. 

J want fo he rugyleoe 
tt Bf : D fheoea C Cascoy 7 VK. € : 
wer a lt oe ie ca Proves aon Yhe Ferlagecat 
tee YUN? ¢ ae Per nigg Caner s nin Cerri accel Guay FAQ 
2 t v 
Sate Gous 


CS : ‘ eeke> A 

, mand Abawrun fl Ke Ofoiak 

) : 

A214 14) EXQiania 

Py e : : 
maf). J lia Re Jape fy alk af KK, My Kren HAL 
dla rf. uA fo Hate and Fez 

J ie | er free re Fie 


Ky mrls ory 

' . Gt 
Ne wag fore LAW ng 

YVR maa yLoiw , Aorat OADM. 


th 4 ‘ ee VA , ‘ a. ; , 
VAC poets lm r fA & > tent on, feera OF 20° 

* - rT ’ 
Ore tabkcount and I do not wawl mony On 
Myvi : 


Yours tree ey 



“Y ate ~ 
“7 a of Sclideon, 

Lt, ee 


Juyre a", ®, 

RAj an Yep %,, 
Harv} nor, My a, 
AY ALrys« 
1 return herewith sixty dayk notn for $10,000, 
dy simnodt hy ‘tr, Falaon ag Prep dent of tha Lamp Go., tho wing 
hesing buon andloned with youn of Avan dante, Just thig momert 
neg 4. 

Yoore sruay, 

Private Key hy. 

1s a 


oa ewe al 
( ha bh A ct apeech i Aa-4 

Hheva tat 
Ny dems y Oa . | | 
csc CZ CALA MAC pe AAAS fA ve A 
to Cth the phn rrs A} hich fr Aye Aut ies 
AYUNAAL A SY mets lhe Arefrr were 
| ( Ke he te aha R-ry chk AH Aff py iti eee 
no DONA a> (AAA D BAA 5 AN Se ae ges aint 
tes G AL ANIA kh wu Aprry bl: S Ae 
ts LUO w AH AKD AAA AM. ; ee cs op 
Yorn. A vyste aot Ute! fe ae fu lly | 

s woe lo “Che Aéetnkhs a4 BRL Vis clas 

Vf ADO Mt, fA 
FP heoa Edroow 

Vu. one tare any wufermafar™ 
, re on 

Ture 24, BB. 

8. Rian, 

Port Rivhmond, 8, t. 

Dear Sixmt- 
: With refprenae $a your racant visit to the Tuhnratery, 
Yaletive to snouring enploymeng, Mr. Mal sn eaye that he thinks 
he can ive you a position in about thyee weeks from now 

You had batter white of a2) and eeus at the eri of that 

Yours very truly, 

Private Secretary. 

i09 - 

tae aa #, 

S\aqeeye Na Yorn, “Hits 
 Mempres Paton § Login, 
Vew TS 

Teer. Tris 
Replying to your Latter-ef R7th ingt., re hat mh 

Vpanagrayh Yprke “artifigate af Milky gat atogk, T sinttted tb 
aten thie conificate when in your of flee yratertay. (fF you mAZe 
bring st with yar an “onday whan ven dome tp the 84jen Taep | 
factory, at Varrien, ", 1,, to ation the meeting of Mocrhoddern 
of tho “iran Phone gr aph compary, T 44} Barn fh thore, 

In ro rd to Mtoe which was ineugd fo gorvinan, I wih) hires 
thie atungod, no it ¥i12 Byer om any bigkn ae having neen ign 

meg for anh. 

Yous teujy, A}. “ fe 


she ‘ 
4, : ‘ 

‘Syavate Sonrotary. 



‘terra, Yaton 5 SANE By 

ne, ro vowivay, “ow York. 

wer ertte 

“oer brace 
amy wofyte ORT : Hoe, Qty, : ok 
: t her $o thenk yon for yeu Lever of ides fnetort, 
reer aS . 
pecerains contr aes newer "re att son ons the Raion we weal 
ka t 

Seated. under date Retener ii 17, mi in we vie 

POPORY « - ogee 
avate thet, an your apinton, ‘i¥e rat eon’ 8 api to retrhurmerent, 
oY ecean tae. Seg Sree cr ate i vay 

tor, the roneys whi ch he has ‘anps rdot Ap perrooting t nts process. ‘for 

Sakae ane cs H, e 

ivan conaomratton ie a wna one, 

ty ele 

prey a kaney raearn id as the ner eteant hove resort ta, 

wate label ondonme with ad ‘letter 0  ymrentven asdatt ante, mea 

' q*6: 
dnttant « 
Youra very traly, ¢ 

ae ™, at. 
‘ “eacn ity Fayelane ts, Frage, 

V@ "pantinny, Tet York. 

a ham! Cit 

Chane ta to ca an fehtatidon ta Mh. Sohn, Me 7 
sore qk wor, Ang F think you have bom nepied to in regard Ho 
apres yhonngtaphs there, ao pre Age randy ‘ef  noreminiemtten 
fron tna Cegndion Toramment of fotala, tn wsiek it in stoted tint 
the fopvetary af tho Vlectriqn, "sha son open Lee oe of *, von, _ 
tie Te, map liad to the. Hininter of Minna, to ontain purdredon, 
in order 4o. enmipa the micogss of tre Neoarieal sanininton, weed 
He, Rat aon sharia: be ahliawat t0 pring ‘into canes a imuter of alea- 
teiaad nav Stee witoh are patmted in jereea, mod Yd “maar the 
potent Var cannos ne, tpo reed. this my iention wah re‘torrad to 
aha Tey atmmt o¢ Cnetice, witoh advined thn Tap*®. of Ae ae 1. tre 

fo eapty os fallarct- — 

Ste toveroment will nat. ohject to the wirtsing of the 

gobtn fn sien into Ceneda fn: hort for the purpose 
rent{ored, mt cannot bind thita parties ‘or puarane 
tas the patentnns agoinat Trp nyk at shair ins= 
qnnd4e (fi gned) Rott. Sadgewick, Me Vy J 


foo Mepre wt the ae eed 8 Bh ba eet. ge a ge 
abies Bnd curadlan dew, rae on nem whet ayitor, FRE rp tne An 
bee FO sanity, cmp ner te ets hy doltton, cmd “Ry. be 
we yy WERE gem Gat Je de omy pe eeamery to TOR Bhat yp 
mPOA Ya mund Mfore venplying wha: the meaieon ehidh hes 
wort! wate vola Of yap, f 

Yours very amily, 

Prtente Secrotary, 


™ne an, %, 
Mator 4. 4%. Raron, 

New Yarpy, . 
Dea Merte . 

‘Mase 29 anusher Lawsar from Mr, Gray, Which I have 

MAb answered, 
ee SPI SE ect 2 
Se oo. 
“Private ‘Sw etary, 

Ure dertg NYP, 
Pasoon Neg 9,4 Vortpyunbertand. Avg. , 
lanton, “4, °. “nglard. 

Tear sipte 

X have yagatved your Lester of JR dngtant, in rew 
gant to “tr. “Wey'n indabteinens to yourgels, and am sorry tat 
You 1d not being thin matter beofae wa tarier. = Nu, "ley ape 
pent to have hormmwed mony right ang Lec while hp was dn Fone 
om, jotwithetending the fect that we gévanded him sbre S80 more 
than he ms able to asgount for. 2% take pleamre in -enele aing 
Yrchenge an London for Trenty> ive pais, whieh ‘Pr. Yateon has 
snawuated re te forward to you, end U gannot te22 you how mich 
we rearat the deception which wan pragiiaat hy it. valey, Whe sce 
onaded in deceiving not only atrrelves mt, 13 mppenra, everyhody 
dae game in contact with while ahroad. Ha waa pronptly diaeharced 

upin hia Setarn, and ahowld ho ever turn yorin Landn again, if 

f i 

def ae 

Wi21 not ye in conneation with any 

Yours very. truly, 

Private seorethry. 

My 3. 3. Misen, 
88 Nerdhappten Row, Russel) 8ae, 
Tantinn, Oey Youginnd . 

Yer Srte 

T have received your Lattge of With inatent, in ren 
BATA TO ', WMlay ‘ns indebtedness to youranle for hgerd, ana regret 
| Vhat ya 214 not bring ths matter befora mo @arjier. 1 tare . 
plegmare in enaloeings xchange on Londen tor f 4-15-20, wr. oh you 
State is the emoims de you. ; 
RAE Mea mcr lela cree g © 

Yorn very tray, 

eo om Ca . | 
he ‘ Ct. ; (. ch, 70 a aes 

Paginee shoe as “A aes wee aceon ehees Bey t4. . 
thyme "te Orbe ‘ ‘ 

¥ a HE om, rd od Gy 

a Pe ae 

de emr®, >. <s ? 
v bn ne 

“Wee iy As 

Jucore "i. Lavin, “ides 
“anera, Maton & Tewla, 

“ew York. 

fear ert= 
Lan in reasirt of ym yayer of With ints, in ren 

gurd to the Rai fon Phonngr ayh Kowkr Trtat Apt hamenit « J yand vou 
nnpewids wwe anrer tof Ae Aqreonant, fetes ‘ay Mis 19, Ietnem 
“p, Talon ant ‘the Vetwon Phanngraph Farkas 

Your af aampt fonn that, Cifsy-teo per anti, ef the ert Lite 
spgite Atook of the Phonograph “seks has wraty tnan Lame’ 0 
Yr, Tey sons ‘ghat this amunte to 4384,009, of 1A arent (ha 
SAT oF ante nrmint epucle £80,280, oF MAT. BAO nares; Me Oe 
Cin PivViewia Ans Lared in minene of AME Rre te Meter 


7 AMA Cceprty so “¥_ TAL ann, are aapyem. 
' Yotra vary rsa s we PR a 

+s 2 
ara te 
e a 
sh RS “ys paupta Snare hry. 

ad a SPE 

eae Sf tiamig ar we vedven nf t Scam cg d?, 
‘a wiih oh seca ale ad Ay 

were eae Awe Pre tees oe 

¥ hash, 


dau Ri, puny 

Me Kei aan ,o 
Hore 48 another Latter from T4ek, 
Fwon all thet we enn learn fem ngek ‘a enreqeondence, it 
nega that the great distribating cmtre Sor dolla in Foray, 1h 


fhe “oaton Sorpany ind a contract ith 7. %. trawford, coven . : 

Ping Trance, a eopy of which is in Mal or Faton's hands. ir. 
Stevens ataten in hin letter to re, wader dafe June 2th, snr 

"It tea question if Crawford's contrnet ia binding. ’ Me 
Maguire ome ta the Tahoratory the other day, and tald m® that he 
wae ansoaiated with Crawfaet jn the waa or of thia contract, art 
Chiat dhe azonmerk Bad lapr et, ant he wanted to obtain fmm ra 
indonesian in Paght tq your Pelationa ef & fhn Toy Mhona, Cov, 
so an to amble hintteL? ant Srawford to docida fh one? hy Henna 
nO% @& Fenownl of théir vantrant. Lp shdre ale any eroinds what- 
over npon which she Crawford ¢ontract qn he anroge ted, st ks very 
impo Ptant that the ‘oston Compare. should onkd Advantan? dt then, 
‘Otherwise fata is going to contr) ene milk of the Rucspem 
tra ta. ZY tnve toenight written ir Syawenn He urd re the into» 
view BRhad With Maguire, and as you arp 40 dnd that fant).eitin on 

> 2 1 



“andy, “nly ahh, J nave oar ©: jaere Able note premnqed fd 
YOY On fat day, AO YM) Aa), was ahte quest tan wp fox At naangd ay: 
are Lnnrans nyen the ioadan Rey le the racandl ty of peehing ria 
of crawford. 

Youm traly,. ; 

owt ae 

a meee 

Hre H2liaepr ,q 

Hua do Rhone, Yokes "1 phwmpephen foe 

Topans they mist not send any bile Aireat to tram 
and Company, nor mune they rend ary to fol, 

Ching and 

Gorerund ’ 

7 - Ly 

yinn MM, a, 

ty Tear Ite, Rtew mn, 

T have to aeknow Ledge your kind Latta o¢ 
27th insant, ant "tr, Rétaon ake mp $0 uoknowletge your lether te 
him of sam date, ''r. Vdlaon ig xing aeny on ‘onday ee eaent, 
to te abaent all wack. If it would be gorreenian tn yourge2ie, ho - 
wonld ha glad to neo ym and any of your friend.e whys wnt oag 
with to wing with you on Yonday, Twiy Reh ; 

I dogire to ay a fen vorda te yar with rilation to Wr, 
Stevenson, wheel introduced to you when in Wa.on. Ce plat 

which Ir. PAteon had formed for confuoting the Tay Phoner@ph how 
winesa, wen he was conaidering hailing it hirasel?, Was one tr 
¢ Onn oat ory with whieh Mr. Stevenaon's PMalifinationn weld have 

fitted hin to take oharge of a gortain part of the works Tin 

plon was not juat the sumo an the cne etch 78 Prepoae, and unier 
- Gh present od Pemetaness we think upon {Retr ( ondideration, 
that Mfr, Stevensoih in not # Loge thor quali leditit: the ports. Me 
man who has to take aher ge of a mumber of sehelea, Bhott1a ho ati 
who has hata thorough training in cormeraial Life ant wt hea ne 

thokingh Mowledge of msiness men and “sineen melthodss 2 ao 

Het thist Hr, Stevmson has any resources of this tint to ake spon 

Senha ea 

“oald be anteidiavy to shat of mambvoture, ah nb droid aah We 

1 a | «te 


Oo far an hie ow, ORpetlmond La Atha Aint, ANI {it wonda Ya om btap, 
shareinre, for Far to look in anotiar airnation mr 7 Vinkpae for 
your Canpany , , 

A rere important MHjJos thar thir %a oonalider et thi? prow, 't 
time, isthe one of mara facture, 

mw machinery te her, pirat oe 
are aotting 1t up, 

Tt your Company desiren ta take atv ania zo nt 

the hr tatense trade, the manifacture of mrments abe he + ane 
mented irmedintaly, ant in mffiot en Plantition to meat the gone 
Peative domnd, The only sate way to de, is to atart UPON A Mra 
eile mmbker por day, dertainiy hot less Vhan © tieaand, ang athre 
the movements wmtil orders are OMeained for than, — tintwan this $5 
anne, you will Sint yournal ven drs & cuntpla of mmnthe CLA, prmangs 
e087 nothing $0 weld, and will nov ya BblM vo kun wring Ot 
the large trade Which aan be CHtAnLLanOR thin year hott, Ned rere 
eapetally avrsad, in view of tha Paria Mmostiton. If yim anop 
YOU? mupply df rovmonts up to .tha mitk md plane scmrepiven m9, 
pow tion é ele omtraots fov daliwany, 1¢ #321 pi0an 0 tran wing. 
active mainens ar Lean, & yOay oa lis than if your mariner La rtigg: 
je dotavea a fen mnths longor, 

The questions Of manag mont and evaricmens of agenoles 

Jone hy yorr taking time to delinorate Yan, 1f deta yaa am, 

tehing. 4tpas to render theao as maton Botiva jut mB wom, am tHhy 
ay ferred. 

Ry , S. ah. 

In repay $0 tha payment of fin, Off, tae on wy le’, tha 
sr rangorent was, that this payrenit.wan 06 be divland mary re - 
tween Ur, Rdieon ani the Mateo Phontgra: “‘ompaty. Your waaariy 
49 to,pay tho 36,000 to the Kdlaon Phonogr ph “ompany, ms 1, 
MAS Bon forgoesn his proportion. I think !!ajor Raton Lar Alegsuty 
gormantoatod with yar in ragard to the ahove, 

ir, Baleon desires to he romembered very kindly to youraglt 

and Mr. Fiala. 

Yours very trily, | - 

er a 

ths. Oy sé 

ee wa * 

at, Mee es 


ee +? 
a 7 A 
As jet 
mA Py 
Mare ‘ 
*% i Pay ae 

PYoumte Secretary. 

Reng. ¥. Stevens, %aqe,. 

Sonton, Mass. 


Tye AR, MH, 

Confident . 

My )ear Mr. Stevena,~ 

| In yor lant letter to ne you mentioned 
the Orawford contract, whiok, an TI recoliact it, wan a contredt 
giving ir. 7. 'C. Orawfor@t the wolusive ogenay for Frmoe, Mr. 
Crawford had asnoeiated with hima your, van roamed Mame (ew %), 
who is known to Hr, Fdiaon, and who hea been comeaced with the 
fo mmition of one of tha Phonograph. Sempardes in the United Steten. 
Mr, Maguire onlled to sea me the athar day, And tol? ne that Mrs 
Crawford's contract ‘haa lapsed, or words to that effect, ant si shot 
to obtain from ro information regard ne, Mr, Head ons repatdosn whith 
the. Tay Phowagtenph Company, 89 Bs tO anshie hamaelf and Sir. om 

tora to ‘doeide whether thay would sed a ronewh of the Crater’ 

‘agreanmt. OF eourse I do not know nyon what gtunde  Yaswite 

corsigereé the contract void, mt he appeared to Shave ono dict. we 

upon tat point. I do not know juat how valuabl: ‘oklig Ln. imactne AA 

‘wy Ye to yaa, int I give it to you for what it i wee, Ed TH 
gun Vine 1% an you donaider best. (Gif i 
_ Cit enpy ray, 

fane 7, 9, 

Hone 7, here, 
Deputy iinkimer of Agrioyuleare, 

OsX awa, Canada, 

Dee Sirt~ 
, I have the honor ta aokmwl aige thé reoalyt of vane 
lever of 2orh ituane, enclosing, scope of the opinion oF tht 
Lepury Mamsr Of Tusvic, repardzrs, che gp licarjion for ade 

meaion of certnin parmts to the Su. John Pahibitidn, 

Yourg stmiypy, 

pote, - Cf . : 
fe < - gt Fi - 
tt th rE Pe aE oe neta 

tun oH, is, 

iy Deen Pe-ry, ” 

wi9h Pelealon to BO" ans Hitnann Compas’, 
{ ae 4 
T have a Letter from the Ree. ectars, '@, Strckinere, in Which he 
stmes shat ltr. Veotmm holds abant 408 of tha afore qigital of 

the Compa-y, the remainder, up $6 INN, a} re divide pnaliwem ifr, 

Stromhery and muepyrowniers. a Yompany mont ions 30 or .4N aharen 
of stom sii gh he thinks ne amha fd, Ah por. Mp. Mdiyon does 

not care tf Turohane those sharon ab pyanent, boli eving tht if he 

watts any more of the stock, it com bo hotgtt for lesa rong Later. 


We. Se Perry, Taq es 

New York. 

Tune 30, 8, 

Miss Joa. Sulworzes, Ayont, 

| The fnfonin Clagk 70, 
19 "Lig? St., “ew York. 

Nerar Sire. 
Replying to your Letter at anh ‘ingd., Ne. Ratan 
18 cling away tri Tontiay next, aml wit not Mack tmti) the 96% 

mex, After that, he will ne pind te adi ya at tnid Tinh oP atory 
any day cbnwent ant, td yoursols, 

Yours vd ty tritly, 
Le . 

s a td oe 
£? Wn sage 
Pod Figen 
Ghee Se ede i 
’ comn 

pat 4. ” 
Pyle he Taare tary, 

antrasans ter myself, undar dete AA tmat., dn whieh ht sivas the 

tinn #0, 80, 

Oy Paty, Vaqe, 

120 “yoretyay , rer Yore, 

Paar itete 
T endonn harenith Weston. from Mr, Twernst “ragga, 

infomation which you aged mm to obtakn a to the titre of hip 
firm, witdoh it nypearp in a partren*ahip. in the Inat part of 
ante letter, “r, Pryaer dest thet hia ‘Apan fier covare in itp 
wageney Teen ene “orsa, whi rragar $ to., Shangres, saver Thin, 
tte PRS} Wpinn Enlands and ane: stray ta Porta. Th Aavused gore 
gts come apts china and ioe, and 1 Veen ‘that thet would cover 
Kg-en, the Philtipinn Inkends and ‘hp Stral ta Torta. 

Yours. very Buly 

PC gee a 
AP % ae 


cara seer 


| . "URS SA, % 

‘esate, oer t Seoly, 

‘tov York ~yhy. 

Paar Pinata 

We rac alved yoste nay the follovin, cablogrem trem 
. “ad, Coud; ~ 

‘Orn wa sompl te Sanns 84, BS Damark?" 

Pleann tulvine un whet reply to me tt onl. Jonrene, s 
. Yortirs, Rrery, i 
OL, “ 
SE ey 

Private Seorétary, | | ' 

June 20, &@, 

“ep, Rdisan,e- 

Here are two mblegiamy from dournid, 
I have oorrantioated with Dyer 4 Sandy in-remra te thy 

lating ta Caden 84.6 88, 1 nave done nothing in remrd to the 

@ Ont ree 

Ae % Tat a. 



TANS 56, 39, 
Rad aon Phonoprigh: “lark, 


PUG, : + 

nea Siras- 

Tlease eeivi 5 

& “honagraph to the hah oratory, 

use in ny of fine, 

Yours truly ' 


June a, RH, 

Rdt@on Photogreph “orks, 
Orange, MOT, 

Daur. Sirgie 

Ye have raoodved tthe Following oablocran frote 
We 7, Sammars. 

“hen and hor dia yar send trendle phonograph v j — 
ant them fas Vary. Kapmer, * i .. 
Please advise us howto reply tn thia. 

Yours truly 

Privata Teaty, 

Tune a0, , 




ry. RaLoaan se 
T want tow new eylindera which are not 
affogted ty mixture; alao four mtsjeal cylinders wish wil) not 

Mretch, You were to aclest all these yourse] t. 

Ae fv, tata. 


june 36, @, 
Randolph ,- 
Mare a dat of the A mindoal oylindora whioh 
we have, and send it ta tho Rdiuen Phonograph “orka, and sek them 
to forwmrd a copy of tt to tho %, 7. Phonogrmn "o., wh desire 

to rake # aeLeotion. 

| a 140 

Tune 89, BA, 

“@morgagrvur tarry, Yn'sul i, ; 

. : 
Togive Son Ate feelin sty ‘ntorsiation dn regain to onyrrnnt, 
shhtore tr thin acrleat- 

Phere tpt te 7 seo th Pre wey fare og: 4 siule, 
SH TELS TR emp annate Vea net tae Nyaserde cleat So, ws 

enpeclrifntsa aenturtad uy ‘tr, Fal soy, 

Irony LAparatary OM thres dye VALLE, samingtage to 44, 458,02, Thane 

ware foywardan? ‘'y MN te the Ts “eressany Ered wora ratureed YY thar 
Chery oe, “at, who wat dretoneted tO Ore hare and wat an aye  .* 

Plante as en fe natirra af the experiments which ara named is 

sha MWaAp aN ta the ont Qo whieh awtbhoard ty thon Oxyparina ty 

Mac haan e onda tec, in ordos to have thean niln inteilivenaQy — 

MH Idired, Le te "NeOguYY than tr, Melson Bhoald 8 nrerent ar 

wy inter tow whtal ia red wie vp, “tet, #8 na one olse can give 
: \ 

th® Aeoangery infornmion, L haves not hat wr spportiunity ta mabe 

wes wired: Fyn 

trent fav gre. Bena of tute mttor , 


"a EES Sim ¢ 

Cane 28 BD) yen Wr ah tye Bays SOUL han pare ba nant a noir at 
riMerant properties in Teomeaid, 

Rhayader tor ad tha whet le af these Ser ayert Lon, AML psyern 

Pelat ti G0 Sree ahah AB cerAtinta, dreads &o,, arn in the handed 
Of Ne, Taareo PD. Vineriov, rhone ottlea iy near the Orange Mat ‘4. 
tanh, Ao, oe Toy er we hep cated ag amr laser? athoragy fo 
ALP ay Gl tht pater, Me opera ana plow toy ite. SP tet a 
Vane, Tor bis &9 bes a snes eae oP gh tins Srepertien, anos 
Hee pe meter yeh Rpe coveant Loundtarties of anch, Tn 
Mime proverts whi ad Ur, Meh aan sarehesed ts “loan “ield ds know 
bs the MASP ANS premnrty, and en wninees Prom Sav dd oC rnd Tydin 


Javan, far 44 autia GO Ate MO having hey pale in sesh as 

the Line of pevanere ay a pottuese af OU OO awunined he tf, 
"At aan tn faear of Lyaia Seve, NV, th premant mmatic, tyr, 

Fahaon rage a nest of Taj00e en aswunt al this partaaga, we hy ab 

wae Tore G9 or Finvaleay) ant whteh he wat ta ondorse on the 

bind, wrod sh he ntates hes fhomn cans, This yekes the proagont ‘ 
widuat of the cor tone 15, 005, SUL the other proparties have tg, 

paid Yor in Pus, with tre axeartion of ont. Thin is anotrer 
farra poreriy, @doan suly Moah there La om payment die to cars 

(phone the weecnaso, of 24,909, 210 heaving been pal@ whan the grace 

nat whe viedo, veking the total purchase priaa, $4,000, 

Mv Ana Loy de preparing for una deacriptian of oren of 


ve Se ent day taken fie tre: gh AE ees ae 



Thee We a att aay we PA ine hh oneedad yey 

Woks owe dt; BT wOv tae rey raoaee TO Wied cde 

te Pe fer Ble 

WE ra eye EAL rey 

Shek BRO Gwo oid] CL vendey NE On the 

“Loortd ara Woporty, ane of wid ot Ia, 3 

MIL 5a, a hastoal “GIL 4 and ithe ather far the TONITE AF 
cattottas, L hae wtartis A PALL wat ne “Ke witha ate Hulise 

kar® tn thin Tabarators tow tage nie WLAiag, Anda the Vetat ia 
or POMEL MISS cor ov anes ppg aOdiye Poaorgel Fénarvately., - dade Ath 

“isn te ETE HO fed ore LA eo are ett die fa pohioney, 
A Vonrratlat tone OP be elas “dire are noe riadee:, 
meet Ta view at tha axtert to Which oir. Kdl gon 

TVOlOnaD wad: ip ta tha rou Crs tuvineg 
ttodnaga on 4) age new pranereiss, { wept ta Ranetiale a few Qeys 

wy fhe: ASHORTON, thie tog bead 

feed ye ryed 
é, el 

46 FO Aotatn exaertion “ror, 
etnvion Sor B rauakar af years, 

Te Une hatwom the Townsh ina 
OF Moats ota py “MATE Le sivizan thong args rtsen winant Agial— 
We Ur, Ong shetoy la A pep whteh stnws this Line, as BP wad on 
a GA ty tee Tore ip of “aliavite ar dn the Tomahin ae 

“LO cere Lasy a WEA plea, nag 
MAL th tice tren) da arnar te ot na 

iF intendon plavirg, off ona Youn ship 

favoranle terme aa ORsd ye, 

The Tee con are aontns ssa aan bY A Committ Pa, whivh in alected 

LO OPT uy 

tounieratind, mmantiy. Phe atlian ot Asseasor Je alsa 

wontarthes ar. re “bayged oy our Vand ettorray, nae dee ost 
aheg De Tawnnt dp Coed tae Cave net ths power to geome oxonpt don 
fror taxation, ott’ Great we ate Roe ou amosmionte damn hy seek 
a Ww eretanaicy, whe tho Assopser. Aa rheates shove, Jo ome ha 
Samer for “Or lone tele “amieldp, ent he gave ed the ona tvtor 
attion thas “re “Angad ov wae, fi cables to ae we tie other 
i) eR OA Oe ae thay $a ward! been the annasaventa daw: ta tho 
Loven % yecas le ~ofnt. i ealy honk this omtter up races tly, err, 
havy not yaen note ta fallow 4t mt savared ry Yast inteeriaw wi th 
thn AnomtLota Aananare, above rofanrad te; cut To taak that taers 
mas. ba HOMO way HY whlah oa colt ootude exesption form .ortain 
rmuncar Of vaare, ido ane faa mulorted wae urs “ingel ay hes 
Shviae’ we coimerely, I: WO one evar it, Wa 8o -oOL wank tO he 
ne WHA PATON of thud ACHR s | “AB at hare a8 no way ous of it, 
“m aah tohave o proper wdersten dire with sew, ond make then” 
or frtenda, ‘The tire Le ea thha ia the present, 

| Wor va dutermation fo mri nae that, nla the Tomshipa in 
rer Aieerak Awotie: blanke ba the variour eee ie an tahe 
Linhmente, ard ats ta hava than 2s Lled up with information as %o 
the value of real aaa athor prenerty, - These hlankr showed almyn 
on ignored, ant the Aaneannoy a} Lowed to put a valuation en himsel?. 

Thay upvalie asasae for anout 40 or AD par cont of the actiml value 

Mr, Snell, af 

YT Pag eevey yee ine PAY RTS Ayr You wiki re aollaat that I anlied 


SUPPRESS SPUR Tes TR your attention tho other tay to ehe 


fonths.  Thees somunteatiors oaplain thessolyven, Under Inatmie 


fant that ttr,. Tippinvote had pivorn 
pass pdewonel oak vor the lunt twenty-five thousand dol) ar parrant 
re. oon ageaun. af the ahove, Tals told you that { had mitten 
hago: Yatan, arc To now attach a letter twm “usar Patan, under 
tote 28th dretont, in eWMah he mygente tit wo pero a glem inde 
sending rub Me. Lippincott na to the aqeount w whieh the ne 
atiecds aro te be applied. Aa ra pow aval: with Mr, Lipp inoatt, 
T hare done nothing ahout thin petter, hut Leave it far you to 

aiiist, ao xugsested hy “ator Paton, 

TINE #, SIPENY, Lattaeh lottera fiom rr, inorge tunro, Sea'y. 
of Mdiuon Fhono, -o0., Tondan, and 1, Ty Nixon. . 

Mra “Sley appenty to have hoerdad with the letter for about two 

TON rom Ur. Na} aor, T havea Porwaydad to lp, Munre Pxehange on 
hanenn for qersy-five pounis, amd tor, xen “Yaxghange on jonden 
for Anwbdar®, 4 itny ta in ie, “dtson'a dent, apart from thege 
mpsherny abot 40%, Our books wil) snow tho oxact momt, "th 
weseg lent oronats added, hin averdrars will anount to etwann four 
an: rondves dollara. “Whev’s rather nea mMmy, and an abtrnpt 

AMOOI nh hit muda te Pageyvar thin tndehtedness, 


Seana errno eer peerntoen nese e—ererara eee 

me nnd. =e 

Through an arr of Tomlingn, the 

eee ie ee any oe Seg nuterey cur 

poet PUTA TAL Ne. 
“Aypinnott qonteaata state that 

the arcunt widen “esa, Samtnway 

pei foe har rtoek wis "a, o%, Thin is nit at. “a gold hear 150 

ahurea of stowk, ab “14% par’ shore, and the aheoak whieh I maeivad 

a’ @porkted in the Orange Natderal Sank, in tho ram of AM 
Tate, Trwese, War for $32,750, amdolph ims the chesk hook of 
shia Trantes asomut, antl n eartifiaate aan se obtained from th 

Ayan Snel cank as ta tha amount of dapsait, if tho mma ha 

PR Saat crags creme X obtains’ one oft tha ort inl copies 

Me PPI TS gy poe ‘ 
of this contract from Mr, Titler, the 

a aah be 
other baling in the posponnion of tha 
tro tla Sornace. The gopy widah | had dis new an the hiadn af 
Vator & bets, to psi * eent it for the puryoao af hate axe 
sl ecined aesiain pyoetsien wiaiah ware not qrite olaar. Tt have 
westtan Paton 7 Tate wo return Whe contract to thin of Mea, and 
aya ib reaenre hie. Atowsdloos put in the aafe, tone ther With 9 
sony of oe etter an Bo hl., and their nap hy. y, Fdlean agrsnet 

trogen AL san of wary to perfeer his Ge 'Wdiine. proessa, 

tan wrote, ay reaqdlet, wan 2e8,0C0F. Tha share on our hooks 

a re 4 ‘ 2 
at “ne prosert tise: sada fon “Aplin, is wht C17, There 

tas te gos wine: expenses waleh chould \a weliton off againnk 

egpe arent, sak thal @an ensily te detoomined hy a - 

‘yo “dd wr han inwdmated bis 

pes a nt Aue oxpetipantay Ap net. 

‘re Une | Fen 

deesre ar an ae tubing batwaa: himaelf and the Ore “thlirg oo,, 
under thie vonbrare, If tho matter ann ho @rranged at thin time. 
SOT YEO pare, “ator Yat.on oan explain te yo the’ teal Repagt 

at these atfeira, 1% tvald you t onany that 
bad wrdteen cr, Stavans maatianl ly Wi tharnd ng py Stevenson nn 
A Sands das e fer the noast ion of raver 98 the Toy- Pheno, ns : 
we made an appaintrent rar tt, Nay nto rom ir, Stavena ant 
noms Of tas other Yreatora of the COnMMANY, at this Zahorntory, 
“wy Heh, and -% sits Aletnted a remoraniin to ‘tp. tat mn, Which 
EAL he peaaented te the Lattarat th a% tirr, the substaned of 
whvah La on falbown: he Vay Phono, ~o, mute a Contract with 
Teil, “Reem Sears Tor V-anse, & eopy of which ty in MAfor Baton's 
bands, 1 hare a lettar from “r, Levens, under date 23th inat., 
deowhich ie save that in in at question xhathar this contract fa a 
vA bie one, Oy oe “AUR CEM to the Laboratory the other: day 
and ahi is whet be wan asso oiatad with crevford in tha rather of 
META Contryety WAt the eantreat had lapsod, ant that he wanted 
tG obtain a re infornat ten regording ‘P. Kai gna rolxt ionn 
witr the ‘os Phenoygrepn “om-payy, 20 teat he ant “rawsord ems | 
AECANe weoothor thoy vate: ST & YenowAl of theiy BEY Haro nt w it); 
fre Compr a, “AD Appeneed Go have no dawkt as to the candi ation 
ae een Peis han eee ok. hve giver thin informat ton to “'r, 

RONMENT. ; te 

r, Ingal. ~Be, 

ron all af Mok's corrmapontendm, it appear that Paria in 
the praat dimrdmting aentre for the doll trade in Furope, 1@ 4a, 
‘therefora, ‘af great {rape wtar ae that ee Toy Phanosraph “0, ahonld 
take advante 9 of any right which ney may have wo abrogate the 

“Yan ford contract, Other sise that - rontlenan Wi12 contm) the mk 

oF tHe trade nhioad, 

TOUSE AcRPREEY perene te, Bad mn's ugroommt with the ; 
PROMO ABI OTA, or ee f 
Shonorraph “orka, under date 12th Fie 

day of Nay, 189, rrovides far an isnus to ltr, Tdiaon of fat ot 

the Capital Stock of that ‘ompuny, or 1, 540 shares. 'r. Kalen 

agrand ta place 3h! of thie 1864 ataren, or 892 B/LO shaven, in oe 

Pare eat 8 : a 5 . rh 
tho hands of a Truntee, ap te oapdadined in tho above agrromant. a 
Kator, & Zaria are pronmrdy thin “rint asretrant, and the Garfie la i 

Safe Topoals Songnry haw heen raed as Truintae, 1 relieve the 

TMBt Ape t will <a roady roxt wodk. AL) of “Ir. Bal son's 

~ Vhewepg aol ‘orls etoss is in the safe here, ant that portion of 

at, mantle, L8do etares, wore pan issued ta him as a oonalderne. 

tfon "or tra anataytert of ris cmmignae turing rishts has bein 

rt heed, Thre ee WE PFP TY wings crease 

wot wp hon mn, faite Ls Sustariine a girqdt on the linec 


attra Sam, PL 8. heteeer Tetsey tty aml 

thus eM he wid oaep a a tee meye,  tfter that he 

‘rs Ina ld. . oe 

re ‘ 

ts 9 yO to Altoom, to sat up A new battery which wr dante to 
teat thers, . hen he ts through at ALeoonts IT think that Ye As 
Se nartler, of the Mntted nes wihl be ready for hin, Y jnve 
cormarnnias with up, “hindler, gh he ‘an prordaad we olraiit. 
Yo. can mv Lew ieee co rrespandenar at any vine. Then Tipgue is 
bhragh with the Mndted Jims, he should eo ta Shicasa ont nome 


of the lur cer Tastorn Stier, o have vory fow traits in the 

Woat » “a need ora rureing at of “hiqayo mare than enymers nlse, 
ane | Ba afrort ab: raid he medo to ohtain if. T am shike to prepare 
toarar row rater for wn naw Phonopiex pamphot “wr goyne printed 

thy Laat one, ard he has our outs, and halieve ee ths ae pamphe 
let in type. . Van a proof of tha new pamphiot is sootvat, it 


youl he ae 46 nade one read 1¢ over and aaa that no ‘taohnienl 

orraves hate heen mde. ‘ea ahoule navi 5% qapior of tha new preph- 
Let for at oti aeons among the weriou Railroads in the Unive 

S4P te. : M8 atest A 

Seytate TM, OM, be FIM yy, ‘am gerdirg you. nll the receordr a SENS 


ot ahs Kdison “heatrie Sight Sa, 
or “Murre, Tieiktod. "rare ars gourons miasing from shoe posi 
cee MU let wee ae conan, 1, of course, mat 2 
mele TAgoainat iis fov tiisac. If aan nive Te Pornpeony hand ot a 

greg, AK thay + leper. 

Ye, Ind. nln 



AMA AMS IQA Maton saverel months ago, Ata tine when 

he wun longed down with work in conme- : 

tien Bith the aneyal Yompany and the Lippireatt deal. tle ia 


P ready 0 take th up now and nomplata the yporg, The last tire I 
disaiased the mattor with Mr, FAL non, he said he wantéd a poets 
ef $19 on one h phonograph sold in these countries through Prana , 

and Company... I think 4 would ha mich ‘wetter for ayo tn readgunt 

thie and provide for ir, Pdlion to have a certain peraentage, 

banana upon the faatary price of phonourapha ant suppdion, Nr. 

Frazer happened to mention to ra in hia office n few dayn ano, 
that hia portners in Ghira are ‘npan were conni dering thn formation 
: ofa tonyary. FT notified hin, ty Lotter, that hie contrnat with 
his firm vould not bo asnimmhle, and tat ‘the parmmtion of a 
_ Corpary . vould haw to be the subject oP firther negoti shionn e- 
twem himself and ‘tr, Palen. Prosar han an axpert (rani ’ 
in china, om ahout 25 mchinor, Mo thirg tee bean billed to ey 
and we have given him ne muarantoe ns to the price ‘of phonogrgg he. 
"mw whole riattos can be shaped to au 4%. prognt air gumsteancts, Yoo 
ean tandle it as though it had Jnat oame up for. guinelaiaaliee At the 
preamt time, ail there are no conpliont tone. 
- TREASURER 9 en PHO, RK, Tre Trannyurer of the thay mn Phnono, 
, “Torke ty required by the ty Laws 

Mr. Tom, a 

to give a tont for 425%, for the falth M1 daohargo of hin duties. 
You should have this honl prepered and filed with thm corpany's 


Plinvace aps wnnve, tae “hon “Catolmlor, Tomlinnon and myst 

aetifeyr PAM per: “pr 
coe . ais : ohare aleeted Mirecntora of thr "dion 

Phono, Yorka, we were each viven 
five siren of stock to qualify. Tens wore entered anon ur Sonba: 
as having daar’ Inmied for nev ican ‘rendaitad, © tat ur, hewin nde 
Vinge me that there: ta no provision in tle “, ie Station yy wht sh 
dtook enn 6 ‘lannead for sarvican. Te mint tw iasied for pmperty 

ar for ‘gnck, “eo daald ehangn the racard on the ‘booka by clvine 

the *hanasrah Works ‘yp, Fai aon's aheek for this stock, at par 

(Al tie ‘ondh“dtook ‘was fasied ‘nt pari, ard then adjuat the matter 
in hin qeioral aaaint, whidh Y meter to wlow, | 
R, Terdarts apenas There ia an open: accourt in favor of AY a 

Avtar TET Peo, ten, ; nN 
reer ir. Tdi son on the inoka of- the Mii aon Nay, 

Phono, “orks, for ronufioturing tone at tho Lahoratory, on the 9 

behalf. chur aharces against the Phonograph “orke ware mate upon 

the seme ‘nosis an our charges for experi menta,.and are altogether 
ton high fee manufacturing. IP yas will look at our expe dirpntal 

a.oet, whioh:Randolph will show yas, ym oan seo exactly how wa 
4 iS 

charge £@ experimmts, Bt cHn dootide an to the amount. which, / us 


should be allorad the Phonorraph “orks on the above, 


ey, Say 

‘une 80, &. 

“My Pear Ynatll,o . 
; Mr, Lippincott in preparing, far ro atime date 
in remrd to the American Phonogreph “ompard ce, whioh he prord nee 
vould ho nant $0 the. 5, S. “Ardzom,* in tire for m to reqesvo 
it. If thin dma, dors not reach re. bafare. T angi, J en. goirg to 
enhle. you, immedi ately on my arrival in Londen, the sord 
49s e gor A meet een? 
and U wich you would nend to hr, Hipp Anna ve tewnatiat oly end ad 

hin to forspry mo the yapern to my adivess in Tendon, 

‘Yonwe vary truly, °°. 

Sieasol Ingll, Faq. , 

YO Noy St., “aw Cork, 

frange ‘ebionl “ank, 

Year sirat~ 
" L enolose herewith onrtifiad ext rect from Hinutes 
of tho Meeting of the “eard of Mirestors of the ic fon Phonan 


Worka, held at the of fae of the Company, Orne Ne dey anth 
inatant, Ko which yar will see that ty, A. a, Tate jan resigned 

fa Treasurer of the Ral non Phonograph Yorks, ae ae ae ames 

Inaild res bann olactad in nis place. 

Yours very truly, 

Radtvnon Phonograph Works 



Kxtract from ‘Minuten of first Heating of Sonrd of 
naragtern of tho Ndieon Phonograph “ors, held at 
tha Sffian of the Sompury, Orange, Me Te, Tenday, 

June Aith, LARD. 

The Chairman then informed the nomad thre ir, Tape wan onli ced 

bu lonve for Mauraps an che 2ni of 302, nex, and thas it world 6 

necensm.*: © elect A srenae er ro nuscred Hr, Tate nov later than | 

July lat. 
My, Tate then handed to the “oare the Follaming Latter, anted 

July Int, WHOt= 
tu sho Mreators of the Paiwn Phonograph “orks, 
Orange, We ats 

- fear Strate I weg to ‘renign Sd yonistion ex Treamrer of the 
a @n Phonograph Warka, the same to tke effect on July lav, 89. 

Xquee wuly, (sdgnea) Ae me Tava, 


Dron | peyton itr, Tate's resi gration was aaoop oma, and ‘ir. 


_fatendor then nominated Mr. 

to take af thot upon the Ist day of tly, LERA, 
and" it: was fount that ‘1%. 

Ine, AB ‘treamrer of the Sonpany, 
The motion mwing 
bee duly asreondad, # tallot was taken, 
Inayll had been tman ino d ¥ elected, an Treamirer, from the fata 

ahove named. 

cor ; 2 Lene 


P ragidarnts 

Anavot Ary. 


Jum 20, 89, 


Garmin Mat tonal Tank, ; 4 te os MZ : | ee 

Newark, ‘. 1. ra 

Paar Sirase ‘yas - a | 
I enalone haram sh onreified extreot from Miruates 

of the Neoting of the foard ef ramataie ofthe Fdieon Phorograrh 

Yorke, held at the Stfloe of the Gompary,, Orange, Me Tey asth 

instant, vy which you will see that Mr. A. 9, Tate haw roaignrd 

an Trenetirer. of tho Rdison Phonograph “orks, and that Mr, Sanvel 

Intali has tron electet in his plnae. 

Youra very tnily, 

Raison Phonograph Yorks 





Fxtroot tren inntea of first Haotin: or “ard of 
Mreators of the Tad an) Phonograph Works, hold at 
the %ffioew of to Compeny, Orang@, M1. Te, Trosday, 

Sine Both, LAKE, 

The Chairman then informed the Yonrd that Ire Tate waa obliged 
to lanve for Furope on the 2nd of July next, and that it world 

recansary ta elect a Treasurer to succAed ['r, Tate not inter than 

July ist. ; 
Ir, Tate them handed to the “Noord the follaing latter, dated 

July lat, LsANs- 

fo the Direatars of the Falaon Phonogrm@ph Works, 
‘ Orange, *'. '. 

“ear Sirst= I bag to renipn ry position on ‘Tronsurer of tho 
¥dd fon Phonom'aph orks, the sano to take affect on Jnly lat, 89. 

x Yourn truly, (Signet) A. 0. Tata, 
“+ Vpen motion Mr, Tate's resignation was necepeod, and Hr. 
Satenelor then nominated tr, Instll, ag Treanurer ‘of the Company’, 

ta take afteet upon the ist day of July, 1889, The motion laving 

paan dily. aeaovdied, 8 tallot ns taken, and it was four! that Hr. 

Insult ted coon manimoualy elected, au Trensurer, {20m the cave 

shove naned. : Foe 


‘Nine 20, LeH0, 


Vator S. *lood Para, 
“The Reajson & Swan United VLaatrie Light “o., 

Vandoan, Fngland. 

: : > 
. ’ 


My paar Sint. 
: I danive to int roduse to ya o. Priyate Searotary, 
vr, Alfred 0, Tata, Who poen to “urope tn ‘gormention with noma of 
my personal tneinese. — _ 
I would Like sey Mmigh to bn informed as. to the prograna : 
whtoh you are ming in connestion wi th-elactric Lighting in . 
England, end -as T wnt atreda J shal) not ‘be able to ga to Fnglané 
when Yam in Furope this fall, 1 have asked ‘yp, Tate to anil pail 
you, on-my behalf, and’ W321 approai ate any information which ‘you : 

Sige fae Co 

may sive hin, 

Yow'sA vory truly, 


weet see 

July 1, 88, 

Hafor 8, 1, Paton, 

420 4roniway, “aw York. 

‘ty Dear Adria 

X enalone harewia: Latter Fm tha Fai on Phono- 
eraph Tov ‘tte, "a., addrazaed to ir, Mdienn, and inforsing the 
lateer that up to date there have heen no anles of dolls redo hy 

that Corpnacy, wider Meonsen fran “Mr, Faleon, 

Yours traly, 

? é. 

Private Sdcreamry. 


Maly 2, 80. 

ty Near Int ,- 
tare is ry Lettné ‘fron Arthur“. ‘enatera; r 
of fared Nt a y ain: man ten doliera a wank to orem hate and tak 
charre af the dans down ataira, ani In ndiition to ERS, wke uP 
tha work rhids young 'iller haa heen daring in the my of arvatie 
ordera,: raiaiving ant mipping qooda A0., AO AA tO rel tawe want er | 
ax al low btm -to work with Renolph on the hanks. - have, in 

woe e 

add {Aton tt the Tahoretory “honka, thoar of the new pamataetaring 


congas in “Lrontid 4, and Rand iph cannot handle it “at, me 

can get along very nidaly With iilLar'n aKed a rman, ae " tn, 

1. ¥F 
therefore, naqnanary to relieve the latter. : 
. 2 a er a [eee : oe 
Tom vary tmily, 72, , Oe 
ee + ; { ve > vig poet tf 
o Re ’ “ ‘ 
Si) cgadgt ats, BE \- 
E P, nh ‘Youre samntard aL cone “ter ae : 
“par Wonk, aa HOON anne aan “idave hilar os 
BES es “- prasent place, "20m his Latter 1 think he 

sama Inmlh, Yigg, in 8. a youths rr = 

ae PES 
ans Se" oe 

ren ee 

Add ietonal Mmroranda “or ir. Ingil}. 

MASMBA ICT MOM AsT Tha memnefas tiusting contract whigh fs 
aU Wet TATY, 

heir @ntared snw hy the Ymon 
Seegeary in with ‘tir, es aon perannally. It lair, Fdiein'a inten 
an te aseion thie ¢ ontrant to ene Phonorran: “Yorky, ani he is 
60 smanzgva n conalderavion. - Thia consideration in tn he ene 
amoung wigch VP, Filaon i6 gatn, to pay Mak for the work he hee 
dona in Parnpe in investigating the doll trode, = T rintlon thin 

a the mStor wlll not be overlooked wiyin tha time conan, 

PASTORIS YT PURAPR, Ne havaon S42e in thia offise a ruehee of 
Lt tarts trem ‘re. Philip &. "yer, to;ether 
with plana of varlonn factory prmereion in Yarone, which rr, 
rad @r sem for, Twas will on uaefal whon wr, Fal On canon to wees 

‘comiter the cession af erating anmemblin; shops over thera for 

tey phonocraphn, 

PUROPRAN ITH. PLease Alotase Se Hagnine the mirtten of 
meeting of Prapaan Cempary which we hald ae the Mei sen Phonoe 

creph Yorks on Sasteday, ‘tne Beh, @. 

PHONOPLYX, XT entlone herewith two letters in rad te Phono- 

plax, one frar, the “inoimmabd, Hertiton & Dayton R, 8, Ge. 

wr, ina, . = 

acd tne other fram tho Shisago, "ook Tard & Panifis Rty. THe 

Yaates 38 vary preorders inaamich as ef hove a naw tittery wich 

with ~ teetad ay Altoma, ard whigh we expret wil lant Hotwam 

viz wonthe ant a year. An ponn ne eo WAS raaom of tuts tate 

very ofiewing o 1 te for ane ranth, this matec ahmld ha Pollowat 
wp, ra in she Relenraph hutannan ®& Avery etdoh Inatn trom Por ty 

six unos in corestaret aacellast. 

by 1, , 

Ne. Sohn Mwtad, 

Fain. Maohine Forkn, 

fehensetaty, ¥. Y, 

“y fear Nirte 


Ibe to confirm the following telegran nent yn 

“Nave very seriona corpl aints abot Widgeport 
machine, They alaim they aannot nat the we 
Peres ant am only get twenty wits. I an 
afrald of serious trouble with Mr, "tllard, win 
controln the whole tuainnas, You hat hetter co 
to Aridgeport toenight yourself; take beat man 
your haw an! leave him with machine until it ia 
absolutely satinfactory.  Thie matter ia of great 
ime hance. Anaweg ry hase, ° 

: Yours troy, 

SAT. Tas. , 



| RSE Re 





‘uly 1, a. 

"ty tear Mfr, “witht, « 

| Thaw hem a0 uneartain an to whetner ry 
mainean Tuld peentt moto go abroad thia year that not im “1 tow 
day havea T heen ahle to write “rf, Sarjes Aafinitely in regtd to 
nie kind tetter fomardef toma theugh wurnlf, IT hag ‘told 
Mr, Napjea that Y eharid he ware plnaand to ageeyst of hia hoppdia. 

sa lity any ‘time after thea 18th day of Augeat neat. 

Yours ¢ mily, 


J, Yond Wriphe, Paqe, 
vaw York “ity. 

duly 1, .are, 

ity fear Hy, Hav Jon,~ 

X have Damn amy an mah lately that 1 
hava not hefore had an oppo reiunisy to reply to your wory kind 
‘Lettor, tmder ante May Rep, 189, and tn addi tlan to thin T was 
not altogethor WM that my Nusineas here would. allow me t taka 
& holiday in Fampe, f find now that fr Om. get-awny, and it in 
RY pranent. intention to andl abot the and ot Must he Tt wh? 
give &® erent plaamtre to aasert of ym kind hompitality at eny 
time emmvontert, to yourself aftor she 18th of Angnat next, Tre 
arrengenentn in vere’ to phonograph I will make when I at to 
Parte. T have a man there now tating radordy ofthe Leadireg 
meeioal artiata, ant he-will haw a gond aolleation ny the tion 
I err iva, | 

“ith kindest Tegarda 


ZI am, yourn vary truly, 

John He Wear Snny Ytaq +» : 
aa Paria, Tanga. 

Tec tae 
Bo isha y 

aly t, AN, 

Vy "sar | armer, « 

"Ak yor kindly give the nearer, ‘fr. 4, |. 
Lewd, an otpertunity to sen the “dfn aint, A the peaple 
tho haw rein trom Puria thus tr, state thet the grwd to 
ao enorme avonnd the “if aon qiarters that thoy find Lt tepne- 
whle tn ovthth a whew. Twat like “rr, Lewd to start a tntter 


Youn wary truly, 

Private Soeratary. 

W. 7, epee, ages 
Paria, “rannes 

fy, Enaedd | 

Thin aftemom ab tro a’aingd, WA we ane 
Rogkholdera' “nating of the Phonogra: “ampary, st “girisean, 
vee Sareay. Ur. Towla dictated the mimtien of tho meet ing i 
the Stenogrepter wt the "di mn ag “o., ard thay Will he writeen 
ont to-en ffow and ant hers, 7 haw sold “Maguire to former the 
mimten tor, \awin, witha letter ashing hirt to read them ov art 
and agp roy? the anf veto th thanto thia of flor to angie iar 
the “inete “nok of the Pileon Phonograph ‘ompary. The Nurnators 
sheeted wore, Thanan A. Sdion, thas "atcha tir, Teeuek Ines, 
Ay QM, Tate, John %. Rantinlph. If 1a nearamry for youreels eat 
Yeu ame rot stockholder of 

Randoiph €o qualify ae Tireators. 
Hecamt at tha prament ¢ ine. You yvepuee five alapax aah te patie 
fre Mtre Lewin edge that if cannot get hold ef the ods “mvt lhosta 
pone, we ean 46% & naw one ant quad. fy you rim, hen. 

Youn rity, 

July 1, BM... 

Mr, In oultil ,- 

HIE yn plage see that the Phonograph 
¥orku ¢0-46 not bil diract on Gowrand, All his hills rhovu ld 
pans thavugh this office, so that Mr, "Ydieon'a royalty gan he 
aided, . tka Thanonemily ‘irks have hillnd Nearard with some oyline 
ders, wae with nothing else. The sane applies to FPrazar & Cos 

aipmont 8s to China ant Japan. io : 

iF igt 


mily 6, 89, 

W. Dr, Marks, Kaye, 
Raf son Rlectrie Light Compare, 

#44 Wall. St., New York. 

Dear Sirt=_ 
Mr, Fdison desires oe to acknowledge you favor of 
3d instant, ané.to state. in repiy that he will wm iaway from here 

the whole of next wreak, He will te pleweed to ese you, however, 

the wad: Following, It ia diff}mlt for him to mike an absolute 

appointment, bt I think you wilt te mpre LUikaly to find him here aa 

in the afternoon than in the marning. 
T resuen you Myr, Maxweli’s letter which Nv, Balson wh read 

Yow truly, oy 



ie i Ge ed er ces on mi ae 

ON er me Cee 
eal ° 


+ een gg et 7 

= i ein" 
- Pe nnn 

ew eet! 

July 6, Be 

Hy Yard Leonard, Yinq., 

Ohiaxsgo, Ils. 

Dew Sirte 
~. Your fae or of Sune Rath, introdcairg Mr. o, 7, Reed, 
t find here on ry going.over the tmil this mrning. Yt dvew Hr. ° 
Faison‘ s att ention to tha Lotter, and he axplai ned that xt would 
ve inponaible-for him to place Mr. Reed at the present tinn, as 
mst. of his work will be suspended for the wext fow months , ond ng 
to his trip to Rurope. Mr. Fei eon. suggested that Hr. Reed showit 
sonmnieate with him upon his vetutn, which will he sore tims 
ring. the month of Nata ders 
| Yours trply, ( 
fe ae 

; ce Gr / woe. Duwee ie 
\ZL2 ie Lo aed Gees 6 Cio, ot ee X 

neato anye tt Aa = nee Terme ee matenee oan oa 8 ee 1 Rms, 

wen te. 



July fy We 
Mr. %. 5S. Mallory, 
7 WW. Rendolph Street, £ 
Chiaago, Ws. ; ae 

Dear Birs- 

Referring to your favor of July Lat, Mr. Fai son fe 

sivas me to state that the aontret raghine in finished and will 

be tried on Monty. . The. other’ machine in coming along slowly, 

With refprenae to your secon! letter of anne “ante, Mare 
Rad aon is stils wrking on trieking the ore. He desiren np to 
inform you that the Swedish Garemrent recent ly tried. oxperinen ter ; 
to wiok are, ant failing to do 80, mae an Saper dnent to find 
ong. how moh fine are aonld be used, with Temvlt that it vas found 
that 79% could - ba uth Lined in am wpe mry dlast furnsot, this 
enaunt teing worked without the nit ghtest af tA eurty, From this 
Mr FAL aor eners that ‘the cosuule of trating with fine ore was 
eh eastes aint bre and had not . oe oo 

Yours ae F ‘ 

Tuly 6, @. 

Ae ®, Nhek, Raqe, 
e/o Neasra, trown, Shipley & Co., 
Lonton, Fngland. 

Ny Near Sirte- 
. 1 nee your favor of 10bh ult, It 18 wmenessery 
for ma $0 rey at ene ba this Later, me before the reqeipt of 

thie ya win have ean ur, Tate, nid will haw gained from hin 

nn information an to the aitret ton in eonrmetion with te il £ ; 
tmaineass : ad 

Wish referene® to your suggestion abmt wing peer ein a” 
dere aintle to those tieed by the GQraphophone “orpany, I wound - ; 

rem ind you that the toy phonegrap ha will te en don 4d within the | 

wody of the foll, md, therefare,. ehildren will te "unable w get 
at the yurtre You hase your Judgrent upon the fast that you we 
tandling the talking part of the apparatizas whereas, ym. shoud 
nore in rind that this wi id al em nid ned. 
Yours tery wily, 

BE abet» j 

{ bg acre 

are re fae eens a ee ee TP TE OT RTT gs, 

NY Big My 

Myra Be My flap dyeny, 
a/o The My Be Granley 4 Noe, 
@ & ? Dey St., New York. 

Dear Sirts’ 
. Referring to your faver of Tyly let, with refermee 
to @ mmehire tor ontaining cbewielty aireet from acai, % heat 
to ay thet the mehine is only in an expe@irental atate. Monta 

Ge Farner uned to mke a ‘therino~Miee trie Generator, whieh wan min 
RY GaSe wr wan wat ond a eo ryarad ive y. ohea@ sevttire. I. would 
mingeat the you enmnieate with nim. ; e.g — 

Yous truly, 
a te oan 

ee ener de 

wt oe ik 
Sh Tae ia a 
” -e. . 4 

July M M0. 

Mre Jy Ne Wien, 
43 flouthaapton Row, Rummel. Square, 
NRandoan o Qe, nBrwd, 

Dear Rirse 
A melone harpwith recond , of Taguansg? on Jonéen Zor 
P< 4-13-10, Firat of Rishangt harity, ween. Bh viking, 
covering Mrs Miley's infehtucness we yeureelf for ‘oart,. Minty 
acknowledge reedips, and obliga 

Yours (aly, 

s 4 
pA : : waned 
ae ae Ag : 

4 Dy see 2 Batis Rg 
ONE WM AAA Cw Ae. a 

i “Np : 
ihe ep eg abs as dey 

aug &, LH. 

Mr: deorge ante | 
Wiisan House °8,° Hornbimpertand “AvO sy 
. Monon, We ti, Ragland. 

: . . : : i 
€ . , * <6 #y, 
f wit . ee 

Pear Shei | oo 

Ag “ys ty 

* endow tarenath acwrd or mesteng ion anton to far 
trrnta=fhve ronan, fire of rd tiewine nee sit rs on 
WR wdtiow, severing: Hr. Wher "e indektednods to paved By: 

_ Kindly aeknowlegge rocatys, ‘gna oblige 

opal tg 

Yours tmly, 

Private Hegretar\, ° 

aly 4, A. 

German National Aek, 

Rewark, % J, 

Dear Sireze 

Mreloged pleane fini Mew York Rachange for five 
thousand dollars (45,000), which plane to the oredit of the 


July G, 8. 

Mre He HM. Ywor, tem'l, Venager, 
New Jarasy & Pann, Contimtrating York a, 
20 Ney h., few York, 

Pear Sirte 

Referring $0 your letter of And inutent addreauml 

Mr, 3ai on, the form of "aerrerynt which yo molosed therein was 
taken hy hit, end te enid tit be Would talk to you unout it the 
next tire he ene you, —. . ’ 7 

With referenes to r-ws of the Bra, ‘We engi co@ yor tho paperd 
wou ack for, auly exaasved ty Mr. KRdie@n and his wi fe, They lave 
net hea rn to tefore a Notary, hh we premine tha yo. want 
hen Or ‘wone imnédige pispnse, atid therefore seni. tiem to ya 
aR they are, You ahavld return, them hefore Hi, FAlrOn goen to 
Tuyope, 00 that you ean have them properdy attoatea, 

Youre tmly, oe 

eg a Yh 
v LE gehs i) eet. ‘a 
oem \ Ogee? 


Say. F, Stevens, Rage, 
Rew Rngland Nutual Vife Ina. We, 
fo ston, Mass. 

Deay Airte 

I tag to eonftinn the followin: telegram sent you to. 

: "Om you meot m™ at Raton A hewte."s office, 120 
Rroadway, New York, Monday morning ten o'elock fe 
inatead of at ny Laboratory? Answer Priental. ae 

Hotel, Mantmttan Beach, New York,° 

Yours wuly ® 

Clit SRL. 
Wore 1 pe a Cae looe., lw 
: vA 

Sly . 

‘ 2 ¢ 
Rahs hit, Ssrmprcieary my 6, Lees 
gpino! pesalhdys Abas 
As Marens, - 3 ‘July 6, 1880, 
Milne Wilding, Naw York. 
Mtr, Radeon qd myRAl VA1}- protwbly wtey at the | 
Oriental Hotel, Manhattan Reseh,. over. Minday « 

Ramyyy Inmdl. 


Ps iris. Cry Vigo 
Mew York 
Able ; 

Calaee. goer a forteon, 7/ WL, AAU, 
Chia ALU. Kee Aas dud fomerared 

a arcu: 7 4 facie ALCO tur. 


for ye el 

wly peek ety 

via. bathe Ex. 

o hp ee shes Lag, OC. 

CD) ee dotdcicicg Raufls pf dren Orne, fer hin- 
Lutect ko MD Sy. Ab dtr Evy. Elsen byhs bch ena 

to dtehuateon 

vwaLy a, rs 

Mryg John Sirk inbine, 

Philadelphia, Pas 

Dear Sirte 
With referenie to yor lotter of 6th instant, pléase 
order. for m 10 copies of the paper on "Irdén Ort Cojcortration, ° 


amt oblige 

Yours triily,: 

a, Lat - er 
Ff cabs Nae ig beng 

e vo 
iy, : Clay Bynes 

cae 207 
SAR My . 
* ae - 
Pe 4 . Tey te ae 
Nr. John P, Maynea, 
vi PASTE vey a57 Pa fth Ave,, Nor York, 
: ek Ee EP ORE AR ity vp atbtet ing 
oa) Uva, whem ; - 
Dear MPLS sano ie c. att . 
t BATTS f vatrh, } ig Tgitep ‘a et oh, -y 
We ty to canting sha following teiegran addrome’ tm 
Mre Rdtnon reetivet trom ya tyadays6 
e i 
in “Whenwi ik. yoy. be .at homily, ts gay OF to-morrow? 
it Ee a OM Oy RT Arty! 
ing Meth Beh 888 YO Amor tans, dyswer to 207 Fifth 
a . Sa 7 ot *y Yer ny we: “at 
Bes ome Awenves® .. Ne pe tgs 
* NON ce trees pes ol ie eM tet oP rie Baur, ee ok 
a a ae ao, ee i PO Me pw met oe ‘ a, 
a a TRO OR po ge esl poe bigtop ame lene, fr. Spo p 
To. way, WE. re Biad an foMowaze. 
hy 84, OBS OMEN  ereiatan, ts Uy aera, al? 
° : a oe 
SMe le pace asa at great Pere te, 
“Blagg Ag Hee a 
. Oe, Tejigen gone owt cf town for nm weax,® 
atta s Be sem ete Po ae 
are “Uptste : UTyere Pts spe y Weg, 
Youre eraty, 
oe Coe ped tpt o.tye Tote ha by s tae: 4 Te Mey etsy $ 
SMe Gh tt # tah. : - 

cae 2 
RéEtaoan Ve borntar ye 


de, SC - 
Was i 

ponte Be Ses Sgr 

Andy 9, y 

We mo, “ Mines, 
98 Wild tam Street, ‘ 
New Yorp ity. 

Dear Sirte 

oe ‘Me Inve juat been advined hy pe Oren et Mah ‘i: Ren 
tras’ ‘they have a draft on us tw tiny Doe by voile heb te “ve 
have ham corpeled to orde thie 4matt rehucned, ov re tp Me 
Rdiaon's absence from Orang, He wil w sks gor four o- five 
daxo, art mul hie return 9 oan do notiérg in the ara Had 
your adviend us of your intertion to dray, we vould have grven gee 
to meet the at, ap Mr. Rakion only yest last nigtt, ferwate- 
tely upon his retiu'n, howeve yw, ‘Ww will. sent ya a prea th gowlh 

ahount of you bill, 

Yours truly, 


; Ingy’ 8, my, 

" Mra Me Poole, 
@fetrasnedd Shemtead’ 0, , 
"'Daveland, Thio, 

Dear? ARirtea 
Bean, In rep ly to your lettre af 45tR wltirw; mearding 

Rlaterite,® ir. Rdion eaye that no om ine supe ended in works rg 
‘its ° Phe“ samples whieh we have hare ba nut Giswive cud are not 
plautie' cee to faree on ‘the wire, . itere you tntter amplea? 


Yours + niy ° 


oo. Pravate. Segratery. 
. ZF, 

ae ‘. pees ie z. 
as Te at eee nt me ee eh Se, eee Eee ner ec ERS earn arose 
: os Seo ae : a 

Tely Py Ps. 

ihe Soft, dda, . Gonraysd, 

i Tgtale Nendo, Upper Tuktnod, 

i Autrey, Roatan. 


i Dear Sirer 

: T. beg to gon Mim the Lolowi rg ca bipyrena re qodiv od 

Som GH end “At, dy nes ~ 


| Fa Ae SDRAM | June 20, 1889, 
! "Car we complete onses 84, 86 Nonnarky ” 

; : 

| “HRA, HOR RD, "July B, 1889, bs 

“Ohiplets Patents Deniirk. Rai wr.” 

Yourd very Wuty, 

de haa aes : a a ce pi + & 
fe. Page ie ee 
< } fe z 
X Lae 

naly % ta, 

teats Dye § Bookyy 
nay York (iy, 

Dear Aiseln 

Nap letiqn af Hh inatant, relative so Capea 84 
6 BE toy Rewerk, bap teen uly re epived, and I have amsiod 
Gel, Sourmndte soaplesa the Capes re tarred Ww, in and Wane 
Vith yor Later, 

Yourn yery eroly, 


a “ay 

hr oo 

X ewe 

Horne Z 

ede: A Dao prk 
: | 

Kk ZZ, Cool he . ey, Tes AV. ~ ve ae See ee a AL- 
(w- 8 ve se yee rte CCR, bic , 

‘ ef rie rnd Sonn & rheze- 
Cee, vay on its PY PUA, 


So Wt Py STA. OT NARS. & 5d en me VO tf PBI Titan 

G PAM taf. Ngee al, Fairs Se eae CALA L, 

Yt Ce. Ore, i as Co ae 

ae eee [a Cnt, 

op. a 

ae _ fois, 
ee ee Le 

A ducati 


ee ee es HN 3 

eau al 

Anny a9, a 

T. t Marr, Reaae Breve 4 itaneare,. 
The Finoewedd » Inia gtrbar Pahiditicn, 

Uraingner, Prefley « ‘ 

Dage Rirty 
.€ ten So confirm the flowing soit creme regelegs 

Srome FOR ced sent hor rept 
THOMAS A, RAISON, . Jaye an, L882, 

you honer wp hy ateends ng epen ing 
. Rlectrieal Yahibition firat August, Rgninit.” 

2yat the aponing, ‘at cone tine in ag “ 
: Pn. 

1422 you honor us hy performing opening ceremony 
first Atguat resrosentative reception? Fxhi bite” 

POUIEBTR, ATRYMGNGHAL, . July 5,. 1889. 

®Am wrry; do not leave in tine. ¥diwn. ° 
THIMAB As POISON July 4, 1880. 

*qammitt-ac regret your r@ply. 
arrange’ Fahibit.* 

Omnat yo. possinly 


Fo Se Me 


Se FOS ae 



"Bama posi pl ys 

Yorn vary truly, 

7S rm = . 

Jayy hAy 49, 

be bg 
te ONO, Be 

on ’ 

Col. deorge , drum, 
+», EAVGLe Hep les pp er Koewend, 
Sirply, Pang. + WO a 

Regy Ged. 

Dip Mirte Loe Be conta Ene cia tah ge ame Mie Po of havat 

ad ao ee Wag to.. eoativn the MWLoOws ne eah}e gree ronetend 
fron yeu ond amt wy oese 
TARR A Wt Dt My aro 


She TOF Bot Chorancat CUNT MRR TAB, LARA, 
his Ata ated sabtel Pewee Lone nese hae 

"snip pe mp setae Len; swath digg 
firm’ ardar.* 

 e jag ’ Lael : 
te AZ Broo! 

2 Pay ‘oe one 
Steeda Nowwod ae Seti bea 3 typ te See AB 
«tanh, OEE UA eeutyt * . 

Ke vets Gty coe | 
WIAs Ay PTI, : 

GMmtRaM, NRPHA, . P55 &- Be? i. silent nee tee os Snly* ae “BRO . 
Yor kat “apt roe Boe fuey Lggny-teiy® 

singe terre] iwat werk, al on® ; a 

t 7 AF : - kaye iy ey 

eee yan wenebya cetke Avy cmide te 

mPa Kare py GeS : Pe 
vey ser Sa) 

THA ae, Nunn 




Jak ah, We 

hb e Stave MQ tea at, 

a A sa he 5 nt Vantteg s 

: “¢ TS 3. ey Iranees 
, : Myer Lee cee ‘— . ot Oe, e . 
Dage Tirte E: ne anes yee ee a 
POR RE ONE Pees * 
ake . & te 90 pontimn the HyLovi rye enblegteew re ahwed 
tree: ros and otal nay wate oes cere ro urd: ey ’ Shere gs at 
AK ocd yet petal — a serge Bat a ae awe : ‘ se 
THUAN As tet oe ca ar ees one ie a ee “we at 1ABh, 

fe Ay POUR, | “hei” tiny bach 1 phanegrech auaphimesm ee 
‘alan ‘ix nebtanieat have teat scek+ te 
“nt oatmeal Mayme pertained Hares ° 

tite, sree A ny 

ve ces aa ee ee dy 180. 

pared te A Roady 
eames acai 

Mas As roinn,” June WH, LAA. 

7 a 

JOEAM, “TON, ete and how aid you meng treatke: phones: 

Hi es 

id orephat Vant then for jury. Herevet:< 
7 aay lhe cRNA ° “fear haere Fb vas is 
TOWARK, PARRY pyue Prete “Sune 2D 1880, 
+ toest Leahey 3 m 2 
ness yon reget vod ante shipeanie phones 3 
gragth wmaterini May bie June Lith, Leh. 
ad nds Raiwne’® 

THOMAS A WINN, July int, 1850, 
; -*ghipmonte we Wh ani June den arrived: 
Harmer’, f 

We Te He nt 
"RENAN Ay, mise, fp the hi ng BE, nw » 

‘drephophon peqig state Balan peyn ‘reielty _ 
OR aaah ‘pipnegrayh eq: to see | AP grey 
_ phere}: Ahes oppaprise Cabntor te meat: ona nar tow 
jiahy ups teks ~ * pisereer,# : aera Ae Beat molt 
Fal ei te eran os 7 
DWARY,, PANE, wir % v0 
fen ao  y Frente, eer May 
et to wer 1 o Eemareh megotiakod 
Met tre; for: pmrahase.of erp onion, ag 
- gtenbien? knees that, (both interemto were ravi 
ras « chee eontral ant choiee of mohiwa left inp . 

" ‘paetially to pudite withont competition the 
inet nupiinte: «auld be. ignored ond, their. fegtor 
ries suttar, greed 3086 ..ih erReennes, . There 
fore, 49. eave Shen ael wee. hey, oxer wa. froa' 
pir chaning Comgery a Tiset aun on anak phone- ge 

moog ganGR Ath, ot aa peed tS an sormiderdtion for. - 

a éommercini transact amt te pmke up the é 

lone, tiny anticipated iu combining, -Tatntor’s =<." 

stat onent not. op.rreet regerdtre war, Grupin- Bei ae 
phones tae yoen alenéoned overywhere for want ae 

ot utility. Whole thing absolutely deed nara 
fom an they emeateas: Riceetunl 
QAR Ac MIRON, ee " puay 2," B80, 
‘  §tel2 mioheior ‘Stbpomnte mune ‘am pet 
pore, sve, Provanty Taldwin Wolds whipments ° | 


tr aks SS. 6 eanea not. Orr ive. Rawmer. ® 

LA ae Se at 

oS Se oe sie? 

eae NA, : ae. 

’ 7 ak 

Wee Khe ae 

CHOMAA 4, MHTANT. muy a, “ima, 
iting Se tee Te Rey ape. Dado Ree! a 
dei MD | Mires At kow oro nen; alien wate’ of wate: 
~paeR int ere eheds Con hee” botario ree} 
iSdvany ROG Urine Puationn naaded canie , 
Fadl Eenegs lamer, * 
MARIS PARAS. oa ” tity FR 
Newerk, Parine fay 4, we, 
no Morertopyg ots » “ates Prk tah a 
| AAA no: are a oentphurte ne comp ealdn * % 
i haaaies ache “Rad don, & +” seh 9K ‘! 
Bre eo. pre wrod nem ue vee i 
cv wit Mee ta bakbde 
Line ft enton a§ nly 
Pie et) Lege ppg hey wee dr 
Pope, yc leet Bee apt aye” 
Or Gye sags arg ns 
Bitte Mi eae at tea opt Anta ry Pod 
heoiryparrated foyue et cas eet Qe mmm ah Bite 
ee Bivy pet ae Linbe sy a Tad nite ox 
Meh tponk nth op press even MB MAM ud em Toe 
es Saat terre ape pet ap me ate Bee aed 
ree res 2c 2 or To ire alte Sek ey dre ast jdm 

Soh ag Bore Appetit Pata ® 
. eo 
ets 1? tata near xn thy ney 
ae Day yay, Prahan ty 

va th, “Sepestervad 74 

i | Eerie Sterart, ; tuly 2, laBe, 


3l Yeargrom Ph., Kant Grange, 2. t, 

Pinrvint obliged to leave on four nineteon train, 

¥, He Ragan 


‘ a 
j ! 
ol a 

a Trnnap By MAO, tuby 15) Ye 

| p/o Rain My Fox, 

\ : 
38” fenem to, NAW YarRe 

Wi, Went ont of tom, WALL not rétren until Monday « 
i o 
a pie etre ait ae sae 


(( ss 

S & ¢ Yr, 
9 Ste Mark's Ryace, 

Now Yoo City. 

Deter Girth 


In roply to your ddqriry of th instant, 
Manex' a presont atiretn is, do tha Haiarn bag if Works, Bah bay gar 

. thee, bles a9 

Yours 4% nel ¥e 

0, Scott, 

365 Marked Sh, Newark, Ne 

bike to age you at Raison Tahoratory, 

t Ondpy, 

Rd inon, 

Ste | 13, Gi} 

iis, AL pom 

Senge rr 

Judy 18, 1LeBe 

Orange. Mak Ang pattern 8 


vee ees tneermmey cose emma Semmens 7 TEE mamma yen oe s 55 

Fra Baths boy / i 
oats | oe 

ee Vr bk 

, aehdvwldds pceefoh 1 yun 
42 eee pole S Hetty Ah od, One Ts 

ig urtuch | atuade aceeph % third 
Tf uate 

(dw & once he 


Thong Be Uordiedy, 

o/s Mitein Me BOR, hit y 18, 1886 
447 Nanien dee, new lorke - 

MES 8 oes : 2 : os : waihgl ‘ peas 
“My, RALAM not expected vintil Iste tomight. ‘21 write you 
neking appoint (exe 



¥ bin Ooft 
COC frtna_ a 


Whe- Maw: yee nyprrene Co} 
in fan Po, et Le 

was A aes JK. f0*~ C220 fe ssl 

at ae Pe . 7 ease ; oe 
bin we eee Vow Paw 2tintio AW ¥ og 
Bing Whew eae Pr nn Sone ae ; C aAdout 

Bagh sare ps rare bo fo any 

aL Hak —Poe Goa eee 

LL -f Ure Eo 

hi J 7 bode ae 2 tt cee, 4 7, i wpe Fal : a: ae 


oa . w ? 
Fit ny “he ee > i 
a @. ae as ov be Wes re Pee 
: / -f Ka." ; 
is at ae, 

Cla tart 

fy WS hk 169 
See ce g: Fett G | 
Snafechm he bad i ad 

Oean/ Die Gon . 
: CG dice dan wan 
anh the lather bs In, ! ley he ae eas 
ae 7 me 4 aia BOM 
bane al 4 achive joa hie Snether Le a “uadou- anc i 

i awaa the Wdeh = 4 fow thilduw and © cbtimiol on 
a plaw tra tre afforneme, and fins dang ao JS ll) 
wh fe ad ey a es ae 
ohn Aare am thiwatah the aan a 7A 
Ne would keke onuck 4 pe Lhew bry ands f 

fnow et oth 
hase acew 4h we, a greak tibfe Alf, to 
th. fag et have te spay a Jory 

Io an from 9 Yow ww pte anc ts “Ther abme 

saad y, 
a har peal 

ass Yo Schum Kabovicte 

July \s, in 

" mit Rita Coy, | : 
anh t a : 

287 Yl tet jae then Yor ae ae 

egy Shrir 

ide eodeceande to gens tai open Hewat pf fertoy, 4 
hee $ gonttra whe fo2d dks tel bi Bent you Bip ATL nd wpe 
1127 he glad to of: wy a Ih ineitory ‘Loemorst Det egan 

élowan unad swel-+in, * 

Voupa Ardy, 
"s . “x : 
duly By Bs, 
Pa conndsan Repy ee Poe. 
Py He Pe Max +p, Keay © Dyguas,, 
pLavatlwandy, Mio, 

Bhar sia. 

«Aeterna wivHs yGn gat the bh of tonih be ark kna 
bed TE PALS re Foyt to fA. yee Letter of 34 wl bine, inten reg. ‘de 
Meta Tatsitehuy Non Acted 

Yours qty. 

Mre Hast ne Ra Eee 

She, Pats eb nebeaiat na to wefer the 
Onele 84d gorr Gapdtidersdd fbn aura and Hom iljon to voureath, 
N ore, inh, 
& PAA 

Tuly 16, 8, 

Te Be HOG Ts Headey - 
fo Peawin M, Tox, 
147 Nasrau 8t,, Maw Youd 

Near Sirte © : 
; EX keg to confirm the folloring telagvam sent you tomsay:! 

Haye cabled Goursud, asking for ay extension , 

of tire. 

Yours tnily, 

. £Z. ni nbs f a 


July 16, &9, 
By Ss Gomes, Fen., 
9/0 Niwin M. Pox, . 
347 Nasgau Ste, Ne York, 
Dear Stirs 

I neg to wonNirm the MMowtre telogran received from 
YR toedpy se . 

"Please tedpasaph Fox sone eaneral agsuranee oan he 
Use today, 

Yours tru ly, 

July 17, 1889, 

Henry Villard, Fsq., President, 

The Fdison General Flee tris Company, 7 

ter York City. 

Dear Sirt- 

Refer ing to your verte, request for my opinion as to 

making a contract with the hose of Siemens & Hel ake, I veg to 
‘state that Iam in fevor of an arrangemut being mde, v prehy 
close business relations would be establisied pet wem tie Renera} 
Company ani that firm, I think, it would he desirable to obtain 
from Siemens & Halake a con ete plont: for the mnuiketure of 
underg tind cables for telegraph, telephone ar electric ligttitye 
service (dxoept such portions of the plant as oan we nanu fhetured 
th. our om, patalyLishmente to tetter advantage), on the sonaral 
beais set forth in the draft ee which you s¢nt mt, nroviding 
that the contrac allows the Sener@ dompany to use its ‘den elec 
trig tube pystem ani the faokaby which they now howe in such 
gases as the $e chlo}, stip ri ties of car Conpany may aan neqos 
tang. I seo no obj égtion $o fay using the Sipnmyea gable qyatem 
: 2% 

z He Yo ‘ fa 

inatend of mr om, With’ the exemption df the reservation above 

made, and X One mtidert that the Gertval Conpany eala Work up 

& large and profitable oukglae wiainess. in ‘Siemens gahles in-a 

comparatively short appg e Qt timo, 

Youra yea ry ye 
hot Or Ban 

Ravin HM, Fels, 

Ialy 17, .1889, 

147 Nass St., New York, 

Will meant two monthe extension on my own responsi pility. 

Camot extend further itil gut hori zed by Gouraud, 

T AS Rais one 

July’ 17, 189. 

Mesyra, Dyar & Seely, 

‘New York @ity. : 

Dear Sirs:~ 

I weg to acknowledgé rocebpt of your letter of 10th 
ink ont, adfressed to Mr. Maison, emo losing official recelipta for 
the 4th yeer's tox on the Unttes*s British pat arts Nos. 7582 and 
4584, whi dh relate to the phonoplex tel @eraph}. also aunt gnment 
yhich es wen executed by Mr. Handford, art which indudes eight 
patents taken out in Mr. Handford's namé i\s sonmunicat ions from 

Mre Hajson} also British Patents Nos. #003, of 1852; 1882, of 182; 

an@ 1022, of 1883, all in the rane of Thomas John Hmdford, ant 

relating to Improvnm ante &ne in Mlegtria Rat Lways. ae 

Yours tmly, 

Privake Sere tur yc 


hace Cel, 

ceeneteee oe ERTS OM TEI PRIMING CT TET OUR aE mee rt i rt ageremerenaemn a ta gene gr 

RA hard Bt 

wily 18, 8% 

Mre Rnglish 4 
I wish you would anawer thie Letter 
direct. to Mr. Glags ‘3 We nave another letter from him in which 

the fo1] owing | paragraph og OUMB? 

"We are putting in treadle rechines here and smpplying 
power with amall motor of a Company already estnbll hed 
for ruming sewirg machines; it te 2 rather oumhersore 
system, but the best we oan do. As there are no dyramor 
in Sm Francisco which will supply a current. of the right 
voltage and quantity fer the motor phonograph, and te 
obte in one ani eetablish a station would involve 8 delny 
of at least three months.” 

Will you please anawerr the above paragraph at the seme tins 

Yours truly, 
a es 

te AE Ss (Wee 

' y 

i wf 4 
—_- C7 

My. Dear Glasn,~ 
Your letter of 9th instant. addressed to Mr. 
Edison, end of the Uth addressed to Hr, Tate, came sttly to hand, 
The former: han been sent to. the Phonograph Works, and you will 
Prne answer from than probably by sams mail that you IY eive 
this, ‘The latter I have en it to Tate, who is na in Londen, Vi th 
the request that he will see Mr, Gowreud and cable me with re- F 
lat-ion ta the terri tory you speak of, Ag soon as f hrar fins 

Tate, 1 will advise yar, 

Yours very truly, 

Vache oh peakl, 

Louis Glass, Faqe, 
A ‘N 

3283 Pine St., Sant Frantisdo, Cal. 

SS cena re Soiree 


‘ina 15, 89 

Fvorett Bragar; Raq., 

124 Water St., New York City, | : 

Deav Sirte 
Your favor of 16th inst., addressed to Hr. Faisom, 
came duly to har, Thea phonngram vou ask Tar wtih ow prapared 

and sent inte you within the mex thes or four dayes 

Yours vary orn LY» 

eZ . ae 4 
alt, ¢ eg* 
by pe 
Col otet Lon tow Cl ae aN 3 oes eit ei 40 


my ‘18, 1389, 
Janen Dredge, Maq., 
35 & 36 Bedfora.St., Strand, 

Lordion, We 6., Fngland. 

iiey Tea A eee 

: | I underatand that Mrs 0, So Tiles horrover 
thirty pounds Prom you, Ae Mr, Wiley sash ‘we you from rt, L gn 
naturally very unwilling that you ahould it w loser in aonsenene. 
thereof. If Mr, Wiley iz indebted oe vou fer the amour epee 

stated, please draw upon me for it, end the draft wil w honorat 

upon presentation. 

Yours very truly, 

Viol HI Bele t euns 
Ly, - 

‘July 18, 89, 

My Dope Ghadhotirne , 

Your letter of th inatant ad@resnei to Mr, 
Fai Son, some duty to hand. _ The illustrons ‘Srrven tor refarrat to. 
therein, “turned up yester day. 
I underntant thet Mr. Pdigon has ordered a clnb, for tha 
purpore af cheastising my of his songiderate tri ends who ray dex. 
sire te Land on him ahora mead otner spaniins ; Under she qir- 
cunuiten ces I would advise you to gone aYrourgl wit h a Mreton, 

“ith kind re ards, aml wishing you no piri 

I remain, very sinoare).y YOUTS, 

ae ST ee A 


‘ a So ‘ A) . 
Vie eo y LE 

‘Dr, -Fdwin R, Chadbourne, 

SL West 25th St., New York, 

July 18, 1889. 

Dear Mr, Vail,-- 

Yow favor of 12th instant aadresa ed to Mr. | 
Faison, came dely to hand, and hax been perused by him. I 
fird on the letter a pencil neriormaim in Mr, Edison's witing, 

as follows! : Pree 

“Say to Vail I am sorry he did not have the 
nerve to take a step which would havé nade 

him eventually a coupen outter," af é 

Yours very truly, th ; 

Parmele ¢ De recbE 

J He Yatl, Maqe, 
c/o Sprague Plec:t fc R'y, & Motor Goa, 

New York City. 

re ISSIR Dit toate, 

July 18, 89, 

Levis Miller, Maq., 


Akron, Ohio. - 

My Dear Sirs 

Referring to your favor of 9th instant, there 
mist be soma thing, wrong in ‘the analysis you gent m@, as the 
total doesn't foot up 100%, The origiral ore had ahout 20% 

iron in it, We simply raised the coneen trate to 41,45 by tumh- 

ling. 1% probably aould he got up to 45%, which is equivalent 

to a BAX magnetic are. 

Yours truly, - - 
aoe 4S. 
Gy ae 


July 18, 89, 


Mafor S. 3, Paton, 

120 Frondway, New York, 

My Near Sirs- 

T endipse you herewith a letter from the Attorney 

for Colleetion of Arrearn of Personal Taxes, of New York City, 

which atates thet’ 

they have a claim against Mr, Haison for $557.06, 

Will you please look int, 

0, this mtter, and pee if you can pet Mr, 

Edison relieved of the olaim, 

Yours very wouly, 

July 18, a. 
Ae A. Knudson, Esq., 

St. Tohn, NR, 

Dear Sire. 

I beg to confirm the following telegrama recet van 
from you and sont hy mete 

T. we Mdison, July 10, rss9, 

"Thompson Welding Go, decide to send complete 
exibit here, privilege on patent qmestion af-, ; 
fecting then being satisfac tory. It only romaina ‘ 

for you to exhibit to make vs complete and happy, 
Can we expeat it?” 

A. A, Knndsone Maly 18, 89, 

“Commissioners decision unsat isfactory, Phono ko 
eraph Compary refuses to take the risk," 

Yours tmly, 

est ca 
. nas 

: & ey a $ re ek - 


July 18, 89. 

T. H. Powers Farr, Mago, Seaty., 

Razex County Sonitry 01h, 

Orin ap ’ N Te 

Dear Sirs 

_ Mir, Rdlbot had asked mh to adkitwladge tte réaai pt 

of your Prvos of 15th ihatahit, ind ining hh hit at a motlrg 

“of the Gbvemors, hed of the 12th ingt., he was dnly élegtes’ a 

member OF the Vdgex County country club, 

I have mop pleasure in enclosing herewith Mr, Redd afz{*s. 

thenk tor $125, in payment of thé Initiation fee, and. semt~ 

arma] fues. Kindly aaknowledge reduipt of game, aid enthae 

Yourg very truly, 

COGS, a, 

Private ' Rowe thr yo 
aN 2 LY 

July 19, 1&9, 

Henry Viara, Baq., Premitent, 

\ . o 
The Faison deneral hee trig Nonpany, ae 

New York O4ty, ae 

Dear Sirs-- 

Referring to your Verbal request: for my opinion aa to 

meking & contract with the house of Siemens & Halake, I teg to 

btate trt I am in favdr of m Arrangement Wing made, wherenby 

close business relations wouhi te oatablishedt hetween the General 

“Conpeny and that firm. 1 think it vomla th deatrable to ontain 

from Sitmtn’ & Halake a Borplet Plant for thy manufacture of 

wideryroitl dables for telegraph, telephone pid electro lighting 

sérvic’ CoxsefPt moh portions of tha Plant ag aun be manufac tured ’ 

in ody tes? establishments to batt an admantage), and give the cable 

a fhtr trte, havite the right tb use \he cae g thereafter so far \ 
N ; ‘ 

aa the abd s tongs bf our wyalnesn may male . it, deairg rhe for ns %&© 

ao no. ‘% “ape no auirotign to dug using the Silendéds onhLe Ayvatem 

iviktenu of or pr, Wi ty dhe oxeefion of the ier peatoa tf, Rebower 

madb, dt Xam confivien: that the Genqral rpeny aedid Work up 4 

Ho Vo ical 

large And ‘profitable otitsivie tmatnsas in Siemens cables in a 

comparatively al: det spade ott time. 

Yoirs very truly, 

sane 18, L889, 

Ny Dear Tate, ~ 
You will get a confirmation of we versoun anble-~ 
zram which have paras et bat ween us fron my Dey Sto offi oer It is, 
therefore, umocassary for m to confirm them again in thia Letter; 
ith reference to Gomory and the Hesdem Company, E enclose 
herewith som copies of lotters which we eve reodived ‘from Mrs 

Domery, and on these letters Mr. Rdison extended Mr, Conner y*s 

option for two months. I wired ym last night to this effect end 

asked ym to got Mr. Gouraud's confirmation of the mttex. 
L elso endlose herewith letter fiom lass, with relation to 
fore territory which he has bem in commnicat.ion with Gouraud 4a " 

Mots I have written Glare, atating that I have forwarded his we 

letter to you, with the mqest that you see Heo eur d and 

emble wea the rly. I wi11 advise Ginga hy wire nx soon as I 

est your tologran. 


Referring to tho Selignan mtter, you sarely rmemver sel ry, 

Jésein Seligman with mon tho day of the Navel*Parate, You will 

alep, I am eure, remember me absolutely refusing to mke am after 

fr the phonograph as comirg, from Nre Raiuone I told ure Sali gan 

that ho wala hove to deal with toureud first, and whon Mire Solignm 

% Ae % rv, whe . 

PYdayod'me for x figura at whioh his Syndiaate Ould purahosy Mi, 
Fai an's intorent in Gourawa contracts, I tota him that it wes 
uselesn to try to deal with Mr. Raison until he had deals with 
My, Gouran., You wilt prohahly recollect that finally 1 renend 
saven hundred and tifty thousand dollars for Mr, Hdl wri's inte rast, 
plus mavufnotume, ant the contract to pravide for certain limi= 
tations no far ns the nae of EM Vail son's name 18 concemee, This 
was named entirely upon ny on responai bility, In do ire BO you 
Wild reo Neat that I refused atmo lrtaly to involve Vit Mion. 
Under - the se ciroumtanoces, Mr, Moriarty might almost pe | 
complimented in the ARNE me mer in which the illuatrous O'Cann e112 
complimented Mr. Disraeli, when he politely referred to that 
“gent leren's come ction with one of the pant ied parts in the little 
ornoifioution affair that ooaurred “Abott. eighteen. mndred yours 
ago. ward like ym to have heen Present, at the interview that 
comurred riynt after the ree aiipt of the firat telegrom, detuilire 
what Mordorty was doire. ‘It ‘80 happened that. prior te you tele- 
Bram getting here, the Seligmns had gent for me, and wien I Vent - 
to their office I had the advantage of the infor nat ion which yéu 
had rent. . of course Salts nan digolaimed all vésp onsipiiity for 
Mie Hortarty' 6 threats, and I told them that it waa nensenge to 
talk nhout any auch figwra ag $200, O00 for Mr . Haiwon and x 

Gaureud's interost . 

\ 2 
ae Aes PPE tht we aia oy TEES Sri sete ORM aera 

A. 9, tT. ae 

Tiree tiy 1 finish. Ubetating this letter { an gabe kO pee 
the i is AG} aril ahawering bhatt with blusf, { am to tel. 
them, an bekalt af Mr, Tal avn, thut they ca either deal with Mr, 
Gqurany or else go ahead with their own businesa, and we will no 
ahead with OT « 

While the Sal iamans' position may be vary at rong Paired wil y 
and in undouhtedly very stn finsnelally - they realize: the 
exrent impo rtence of Mr, Fai son's rame, to enable them to suewesae 
fully lannoh Jompanies in Hur ope, You will remember that ar the 
converant-ion al tho Phonogrep h Yorke, ‘if the Saturday hefore you 
left, I “Antsent at that the Seliigmins’ could proba bly frustrate: cue 
efforts ta pet nblinh Companies if they so desired. The olnonise- 
nesy of tho Jaw hankers of Furope is proverbial, On the othe 
hend, you ohauld also remembver that people whose influense may se 
very great ta qo us harm, imy not re equally as ytant in prevne 
ting us from do ing them harm. The acaring of Lives bave ik tt 7) 
which we oe juat as c@pahle of fill ing an Seligman Brothers ed. 

their Jewish fri ends, - Nobody realizes this petter than Mre Goue 

Yatd, I am sure, — 

We are partisularly anxious to hear from you ag to: Hr, Sour 

raui's "other connec tions." My own opinion is that he has nons, 

and that the letter which he wrote: out TEPee and on Which you 

really Want ta London, wan written in econsequencd of the overtures 

ae by aha SeLigmen People or thed i rater tat ives, 

F Wh hihve a letter from Gourate which, auys? "I noe pive you a 
Ari ateder for 1,000 machine a." Nothing id said whatever atont 

. avsjant within a day or two, - 

Tf you want ary assistance in finding ont whet these gentlemen are 

‘doing, my father will very gladly he lp you in watching their 

HLS Letters, Wt will ord in our getting a meat dod. of Re rraspoy|~ 

Ae a, qv, whe 

payment, i Xe wired you in consequence, askirg yuypr BY rikagg! 4 
f Keg ts leye in New York; a0 we aan get our hone y Qn preamn tat den 

ef Dyoloes amt hills oF lading. I hope. ta hoar from you -on this 

Tomlinnon, Gilliland and Toppan sadled for Furope last Satav. | 

day. I-dnve no definite information as to'the cause of their 

visit to hondon, but I have alwaya believed that Seligman origi-~ 
mLly went into the Graphophona mainess at the olicitat ion of 
Tomlinson. You may renamber my suiggenting sigh a thirg inst May. 

I have absolutely. no egineaes that this is a met, but 1 sonsider 
that | these chee gent lemen wi 1. he worth watch i nge  Gillilend 

used to stey at the Langhan. Anyway you can find out-a good déaj. 

about the ly movenents I om aure at the American Exechanee in London. 

nlovemenite « 

We have got a great. deal of corresponiienes here from Gourrud. 

There i6 nothing in it of very. great consequence, and in view of 
the fuct that yar are in Lonion and fully posted us to what we 
want, I think that Iwill allow the enemy to anawer’ tho Lott at ¥, 
aha simply put then on file, Anyway we don't want to haw Any 

cormminigatioh with Gourmd, except through you, and if frsnewer 

Aende fron him, about which you will. krov ‘not hhiaze 

Mere fa nothing partis tarty new to write 

a Efne rat bral nae in ane ee: 

ydt atront ao far 

The Phonograph Works is trying 

akony nretty veld, pg I eee that hy the tine Mr. Mat on get a 

bok Sat Rappe, wee WALL Wf ble to sho#¥ him a pretty good haw 
lana shes. ; 

Lendlose ya herawith extracta from sone letters, which indi~ 

Cate that the phonogrm@h ia rapidly forging ahead of -sne Eve hoe 

phone, | 

Mrs Mdi ton haa been away for a woe in Pennsylvania and ree 

turned last Sunday, rf aU. he says and all. Livor says, tins out. 

80, the iin concentrat ing business will pe a tremonto us 

and I shall retire to the 

aoOlitude of a country gat in the South 
of Englane upon the ineome whieh I wali 

yet fron my interest in 
New Jersey and Penns ylvania Coneentrat ing Works, 

I hope before yar gat this letter you will have geen Bom of 

the pregile I pave you intromiections to and will have poReee a 

& to the general abate of affairs of phonograph matters, and the 

emt nezot int ions whioh Mr, Gouraud tas in hand. 

Ae 0. Tato, Faq., 
Hotel Hotrdynle, honon, 
ngland » 



fennnake Phonderinh Comphhiys. Wea are well plessed with the new 
phonograph end think it a moat 

excellent machine. 

Kertiteky Phonic, 10. Ye are nlao greatly pleased to state to yx 
that we are taving imnfnse stocess. in our 
new Lin? of -mvainesn, and have placed eB 

number af rachires. We. are “wary sorry tio 

Bt ate, however, that. your"friends," tho. 
Graphophanes, are not mestirg with rut great 
sNee 48s) an we should like, ‘The Phonogre mh 
han taken the place of the Gra haphone in 
fiftem inatamces here: in Louisville. 
H, By Fox, Phono. Yor kp hos 2: i 
Expert, at present in Louisville, There were 38 Grap hophones in 
Loulaville tw weeks ago, art 
no one will have one in their 
pice, Bo they have heen shipped 

‘to Ginei mati. 

M. B Katt, at present with the 

_ Kansaa Phono, Co, Wherever the Graphapimsh Jan 
pean placed the Ganpamy's sub- 

sariners demand a shange for 

the Phonogreph, No complalnta an re yar da 
the working of the mashind; 2 esac 
fndling of satinfaction existe everymhere. 
Thy Karsas Phono. Co, officials have seen 
up to @ week ago strongly in Pvor of the 
Grap hophons brcause of its eo-onlledt 

ai mplieity, mit they — bean compelled ’ 
to axchnnge every grap hophon® for. the 
phonograph because of tha miserable fe 
protuetion, ‘I heave wenat the of ficen 
of many of tha prominent UDO ri mrs and 
have heard the amipenaibnaee mt isfe ation 
The Kmaaa Phono, So, have about 250 
phonographs in actual use, , . None of 
the sultmaribers seem to think the machine 

not prac tical, 

Fe Gs Rowing, Fxpert, at present i 
in Pi smygh. , . The reintive mate of the | 

Rieeaneanyi and Graphophone as 
ontervtakmed tw the pwple here I have Taowetniwas At first it 
Wag ell grapho.; now it is all ahona. Ordars are contirtially 

arriving 2a the latter while the former mover mt-slov, Tro 

Grgp hophones. opma back to-day +9 be exchanged for phonogrephs, 

Kitt. There are 18 Graphophorss out and we are coire fo ee 

Plage them with your muchints an soon as we get mtptories bye) Rage 

Ny, Roott.'s wordet “The Grarhdphone in not wourth Well. room. * 

ipoty 20 ib 1669 
we FIA. ad tres oe ‘ 
A / v4 27, Bak 

| Ker he i) 

Of. aay fo "aa eae Wa tty 19% Dict. 
beg. to tar chew yo 3 wuarath oti sees re Phat: 
Ais Lhe. OL Cane of Srv b. hy. built, 

Low wth metic that, the tak A eich, amy HAE 
Aik I cally. sara ah de MAA La eee. G is Lriivr 

f bay Feaaelhy plltd A im and ctl Y at 

LDaant he 



f Nfs 4. C4 otel yr 


a | 

. iar on ds oe he. g Y Proves Orbe Protea 
Dw Svauttl os te paranhy a dll Laiilé 
aie Qs wedi eli l 
J jo th. 

they wart 

July 29, 89, 
Hon. Hugh, J. Grant,, Mayor, 

New York Gity. 

Dita Sirt- 

I have pleasure in acknowl adging reo dipt of your 

favor of the 1th inet., but regret that owlng to prov iong on~ 

‘gagements I shel. be mable to acespt your Invitation to REE ye 
*he conference to consider the advisability of holding an Inter 
nat lonel. Uaposition at New York in 1892.; 1 would add, hattever, 
that: £ act thoroughly in By mpat iy with aueh an enterprize, and 

“thall he only too glad to ao everything in ny power to aasiat in 

tle ntovement. 

Yours trily, 

ay 2, 

Prof. William D, Marks, 

The Mdiaon Gen'1, Klectric Co., 

44. Wall St., New York City, 

My Near Sirs 

J,am ohliged for yor ‘favor of L&h instant, 
with relation to the Philaie Iphia Station, and am glad that you 
fini it possible to sell electric light in Philadelphia at the 
faye price as dass 

Yours yery' truly, 

‘Tuly 20, 89. 

Phamls By Somer, Faq., 

o/o Vewin M. Fox, Tae, 

#147 Nassau St., New York. 

Dear Sirt~ 

IT have reanivad a rep ly fxm Londn, from Mrs Tat e@, 

stating tht he has arranged with Mr. dowraud for a tro mantbhs 

extension of your option on Mexico for the phonograph, and that 

awritten confirmt ion of this i llows by mail, As goon ap a | 

canfirmetion arrives I will commnkoate with you REEL I 

Yours truly, 

July 20, &, 

Ravin He Fox, .Faqe, 

147 Hasson St,., New York. 

My Dear Sirs = 

I have your fay or of 19th instant, and in reply 
heg to atate that, personally, I shoul he very glad to aes fir, 
Comery hore at any time he is able to come ont, If, howevar, 
he wishes to disouss phonograph matters, I would suggest that he 
calle on Mr, Samiel Inmull, at the Rd mn Hlectrie Light Cos, Nos 
44 Wall Ste, New York. tir, Insul). has general of arge of all 
the ne matt ors for me, and as T am expacting very shortly to go to 
Furope, mdam naturally wder the cirowgtances very moh oo gu 
pied, t think 4¢ would be moh better to Let Mr, Ipesull deal with 

the Mexican matter, 

Yours very truly,’ 

ihe A (Bt. 

John Hony, Raq.) 

59 Rroadway, Hew York Oity, 
A ; : ; 

Near Sir:~ 

I am anxious to find out samathing about Mr, Pagar 

a 8. Allien, 

I am negotiating with him to bring out a new toy dow, 

and he har imntdoned yo aa knowing something about hime Any ine 

formation you give ma will, of cow se, be received hy me in ahbsoe 

lute confiderioe., An early reply will greatly Ohlige 

Yours truly, 

July 20, 188D, 

amy Rogers, Raqe, 

#419 Brooms St., New York GAty. 

Deny Sirze 

Iam anxious to find ottt rometht ng ahout Mr, Fagar 
Ss Allien. I am negotiating with him to ing out a new toy doll, 
and he han imntionsd ya as knowing Bonething about hime Any ine 
formation yar give me will, of eow'se, be rageived by rye in abao~ — 

lute confidenae. An early reply will greatly onlige 

Yours truly, 

Re Dunlap, Naqe, 
Fifth Av anne Notd, 

New York Gity, 

Dear Sirt~ 

Z am anxious to fing out something about 

S. Allien, 

formation yay sive me will, of course, 

uke confidence, An early reply will greatly oblige 

Yours truly ’ 

Tam negotiating with him to bring out a new + 

and he has mentioned vou as knowing nomething about him. 

auly 29, sn, 

Mr. Fdgar 
oy dolt., 

Any Ine 

he ree dived by re in Abs= 

ie en RY I TS PIL TTT mee ae oe cota 

Tuly 2, We. 

Tanesx He Sreslin, Faq., 

Gilsey House, New York Citys 

Dear Sirte 

I am anxious to find out somathing about Mr. Migr. 
S. Aliiem. I am negotiating with him to hring out. a new toy doll, 
and he has mentioned you as knowirg something a tout him. Avy ine 
formtion ya giv4 me will, of aoinmse, he received by me in sha 

Iute amfidenaes — An early reply will greatly oblige 

Yours truly, 

duly 20, a. 

ite Ae Stevenn, Haq eo» 

Public Stores, hake & Vashinet om Str eata, 

New York ity, 

Dear Sirs- 


Z am anxious to find out aomething ahout Mr, Rdgar s 

Allien. I am negotiat ing with him to bring out a new toy wii, 

and he has mentioned you an knowing something about him. Any ine 

formation you give me will, of course, na received by me in abgoe 

lute ¢onfidence, ‘An early roply will grestly onlige 

Young tmily, 

July 20, 8% 

Hens, J. Stevona, Bsq., 
Now "npland Mutual. Tito Ins, Wey. 

Ro nton, Vaan e 

Dear Sirf~ 

Mrs Fdi eon requests me to acknowledge your several 
fav ors ef hime The delay in replying th your labtere ip ovtng 
partly to the fat that Mir, Rai on rar mon «arr, ana partly to 
the fact that inasmich as his Private Secretary in abaont, his 
‘eorregponienee hea to weit tn til Budh time as T oan spare & may 
to attond to ite — Under the slronngianges you wilt, timre fore, 
wishes Mr. Fai gon'a epologftg fr nat rep Ly ing ear hier, 

Yo all dorttilesn hear from Nie tae Hitore dom @ 0 
exer Hy what Mire Dk waa ablq vo tard are in Sometnrg With res 
lat im) +0 some anlls haeing tran ‘or doregt thera, Mp +4 is wris | 
ting We Have no further intonmat tpn thin thet al aay pot sean ad 
a ' ; 

PA Raw sebn qouhet Ok mean who aie shcionn. tb aadtipy the 
pont. don as nent, Mange? af yout Ato fett Walp of ‘them hae 
“anprmseed mo ao well as Mtr, Aifien, wio oded ih a ietter of 

introdnetion from you toMrs Raison this ndmings Mie Allien 

hed # long talk with Mr, Fin and mevelt', and J have got all of 
nid roefarcneas, soue of whioh wre well knayn mehew ak. people in 
New York; others era parties c onneo ted with the coll trade, I 

wah aint up these ref erenc os Hontay and Tuesday, and will go tio 
Roston ami seq you, with Hr, Allien, either on Wermenday ‘or Thur ge 
day nip ht » Will yar pleaso let me. mov tw oe ten wall at the 
United Fdi an Manufacturing Go,, No, 44 Wall St., New York, whether 
you will be at your offiice on ‘Nodnenday m4 the talancée of ‘the 

WACK » . 

I am strongly of the sietnian that in order to get the doll 
muainess vel] atarted, ymu Company sharia appoint a Manager, anda 
let him take hold of the work ami push it wt ‘all: pointe, “Of 
course £ will do evarything I ponsi bly aah ty ussiet hin, -and we 
in the general interest keep a rm of the ‘nt sine as here in New 
York; mt my time is so moh ocaupled with Mr. Wdi on's numerous 
interests that it is practinally impossible for ime to give any 
detailed daily attention to a ‘mtter of this kind, and, of ooiinnen 

in order to eatoh the next Ghriatmas market it will require -con~ 

stent ani unremitting work on the part. of tho Manager of the Com 

panye ; 

‘ Yowrs truly, : 

July 20, Meg. 

Williem D. Marks, Raq., 

Wasatport, Nasex fo., Ne Ye 

My Doar Sir:~ 
I have your favor of july 16th, 

At the time the: arrangement wan made with you ta he aome 
Engineer in Ghief of ow new Company, I had nha idea that you 
expected to ® held alone maponas ble to myself and Mr, Villard. 
I am not m official of the Faison Gersral Company, and in any 
vent every of fioer of a Company rst., of necessity, ne held | 

accountable to the Company itself through its preper reprasen~ 

=! tatives, I understand that your objection is ‘to working under 

~ My, Herriak's dir cations Mr, Herrick is tho Viea-Presidernt of 

the Gencral Gompary. The Vice-President takes the position of 
the President when he: is not there, ant as Mre Villard doen not 
‘ a 

pret ad to attondt to tho details of the Gereral Raion Co's tue 

sinesa, it necessarily follows that all officials of ‘the Company 

have to r port to the Vioe-President, Mr, Hemdok. If you have 

misundersatond the nature of the podtion that you would oeaupy, I 

an indeed norrys 


7] e ny MM, : P “2a 

Mth reference ta the sugrention you make as to your res 
stenin, this isa PRALEY that no far ag I am personally. cons 
rermed, Ioprefer to loava entirely to yourself, “Havevor moh I 

weld Lio to ser you remain an oear of Tha Fdimn seneral 
Rleetric Compary, X wild not for on? moment he inclingd to ure 
you to ntay against your ow wishes, 


Yourra vary troly, - 

We Je Hammer, Miaq., 

Paris, Prance, 

Dear Sirt- 

.T veg to confirm the fllowing cablegran, which was 

forwarded to the Lanp do. for attention immedistaly upon reqeiptt~ 

Hadicnon. Paris, July 18, 1889. 

"Send three hundred eich read and blue tampa; 

one hundred each opal and frosted, Harmer." 

Yours trwly, 
€ Le : g er Nae 
Shoot Ch Nb 


ne ae 

FTO Rigen OD anata E ET 

Ree te ORD 
a ea 2 e 

Fajy BW, LEAS, 

Dre Ae Ry O. Selwyn, 
Director Geologinal Survay, 

Ottwwa, Cmada. 

Dear Sirt= 

Will ym please send ne ehee wf recent. Cenadian 
Geclog ion reporta. I should alm like to wshtain & aopy of. 
Sir Wm Logen's Report on the Geology of Canada, 1863, With reps 
&o. If you can furnish m with these reporte I shell te wary nive’h 
obliged, and if there fs Any expense attached to same, plemue af nd 
will md I shall renit. a 


Youra truly, 

Oe ae 
¥ + ff i % 
‘ oily : 

rd : 

1 go “A nay 

() 7 
Ye 2. of i. anal G of 
14 £6 te ttikedy a, 

Miss - hk 
ae oe f oe 

NG tes ty advan aioe th adr i neceweol 
any ee: (2u7 chuefy arn/ LO fr. LD uch C 

y “i ow Pernt afk, & . 

Lor f SOF gO hic 
ra = 
y CLA bat 
fe BRonndesp 


Gfruit, (Pay. are ; 
Lt “y eee 

Tuly 22, 80, 

Mre He Me tenn, 

Ne doh Peme Songmnsvat ing Yorks, 


Ao Dey St,, “er York, 

With retorense to yaw dettex of L8oy tn: 

regard to the diameter and width of the pulley on tne 

ofrols which we propos séniir¢g down to Reuhtela ville, Mr, 
Fai fon says that Brenan took the nesessary mramronan te 


Yours triiy 


Gol eae 

fea M 


FYivate Ste'ys 

P wf 
¥ ft 
vent NE 

eee seo | ideags \Swass ee eee inate hia ae ‘0 . 
1 ese oes fs emer courtiers Pia Ratenes 

By i 

July 2, Lake, 

Kawam T. White, Faq., 
Tho New York Telegraph “lub, 

#48 Church St., New York City. 

My Tear Sirte 
Mr, Edieon haa asked n@ to aqknowledige ths ree ali pt, 

of yaw Lotter under date 17th instant > and to thank you flor tie 
kind invitation embodied therein for him to ‘wisdit The New Yattk 
Telegraph Club. 

Mra Fdi son eontemplates ‘ trip to TFurope this sinmer, Bho 
wilL prevent an immedicte accep ten ge of your invital. lone Om Gis 
retiun fron abroad, usweeees he will be plad to awtsd l nimaeLP® ar 
‘your KiYiness, aid if possible will try and errange to wisi vor 
Glub. , 

Hr. Ma mon asks me to aay to you that he would consider i% 
an non to be elected a member of The Nev York Telegraph (Lube 


Yours very tY uly, 

spe sr 



may FR, Hs 

Ae 3, Dink Co., 
Shiesaga, MITt,p,, 
Dear Siray- 

I beg to anknowledgo reoaipt from you of Me Ye 

any! Fxohange for $507,585, covering royalties on Mimegraph for, tre 

months of April, May aM June, 1889, for widah pleas agcept 

’ thank 8, 
| wed Yours truly, 
a POM Ne oh 
hoe — cee da. eae me 

Sarit tp RD es 
i. to 
bE ag 

July Fa, B89, 

Mr. Férmnd 3, Reane, 
Tlewellyn Pars, MN. 7, 

Dear Sirs 
in your letter of 18th inst., astime 

for an interv tew with Mr, Tate, I be to in form you that the 

latter is at pregent in Furpe, and will pe mbsent: about tre 
months 4 

Yos truly, © 


Dy ho yf 

ber Mey He oa 

Steno. 0 

caution acbiSiahental 

TMby 29 

2n, 89. 

Alfrad oO. Tata, Fsq., 
Hotel Matropole, 
London, Mnglant. 

Maar Hir iia 

I bag. to sonfirm the following cablegrame ru 'd. 

from you-and sent by mie 

Hadi son. : July 18, 

"Hoy nany mechines wet ly can you ship to 
fill Gouraud's order? Tate." 

TAK : July 2x, 
“About trarty dafily. Shall we ship direct 

Hondan by freight? Noss: Brazil order go Lon- 
don or direct, from here? Edison.” 

RDISON. duly 18, 3 

*sonza taking Brazil agency requires one each 
‘treadle, motor phonograph, battery, extra ren 
eorder and réproducér, narrel blank shipped | 
Baturday sure, oable departiure, Sonta awaits, 
Gourd murts aix new apectacles ‘sane time. 7," 

MMISON, = _ duly 19, 
"Txprese Rragil order Gouraud, Londn,* 

Youra truly, 



Fly 22, Re 

Nr, Willinm ¥. bple, 

Fort Myers, Fh. 
hear firt~ 
| Mr, Fat son has recsivel you letter of Ith instant, 
tm in reply mya tint. vou apn ‘tnke lLumher on aecdune of the 
mioke steok} also, you oan 20 nhead with tho carpenter work whi o'h 
you re fer ta. , 

"With reference to your letter of 16th inatant, J return nere- 
with hill 8 encloset therein, Kinily send hills for goats whi ch 
were user Mr, Rai son's tenofit, And charge Gillilend for nis 
portion, In future keen the. tun accounts entirely separate, 

Your understand ng an to chargés for wharf repair 8, af expressed 
in your Letter of 16th apes js correet 5 that is dne-half is to 

te charged t 0 Gilldland, and oe-half to Mr. Fai mn, 

™y Yours tru ly, 
LF es 
Private Seore tary. 

Mr, Ry He dboke, 
the Hilson Miectrie LDuminat ing We, 

hehanon, Pa, 

etw Sirs. 

Yow iptter is receive’, X have RD oken ta fr, 

¥ainon a but wow yrisdt with Mr, Oolemmn, and he eam tA very 

Blad to have tho party visit the works at Bechtelaville.,  &% mve\. 
fer your latter to Mr. Liver, No, 10 My St., New Yor; who ‘ts 
‘he Manager of the Ore Milling wistribas, end when the Meotory in 
xsedy to Se shopn, he wilk invite you a that you cn go and see 
ite At present there ara mking san naaded alterations before 
* bimy with de ble to runagain. . 
Yours twiy, 

Chase ANG ed aes 


é i TitLy 22,\ Hy 
(4 ‘ 
+ ; My Bepx Pavor . 
\ , Frelona: i hand you a Let tot fm our Maranerg 
srpokh, of hewanon, Pace XY hae written sod tole hiya = yo 
: wuld invite i, folonmn jo gom ang visit the plpoe ad: Saghtal so 
a : wiltvy. I told hin you wy Saitne fone reqessaty inprowanerrts ; : : 
: wt that whan yeu ware wey that you wont invite. him to see 
the mechine in cperation This te aenording to Mr. Stan's a ! 
i with. Yo wild ng gars toy Mtr. Color, an be ig one of tha < : et 
i | riqnext mine quners in tet nq pt ion nf % ha qoute y, 
, . Yourrs ery tODY » " 
; "  thae. 8A taohe has. pace 
| A 
. Miro Ho Ms Vebuor,, 
' New Yorks 

July 22, &, 

Hy Re Stmightdn, Raqe, 
ShaFby, Als, 
a‘ Pear nit 
Mr, Hdlson asks me to say in reply. sq yoR Lsaer a? - 

Lat fet., re Patt phoiinggam, thes we use not Selly equipped yet 
wo duplieste phonogropiony li icra, yb wikk be sh ortiy, Frer yoa 
wad ne eble to obtain what ya desire, 

Yours truly, 



Priyate Seg'y, 

wait tinck el ha cee ar. BS le iad 

_ | d93 

Te, Fh, TERM 

Urewn % Raym, trp, Mere, 
70% Wa) mt Strndt, 

Phitpdaty ‘nin, Pa, 

Dewy irr ee 
Ygur letter of 12 yn instant addegenad to {ire Pitan, | 
info ming Ai of {he award hy he Gity Trust, i a a le of 
the Roope Aagesy pede, far oy pi uli ras ~~ MAK 199! “he 
Hr. Raison ads me to thapk yon for the OU HYG: Wich wm 
have teken in thy mtter, and. r will yery pigaged to do i" 
yor, rragpgt. Kindly let him from " wether mid to whom the 
le: tt.9y" eee zing you to re miye th moda} rhonda ey addyons “A, 
and the Acme stall te forwarded to yun At o7me, 

Yours vey truly, 

=o - 

2 OE o oes < 
. - 



Prepiawy KAQIR HY ¥> 




{ Hal c. / eae aw “di 
( he Q ayy Prnrrll OF) CLAY bike bod 
Vig De pn h 

ful oa f MEP 

ltt Yh. 
’ i Dra Wk : 
nay AUS if] ; tp 
) ri ; Cle UL G h Yow AZavey of the 22, mol wre, 
bee so eurels Gur 
yas ‘ boas fi / v/ see ee K , wrbhe hw Cabra one gn nibirey 
\s a (A fe vi 

ate Fr Yh He felony sbi 
n, ued i rf 

Yok lo fo nara tics wy 


sssdote » 2 Gobet % fr 100 a8 
a v8 dann 7 Laat a SO | 
» Uf Pe w a ae w 
| SO ° 
a) AS " ve WH Pons FO 

n 7 al, pee Lia co ” é : : 

Dee A LEI "SD dad ate the, atuve fe foes 

D>: Cs OLA 
aes okt, ha thal, f war wunalle © gh 
“ hela Mm Li hit ic, ernernin = 

ay oda 19 

EB . fe 

Urstué Poach 

Fass a Non th oh. 
J ara 


heel Lrautl ey, 

i LO 04, Lilith 


joy te 
be j 

ho adiwat gine Bee d Aitae ree, 

hhee. ae ae far als pbk ba hua art pe (2 eh“ 
ay hella on ae 

rg) ety ar ' 

aired LS ett Aree; he: epucced 

Huds Lona I tee bog: ahentel dat ths Cte aie Bas 
the Socks te wack "oben ie Te oT ee 

Wohl Pl D anche weed wan tae Wd 
ee en ekce ae aise Pha Glia, Phonugrafoks hrevhe say 

% # 1000.4 inp cud ae tha vin aw halimel (make of 
hiicuiatow ae nea 0 the GAG@ion Chine aphs Irerte ta/ 

lag he grow Fru Steno afb, Uv they would, ae oe ad 

knw oe 12.0%}. 
, the prects wth eval/ J worl Tale Aan , 

ve by u' A) er few the. ae ae “ Q2LL ae J LAM do. 

Le tro 

phe at ee 

a bts 

TMuly 2A, 89. 

Mr. Jemes Ke . Brome, 
$75 Morris Avenue, 

Flizaneth, i. 7. 

Year Sirt- 

Nth reference to your letter of wand instant, Mr. 
. Raison seys, Por you to ae nd a aell of the battery which you 
ne rien to the Janoratory. for test, satisfy him in regard to ine 

fringement, ami he wiil then talk basi wean. 

Yorn truly, 


| ae 

. Private Secretary. 


a BN Lect coe 



| amt 

July 24, 89, 
“ite Mo @rock, Maq.e, Nemeger, 
Faison Mleetrie Illuminating o., 

Patevron, dT 

Dear Sire 
Me, Ndison ies reerived your letter of :4ind instant, 
algo the fow lamps which were returned te vou hy the Phoenix 
Mill re gole. He mys that the trouble with the latter ia due 
to inferior elsmp paate having been used, and has written the 
Lemp Co. a very strony Lotter in re grd-to the matter, which I 
. a 

think will prevent a aimiler reettrrence in the future, You will 

doubtless hear direet from the Ianp Soe in a aay ar a0. 

Yours truly, 

Private Secretary. 


July PA, 

The Fdivon Lamp Company, 

Harrison, MM @, 

Dear Slrete 
L enelose herewith copy of a-letter, meted 22ni 
instont, ftom Willian M,. Broek, Mane ger, Tdison Nleo trie Tllumi~ 

rating Gos, Paterson, %. J,, addressed to Mr, Raison, upon whieh 

the letter ras made the following notes- 


, ", Marshall should personally investigate 
this « It ds due unio ubted] y to infer ior 
ainep paste or carelessness in puttirg in. 
Thia defeet at olemp, vhion ts a known thire, 
Le a DISGRACE te the Tamp Company, There ia 
aor: eee INR filament, whi oh we have to 

aiegs about, buat not eo with clamping &a. Fe" 

Yow He, Mavahell bse sxanined the four lamps referred to 

be rich saya the h Ane blow hie is due to 

In “its Beou Ta Lab aig 

aa Ceethive ¢ lanpinige 
ef Kindy give this mitter your inmedi ate attention, end 
ol : Youra vory truly, 
| . ga es 
dae Privote Seeretary. 

iy. - 

' ‘ 
1 ‘ 
, f Tty Bd, 25, 
ay tt 
Pre & so 
toe Senanragtady toodey, 
T, Ao FARM N. 
: ' 



taty +; ®. 

Gol. Gorge Maward Gourand, 
Tattle Mendo, Upper Nérwod, Sturr ay’, 

Mngland e 

Derr Sint 
I wg to confirm the following cahlegmme neackved * 

from you and sont by mre 

Edison . Tly 25, 1889. 

@ $28 Wad f 
POU eee sen aber nes Tegarding Yamwell y” 


Gouraud, Norwood. dehy os, 

*Papersn vo Case 84 malied, Maeiwn," 

Yours 7 uly » 
Tho a Ae BAILS ON 

AP mee 

toatl cot 
‘do otry 

1t8 yod 

Tay iitiy, LAG t 

Mire Te O. Syrsory, Manager, 

Tha Wistol Iron Cow, L't'd.,: 

tristol Mines P. Oe fro, Quéhec, Canede, 

Dear Girte 

“ith refermon to you Lather of 20th instant, ad- 

' @ressed te Mr. Ediaon, tho latter desires me to any, that his 

Ore Milling process ie for conaéntrating Vron ors firim 40 per 

gant. to ASS ant 67%, and eliminatirg phoxphoreur and avlprir 

wl thaut Yo Ast Lryso the srallest aize mill hat we mke hee A 

capacity of 200 tona crude ore per 24 hours. Ye pee ahayt 3% to 

A per text of ivon in tailings, We take contimeta Wo separate, 

ereatin: the mill with our om capital, ar errot pid AE gant, 

-and ohio royalty. 

Yourn tiuly, 

Che Sy Ae 

>») : 
tale, Me 2 

Privete Heortary, 



: se 
muy gi, he 
Mro Ho Bormang dio, : 

es: os | | 
nh age Hay t Fortyenoventh IhYVOt, 

Hanyoann ey, Me do 
sat Near Sire- | 

Mro Vdiaon saya in mply ta your etter of 24rd | 
BST ingtant, to go ahoad wth the plans. 

Yourk tan ty, 


duky Af, 1ABH 

Mr. John Yirkinbian, 

Philadelphie, Pa, 

mmol, Deer Sirte 

With re renee to yours of Aard imtent, enolorlre 
Fark. copy of Hx, Devoy's letter under cate %h instant, Mr. Kaion 

says that we have o wat marmetin concentrator which wil work 

the Oregon sea sand. 

Yours truly, 



Private flere et ar Ye 


Taly 26, LARD 

Gol, Gearce Fdward Gouraud, 

Tittle Menlo, Upper Norwood, Surrey, 

England, es 

Dear Sir:~ 
I retivn herewith pover of attorney for uae in “he 

applying for patents in India, Which I have aligned before a oy 

Notary Publia, the letter’s aignature duly certified to by 
the County Clerk and Rritiah Conaul, the same havirg been e@r= 

closed with your létter of 6th instant, | i 

: Yourn twly, 
on at 

Ry Te Hoy), Rene, . , 
Actuary, Franklin Inatitute, 

Philadelphia, Pa, 

Pear Sir ¢t- 

Tam informed by Hr, Green 3, Raum, Ir., of 

your City, that I have been awarded by the Giny Trust of Philae~ 
delphia, the Soott. Legacy Medal, for the Mimeograph. 

Iam very pleased to receive thin information, and when the 
Metal im teady for delivery { shall ww peach o=figed 4f you will 
singly hand it to Mr. Green 3. Raam, Tr., who ie aubhoripzed to 
recéive it on my behalf. 

Your's respeo tilly, 


2 BOT 

ft ot 
1 OY 
cbt yt 


Suly 80, Ad, 

Graen 3. Ram, Tr. Haq, 
7O6 Walnut Straat, 

Dear Sicrie 
Cohave moh pledsnre ih onelaasivs herdwith tre. 
duthort ty cashed “for Tn vepra to the Sante Thyacy Medak agnrde? 

My, “Kdiewn for the Mineo graph. 

Yours tiuly, 

Private Sagre tary, 


S ey 


2 rat 

phar” «itt 

July 27, Bay 

Prof, Yim, 0. Racks, 

Rag iran ite thie ft, the Nai son cep" 1. Blactris (o., 

Hat Wall St., New York. 

Ter Sirt- 
Mr, Fdison says in reply to your latter of 2th imt., 

in regard to storage tattery, that he would like to ae a rough 

He has never yet been able to 


opiimate about storage hettery. 

yn of 2 1,000 horse power of atorege that can nought ae 

cheap as 1,000 he Pe of noiler, engine and dynamo. 

Yours truly, 

Ai es ; 
fee Se 
a A re 


Private Seoratary. - 



wey wl ry Ra. 

The Faison Lamp Go,, 

Harrison, N, da, 

near ainsi 

Mr,.Mdison eays in reply to your etter of 25h 
instant, replying to mrr of Adth ingt., that the de fet wii 4s 
you re fer to should he remedied at anne, in view of he Téct . 

that we ere going for Sawyer-2Mam renewals at Peter's no 

Yours very truly, 

Private Srqve wr yo 


Judy a 1889, 

‘Mongrme Be Mustermann & Coe, 

888 Bropaway, Tew Yorks 

Jiser Sirs; - ; 

Wits you kind}y aka np copies of re ant Gaad Lat 
(eo log} ond rapes I should also Lika to obtéin, if posninir, 
a oopy of Sir. Th. Yoggn’.s rAaort on the nu Logy at Goede, 1884, 

with mgs &o. 

| Yoive traly,- 

Go yA an. (hilly G ob 

19 kD a1 y) 
Dean as '- Moar Gol , A od 

(hy, vm ty OTA avy / the 26° 

Z he é hice om) liidic hr f vaaids Keae a r& dehy, a Harte , 
ce )) athe Low anges ad ya fw dum aw igka cerry ancl 
CV Er PL Ne be. oe Cs hy i Pablo, 
; Gi plea, mney ota L on" 
Gr ma f LY GLAD haa ably Ab : Hare) Ady LNA diol oe. 
Q eas OKA au) brew. ot, a, Died wiih Canary Vi yaw, wy “7 

) ae OCF oravh oT Kos 

phe as 
y | usa Fy) 
— ohne Bll a 

J a hb pute his Fou Auawith othe A enon ef iver 

July 29, 1880. 

Messraeo Drexel, Morgan & Coe, 

New York Gity. 


gine to ny 

\ a Dear Sirs:~ | 
Please authorize Mesarse J. So Horgan & Coe, London, 
ern - 
by cable, to pay Hre A. 9%. Tate, Hotel Metropole, london, Two 
. ? 7s 

Hundred -Pounds, sterling, arou_ charging exchange’ arn 


Yours very truly, ‘eae 

- Jie 


July 27, 806 

Georg .Pe Scott, Faqe, 
Gola & Stock Telegraph Go.<, 

195 Broadway, New York. 

Dear Sirt- 


I desire to obtain a few copies of the Inst 

ating to the Gold and Stock Printer. Will you ven 

, 88 aerly 2B pose 

300k rel 

kindly send m half a dozen copies of same 

sible, and oblige 

Yours truly, 

Z eZ Oru> 



July 28, 89, 
The Raj son Tramp N09, 
W. Ho Meadowavafo, Kaqes 

Harrison, Ma do 

Dear girt~ ; 

“Nth reference to your Letter of 26th inatmert, 
asking us to send yo tw eah Lenip panes. and a0 ckets of the 
Savyer-Man, Westinghouse, United States and other competing, 
Gorpantes, I bey to pdvine you that Mr. Dashler will send you 
to-mor Yow morning, by special messenger, two lamp bases esh of 
Savlyer-Man, Yestinghouse, Mathor, Weetons Mevcim & Backstzome We 

wil. include in this parcel the only tro Lamp sockets whi ch we 

have; they are.of the Mather typé, Shovld you desire pases of 4a” 

Furopedin lamps, we can accommodate ya with ea ew typede 

; Yours yory truly, 

ze, FaKEy 

Private Seeretar ye 



duty 36, }eB4, 

My Dear Ta 4% diye 
Your favors of July 16th Singh, 28th qamntt , 
to Imad yrevercnl, hoth tage ther. “or thie the Rang aeaay dn 
tidy largely oving vo thé fie 4 tha dou eh not pak on 
' the entnlepe tha name of the etuampr ‘py fish gs you fink ye jetters 

Larva Pah, wr wider these oirounatanben toy He quer tn the 

Gamers PES -OLLics to tha cud of the Wom, 

GEN EO TIAT IONS. 1 do ‘wat Jing Wal thang de engh to say’ ty 

; fran tle egg OF HD Hake MLA q@n do 
is to "eiterate what 1 said. nag! jest Letter with vefe renee. to 
the Sbikgens-- thal re “tive ah anjughabending with rgb puopke 

here, mhatovery that ye hate aysolptaly refused 6 kews, Pe hit 
Bqtiations WHALES OE ain tak, Wier yous Hordar ty ana woueg Ralig~ 

pear’ say that Jamnttoned mix iundred gpoljeliyd dypare ak A wr id 
for tho hate foreign! honor iph Lntpyient, thay simply jie. Young 
aylrGren knoee foot thay Way, and Ag ghey sik grit abide'phon on, 
tye, extthonky af twa peophe hem, he ‘paarle urbe Lies E taxed 
Muzy Feaaie Sekignen with pale tone tinie ago, hha -ne Alp plaimed 
sksogpiher that I had mate. 29 ang sabenint, “ye Ayiitoneg wot! 



nm od 


t al 


. Statement which ho mekes ip false, end that you make that nteber May 

Aa 9, *y fe 

tm Mees ts nope 9 Prlog avon for Me, Kat son's intdpgat; hat 

the etm of $769,« AN and the mnufeuturing wae made bq b1ULely mn 
se Pry 8 thority , and that I hepectatiy Al solagimed “haglng aongihe 
bea Mx, Haison in nAMANG that prige. = In fact, Mr. fenaio BOL eager 
afaits the interview betwee him wid: myself, at Whigh ya. were 
proxont, in Breetnely the ham@ way an you and pysel? pnderriapy i 
It Tether amisen me to read your Jotters, They aie sthypny & Cahe 
firmetion of what I have heen preaching to Mr. Fadi oy ‘for the tea 
eight years. 1 have always insisted that Mr, Gouraad wruld resort! 
be able to float anything sicaessfally after hia 221 ephone “BOR ah, 
‘and I want no hatter justification of my ‘OPpos itlen to Mr. oxime 
getting his pragont contract with relation to the phonogreph tide 
the cable oorréapondence we have received fiom you ay the Fp ; 

letters avove referred to, We have a Letter from Gourand, of fe 

Whigh I erelose you herewith: a copy. We are not going to enter 
- / 

inte communication direct with Hr, Gouraud, You met fix this 
matter with him yourself, and if you aée Mr, Moriarty pain wit 


Mire Jouraud, I would, if J were you, tell Mr, Mor iarty thet “he es 

ment on my aithority, you having been present at the intery toy ; yg 

with Jessie Selignan, and that you know from letters recekymt fotm 
me, that llr. Jéngie Seligman has espbotatiy disdiaikbd, within the 
last fow wooks, that when he wap talking trith me We abbedntd 

figure. on the whole foreign phonogriph ine bi ding ike Hothiraurt 's 



An q 

tH bes 
at Le 
sat 31 
Senne Ek 
Seg he 
9S dis od 
r I poe 
fev odd 
aros ges 
og ott 
ered far 

LOR” oI 




sant , off 


ani seal 


Fate ene mange ee Rage mE 

dig Bg SN. od, 

Onn oon rs Riou APIs } was very sora'y to raooivs ya tel. eevein 
stating that you had angep tad m0, “wrady 
from Gouvgud for firty (59) dnstrimentae We hae Mr. Gatmid's 
eriter for 5, thousend {4,009) instrummtsa, and ve are work ty on 
the ge ‘thou kund _instrunen tn, and ‘in calling on Hr. dowrad eo pay 
eadh in Yew York for the innt ninarta we ore. pniy doing whit the 
contr Met ives WA aright ti ao. Tho result of hia refusal to pie 
for tho ingtmmmts wight-popsibly have enggd@: tn gy vehiig abe ‘a 
SaeSr ene hig qontract void, but Tt am half atria tat We OM. sami- 
what compromised by your View ing ace ted the apagy for nhthy: ine 
stminerts, and by adeépting that order have givin a gonstruativs 
consent to the euncellation of the order for a thousand Inptine 


At the time of Agtat ing this Totter 4 havea not ot a final a 

gabln from yar as to whet you have arranged congeming this matter, 

All f hava in your talegran, stating srt delay ia ne YOUTBe % 

AQ eat evon ‘know whether you have returned ‘ournud his aver for 
fifty instrumanta. 

Mire Udison ia of qourse very men disgusted With thd state 

of sffairs as shew hy your avery ana ‘you tro ie tters, © thask 
the thing that has affected him the mo st yea. hem +fi8 r sured. of 
déurand to puh up money for phonograpnhs, 1 vehi aire tnt the whole — 
yw attor will so infludnee hira that in the gute ine vAM deak ydry 

ZAStarontly with hid foreign bisiness. . 

ON Shaadi EMDR RR apr mr ee nd aaa tanh Oe anne 


he O. ?, wh 

TOY Piloriggsary. Mry Stevens sails on the Mth of August. 

0 mort 7 Noting definite har heen dong y#t With ree 

: ~retva 1gt dnt o pitting to ya en oye market, If have found a wary so0d 
on it? mar as §en'i, Manager of the dompany, and ho is in Boaton to~day 
i fea negoL Lat ing : ith Stevens and his colleges, If un conse to pose 
dee ge arrangéene nt with them, bhe husinragewlll be at once pumbed, & 
Peer have not job the time to athend to it myself, put as nda as thoy 
Ay ot 

fe e ri - have e good General Manage, I wily teka om ackivé part in £4- 

Ir alow! 

vecting his offorts, We have got the plant wt Orange nwaiy for 

oO dpriw ; 
Meas tuming out the doli movements uni ean go to work om Sere pen~ 

Pmt te ae 
AE Gos tition with little or no dolay. I think that this busigem in 
HLOeMTOD ; ae i ’ 
eMacieuet in far better shme than it has ever been before, and TE shall se ge 
easnom : ; A) ; 
eh ae aap disappointed if the Christmas shuson dees art find us plaving —. Ba 
ee : aD 
‘Saree large numbers of these tova thravhort thet country. 
| 1 iy * ‘s . a t 
| en Laboratory, There is nothing partilquladly new ts rpocw, 
Laeinh yg Tels: , ; . 


in comection with the Labovatery, There 

has been ho .eorrespondence of any moment referring te any businuss 
of impo rtoneee Rrery thing: goes on in 8 hoe dtm kind of a way, 
Mr. Maison giving little or no attention to experimental WYER « 
Tho order of tho day now is "I will ta that jk hand sien 1 retin 
from Murope.* Batuhelor has buen awed molt of the time snes ; 

FON Left horey 

0. Fy Yas 

s De My es 

puawognapit v0 3 his opnggr ro my mind ta in andipa wad aries 
. : the have peers voourlng ahead pAlgne up pydty- 
mate, ayy nvm they nye seargd eogyen whey have @ Lass alco 
of instrusats on hand. Tt canta not  oxpagted that the TOYA 
ser ican Phonowraph Qo. yqule be able to tae off their panda ovary 
phenogy eh ghat they could Wun out. The Phonograph Yorks shorts 
hove bog, um alons quietly, simply inar easing the capacity of he 
shop as Mur demand fur machinoy inereased. I have not mth fut 
Lenten, of the bisinces yet, aml 46 I have mre then 1 gan, pee 
si DWwenttoni to in other directionas. Zt do not propose to waste’ 
tim and offort in the Phonograph Yorks until sah ‘time aa my Ans 

at pugtions wilt ne followed absolutely « or, in other words, to 

arch tine aq E have aithority 10 give inatmetions. Mrs Raion 

Beys tat he proposes to fix thia yefore he Bates I am entirely 
indi frprent he to whether ho does o” not, at the wupe of wy time, 
from the moment I get out of hed in the morning to I go to wed an 
night, is HTT oe oupied, and ta take up Ane Phonograph Yorke aim 
ply moms further effort with possible dannaecsvandingne rad) 
not seo ho the attdnding to this bustnegs cm jin any way adh to 
ny reputet ion aR a manufac turer; whereun it is guite po beib)e that 
ny present Limited cirgl¢ of Set ands nig tt yw further limited 
owing to misunderstand inn that might po ssinly arias wt th ire 
Batchelor However, of earsa, if Mrs Fah an, ‘fixes matters BO 

that I ann work with none wathorsty, { wilt ao nll I aan to get 


ese wed al 


me Tae 


ae aft 

; nei . 

‘Haigon ero prartivally intoxicated py the malnebes, Jiweoing ty 

. presint PMospects anil discpipitine what they hqve 4o Bey and 


. 456 

As de 

the, eongem ap Prey py huss) fry The iden forday: g6@ma te ye ahah 

YOu gan ray ahoud on m dep ne Nahe of rz: PA ey and a yey 
have got too neny, lee oft ZOU men and ay iM rat oietn a age 
organization. ly experience in thts comaction ny SPrieyts at Bz 
_ bensiva, ond I know that avery time they shut aon, it COgts 
several A usant dollars to get ‘under way eae 

GEMFRAL RDISON G0, Fverything is going jus qs I thought 4% mye 

He Oontor heawtily an-operaton with om, “ne 
in Fangaquincs, Mr. Edison's views are in every maspect paremeuayh. 
The Reeuutive Mommi tt ee has seen tormea, ani Fan, of couse, x 
inmmber of It. Hr, Falwon could not wish for ary batter Biate ‘of 
affaira tan now éxists in the dan’l, Fal san dompany, I hea ire 
Villard and Mr. Feld ton at Schenaetady tn Saturday jeut, ‘and hays 
started enlarging the Works thora, and afore I get right. though | 
ZT an sure a quarter of a million dolard wil) ve Spen'ts Genes'al 
Hdiwon do, stock laa good purchaye, as‘ it wilt pay a dividend of 

Cight nor cent this year, ani only stands ht 90. to-day. 

Ore MAbrin fis The plant at monthia wviite in.w Pornktiin 
able uucedecs There is no dou tnt “hat wa are gol to mmke & 

great deal of ming in congentrating Ln ora. Tivo ant 

‘ettimat in, thas to sot of pio dsoplon ws Lo ‘why BA « ryt 

af ery raph Ly yrBartute , Rg wn aare we haya got an oxttinady pe 

y10 thing,  “ehaw inarenses, tne gp Atal to $190 OMe 



ven You cannot exnest bo gat many Logtenn from ye. Et ig far 

a that reason T onble very ah Hit L widl try ard gm a leybar 
ust off to ym onan a fortnight 

p st 
adit Rorjes, You wid have vaqoived oir mite gram eolinigy 7% te 
a Por jos! imyitgtion, a will haye avhitled tmnt ~ 
on gemble py: of cane, He sieply wanta to evska aspint uppitel ant. 
ane of ofrertuining Mr, Rdidon. Mr. Rdison oonyples tog figh a po 

ae pition, $9 ny mind, to allow of his, avdaphing: any suk houpitality 
- I po Mr. Por jes, offers. The proper place for tir. Hai son So go ho 

oe ia'a Hate, whete he will pay sll his am billy. Howewy, of | 

Het cours® you Wilk hoy e mage necessary explanation to Persea, saying 

oe that Mr. Tad son will only a tay in Paris aw short time tec., oe and . 

Pah Porjes will a ‘dinappointed, wut af iOurse satisfied. 

e «0 3 ; ; 

y olde \ 

it tT tae gent you to-day thay cable transfer of twh Wiritred 

ee poundse ZT an afraid you are TRO elesse to Leiaester ‘Square and’ 

foatpt’ : 

Me "Patite Paris.* I hope that yar dounging place ia not the 

ign dq ees ay: ae 
rae Alhamyra qnd the Pavilion. “iy bay T advise you to go it slowly 


ARES detec Senate Rie wud cement te AA rl oc 

wo Sar. ‘ 

48 YOu ey have BR wiray AS va’ in widdi nd” 

With na Pacer say 1 ygrytin 
Yory akneerely yours, 


Samuel lnanudi, 


Mr. Inauli hee gone away W ithowt signing this 

Latter, and au it mast be matled to-night in order 
to. aateh to-morrow's wai “ernsnen, I have deaned it 
Adviaoble to attagh his fi guatuck ani send it off. 


maLy al 82x. 
Tho Edis Machine Horka, 
Sunenestaly, Me Ye 
Dear Sirns~ 
Tho winding of the three foot Ore Milling mgust 
for ‘BechtelLeville, should po 6 Lops #1, BNa'wiie, in one 
? ' 
sae contimous Length. 
gy ; Yours traily, 
i Raison hLayorator Ye 
hg Ms 


Soa ate Sy ets Sa al oy eee Ep gt a a 
—~e BET tate tne SEY ME TT TA ets MOORE Soret 

Iu 39 ah 

ated .odt 

My Neor Sir Johny,» ; 
pai Your fawn af July loth came duly to hand. 
ASA aed I regret extrdsely thot it will be quite impossinle for me 
4) vioit Fngland dusting my pip abroe. There is BO mitch that 
ook 10% 1 rast sec in Parts and pther parts of the Continent, and the 
oped treo 

time at my “disposal WL he 0 limited, that OWeEEY: much J would 
like to accept your kind and flattering invitation to visht yor 
at Foote Cray, t shall be compelled regret filly t@ decline. I 
shall. bo, in Paris from the LOth or 15th of August to the end of 
the MONI amd if you aan find it eonvmient to vialt the Bxpo~ 
sition at that ime, dt will afford ra yery «reat playemue tH sae 
you there end again renew gue very pleasant aaqual ntayrc@, 
With kind regntds; belipye nia 
Yours very siriqerely, 

‘dae: John Perder'y, a 
aie Menten Hane, SY Old Broad ie — 
bo x, a o Yh y Fngland. 

andy 80, 1889, 

My Dear Si John, 

¥ have duly reoelyad your Letter of ath inat., 

and yoaterday a copy af your inst hook same to hand, 
taty $y I neod hardly asgure you that I shall ne abLightes %o ao 
farm 1" whatever I cen to make it pleagant for vous when you vislt sihta 
rai beat $ ‘ gountry. I leave within the next few days for Paris, and shah: 
+¢ ott be on the Continent for a month or gix weeks. tr you are wisiv 
rool Bs ting the Exposition during the time I an theré, I sia ve den 
| Lars Lighted to sep you. f will have so very Littke tite at iy a a 
om ort posal. thet it wil} ye amate jnpo ast ple foe me to expend my trip 
noltta +o Fngland« 
id er Your's very uly, pA 


Siy John Lubpock, ‘Bavt., Me P., 

#89 erkeley Sq., London, W., Englands 

July 80, 1889. 

ewer MY 96 oa i don, 
Major Raton is going, to proguire for 

yourself and Hr. di son United States Passports, for use abriotde 

In obtaining these fvom the Stnte Department it is neceasnary to 

fimish a complete desaription of the persons for whon they are 



I enclos® herewith # Passport which was jammed to Major 

Faton in 1887, on the Left hand aide of which you vill find 

enumretod the partiavlare as to appearange foo Which must 

endorsed on all, Passports 

Major Baton ask ad fn ta obtain for hin she necessary infore 

mat ion regarding it. Raison am your self aid to maki it to him 

toedayo I+ is now ton late, however, to do thie toenight, and if 

you wil hindiy send me the necessary partiqilars the first thing . 

‘torror tow morning, will send a special hospenger with, the ée- 

sixved information to New York. 
“Yourg r9ap wottilly, 

July 33, 1889, 
; ak eM 
igh tb Matar fe 3e Raton, 
120 Broadway, Mew York « 

fated ix 

tert oft i 
= Dear Sirs. | 
be bbe a 
pisses T enclose herewith Descriptions of Mr. And Mr se 
7 a yt 

Fdi aon, pursuent to yor request of yeaterday. I was Unable to 

tsb gest obtain the neecesanry data oarly onowh to permit of my mailing 


it last night, so I send a special messenger wi lh it to you toe 
day e- 

I return herewith your U, 8. Passport. 

° Yaboot 

Yourg truly, 

Liw voy 
ft LOnmad: 

I 61a 


th hae 


Mr Faispon, 

| Age 42 yours 
pease J Stature 5 ft, 9 inches 
fh RAM \ 
e . Forehead . High 
“govt Ry és Rue 
a ak Nose RAUL, large. 
: Lat oat Mouth _ © Mediun. 
: f 
arr : a Ohin S mare 
| Nair Iron gray 
: Somplexion Mdght . 
Face Large. 
agar we) . 
= : SE a 


Mor gy 


8 ft, 4 1/2 inchea 








Nos 4 











ere: 5 se 
pea Tiere: rai a 

‘ ran Bares 

Mrs We Be Willa, 
o/o Ansriagn Waltham Yatch Toe, 
Waltham, Mags 
Dem Sirt- ; 5 ae . 

L was extremely sorry not to have been pble to yee — €” - 

you aurins your vigit here, I understand, howéver, that Mr ies 

Eai on and you spen*® considerable time together, and 7 Mout 

to matual advantages 

Mr. Edison hay instrioted me to send you from the Phonderseh 

Works, & compl ate phonograph for your own ‘persendl uate 

Tho rights for the phonogreph, in Has sachupatts of course 

are out of the hands of Mr. Fain, syat I have this morming ar- 

renged it+vith Mr. Lippincott, President of the North Ane.vican 

Phonograph Oa., no that ya wWhLL be al lowed to use it. I phall, 

therefore, texe plessure in forwarding you thp inetrunen’ in a 

few days, together with a number of msical eivlindsrs, and ulso 

cylinders that you am expardment with Goo, She 

The next time that you are dotm this war, 1 hopé < shalt 

( , : ; 
know when you arf coming, a0 thet I onn havé. the pleasure of 

Ve $. v. we 

ms mda yon. 

very 4mly yours, 

S1f2 pet 

nth HOY 

1a moe Lbha 
Coste of 


& ,axto¥ 


) 3x0 on 
£ Bens crert 
ayeb wet 



oY? of of 

Atty 1, TBP. 

oe Mre John Mreuai, Anatt. Jen'l. Manager , 
Thea Rdie@n Machine Works, 
: Schenaeteady, i, ¥. 
Dear Sirt~ | | 
7 > Soa time ago we. wrote to ‘the Raison Machine Work 6, 
: f to finish us with au large lot of wire for sor Ore NiilLiAng rong 
e | note that we nor have in hand here, WiLL you ye kind enavgh to 
| have this order indeed up, anc Lot me know why 4t hos not een 
4 tery fl : 2 aw 
ak ‘ us ipp ed, no te job ig very presuinge ‘ 2 
ms We sent you gore time ago all the drawings of Multipeltax’ 
Or aynemt., Have you ‘found any missing? et us knoW and we wi} 
ee hunt ‘them up, I think, however, we gent then all. ; 

Yours truly, 
at wal’h 

pe 2 Les 
eS ea 


ne ae igtees 

LEV Hy iy hae SOU RM NT men Ae ame TT a Tang en sas 

"ol pulol. eM 

w19ke nas 

dainst o@ 
r dexttd ator 
y ol event. 
a bo gitch 
os oF 

if ecmmene’ 
m0 sh secant 

Tuly Hy 8B. 

Mr Nngliagh,- . 

Please have ons (1) motor phonogrep h, 
sonpl te, with tnttery, ami 4 emnll sep itnarn oF rilsical yl ine 
ders and a fow blank aylinders, sent to Mr. Ws. WALLa,-o/o The 
American “Inltham Watch Co,, Yal tham, Mass., with the comp linen t3 
of wr. Baioon, | 

This mchine mist not @ charged ta the North Amorican 
Phonograph Go., wit the expense of it mst be torn® by the Phondu 
Works. ) 

Please let’ me know when you are aelecting tHe cylinidera, 60 

I shalt know what has: teen hime 

Yours truly, ihe, 


Qu ater 
Pho. Puctlr. i” 
z 14 LD ar Ltrs 
a dye 
LO euas digi f 
| CO Pe ee eee ee 
47 ow at ly? the, S ene 
ae ue Sitgand 7% 5 : ole, 
Pf me 
Phanhny ays oe ee 

dren cnt 

tg a al dobpeh 

i ve 

Mend ee i 
aa aes 

rf | 

J beg ts Bas ag — ool 

avur pes ya 
tel fo Zé. fav ‘Socte 

Ue iy. a es 
rier ht 
Yruchash- ep 

Cllew Jruttou ¥ Pthane “= = © 

nase | 
d 4 f 

a : 
of NWidsnt CLAnA 


of "9 
as? ety eas 
‘e j 7° 7. 




Pamo of : 


A. 2. Mak Company, 

252 - 154 Lake St., Chiongo, Il-¢, 

Dear Sizat- 

T encloss herewith chock of the Franklin Institute 
for Twenty Dollars ($20) to the order of Hr, Fdieon, and endorsod 
by the latter payable to yourselves, - This check accompanied the 
John Sort Medal Which was recontly awarded Mr, Hdiaon for the 
Mimeogreph by the Oity Trust of Philadelphia, and properly ye- 
longs to your sel.vea. Hr. Ndi son ‘authorized Mr, Green 8. Reim, 
Ure, your agent in Philadelphia, to receive the medal on his 
behalf, and I understand it is now in Mr. Raum’s posses gion. 
This should prove a g00d advertisement for the Mimeo grep tie 

Yours tnaly, 


Private Secretary. 

t “ 

AE oA 

FE 10% 

dt xd 
| cofot 
go tG 
) aldT 

: B39 2, Ry 
Hea Jaane Ye Yaperm, : 
38 & 40 “iad matt Ste, Nowany, 

Mo. Dy 

Dear Sirt- 

With referenda to your aetthr Of 26th vlt., ad- 

tirdaded to Mr. Mdigon, the fact of thera hoing an inowaased per 

wentare of copper would nat interfere With’ \e a ls0n process for 

extracting gold, Ye oan save only the gold. 

. fours trily, 

Puivate Secretar yp 
_ 2 

, Augue. 2, Lem 
3) Se aa 

Jorm 0. Svhonck, Rew, 

#152 Barboy Ste, Brooklyn, Ne Ne 

2 89 
Year Sirs~ 

k Ire Fdieon has regeived your letter of 26d nktimo, and 
vou ee in reply desires ma to say that the Hdteon MLectrie Light Sorpany 
pees - hes several electric 14 ghting stations in Mew York City, tho 
Batne if Pearl St. Station, dom town, has beon in optvation fer une pou 
seven Years, paying regular dividends &e., and *he Fdiws Besoin. 
Station 18 very moh supérior., itr, Pal'on neliveeks: that oun popiay 
or safer inventmant cen he found in the sountry thah that to which 
q you refer in your letter. The Medison Hlectrig¢ TaD umiter: Un “Roo 
| of Brooklin is managed Sy Rolid men and not by spoowbetiemt Tt 

you Will apply to the Fdiwn Gen'le Fleetrie dow, Pat Banh Sta 

. New York, they will doubtless furnite fou with Ra. amtoelmatian 
anc grit you overy facility for indpeating the #UUking of the 

Faieon aysten of eleetvie Lightings 

Yours tm ly, ener ernest 
: & 

; Pr ma 

Privtive Sec! y+ 
oN Mes a 


sx kB sed 

LO ewer 
wo? ayase 

TPE pl 

nt POLL tae 

Méaarte Mum & Ine, 

; 361 YWwoudvay, New York. 

Dear Stirai-= 

With rofarenge to the attaghed, Wes Rdiaon mys thes 
the Rdieon ourrant 1h a sontdmous one. A tranafoymer could 
used to heat a wires when cornected to an alternating or ptihaating 

aurrent system. 

Yours truly, 

CSS oe 

Private Seqretary. 

Aang tt A, Jae, 

Mr. Jy Sloan, 

428 Broadway, New York tity. 
BAL ee Dear Sirt- 
comes With re ferenea to youn letter of 40th ulfios, Mr, 
ig pease Hdicon says that when he retur rg from anroad he WEIL paxthal ny 
ba edt give your son a place in the Nahoratary. Ne aya further that he 
+ bean would advise ym to send your sori to the Paris Fxposi tion, there — 

iseO“T155D Bk the induntrial arte can be s¥eh in operation; it will proaden 

Youra truly, 
Sates ones 

Privat q Secretary. 
: a 

Z , 
August 2, 88. 
‘s Richard Te Haines, Faye, 
a * : - The Now York Phonograph Qo., 
Tek of onl | 257 Fifth Ave., Now York ity. 
rot wert 4 
: | | Doar Sirt- : 
a2 eet 
: Wth voference to your Latter of 26th ultimo, relatiys d 
=t1iB 10d to Ohtaining a phonogreph for Monsiew Angélo Mariani, of Paris, ne 
mci td WM | | Mre Raison has asked me to write our Mr. Wangemann, who ie at dy" 
*{GoB LDMs gM | prosont im Paris securing phonograns of celebrated mialcians &o., ™ 
foe -*yrorreM re inst rioting him to place a phonograph at Monaieur Marimi'’s dia~ 4 
ei nt gets | posal, umd to exhibit the instriment gt his house in Paris any 
ener; I two ovmings he. desires. Thorofore, if Mo Mariani will gall on 

our Mr, Wangemam, who he will find at the Paris Exposition, wna 
commnicete to him his desire for an exhibition of the phonograph 
wt hig residonce, Mr» Wangemam will be pleased to pyan je for 
erek ‘an exhibition ani will also personally saperintend the stm 
ward go ent he can to mkea ita eucaoss. , . 

Trusting that thie will be satisfactory tu yow'self and Mon= 

sieur Movlené 

Qs 3 ae 


nie Fr ot 
3 i. bak 

LO gan Loe 
De ee Woe ite ee 

Obs I opohe *fo dans | 

L th ie bora yf \ 
ara pregancl a v Wi eae hi A Ay inf tle av 
1” t sf [ve Y ea 0s ae a Le (Ly, 

he trates 

Dele Beas Tak “re Ecluaen a 


if. ch wv clea ae alk our ore ry qo 

vraah the frface Jhites Hh; ie AO ees “4 

. Hy l ) : 
waar ot bas pe CAL To. Pipe? AOA. aie 

tavetil bras Golvo om 4 whine, core ol Rey 


AA, ee a thed, he. wilel, be 
| glad, ty brent ie ct arial, the, bach, 

ae arr, puecd: CUT LAL wane athe ana atta! 

at op 
/ oun 7 ray 

Ly 4 
i th i 1 Ae 
(a On. CF Bas ob Dae of 
a é 

ini “ ace Tact o sets 


rid) we 

apinonrwe of Cs Piet ee ana ne lee | pe ee heaps > bei deaitate 
¥ : 

499 L 

Aunt %, LSBO, 

Hre J. Mutehinson, Sec'y., 

aged YM New Joraoy & Penne Conagontrgting Yorka, , 
— FLO Day Ste, Now York oLty, 
SF wl movt 
Y By getm 
Lip ‘ton : 
{5 r ‘ : Near Sirt~ 
i I beg to acknowledge reaeipt of Mertifi gare Noe 1, 
* in the. neme of Thomas A. Mad son, for one hundred (100) arares of 
ee eee thé Capital Stock of the New Jersey ma Pennaylvariia Joneent rating 
Deaedes sa | Worke . . | 

Yours trady, 

Frivgite Bad yy 

oN Ea ag rs 

Wize 5, 180, eae 

F, oO 1a8aM 5 de, Ihr, dy sjonisa, 

4 ; es Newark, Me de ! 
Teer Sirte- 

STLB got Your Letter of duly Sist to Mre Malaon hap been hangad 

to me just prev lous to hiv dovieture Sor Purope to-day it you 

ort $y p08 spaced will kindly Let me know just whore the property La thet: you reine 
ut gal to tion, ani the amount of it, so that Lo gan leasts it on & mmp, 1 
thell be glad to commanicate with you in rd rd. to ite 

td ™ P¥TO8, amen 

Lob  or0M., Bay? ake 
j Yours traty, 

sy CE 


Letterbook, LB-032 

This letterbook covers the period August-October 1889. Most of the 
correspondence is by Charles Batchelor, Thomas Maguire, John F. Randolph, 
and Alfred O. Tate. A few of the letters are by Edison. Many of the letters 
relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll 
and to music recordings made at the West Orange laboratory. Other letters 
pertain to mining and ore milling and to Edison’s phonoplex system. Some 
of the correspondence deals with the acquisition of property at Silver Lake, 
N. J. for the Edison Manufacturing Co. There are also letters to the firm of 
Dyer & Seely regarding patents on dynamos and other inventions. The book 
contains 500 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 20 percent of the 
book has been filmed. 



+ TE cen Rit ESE a Gs at 

Avignst %, 890 
H. Wasd Meonnrd, Msq,, Gen'le Nanager, 
United Madison Mannfacturing Cos, 

New ‘York: Vity. 

Near Sirt+ 

Mr, Fdison in mich obliged fom yours af lth aleicn, 
enclonzns comuniartion tron ii, Frank Hallany, yur eqant in 
Columbia, Se Ge, Hei ates to Sre Hilling process, We breve write 
ton Vbre Mullany treat. 

MY Bad con is not mite resdy yet to furntnh cormplate infor 
mation it regud to his Ore Milling progesns He bas repently 
erécted at Sechtelsville, Paes, a mill for ths yorking of ures, 
and juat ss soon as this mill is in full operation, wr shall 

able to furnish exact data as to cost hoe, tes 

Yows wery truly, 

Pf aia 

Private P mei 

Atwuigé 5, 2589, 

Dear Mr. “loangemann,~ 

; ; 
Your fetter of 14th Qe way Aidy rely s 

and perunad ‘sy Nr. .Bdison, Tha latter snilha August ord on tne 

8. 5. hu Yurgogne,* far Havre, and you whll propanly heve seer, 

him ere thie communteation seachos you, 

Ne have mn latter fram Ht RS 9 degra Ty Hal riers, of the “ter 10% 
o Phonograph Coe, in ragard to Nonatea* Anse 0 Marient, p dLatige 
guished revident of Paris who ; At Berra ig wery ana. tons, Loo ytein . 
a phonograph, Prior +s hia a@partare, aes Rat soft fr anked mm ta 

write Naines te the sffegt that 47 Hons air Marani watld vhid 

upon you (ang temnrm ) at the Pare Repo) thon, vot would: arihing? 
fox iyo. exhibitions | of thé phone h a his Heed dendt in Hands, 
perponalLy oupertntends my the WARE, ay doing Weat you oon), d ty 
make than R Buran ag, wid 40 instrapt | ts sou tiad melts i. have 
alrenay/ Wrdttm; Uatnody and ha wrosdonty wt pormminiowte ven 
Monslagr Ansel Myprianie . ‘thorefore, | if the Jattey ordi poy 
you, it ig Mr. Bai wou!» acgire Wt yor lace a tenaarne iy at ne 

disposnl for any two averinga ha deairna, ahd male an axhLolition 
of the phonograph at hig hnmee | 4 apy 6a ie that Mongieur Mariani 
entertains in his Hote) or Yause, at Paris, from one hundred 0. 
two hundred of the mont dintinguished mer, of lottiers and sotonae 
each Saturday evening, anh the phonogr wh eculd fnudtlesa yt ax- 
hf >sdived w.-%re to meh aviv antag ae 

Qisinegs at the Laboratory is ranning alors very quietly. 
Walter Hiller has weturnaedt from she MagiL, and pt present he is 
working with ie Hagen , munipulating thy enaigal eaylt ndars, Thay 
suecened in getting, aot LOG rurteal phonagrans dally, Rist of 
presint, howwoer, their valted effrts are .balmy directed towardg 
ths clscovery of n “hig that fun materi ali zap within the lest fer 
dase Ao I understand (t, thi sysed of the motor is not wuntrra, 
hence tha pltrh of the risen), phonograns Ls not sustained, the 
effest. wins nnythhy bab dentranlay 

L enalove herari th ah Spp ing reg ti pte o'r materiel shipped 
yr on my order ny the Phonograph mor kes 2 

Tniabing shat you ara having a goal t inp in Paria aryl with 
avery gor. ¥ igh 

Lovonmin, veura very tidy, 

ee a 
ae aks Sf 
ae! “ 
‘ ier “ . . om 
Pe if rt ae eee) 
fs? ee A a 
(ant, a aS t 

Poo Sean 

Ae Theo, “ 

; ~ ibn 

‘r,s Hagan hag Junt-intormed m that the "wet rerarrod 

“odin the forgoing bas yen divenerda. lt was mite 

‘a the sovemor, und tie phonogr abhs wre no¥ al? rune 

Ning 9, x, 

As Shoo, 7, Wengomann, Fay. , 

Parijay, sane. 

Mre Frank A. ifillany, 
The Edison Undend H'L ice Teg 

Solum tay, Se Ge 

Near Sirte 
Your Letser of atey wltiny, in negara to tr. Mal gon's 
Ore JAlin, proceas, aderesndd ve the United Miloon MP ee T,, 
hee keen referral to ‘ee for wpb ve 
Mr, Maison hoe rag onthy nroated at hakftelavitle, Poo, & 
mill for the workis of orog, and jtat as SeAcas Shis mill ia in 

Hslb operetion, va will om abie to ftrnisn yo with exes ata a3 

to onnr Soe, GI 

time Maideon cnited Lor Tarepo on Sattirdiy Laat, and ih 

absent tw or Shree monthte Ay his votiury from abruad your aome 
nmndcation sini 5° placa bdfom hin, And he will write ym 

ferther regarding barrt, 

Yours wary oily, 


Agnet 7, 89% 

; Mr. He Wegmann, 
HH Unqiveras ty Place, 

New York ¢tty, 

Daar Sirs. 

WL. you plesse con att to the Laboratory on Priday 
morning not, at oMiny a good nor het player with you, If you 
ars itidlato dana te Orange Friday, please notify us inmedi ately 

upon Meqgeirh of this, #0 me ean make other arrangements. 

* Yotirs’ truly, 
Rdison Laboratory, 


Augitat 7, BO. 

Will Toomis, Bras, 
off Tower Mitts, Yay, 508 Broadway, 

New Xpri. 

My Drar ‘Sings 

IT it world not cmae you too rich inoonvenience, 
‘we would de very yploasged to havo you visit the laboratory some any 
next wee, pnd-play vn fen solos to thé phonograph. Any day will 
mawer, omy please notify us a day or two in advance, so as to 
avoia gontlict with any ee arrangement. If vou ean possibly 
do this we shall pe meh grat if led 

Mr, Yalter iilier and Mr, Hag have charge of the ritalaal 
exypetimaits in camostion with the phormgrdph at present haint 
Aegean ot thn aboratory, ant they WLLdo what they on to 
make your vi ait p2ease rit. : 
Yours very trity, 
Riiaon habo ret or ye 

a Sr Se. Vt. aeeree 

Bey ae 

Priy site Seq! ye 


:  1g¢9 
a 7 i j 

i; 5, by ane oe 
i “of Lf brat wy 

haw bat 
QD Lar: Toe. ‘ f 
bone Pradehaw oath ah this Lakevaibis hdar 

Morr preached kiss mu cand sat a neler 1 Qamat a. 
ty Ini Fike Ow TANS o attour hint to Go Gnagyhe 

a Ee i 
Vad, sy) aay / buh Pagel ho hae fer! Hears ana 
the peaiias wf ae Why nok, lhe iblace ek iS ged ae ba 
a a aay df, opal 


eet se O, 0 
Pttaaon fen hoa tha wv hha ev how bw Glia le¢h 

hk, the 

Vidas vy Eun ope He ‘fh aeeel oe? thak dha Ala ew aheuld Ley 

clo ch, to wads while he vad auwarpy aud Sav Yat befor ook fowg 
fu ah the, | 

tre ate calle | had oe we te ach cero! 2@- AMARA : 
Canhelledd #5 do aah ah ape ; 
he ae free aw Pian an ordi fan euthev hw 2 

vy hiv baile filer Pag poy acta avy ye sich Ay we aay Lhe Mabry lrg 
bow. beth, Loy edecl aed Ma Ihde ane Uw 5 ops vd iA, arth 

BAVe print = Snaulle, le cas obhon 

Fons ey 
je Gi Rear ad: oleh, 

* Alte ‘RB, Bo, 

Mre A, S070rn, 
“6 hauntry PL, Niwa tk, 

Me q, 

Dear Sirte 

WALL you please tn ym us as to price of tank 

17 X 8 M&. high, set ap on Wop of ahoratory on fiat platform 
th & we {ll mxo? Mindy Lot us henr femn you ay soon an pone 

wi yle. 

Yorry toy, 

Shan Wat 2ahetlon 


Mige &, wy 

Mire noe Yo Yoo tl, 
; ies : 22 
Litverty Ste, Now Xark. 

Dear Sirt- , ; 
Hore you got the map fs of propoead aprinkLera for 

Lanor ators? 

Yours traly, 

Chas Pabhohrnlo tr, 



Wre J. Honise, 

Tew Sirs 


Mondsy or Tuesday mhout mi Tany « 

Navark, Me Je 

thla, end mare mn appointme inte 





Mig, &, AL), 

you planve moet mo aonb aay Harty neXt werkt on 

tht ground, ant we will dijtouen tho matter of your proparty « any 

Pleage i ber ne on regoipt of 

Yours triny, 

HOA, Sa vetaeio ¥ 



Se SS tee ee 

Angst vt, see, 

Reginald Gray, Rugs, 
Gb Yevonshire St- et , 

. ! 
Yoxton, Mash, 

Near Sirte 

“ith referithes to your j.ptter of 2th ultima, in the 
abuenab of Trasrn, Faj.aon and Tate 41) Parope, tire mad yess Of the 
Maiaon hesacdeeh Som pany is beings at ond oa ta by Mire Samer Ineull 

who in pet present in the West. He wilh 1 pack in ahout a wom 

or. t% (nya, Phén he wikt doubtlesa sply to your oiminiaation. 

Yours trily , 

2 ae 
woe ra 

ee E 
Tee a Cf. 
gle he, 

, i . 

Augugdt 9, 1889 

Hyatt Filter Coe, 

Nowark, WN J. 

Dear Sirs: ~ 

The filter that you have ere us here is working 
quite sabisfactorily. Please qiote us Mat nrice fr sane, and 
also give us the price and size off the onnllest filter thot vou 

Mek Be 

Yourg traly, 

Raison havoratory 

0 NE helen) 

eavmomncets ome mee! 

Mim, 1, 8% 

My Dear Kreusi,- 
Mr, Inmad1 promised When here that we afould have 
a armughtsmen from The Maison Machine Vorka to de some Work that 
we are nov getting up on motors age, fae FL you wi} t otnd us 
aiich a men ot as carly a dute as pisaihle J ehould reel mush 
oblt pede 
I have your note in regard to yine prints, but a I pave not 

peen home for the Inst two or three days I presin® thd they are 

thera walting for me. IT shall got them to-night. 

Yours very truly, 

Mre Ino. Xreuni, 
The Mdivon Machine Worka, 

Schonectady, No Ye. 

SARC aie Baran 


Greyph inaice of it. We would gall your attention to the fhot that 

Augug 8, 1889. 

Ripon Phonogreph Coy H's, do., 
O5 Milk Ste, Bont o n, 


Dear Siryt- 
An aqgordance with your Letter dated July so+h to Mr, 

Kaison,.vo have sent you wy exprans a compl te doll with phono~ 

when *hso dolla ere made they should’ we sewn in such a mamner 
thet they tan ve token apart, to put the phonograph inside. Algo, 
the head ohould we made with a hole in the top to Let aut the 

sounds As this hole will ve aovered with hair it will not loop 


-Ye are now consaenoing to train.unall voigesa to talk on to 

the aylindera for these phonograph toys, and.should tw glad to 

have from you a list of all the U'ttle verges that you Would ba 

likely to vant put on them. It matters a great deal just how the — 
thing is said in the phonograph. Therefore we should aay to 
have them wefore hana to get ow smal). voices: well pas tsa in 

the art, Gee reapeetfwll y yours, 
; ; ; RLS a aotnone: 

xr heb dilbe Gr’ 


eT gie tres rahe ig ene 

Aug st 2, &, 

My Dear Kdigon,- 

T have just omen trying the 209 thread sqrey 
machine, ond find it works perfaatly. The recording md reproe 
ducing pointa, of cowrao, half size, It nai ara Want A 
Little aver weight on the nut arm thon the ola one, wat we 
e@ Sasily fix that. I hnvo Cavien one of ow ordinary cylinders 
and with roading very leisurely hue put on 4500 words, running - 
at 110 revolutions. It aan, of aourse, run hich slower than this, 
I find the artionlation 16 equally av good an onyt hing we ever 
hed, am I voelieve thare is lass aeratching: noise, Shall ine 

‘ modiately make soms master tape for this and put a fev in hard. 
I englose otroular of testimonials from Touliavil be 

Youlra trvidly , : 

- M. 

Tpommy A. Hiisqn, Esq., 

oS a ete 
Fae ee eS 

A igttat ©, sp, 

Nr. Henry eraemann ’ 

34 niverasgy Pie, 

New York sity, 

Dear Sirs~ 

Vith referenea to you note of yeriter aay adarnssed 
$0 Mre Midler, pleane som ta the hahoratory Tileaday, ani Wing © 
aither A alatloviet o* cormt player with you, tht former if pos 

Sivies TL ongloce herewith railroud tleket. 


Yourd truly, 

Rdiaon ha vdra tory, 


PAYats Sc lot tleys 

wit © wee hah 
r be hav i 
. Ce, oh to Y (aed fav or f Hee 
anh f beg “fa edb ch cae, jer borwwith the 
Paes !Wafemassits ; 
F oa S 
¥ poncee 700 ethich fae bea docewuhids 
Ft Aafimaw aud. alle ot, “Li 
ag ni aa Nara eee 
Woe cop evhuck Hac beerr des apendiicl 
: e ly - TAfAwNAtWw Gucl fa allt at. Z; 
phud fahonat ‘vida few ett 
shoo. %&, poy ably dt. dr ge avi 

lauks swwhereb, Aw hkd by, 

Se eee 4s TI ih dix ie, MF Lhe Plas 
Phen og afshe Loe. this On bring art/ 
ce draw halioat, faavh, #12596. 73 

a ” 9781. SY 
Gotals ff 22ZITPB 

Gow eb owt jer Lhe, trriclearcl. 

Hater, fends: shah, 

wet ak the QGran ge haktonal. faanhy oe ooo 

Gruel ow ee Oe ; 
¥ oa 

36,006. Fo¢ 

; 0 

Sor Verve b- 
ty be abrerh Vane 
pean f- they 


Y nue mM tha a. fc teh eae Pre 

mi Can doe aA, 

aay Va . 

HA ¢ birCAw sFuUks 

Lane 42 dee on datenday] | 

ak lke. CQAAMNE Bank, 

Lhe’ Llu ay ties 
ewig then g gore uni, ded) 


Purtada, aud Se, - 
SPOUT eal ee 

Vi tin & Ar doh, 


~ MN Chee YY sigs ees * 
PG he 
| Kia fling 

ltleecel 47 a 
olla: - 

— Gyr aactes Vie00/EsS —~ 

fa CA, 

Gwe fete 


Electr Shakes 

fitt af id Palin 07 



Aquat 14, 

Bo “en Ghien Company, 
17 Adams Street, 

Rrooklyn, BE. Y, 

Naan Airat= 

We are sending you to-day per We $. Pup ress, thas 
model aaso ap it will yo int she doll. Dn the upper case we whit 
use the punchos es they are at present, In the lower chae, Ay 
there sre no punches made for it, you will kindly make some, @ 
hyve than long onough +0 allow of double seaning; Alm» tools for 


Yours. truli, 
Rdison Labotatony, 

Aur ih Ay Any 

Prot, Fred Yous, 
3 Starling Street, 
Newark, Me Jo 
Dear Sirs. 
With refarencs to vour Litter of Lath inat " aaa aNiee 
to Nro Milior, we have already arranged with rpsloians for shin 
wesk and noxt yeek. We will Let you know in the course of a wee: 

or so when we wld like to nave your Ruf come to, the Taboratomg 4 

w ” 

aid play for us: 
In tho' meantime we would like, however, £0 seauro yous 
Xyelphons Soloish for a few days next werk, Pleas inform us 
by return rial if it will se convontert for the gerkleman who 
plays this inatrumont to eomh to the laboratoyvy sey two daya 
next wed, ond if ad what dna will suit hin. 
Yow>s truly, 
RFdison hWavoratonry. 


Augist 15, S. 

Kdison Tanp Sompany, 

Harrieon, Ne 7. 

Dear Sirs: ~ 
With reSarenge to ourx telephone convergation of 
this aftsrnoon, we to-clay received a aablegran fiom }fr. Hamer, 

Paris, in whieh the following sentenes acoursi- 

 SHayve an lored lamps yeen shipped?impor tant, © 
In raply, we vabled Heaner, in acco rdanda wi th your instrugtions, 
to the offect that all aolored Lemps, eemitive ruby, would go 
forward early next wash. 
You will,therefora, kindly see that these lamps leave the 

Tagtory in time to ecatsh tha flrat steamer sailing next woek, 

Yours truly, 
Beéison hahoratory 


= rer an 
pet aoe 


Ani 15, a, 

We. Oo. Hammer, Wage,’ 

Paria, Franoe, 

Dear Sirt~ 

IT beg to gonfirm the following cablegrams re gai ved 

from you and sent by mate 

ENDIS04%, Auge 15, 2889. 

“Have colored leaps been shipped? Importent, 

Are any phonographns and zines on way? Answer 

NEWARK, PARIS, Age 15, 1889, 

*Golored lamps , oxcept ruby, ge forward 
early next week, 411 your phono, orders 

compl sted, Nothing on wey. YDIS0, © 

Youre trily, 

Thomas A Raison, 

Aienst 20, 89. 

Hre We Hy Taylor, Div, o'p'r, 

Pennsvivanria Radilroud dempany, 

Ak bt oan ts , PoAe 

Dear Sirte 
Pleags wesopt my thadke far your Lotter of Lath 

instant, in regrd to now tattery, 

Mur ‘ir, Lome wilh visit Altoona in a Pew doyk, and with 
your permission, will d@guin set up the battery, fo another trial, 
making s few ehanges whieh fe think WiLL overcome She di teiaw tty 
you mention. Twill sand wav inn day sr at, hy Adame Mxpre sey 
tio hoxeg of “attery material wale plese reeGive and pay axprias 
re Mind to you whey he reaches 

charsen on eane, whieh Mr, hogne wilt 


Yours tin ily, 

Wy tario lun. 
ne eS . 
ne ge " ’ 

furpusts AO, LARD 

Rd iiuwaa. 

“Srote Greaxeh, Holes, 


Nias BO, Be 

Peep obpase 
aa itr oyerity age wea contt fem yee & Lar ost re 

AR tee theo diye ede wag Yor Nt, Ge ot 

ale ora 

. egy AE Ot ire o 

wey ha Waa mare AY Uhiteapers ALLS: Mynbisa Ghia wha 

atber, pod ednaaqantly an ea wey MEET OA Wt Vor it. i 
wn fk Baa AY aye tere nt phen 

teem oer wourt ceytys 

Noe f Ghewinate Get roweak Met fess e me gary ya wept r@ere IN 
* < ‘ ‘a i ae . 
Phis, seh we Eee eS saw DE uated 

Eb boda Mea mu’ porte ten.. 
eer WE eA outbar fer cnt of 

eet poke foam adhere of 

ste Se ean’ mayo ge wel fa eb scat dn ste month, fev Chen 

trot ho het ce sora Aun yt te ab deoon tute Pde Mire 

peseeteiel ME cp bevy, Slates eats ta workdigr Pha the 

erry ea ghee on nop ee tar uprei faced yy, Bre ver: epler oe tha gt 

“Eotra fear 


5 ry tow ¥e 

= . 
yb atts oath Dae 

ey mo ow 

Hee Tohn Nonaiis, 

Nom awk oom 7, 

Deer Morse i 

Your Litter of U7, ine tent Baran ABT oi 1 have rent 

Where yor 

the map of vane pesparty no tho Bactory ab Siivertlaka, 

gan get it, If C had kyeten cchere vou lived texculd nnye gent 
itto you house, das sorry te nay that Loaesncut teke tha 

moperty yeu atin, Tha prise is very omer higher than property 
that J ee bow mene there that Dowent ta usa for the same 
piurtpaga, Lode att ike the feat that uormago aty on the wet losy 
Hae brn gokay and tat aia thht yer offer, syen at sine hier 
prive, ave ‘nek Jota whiah woikd hme to pe pened by strana 
Il oxpeet 40 resihee vomrtnl cot on the p arent » AE T Lay ‘ont ny 
moray for ft, and Dead ast enet ta yet cneh from that at the 


prdge that Toincoe) sood wacom ghalloyay ete dn thot ~dadntoy 

; * ‘ 
years Fraly 

Aignat (2), 89, 

Meag"s. Dyer % Snely, 

New York ity. : 

Year Sirst~ 
Your lether of 29th instant, relative to patents on 
aynamos, motorn Ate, addvessed to “ir, Tdinon, is duly at hand. 

Please obtain an soon as possivle and corward to the Jahoror 

tory, the foligting 

$60 Motbors 347 Paterts 
9 Garebrekes 74 # 

75, lwooomotian 403 1 
I endese “Marowd th ehask to your order for $21,407 aovaring cost 

of sata, Aiyo axtimyte as re qo 3bad. 

Yovrta trruy, 
Shar laa Boatchoela re 


Mr, Some B, Dodd, 

619 &@ G2l Brot Bt,., Newark, 

Dear Sirt- 

With revereme to yo litter of Blast ultimo, ad- 
dressed to ir. Mdison, in regard to sia nonout y Yhich you 
have for sal near Forest Hill Station, the nap whieh you mention 
in your letter has not been received ut the Lanorato ry. Ye 
would have examined thia property, pit not having a mep ware 

unpble to locate it, 

like to ged it, 

Ha tason 

te you have a map of tHe same, wo would 

Yours truly, 
Lbaborrntor y, 

. ) 
toy + 
Sate ORG rel eS oe foneh 



Mist AL, &. 


ra ” 

Ging 22°" 1669 
iy j } : “ . fbr : jo. 
lidar tohuov 7, ray 11 9/ ae if 
7 £ Ay he CA Aaa ict 
Kiev d ak) 
; hohe Mere J- \ if 

. ; ‘ ” a 
Cul. Lie Lewis lhe: Cdrres “Uf (2 / 
CK CUO tn ler the wr aanageneieh 5a lhe € Hisces Phanegr afl 


fr oles cn ALANA. OY Libies. ad Debus, begs ee ee Pe Bion pal 


i hie Giliae,, aud tten) J ovate Drag Yew, Pare oe “ff ston tee 
A AQ heii en thy bles hoe afk hole di ue eed 

but wt ¥, */: ss ws twine Lede) an es the, a ork AS) 
iA A A AWW use wd ge dn Nh Canny sees I nent, 
ol oT. ancl’ y CAL thong) : rs pO ho ware wav 

aunfrrach ito tare Phen ne ane Chak thus Fad 

70 ee and. dad mech tare yours the wn than: yer 

ae pie. wake cl teoels we a, Sra ch aud bececlta, 

<p J trod the bei J peey ey, ey, buw unable ho 

jh le Tes hus veut why hae 4 ee en By 
chhcty waa ee! | neler Fh / audy J erula ee fy / 

ee Wika GC 

a a cf si Comte J had rs FEES Hy 

Po ace tund ome . ti eae a dif en a 

dnth A aticl hota 13- Lili) 607, iia 
: “S GRY IL gatlage 

Aug, 22, +1889 

Harkness Fire Extinguisher Co., 
New York, , y, 
Gentlemen; , 
Your estimate for work and materials for apout 575 Automatic Sprink- 
-lers of September 8th, 1888, is hereby accepted, in so far to the 
work spscified on sheets 1 and 2, together with the addition specified. on attached 
sheet. dated August 22nq, 1889,, and whioh .compriseg tanks and Punps completa, sot 
up and ohargad. for supplying. the four small. buildings with the non~freezing 
: It. is understood that you make and place in Position, sufficient steam. pipe 
to keep the main supply tank. from freezing. during the winter, 
It is also understood that you dua nothing but brass Pipe in the small 
~uilding known as the Galvanometer Room: 
The whole system of ‘Sprinklers, Watohmen’s Autouatic Fire Alarm, oompound 
system in small buildings, pipes, Tisers, and valves, to be the 

New York Board of Firg Underwriters; for the sum of ($3400) thirty four hundred 


~-Youns.very truly, 


UF ry a ee . 
YL fd fo BPs 
Ob ot a os ey tk 

SL? Calor 7. 

424 1, ek. / 
OA lev 4 ok. 
LO sav Jeni: / 

; ie : ‘Sg bs. 
he : A a fa wn Ah 4 “ wrk 
gue gum Mabe tk db the Tykt as of Je Anapt ° 
O A 


as 1 omar. dum 104550 
| a, ©. Fk co. 
Luiwioh Suatl foa 
6. fonkosm 450 
¢ oe Pastthands gaa 
A Puneradsen 00 
. b. Oban, 50 
&. a J er 250 
f, hr. Fepjeom 
G. bb O se - 
Gj tt sO — 
OM 50 
hak /yalehator Ff 5a 
WT « HW hnnNowe fw “Iso ib andes dbiore GG aids» AA BONAR Ua 


dtdaclics hum the kbweu bub Hew JA Caunuh bi aa ah waa 
ct me t Aw Guth fund LA AVG PUD fhe a pee euh (an hes 
eek, f vel Ae aa) uly how. J ; 


We ae ipl 

Aaah Aa, OP. 

Mere %, Fe Janke, Director, 
NFLico of tno Binns yi fl 2h py: aurean, 

Fidison Rincturiq Might Soe, New York Citys 

In rene ho yor Letter of Ay inatunt, ashirnt 
un 40 fix a prian on the new meter solution, we tag w state that, 
we will exypply this solut ion at the rete of thirty otnta per pale 
lon, bottles to be charged for anid freight paid by recdheing Sta- 


Yours very Urwlyy 
Naiedadn hasotatory 


Pideatd Angrét tet ye 

Lan Pe a 


Aw Ma Tovrors, Msqe, 

Trey one ‘i “ 
R Manndry Pl., Nowark, Ne To 

Ve ace yt your estimate af Myo Pl gt Lor water 

215.00; tonk 17 feet ‘in aiao, stave 8 tte Long} Totton 

tank for 4 

3* in the rough, staves 2 1,72" dn tho reughy Bottom head-blind 

bolted. “food to he selected godary tank to ne ereated SY you 

upon our platform. Myary thing t2 be satlefactory to se Please 

moxe era put in position early oy Suturday, Aigueat Slat, LBRO. 

Yenirs tile, 

Faison haborat.or ve 


August 28, Bo 

We J e Harmer , Kaa *y 

Peris , Franees 

Jew Sirt- 

On Saturday lant, 4th instant,, we ehipp rd 40 Tre 

Fdisorny per 5. 5, “TA NORMANDIF, ° @ Wend oy’ lingers, and 92 “lario~ 

net and Pimo, with Bren atis German and Leet ian announce em nba» 

Yours truly, 

Re ison Habhboratonr ye 


Aust 26, DB. 

Thoma Ae Ndison, “sqr,y 
a/o Mensrs. Yrexai, Heirjes, 

Paria, range. 

Dear Sirt- 

We shipped yent om Satauday last, 24th instant, 

per Be Sy *hA NORMMWEM,* 8 Yond cylinders, ond. 92 Olarionet 

mea Piano, with Frengh, dermerm and Italian announcementa. 

Yours truly, 

Raison habornutor ye 


Tee ve rid rns bes Hane Late Ayah 

© ,, if , 
2 A lelreas MOM) A) I. LS te 

Ci. yf GO Gd 
Lin Me Secboiale 7 
Ad fe ¢ 

J 6 

ie y, 
MAID > <h 



CO ,. 
(/ (7 WII. 

*)) aL 
Ong CAG, AI wag gb-29,——- Vie J oO 

, — ou 

filliau ".Curtis, Bsq., 
Special Agent, Dapartment of State, 
Washington, D.C. 
Lear Gir: 
Your favor of August ¢4th came duly to hand. 
i expect Mr.Edison to return carly in Uctovor, and Io am 
sure that ho will ue only too glad to show the Delegates to the 

International American Congress through his establishmant at Orange. 

l think that would Le the most interesting place for the gentlemen 

in question to visit, as it is there that .Edisoa conducts 211 his v 
experimants, As Soon 25 he returns 1 will communicate with you ! 
again in relatioa to the matter. ; 
Yours very truly, 
toeys So Ave ae 
Ptah ety « A s45 
“Olopney for Thane. A. udaicen 


, % 
. 2 

He Me. Tiivor, Meqey., 

#19 Noy She, New York Citys 

Dear Sir: 

Are you in a great hurry for that water soparator ° 


a me 

Yours truly, 





Angtat: 209, &. 

~The Mdigon Mastinea “orks, 

™ Sehenectady, We X. 

Dear Sixrsie 
I talephonad you to-night in regard to test sheets 

‘of tranoformora, am in ortler to se wuraceke’ you urdorstoad wins 
Tomedn, Tanke you to sori roa test sheet of emh size of transe 
formr you hrve made of tho Maison type, giving me also the mathod 
of winding and the sizes of wire used, and also denoting which 
“type of machine it ise 

I pkould 9 vety glad if you would also send mt 5 copies ot Mil «i 
each mimtor of machine, ‘uming from No. 2 to 69, in order that I 
oMm take the mean of thar for purposes of oaloulation, ‘hat I 
wnt ia simply ‘tost sheotie of 5 different No. ones, 5 ¢ach % 

oan ee OU 
tros M0440 of the machines you makte . 

Your's very truly, 

; Mitbdlided’ 

whee y; 
tint tate Hl Rabari Reiki, 

‘Aug. 29, -89, 
Ae Se Brom, Fay, fup't., 
“eastern Union Tel, %o., 

New York TEbye 

Dear Sirt- ; 
You wilh probably vemener oa fey nights afro, when so 
wero goin; down in the train togother, my “talking ‘to -vou gahaut a 
, teat of a new athery that I wnt to make on your lines, 

Would you ‘ kind enmnh to indicate Just what kind of cerbon 
batterios you are using nov, and also let me know wiera I cond 
make auch a test and the praesent minber of “eels that are yeing 
uspad on that tate, 4q should like to have one of the hardest 
oir ond ts that you have got) - I mean one in-which the rattery cost 
both foy matorials and istidiiae the most. This I think we can 
“SOW Vp best on. i. 

I want this information simply to cet at the probahle pan- 
tity of colle that I shall have to prepare, and whim it is ready 
shalt he glad to sal, upein you in regard to the mchtoar previous to 
doing snvthing, in aie to get your perndt. 

Yours very truly, 

his Fa fe hela 

Seorve Me Holbrook, Usy., President, 
The New York. Telegraph ° 

Mew York Qityve 

Dear Sirt- 

I me toa acknowletco the resainpt of your lettor of 

2nd insta:t, addressad to Nr, Maison, notifping ¢he latter op kis 

election as an Honary Newser of The Now Yor’ Tolearak th » 
Mr. “Vaison in at present dn Rumpe,. On 145 return fiom abroad 
he will couhtless be much urat ified t¢ Jaarn af tis action oy 

the part of The New York Telegraph Clute 

Yours twly, 

Private ¢ Parts 


eae 4063, 2. cs . 

eeauen ais 
Jeph rt ay 
Marva ov A ah onals (ponds ; 

eGtchdey Se. 

Dean fies 
ee CAA. haw 7 ee Kerurnth , Laks 
Chrohe, wae the Fr cabin’, L Livass, Ne VA, hy 

Cocaes fb aces 
One eed 

dame hy my pay 
Deva Tuk 
A seman d be, 


Mr. H. ‘Hosmenn, 

Dear Sirt}~ 

next and bting a comet player with you.. We'wouLd like you fox 

the halence of.the week, if vou have no other OngARamentes 

fept. 2 We 

34 Wniversity Pl. , 

New York. 

W412 yo please core 40 the Laboratory on Thursday 

Yowrg truly, 

COR? | 
Private Secrotvary. 

fept. 5, 80, 

Dee Me Nomma il, ) : 
Dr kh Sohneko, ! Mun t 4 
Dr, “Re vo 4 «3 : ) i ie oe 
Dear Sirsi~ 
\ Referring further to my Lotter of 2%th April Lest, 

I hava mich pleasure in enalo sing hovewt (th Ms. Halson's teak for 
Two Hhindrod und Fifty Dollars ($280), hin contrimution to the Ont 
Monument whith you mirpoce erecting in Mund ch, an Pr sed payable 
to the ordor of Hesnrs, Mernak Finokh & Co. Kindy agknow ledge 
receipt, and oblige 

Yours ‘srnly, 

 Prdyate Secreyary. 


phragm cinema ame 


a eae eae 


Sept. “A, 59. 
Mre A. 8. Yrown, 
Vastesn Unton Tal, Soe, 
#195 Woadvay, Naw York, 
Deer Sirte 
4 In snaver to your Lotter of Supt. ard, I shoula ws 

gled 1£ vou will have the moasuraments mad’ of the mtteary spoken 

uf, and we will sea what we can de with that giranit for yor, wo 

rrégime tat if yen vot isntisfactory reenlta on this, it rould 

give yo the information that would enabte you to judge whet her 

it won 4 2a saving of money to you ta nse ‘this wetery on qi 

mits'out side of Nav York, uacd Sor the game purpose. 


\ Your's twly, 

\ Pe 

Mr. J, G. Jlenderson, Shief Imeinoar, 
Vadson General “Leatrda Sonpany, 

44 Wall Street, “New York. 

Dear Sirie- 

I fim it a Uttle di tticnlt to wot drawings of streot 
cer rumins gam to adapt to different plans that we have devisod 
for rumiag ‘then by elaatricity.s I thought probably th at you 
woulda hive some monns, as you have “een studying the thing w,.of 

eetting such drawings, or perhaps you have thon already. If x, 

would var kindly lat me have then, to take a copy of then,, and 

very mich obléje . 

Yours vary truly, 
Qhoaesee Batnohe#lor 



Sapte 4, Be 

The Mdison Madhine Vorh.g, 

Scheneetacy, Te Veo 

Dear Sirst- 
What hae Geom of the Gormiator for mall motor 
that we ordered from vou sorie time ayo? Please have this fut} 
ni ehed et ones, as wo Ae waiting for th. 
In rejard to tu ben and copper mrs concentimg which we rea 
wested sono informtdion as to price Gee vome time apo, the fole 

Tawing ts a Liat of what we wants 

“8 tubae at 4 Condictors . 2 #75 i ; ak 
With ali material oxcent ronearest rinherss 
compound 2 #150 
8 uses of 2 Conductors OD x2 800,000 ¢ m 

200 feat of Mam BY x 38" 
L00 feat oT pmbsiple (10 wire) maither sable not tibed, each 
about hs MG. 

Plauge tive us prices, and haw soon the material gan 4 
Yours truly, 

Chad BSatchrlear.. 

a Me 


Sapt. 5, @ 


Sieh Tnmli, “sae, ; 

New York at Lye 

My Deor Sirt« 

Mere Ndivon tefore de went AWeY, told mo that we 

desired to give ta John th Ploe Kundrad Dollere ween he -went 
a a en 

for his vacation. I fing 

MNre Maleon haa lat no ins treettoans i 


With Randolph in regard to the aitter, and as John wants 20 

on Nonday, © woul oe shud 

if von wanig give him a @hktek for th 


Smount » 

tows very truly, 

a re me Be oe 
(Cie PoaATHA LL 


Wr 18 Fp 
y 4 (3 urberr Cag, ; 
Marv Arr, 

bye a eo b& berry badiorn ote 0 by Y.50 dbperwd) 
i Labor : 0 ae brnrty hatdy if s ha 
yin pgchtb— wee, vy wifi priliicle, 
Ly be “hire vr BANAL’ 4 

oe ree, pol oh oe Mla sar 
theeh AWANs avo hy (yigle x . “ee 

hw weg Cot Gh Cay, aD, Hn bak rvnstine 
7” hwo. fre AA Vase AA, ee Giese: Ce f 

I, Attn sn AN i pati ane fbi | 

Mag sky tietitengaegsd pe 

The Fddaon Machino Yorks, 

Be haurrr tad 
M Y. 


“oe hava your Latter of Ath instant, in regard to 

tubing, and the prices wht sh you quote are satisfactory, You 

will, therefore, plenne supply us, an soon an posnidie, with 

tho Lollowinsyt~ Five (5) tudes composed of tvo #89 anc tro 72150 


copper roca, With all material, excepting compound, and with olght 

HL Cone bi east | 

(8) tubes 899,000 a, me Alco 209 feot of Rus Brn 2" x 3/8", ard 


100 fent of rmitiple 19 wire runser covered cable, gomponed of 

10,5 Wa wiroa, 

Yours very truly, 

By WY tones. esta ° lovee 


difoh jon. ME], 
de 0. Panrve an ey ; 
7 Vent ove dy } 
ean Hs. : | l 
a fOr of. fine bye sua hinndea ore 1) . 

hue Cae m swilhy catches J Riad wie dl tina 
is ee fee / for thee Colrrcali or ar thie ff Sab dtodd 
bo Ack chur 
Ani - Peek 


arrral cer cb AaarLes aatcl + ‘ak £032 7p ACLOLR/ aw, 

, Y . 
MAL: lfler, Fine ooh Ae anewwucl tefenttarindl 
ban elLoas, / Cus Avec ts thy yf an OC 

fea wt 7 

. YOO. 
iG pe 
Loiura df july 
; Lab cag 
/ ae dp Ci hia uf 3 

v Ane eer 


Sefok 10 k iy 
(res Lave 
aA ae Ciih h } 
jh, Nadasud 
| {beg % 0 bnclas yaw henerenidh plo. ce BLL 
Orage Aisne Ura ccvabis 6 birktre anc Jarw wer 
aan OY hud arch, aenk ih dome Lor arbors hue Ete, 
uF . se) for Gay ope athe A andes ane / was Lurk eth, 
dnvatruchions To aeud on tae dotlarw and the yO Oe 
onraloarl 4 me and onby caw do bith Pos aes 
U ne ee | 
feb KA analolph 

» Con fon 

Ney %e it, HO, 
‘< ‘ ay eae , 
Mra, Vy Tatson, ; 
: ‘ ( * " te 
thee Sara, Lou toon, 
Seadfiyra, Boy hong. 
Te ao fim : , 
Deer Macene.- é 
ree tae es 0. zd . q 
‘ ' 
> Th raply te vow Lettar of 20th Angnat, T hay te 

* age yt W 7 feo oy 
a : 

Sh pe Oe ES ‘ ‘ ; é . foie 

inform yor that lt. Thorns die Fdaaon in not an Bnigllabowae - 20 
: 3 ‘ ae yee fe Be eke a4 ‘ @ 

WAS bornat Millen, Sto, United States af Avorben, The feedly 


of Fdaieans, of witsh fe, Belgur daw deseandint, migreted to. 


Ame theg Seem Hoddar da 2498.) Mere Uiddson ta, shore fore, of 


. Fi ri * 
Pater descents Tia mother eas a Sanacdon af Seater end Maglisn 
Peet ages 


Yura staly, Ree ceeel 

Yriveta Segreteary, 


Sept.e 1A, oO. 

Tha Mdt von Maghine Norks, 

Saharcetady, Ye 

Near Sivg,= 
Please sond to thio Lasoratory one at your ASM Nest 

Dynamos, Armedintealy. 

Foun traly, 




“itp yale yee 

woe dear PR arie 

4 Reape t mY 

Towa, rr der sy Behe Lege 

yh otheasy f SNH oon ay, feb 
ree for aos nary ea > ToT oe haystes 
meade edt MM tee oy demtiyen 

ON meg oat oe top dedi ne® aah 

A page dan’ 

art. r 

vu he tre 

wo kotiy ar 

renee eae oa 

ye hice al MA Asay Lode 
: " > 

mda are getyt nee cin tm Ee 6 madi to, oS iahan 

FP ny, 


edd gtaly 




oe EA Laps 


be hanes 


: 7 
defch 17 1% Meg 

GH; OVI Us Poe af 
“tf frat Lthecl 
Juv ye J 

WQaar’ hi a 
ke to a chnowkd pe ere 

i; aeew, py 7 the Ul heraty Tae 
Kk fa te 

ne a et Feat eran Co $ Sooo. Fir 

pom ws YT Eilsss: mM Ph Mes grecfeh frerbea 
ty 4 Aes Abs Cciacticl J Ley fa GH “K 

Ae Phas tas chee idles Parke 

UV ’ 2 if. 
c Kbaee, ted. rrr ee our eee ae 

OC OAre ty crn ma cle, > ay oblt CAA Ay 
I ; y 
Atta Ge 

jo Gf. oe aol 

a ais Sutter Cae 

4/ Lf Irate LA 

Kew é bak 
LO tan ae f 
fo (efecnng te gorans for G 
the sy as asilirg Lhal, jou peue 
Lha AN es hercomndtbel a AG Esa: ay rte, 
Lor the, Le, 

y ti20r Ph on ugr aah hroke, 
Cannel. back atavh. tae Prreceectas Ei 
Cana bial, ARO mi f 4 ETL ie 
; Ae, ted, ante Foren 
ae ete a atote, tt-lca. Aes countiel, 
reel due) ae hs And cb ge 

ages Trrrk, V 

\phaw ff Uf Dede, 
f 7 

}Y ue 3 ol pe 

Se eee 

~ 2 


ae | 
. | 

Hs the ALiwe- alt: moh delaer — tbh 

Aefeh, He 1669 
f ot i lian G / , 
bn ah On QUA Of Dy, ( 

aids, i f 

J hay he ewetenw yin dnewiith, slick 
je oa = ae from Fie Je as aecounh, 

duds dlonwoh we ei me os lunchor 
dimuuy tW Le chan Ya A, ae aww without, ow 
or dee A ww’ Ares seanecls é blew by fw Botchelr bo ba AE 
oy. Py. Of kucttoo ine Gyhied “pad pe.ce®) rear 
how dor aw lunch w a4 ee. dota. wrk sar cha AL, 
Laity,” cents wrth. o of Ar nae ogni with of “a 
fy / en pe 7 a nis ae “hoe tay Att wr 4 
park, as, Pers oy ae dy be oh an ged ae mat/ 
Ws we pe ereen ob evel fet 
; Oo ail: Sad Le ae et win MLG anc: 

ovdiw ae Fo uy wae He eet a & 

aretn aw or due f” ‘gach Aen ew ta (ot § 

f ae esd 

The Honreian donpac Grey, 

Ne Pa Malntneh, Mera, Seales, 

Ghesre lod, Wie. 

Rapides co wer Langer of Ltt dratant ucdenaccd te 

Mre Bituon, ingtetiy, cet eLoiment of gopred oFe reat! Sen 


you, Tose; to dnter, get that ce tee aateliat yory aun mat oe 


int ure only avaltive Mra Midangts resam Cron ateong te Geer 14 

Oye daecer rede, Me think thar oe har coer preemie ver 

ware ing tb soote, and shen Mere Metso geen hak, ae TEI tae ttre 


PUtGAr Wp ee welt vem bah ty 

Voues tuvy, 

pr de to Sneya . rye 

th the x 



oy boll 


of bug 

a de 



Abe de 


cates J 

Ve LU 



a aa ie O OTIS 


d dodls 

dred, pr 

for shipaent ginish 

--per oun 

and r 



liver to us such 

& ina de 





ot ‘ 
see ay 
a2 be es 
Q@ 2 7 
Se G oO 
a cad he ne 
Co @ 
Qo DB 
Qo 2s g a 
pes _ yes 
ot a 
aS st f 
° 3s > tt 
Bo a 
=< a) a 
ea) cal 3 
a AS oa 
aad °o com +2 
“ 2. “a 
°o sa a a 
ean ae a oa 
n MS 
s = te 
is) a 
m a 
ao ~ > fe) 
es D Q a 
Co a gq 
ha ) Fe end 
Ce ot 
Q fom n > 
So : ci rel * 
te ke <<] o a 
2 Da o a Pad 
tad Lo] 
a ce 3 Oo 
pag » a a> 
- oO Q oa 
os ao aD 
a Ss os QO ae s 
a mS s o 
a I sa cd “7 a 
as! oO oF ot aS ry 
al > ae ip 2 ao 
=. od oes a GS a 
oa o G ows nes G 
+> o> pad Saad 
Po io a 3 ag o 3 
tsi wi Lomd a me a 
or a) oD ad Fred 
AD tet ad o Ga “a cay 
oad 43 “> es, a 
Qn a ro 
ot iy = a 7° O ort 
Fe aS . az Lars 
2 <2 > a 
3 cy wi o 
oO ch te oO a] <3 42 
aj io] ne nN “ 3 
~ os ral 2 
ial ta boa ce. $3 
"e cael = mn “ 
te oO oOo ce ~~ . 
ay ame is as poe o> 
™ a wes T oO . a> 
a rs] he Q oO 23 
« “F ad G&S =} a - 
> as vu 4 cs] 3 aed 
Ag “me #k wr a4 a3 
"3 — a cos w 
“ a oO - 
ae) te eet ced oO 
el 2 o be, a Q 
3 co pag +> Oo > cs 
a a c oO oO 
Br Lama te cy «2 t> 
in x Se eal 2 a 
n ww cy wo ao f+ 
. 3 aes <3 SG 3 oP) 
4 we oo tt ood °o oO 

flapt. 20, 1aRro, 


Ne Pe Amtth, Mage, Shier Train Mispateher, 
Maw Xork, “New Haven & Margtard Re Re Cue, 

New Haven, Joyme 

Dear Sirt~ 

Your telegram in regard to phonogreph recoreat ras ony 
rogetved, and I dirmedi aned wirnd you dn reply to the often thot 
cy Linders rondkd eae so he stained from the Perwtty Anariaen Phono~ 
uray Compan, Noe 140 Rranewns, Now York G4gy, I regrattad very 
moh Wty, Lise to telyeraph you thon, but Mr. Bateen'’sa aone 

trngtn with the “orth, Ame Phono, Ga. preside hla selling phonoe 

grarhs or gap lien sherefor, Sox use in the United Staten, tho 

sema Yedry obtains ole onty from tha North Ane Phonoe Coe or thei s 

atthor$zed agents. Mad Mr. Saison sat nt home, J am avre ne 
wtthd have bean vary pleased to hive prenentad you personally vith 
n few good rreords; wit dn hiu abarnge, however rtieh we woulda Like 
te geet Chr your angire in this aomection, we wve peerless to co 
ao, Ler the roason mentionwé ehovt. When Mre Naiaon retnsnn from 

ubrond, I shell ving tho mattor to his attention, ant he eth 

tint leas present you with a for qhoten redorda. Moonwhile, L 

Hy Ye, %, : may ee 

wiénk that tha portios fe sown pow eo aed vey phon tak 

thew A ba ola ta aunanve sore raadrds fh + vat 


Meer vay + cidy,y 

Priveta Spyresaere 


Telage ure De He. cee 
N.Y Tosh, Shict Train M getehoer, 
“tow Yori, Maw Haven, & Tact ford Re Poy 

Mew Hewem, loie 

Phonograph aglingeres betes to Wo proeanat fon the North Anrriase 

Phonograph Sorparr, #169 TWoadwar, Maw York ‘ity. Shromie Aqsa 

goes forvard toeday « 

Aw n, t a 4 

ss 4 7 is : 
Sept. 20, so. 
Moasra. Deaxel, Morgan & Soe, ‘ 
Naw “ark May, 4 

Dew Strate 
| b 
| ute Loopy to noknowlerge ree apt af yous fear of ie): 

SAB CaN, addressed ta Mr, Melon, NOLL Ly trys the latter that hie 

aeerant te dnhitent under Tuvelling Gredit, $592,25, 

| 9n tha Uith of Tamuuy, 120, yo tuemd ahed un with no atato- 

Mert, oven SLA, STON4S to Mr. Kadion'a oredite “All vet plmage 

Preaek us with oo ptatemont of], Bateonts aqoount Trop: 16th 

| : : Jamie: , 80 to manent dato, amd var mush Onlige 

| uM Youra tray, . 

, 374 

Sant. 29, 80. 

Tegoe Ne “Wprsneott, “Naas 

" #1AO Nwoneeny, Mew York City, 

Dear Sire 

The Mat ain. Phonogsaph Vod 5 have rafarred voir lettor 
on moritns ey Undera on wood, tO ms The preangsa vou upeay of 
Lovdlieve de at mertioner sy If, “Wiliena, ani Lo nuvea taeday 
written him te ret marn pretiautarn abot the ertter, An soon 

as Toranatea n loteer from ham, Twill nave &t trted. 

rey toruly yours, 

Rept, an, 00. 

he Malnoy “Alem, Mee, 

The Panter Poennaydvernin Phonogrrh Sos, 

7396 Sta} Meabems® Dre, Phalkatelphin, Poe 
Dasr Styt a 
The Phano;raph “orks having received fantrvctionn fron 

Kr. lippgnasts to tue up the matter of abdne a eylindes on o 
hollow wooed an nite. thay beve ashado ye to make tte nOsesaary ox 
Pet pty toa nor wheather. tt +41) faprove our presert. ovlinant se: 

J opra@oun that tis igs the pimnaenn that was apoken of hy you 
in your Lother to Hr, “orslish of September Lith, Raforr corntn~ 
eins JTeadt Uke te any yen fara Little more axplicit dora é ption 

of fhe mencaat, as ldo not quite wmidtaatend haw yon want them 

Any instivetions that vot aan piva me on the aubjess, C shot 
very gladly reeotee, and the “eat of my ability wall w davotad 
te ot « antdafeatory reentits 

Vary tmily yours, 

Sapt, BY, ep 

Thomas Bars Lar ’ Vag os 

PAA MAE Bee, May York Tite 

Hara 16 empy of anhblagram reanives thie eStermaon 

from Ton dons , F 

Koneen, Whi New York Sapt. Ao, Mm. 

To Thoms Ae Nation, 

Anat ready prompt shipmant Renmark ree aipt 
Letter thirty moters ninatoo treadtes one 

MEhse - . | 

Mr. “inteletor took vith him this evening n copy of the Phova, 

with the tntontion af snoring if te Mr. Inga 

Yours toeualy, 


abet tae, 

eevee it ti 

ee he 
‘i Se she Riva oe Santee Sas, he io: de ’ 
sorta TEE R14 
M ws 
Moe Bay ye ; 
Won See yas = oe: rs 
yrnterday ovary: tvom Ter von ane tien The ates habe rig hey 

Ta. tere to vanese Les 

. ‘ Oc, 
"Donde, via Mes Yor’, To 1, SPRL. 
eve, Pend wy t 
better fiviety roftore, mune toc Scere hea, one 
Mee Tatcheber tee rbd. bum to Nee Yor: Last aight 
of ups saowe, vith tbe Pitention as avy thing is tol 
Meo Doretnk vie aiwcdld eenalth ators aeting upon ite 
Morn tomy, 
- Sea a ia ear ee a ee " 

acs Bue 


The -Faiean Mhehina Vari 2 

Sehaneectaarzr, Ne Yeo 

Dear Sirs: « 

The shousund ampere muahine thar vou naare 

aM vary mur Aienapy einter el hie 

Sapte AA, We 

rept onp TI 

XY wan urder the tiupreastion that 
nT aon the 

tate maching wowla give 2, O00 aomeres mt LO walte et a reasonable 

SAA : yuit 

Loot isé 

21% waltce 

weather vor Om 

ith ofieiiatly te what you mao 

o¥e types, po ns te de avey vi, 

generated Ag fhe wire Plhenge Loto meu knov 

Yeurn vary try, 
} . 

tape tog wra ctron thas 

it is dangerously hot, and vid onde sige 


hip ian goed for ve, and To wowld Like +0 dno 

p aArmatise and te tat 

“pg guymert machines of mu 


hin ane menis forsee qieren ts. 

inmediately adawt $1.75 

ined contents noted. 
In rey ly 

vhowe ge whse apy aveati. reaan tly move taded feem you, was not doe 

stale egeainat vor feo peor les, 

The goada efree heim unpacked vem piece dr weer nt 

SOD bart e 

‘ a ad emre las - roe pupa ie . W, e exariy: i A ty ay 

hiateare to 

CPI en opening 

“ teat 
The top at the tabs was eige teacke d 

far thin we have mate ne anacpeh 

Seppe He Ae 
rn & Oa, 
eos Be oy + 
Phin Qe Tbvndsy "a, 

Latte of hath instent bas byaenm dvby veges eed 

wOMhd shat? Seat vena acest as sl tarknyy Fite tor 

It seo fan that the aefeeta acm, ltl nre 

aeMk phe tbr owed sek of che eoene ti ot 

hoe ype 

eytent ag he scuck it from one. ara. 

ot mr eighth or an ineche Tha la oes a at 
mean to arcake Tria aaeureas Ven he te one 

fe: gave ca FMS 

Meaty tye 


Qe Peg naga Pre a ee 
. ’ ' P| rn a 
nach ale pu tbat a tantyrht Yo sae pote 

Vast, AW, toaratare, boaasa net garth nono he gout pemoe da cee 

para te tne Nee ey ea "i I am, homeo. ep arhe rane te wo Uhesy 

ATS ATG Gee et py ay to ame bdsen ne got IRSA, to 
pive yo dnaiaat tor sonneretes Bhp wor doe at toe eht ne, 

esse Ve ee bee, ore foe di te Gd wt cbaaaiiter, 

te the dohuson, Peas 

Lt Mensa My, Mae Pata - 

Ret, wy Me 

He Page (ot ire, » 

Yona tad ree gam cahoer ttme ao thet eo eotty 

yere em Semi hsesiie At that tine Tada net want hing ne Xo nad 
svat Wired moan, Hasswer Lf poe hewe a aie Avegeh thar not, aha 


Un4aerstids dts were, Lesko pn plad to ™ReH fh 

gongs, pitnee sive Mog Lotter af tatmevetion to me, ara, 48 

porainle, Let hin eae eden ava. Aloo het ca know phat saat 
eye Weg pay die hart 

Peps healer vous, 

Mg My By Sh bane, 

My tear, Mage ce fe th 

A fy 
A if 


afk 260i 
inva faith, Gf 
of of frakll ths 

, Ua 
‘¢ ’ 
xO) Moe Levy 

I be Ao See 
i oa, Ay 

lk. pike ory a Gen 
ee ieee Oe? thd, a es reUncervtol 
uP see { h. bho epi es wh Y EOS 

se) Aa bh dt fdavte oy Qaaney, Seth 
Cu ch «& Lhe, Giisen PA ar OGY ah) L hohe 

ab the Girr ob hratinr ald Haste be Few (of 
Poe 2 Genk: ey the, jv : 
MAL thn Ciuliews Phar pop t a ole) 

Dr tid fur if T0000 
_ Mi Tialy 
john fh a. autor. 

en ee ee 

ae Te et RETIN ee 
. ‘ aw ‘ 

Masers,. Horser Veothern, 

P: fo Ava, & ANS} Rites. : 
Nav York Bt. 
Dear Sirase 
Twerlhe this letter to wah you, the regyon why ft. 
Fdisen's hose hee year Bo mich naghtcted by your 11m? cf is 
intended thaw the houge shali ov oo gmied on Agtone- Ast, Ond Tie 
Edison's en iv expected 4 Sow days Laver, aml you ete yrry 

fav Own Dininhinge The Ooastamn has informed mm that he has ‘yo- 

“prateddy uskert you on telephone to haya the work hurried up, bat 

thav he am gi no gatisfaevtone Wit you he good expuch to hayt 


thin attendad to ut onee, and Let me know gy retin mad) wire yar 

any tae 

Wilk 6% pre Lo have tha whole thing find shed. 

See pes 

Vory truly vours, 

Sart, ore We 
te. Ie Mock, 
z i 
NM e346 7 4, R 6 . : 
Paar Sloe 4 - 
L , A 

i Land ve 8 Settgh af no eke pcan Boy: Lee repro. 

Gtattent lao sepreaiese smepes sad big Mec fring Dumed, an 

ryquestede Lo think yess gen oth thas maat there by Any Manton 

squells az goot an we meke thom hers 

In regard te solutton fav Irenet sill, the avintian Unit wa. 
usre une sn heweta Sofa sodetion, oat an it fy pikta possioia that 
vou vould Siwe lratjhe in getting Chrome Anid, we giv? vc 
theatre mea whieh 2s alm et a goods~ 

16 Lf Lys. Sulphurie Agia 
A loa. BWohromute Sodhe 
46 yp. Voter. 

This, of aarse, World f1LL your Jar quite a muher of tii 
put logive you it in this quantity, tease that ds the var we 
de lb Up heres I shal. ow glad at omy time to give yor ant 
infymetion you may wish in regard to this misintss, and hops thy 
you may 6? svacasgful in exparinarting und showin; tha meahinge 

Nore Wile NPR LY Mi BME 
pure renes ener taki at ttt 

Ba ar riconer eee ree 

Go et 


My Dear Moe Olean, 

I nwe soaheng vous Lotter oF Seyte adhe ty 

in vee tea GUNG Terwe fay tte Paonose:rh tor doi. I Mnay 
ne ine ona the peters MNO LE cop bine, ob ane PSO sete Pasesye net 

ur Sather te Mey Rravkhy cers eta Give ya aki the infomation 
fat Le neeeanaery on trtet potnate 

Tous glagto bene fem yaar Lester thet year hewing gies 

ClSs woth 

the phono ph on the Pasrie Geast, aliton shy ab you 

Pee WOM GL eM at of Ppeat. 

Am plemsed to hear af Metis tas SCR ORBs 

bien ty GbR OB, ‘yy > 

2s Pine Mt *s Sot Soaeksana, 

Pacer i 
In bey 


Merocce Hitetae Brotiers, 

FUG Phra Avea, Neer aie Gite, 

ne ae Hiya te 

Dokypaees rentyys ot ane note 

Tore mean hiuwe mos carmenesg oot fe fay the gareet, dn Me Bates 
pees ower an th 

A Spee yee Sere Botte i+ irmavsaguet Alrch a 

Br one, ang asks or isp 3 

‘ y 

went C804 diate b to attend ta tt 

Phoase aeoees Pali te howe secu beg la thle ted 

¢ ner Bae GI eT AS 

ig. Asai es 
we artomemm Cee, 

T “14 3 3 we , 

Te Hitetiin gory, Macey Asstt, den't, Manager, 

Mex Work (ity, 

Deny Tivt. 

Core to wiine yal that the ole type GYnemo he Peaasge 

bey esol cee. <4 a 
to Sh your rewseuntenm woous of Mh inetann wae Gully reapdwad at 

Pr Nye eh eae . wad ’ oe 1 5 5] 
Tevyurstarns Hee Batahedher aes pothat “his dynamo Wioange te 

Mee Vebocon ami not to Me, Jer sen o 

Xouer troky 5 

RFdison Noehorathoarwey 


Sense ‘39, R, 

The Raison Phonograph Toy HP. Nos, 

OF Ni: Me, Sonton, Hass Moc Rked Dior too 

Dear Sirs:~ 

I should hot ‘other you with this matter, Sut that 

L yatinva tr. Alldén galled for Murope last Suturdays hen Mrs 

Brings anc Mr. Allien Wore here tho Last time, I showed then thay 

thé hole in die soeket of the doll nody were Yisble to out ths 

ruoierh that hald the legs ine 1 have vem ablo to ‘ronedy thia 

do tet dy waking longer hooks ‘in the insite, whieh do not inter- 

fore with our appacatin.  Théy, hovever, wold make the rubbers 

Mm ghe Ligh phorter. ta it possible that you cin allow this? Is 

Qo, Peruse Lot mt know richt away. 

Vary truly yours, 


My Dear Hr. Shaw, « 

I reontvad vqura of Sept, 27th this maimdstt, 
enatoning * ‘tre HinkLey's putt gecificatian, I have pean work trig 
on pimilar wory for Mr. Tad son for the lost thran ar fou years, 

and, thercfore, I do not fed as ££ TI should like to give you any 

opinion on thia partiowlar one. ir you wish to have it brough’ 
beforo tha “ondral. Pheatric fo., I know of no other way than for 
you to mite direst: to Mr. Fdlobn abouts it. He mey possibly aiva 8 
yor some Satisfnation. Am norry to hear that the “estinghouns 
peep).a ara peing to yrt yar out of n jon However, I feel quite 
confident that P,. % Se om take care of himself in eleatric Ligh 
fing mat ors. 

Very tmily yours, 

he a 

gat oft ~~ a 
tigi ht 

Pp. h 
ro. He AAW, Mada WEP SAcmporte, hs 


. Soyts 30, 5. 
Col. eorge Fe Gourmu, 
hittle Nonlo, Upper Norwood, seas) te Ia . 

Surrey, Truylund. 

My Dear Colonal,-. 

Yours of the to hand. Your roqiesta jn 
récam to London amt Pentmrk shipnonts shall be attended to, ant 
I wSlL sec that you get all the latest improvements. . I have 
ro ferred ae ‘Lotter to Mr. Prglish, with inatruetions to carry Ot 
its request to the lettpire The grounle with the slipping ‘rms. 
"was aio to the fast that for some time we did not have enogh to 
ehip nnd hed to. finish then yefora thoy wore what we cnlled “pera 


‘ Fi 
fectly neasoneti! Sinea,, howover, we have got in to the new wax 

' ghop, we hava hat about 129,000 seasoning all whe time. Xou will 

not have this troavrle in fature I feel quite sure, 

Yery truly yours, 

Pia M bast ‘ uf “a 
es id wl a ies y a 

460 Ae 

FR aw Putty G 
yu brat, tbe) 
hear ben CA 
Otros ( . 
? a bo ach Lu owed Haas necer oh OF i, ou 4avwr 
of thy 1% “ A tuickeaung ce fab prum Mil 
eee div ff ys 22 hs OP uphteh? Alraat oe nag; 

 ilase AAA CL the cheeky Pag Abruatls bens eet a hw. Cit 
Kho ww the sare ae) Janecentd a Qhlin fran yous with) 

wnfoemiliar wt pegard Mw the avep. two’ wt the prio ceade of a 
¥ Yoa0. Ile wren ‘the Gelraen isis soe rates. data 25/69 

Thc re, pore verry ana chy “Ww a oA an alin coun ay 
Mes Madea, f bel AN 
ee, ny 7 

nd Elan a 



Minis tk 

TAD ' , 
vo0's \ 
neta snus 

sreeiereaeeareataaee ee 

Seccmantecetncanscacecatertectt rte 

Mean ok 

ry bee to ack newledge pt. ctad Te , aa d ae 
h.. hak Y ila a ALi bi och iar. 




do pix 

an Sivaw aa eae ates ; 
chided J 

wniw bw whih ue hare hue calle ” Ganka. 
doniturie who yinw at ah the Labnilay, anc und 

| kthe Vis 
wh Arnie 

Phones Nutty Ps 

yu Praw Miu 

ond nab, ata tA 
DVhanrk pedo ci 
the, totin 4 anv) oe dee. 
had i WAY 2g poland aw 
as to the Tx 
dt Untbpiad Har anne hy id if, Stihl hw fru lesen 
Moll one kev Gucction whe miagth ong hh oneke a ‘Propaat! 
rAanels fine 6 cham mar oft, ace 

dow tb lhe Latuilh 


ee a ee 

Vv aome oucy sptadur 

v hot 

anuek ,; YOUN aim ahiar tak fit. 

at we unth, a thut- and the baths 

ous ey (VA ch, 

Proves hasstind pee Bioulln Fb nena 

Det. at E69 

an Ab iasepses teed fide” 

a, dt re ey ae gh thd 

. the Ley, , and sare hone 

hae hw Edum with w eww 7 
would frou ‘the holler, aa 

cok fy thas, pole ane I theh wh, ae~ : 

. Oclebervands Fq. 

- are Bodelelor 
: 3 J Vrect 2 41 A Lhuct herv Yorle li lyf 

mk @ Wa kad td. VIAL Vie epee erly ela mala, dered, re eeey ' 
foendan vulolin hate yl ere ae vena end 

hide nn Gen Anananng gies Iu ahrwonr 



y - - a 




Net, 4; 1880, 

Mre Ge Pe Adams, Div, O'p'r,, 

Raltimore & Ohib R, R,, Baltimore, Made 

Dear Sirte 

Yours of Sapt. 17th has ‘juét read hed me. The formule 
for the akromie aajia solution ip as foll owg : Tee five padlons 
of water, add plovly 15 Lhe of sulphuric rkeia (Noh't overheat 
jar aré trreak 46). After the acid and water get cool, adi 7148 
Los. chromic neigo Stir well end polutimia ia ready for wes 

twas in "altimore a few days ago, ‘mt sickness at the house 
prévented. im fram enlling on youe 

Put the seid aclutien in the porous cups, and water in ghaas 

jar, the some an the Tunsen, You might adde tablespontul of 
gulphurie eeid to the water in each Jar. 

Yours truly, 

a rc a we RTT TIERS TOP Ege AD ohne 

Letterbook LB-033 

This letterbook covers the period October-November 1889, Most of the 
correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Included are letters relating 
to Edison’s exhibit at the Paris Exposition and to the development of a new 
battery for use with his phonoplex system. Some of the correspondence deals 
with the operations of the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. and the 
presentation of phonographs to Mexican President Porfirio Diaz and other 
foreign dignitaries. Other letters pertain to the erection of buildings for the 
Edison Manufacturing Co. at Silver Lake, N. J. There are also letters to the 
firm of Dyer & Seely regarding phonograph and electric light patents for 
Europe, Latin America, and Australia. Also included is correspondence 
concerning Edison’s stock transfers, his philanthropic contributions, and other 
financial matters. The book contains 500 numbered pages and an index. 
Approximately 50 percent of the book has been filmed. 



ee Ne aes : 
roe ‘ 

roetnlne netstat a ee inc, 

dot. 8, 1889, 

My Dear Inawll,~ 

Nerg ine from Gilnert Kapp, in regerd to 
Wron vou gabled moawhile I was in London. I spoke to Mr, Fal on 
ahout tits matter whin he was alsin. Tohn Pender’ 8, and he eid 
that what he desired to obtain from Kamp, was a complete set of 
drewinus of hip “Alte mator /an4 transfomer, for iid ch he vonld pay 
a liberal enotnt., aiid he naked m t4 sea Yapp mili give him tis 
informations I telegraphed Kapp, liekine him to. meat ma in Jondn 
on the 25th Septantur, and he did aie turn up, nor did I hear from 
him nok before Leaving thare on ihe arth, I, therofore, tn 

the mattor Over to yo. 

As Maroun, Fisqe, Sen'y., 

Fdieon General Flectric % ripany, § 

Mille Bdg., New Yor i. 

Dae Sirt~ 

At the raquent of. Mr. Inawll, U englone heredth 

Cortifiante Mo. 295 of the Bdiwn Moawid Yight Conpeny, for 

ten shares of ntook in the reame of Thoma Ae Pdizson, Tris. om, 

whieh hes been ondorsed by Mr. Mai ton in favor of tho Faison 

Se ee a foo 

Ganeral Bleetric Company 

Yours tmly, 

. Set, 8, 1880, 

Rev, Inthor M. ‘umes, 

"Lian, hin, 

Deer Sirs » 


Referring Swther to your Letter of 27th ultimo, I 
have to infom you that Mr, Rieon has now rotwned from abroad, 
and. I. take ratoh Pleasure in PR OTSEETG herowlth his cheak for Two 
Hundred. und Fi ty dollara (3259),: dren to your order, the seme : 
being anount of his aiieecerieon lexathe the erection of A new 
Ohiweh adifios in Milan, to rep ne’ the one censtroyad w Sire 
gone time hoo. Mindy acknowledcn ree pt, ent oblige 

Yourn ently ae a 


SS a 

Privale Nagretarye 

ES er 



Odte B, IBD. 

My. Deer Inatt,- 
tha Mayer at New York. han ind tad Mr. Raison 
to attend 4 mast his a? the Corny ts ae for the Iniyirnat ional Pxpo- 
‘gition of 1892 nt the Rowarnce'-n Moon, Mity Hal, on Thirsdry | 
afternom, 19th instant, at thre o'sloek, and tir, Faison dhaicon 
to pe present. “LT dave conmuntant ed his inten tion to the Mayor, 

ond ar Mire Fai hin wil. ne with } oa.on Thiraday: morning, 1 wish 
yin “Pou ran SH him of this er; spygomnnnt % 


Yours RLY 

Srdivate. Keere bev" 2's 


Syed Ine d., Baye, 

Note 8, 188. 

We. MoM. Spaer, Paq., Snaretary, 
Bhe Comittee for the Internntioml Fxposition of 1892, 

Neyor's fies, City Mall, New Yorke 

Dear Sirt~ 

Mr, Tediaon desiren me to acknowledge reeeLipt of you 
letter of 4th instent, inviting him to attend a meeting: of the 
Committee for the Inte mation) Mxpe nd tion of 1892, at tha Gover- 
nor'n Room, City Hall, on the afternoon of Thursday, 19th inat., 

at thrae o’eloek, end to say that it rill give’ him pleaniwre to be 

present e 

Yours try, 

Private Snqretarye 

Note 8, LAB, 

My Dear Mr. Stavena,~ 

Mr. Faison dakn mo to thank you fr you 
very Kind letter of the 7th ihatant, oongratulat irg him upon his 
return, and I am mynelf very rmoh indebted for the kd’ messare 
whieh yo. sent mee We had a del hit fal homerard passage and alt 
Leal very mich renefited by my aogaun in Furopes . 

‘Tenner herewith Mr, Rai mn's proxy for the mecting of 
atnekholdewa of the "di on Phono. Toy M'f"ge Joe, to w held at 
Porglmad, Me. on Thioaday, 17th instant, executed in myvor of 
yoursel?e Mr, Fi eon will’ he sind 4 ym will elest ce an a Die 

ragtor to represent him, an’ you car transfer 10 sharex of his 

stock to: me, to emblem to qualify,. That I presure would te 0 

eur fi at mumhose = As I witerstend it, Hre Fdieon, unfer his 
aproan nt with your Compmy, is oyld ged to hold pesrnonall y 12,500 
sharep Of the stock. nllotted ta nim in order to he entitied to z 
pereentego of any futuro inerease, whi d: Leaves 1800 shuren frce 
ang ont of which latter ten shards for me ray be thken without 

- impairing any of his r ightn 

Ian going to write yi. agiin ine tt anya, on the matter . 

Se ig 


RB F, 3, 

Tuy At, your intention to be in New 

whith we discussed in Paria, 

York within the next few weeks, 

With kintest regards, Lam iidursn very truly, 

Prepté Secretary. 

toeton, Where 

Vb Png lene Mattal hife Ins. Oo, . 

Bande: Fe Stevnikhe, age , 

Nate A, ®, 
Mr v, Re “ha, 

Amergcan Waltham Wateh Co., 
Waltham, Mages Paw = nese, 

Dear Sirt- 

Your lmter of Cnty ‘Ibh to band, enclosing clamond 
splintee I heave rivon Nr, “allen the jnformet ton jn regard to 
them that you sponity in your Lihter. DL have alm reankyed 

mafl the oapphiren.s AB pranert I nea no Mason hy ws ctrmot vse 

the carnét for the bette Ye Ars) meacdinc them af promht thd are 
going to yut them rignt on to this phd noghphy mA Tv411 ne ehis 
to Let yo. know in & whiniti $300 wnacne? We shall veke tie thes 
permanent or not. In Fejara tin yor phonogtaph wattery, 1 4 rir 
the. ceure of +he wtteny play ini; ait of qith 4s the ‘fet that 

you have not got thode U4B Yovnber lige tat L spdké to yor . 

ahout in petwem the sorer Pitter. 1 here otam ad. the Prong seh 

works ¢ Odey to seni yo un tn neti aif athena, Yo role of correr 

s of hota pidek, nid abo Taw mat! Los 
i thd whtn you ho ye the 
WL wok we thor. 

plates, to full dtmr se 

to go in newear tie copper plabore 

aml lygs in ett dh the cotporey, gent hattory 
Sey trntly ae 

Date Ay LAB. 

J. Co Pnglish, "sqe, Manager, 
Patsen Phonograph “orks, 

Orange, Mo 7. 

Deer Sirs- 
Here is a letter fiom Mr. Connery, in regard to a 

phonogreyh for Prenident Diaz Wild you kintly let ne know what. 

is being done about the machine. 

Yours trolly, 

Private Saqret a’. 

Thoman, "utler, Meqo, 

#44. Wel) Sto, New York OLty. 

My Dear Sirt- 

I enolese herewith three (3) notes of the Padson 
Phonograph Yorks, at five months, for 45,000 arch, made payable 
to the order of themselyes, ant c-ointvarad gned by Hro Pdi gon. as 
President; so two. (2) notes of the Fdi aon Phonograph “orka, at 
four months, for $5,000 each, endorsed payable to the order of 

Thoms Ac Pal son, and ¢ dintersipned ‘w the lntter. None of these 

notver ero daterl. AL fad aaa Rea, AAG o- 
the (Past aihene the, hare V4 loa y tag rbK a, 

Yours very truly, 


be ey 

, adéla 

se Pa ? 

Octe 9, 1885, 

Qa, He Coster, Feqe, 
Meserse Trexel, Norgin & Coe, 

‘New York City, 

Dear Sirt- 

The enclosed form of assignment of qartain pesents 
to the Aus tralagian Fleotric Tight, Power & Storage Co., Ii't'de, 
was pont to Mr. Paiaon for his signrture hy Messrs. Vaterhoure, 
Winterhothan & Harrison, ofloninn. Knowing that you ate femiliar 
with the affairs of thisu Company, Hrs Faison would glad if you 

wold advise him an to whether 1¢ 48 al] right for him to sign 

the dog umesthe 

8 Senre tarye 

‘ apr ny eee 



Netay Ry Leas e 

Vresoerhkouy 4 




Net. 8 IEA. 


Par i se 

Aongt offer United States offisded alrsun 


owes Apoidea WIM acihadigieil obrinee eet meter a eae ieee Srectar S ee taaee 

2) aati 
Face i... ae 
Dove 9, 1ULO. He a 
Dany Mr. Nox, © . , | a 
a ce 
My, Kdieon reached hom on Sunday, and hen just fh Ne 
i 5 
raed yar latter of Nth dristant. i{ 
If ym have not puaoetded in obtaining an axpert in Nashvinie, ‘ 
it wa knot at ones Wa onan find a yourg ran who apeaka Spanier, 
mid get him ready for you in a very short tink, . 
Yours very trv’ y, 
Dvivyete Seqratery. 

¥dwin Me Fox, Faq-, 
147 Nassar Ste, New York. 

My Deer "re “onnary,~ 
Yow “instruments are going forward to-daye 
One of theno ip for President Diaz, to whom I heve diotnt et Aa 
phonogren, the text of which I enclose herewithe 
I truat that all vow mat oricl will reach you ofelys 
I heave civen ipsliniee sane at the Phonograph worke for all 

necessary supp lies to be inglude’ in your shiprents 

Yours truly, 

perenne meee 

Thope Ye Somerys FAGes 
a/a We Se Tapation, 

Oiay af Mexdao 


ae f 
gat rere 
| eee 

Note 9, 1869. 

Mr, % S, Tague, - 
‘ayloe'’s Hotel, Jersey City, 



Ny J, 

Dear Sirt- 
As goo an yo aro thigh wth the absquit on Which 

vetum to the Lahoratory for 

you are now working, I. want .yeu to 
Mr, Rion 

the purpore of retiAng up some phonpplex stations. 

1b potne to try some rew eile and give ua the: extra 50 niles 
in tength of oireyte in order to, cajfture those installations ot 

L eve yoru Ltvera of Hate Sih. 

Yours truly 

Vy s ty ie 
FE 5) 
~ ih, 
aN a: 
Sd cae 

Mats 0, 188%. 

General Porfirio Diaz, 

Prenident of the Repmblio a? Hexico. 

Denar Sirt- 

Upon the eve of the int voduetion of the siennehien to 
the poeple of tho Republic over yhich you so ably preside, it ns 
seemed to me a fitting prelimirary thet ita aoqaintumee wf mde 
by yourself, and I have, therefore, _faken the linerty to ser ym 
thragch my friend 1, Thornes Yo Comery, arechire for your om 

UB Eo 

This is the firat one of rv perfeeted ing martes to enter” 

the Republica of Mexieo, and in asking yout yind adcep temee of the 
game it is with the népe thet in ibs oppabilities yar rey fir 

not only pleasua tat that it may to some ertent sesist in bighto- 
ning the lanors of an office whore manifold dnties have rit. spor yet 
to he§ghton the esteem in witeh yqt are nerd fy the people of your 
ovn and other caunt riea- 

Lam, Near Gir, 
_ Yours very trunfy y 

rcnd Ay RHEIN 


Sate 9, 1889; 
Wo Fy Taylor, Mago, Nive O'p't,, 
Pennsylvanian Ro a. Company, 

Altoona, Pa. 

Depr “iriea 
Referring to your letter of 5th inntant to Mre Wo Se 
Loge, rhorein you speak of the aaiteel atta of the new tetter: 
Whieh you ‘ane trying, I desire to correat-a misapprehension whi oh 
yott have in regard to tho way which this tttery dqrecirtes. 

I onn best do this hy the Lollord. Ne diagram: 
Drister Va Ls C lage 

A pned life of Mallory * * awxddago 

You wll see from the mhove: that the whole of the RE EAC EONS 8 

teken place within 24 hours after the battery is set up, After Bi chs 

Which time it remains constant, ‘ving very repidly when exhaustion 
teken places L am very much gratified by the result of your tast 

meh indebted to ya for ae king att antiones 

and very 

Yours wah y at Be 
, rc Lg an 


25> tiie dame 

apecniares ee sgt. 

Neti 19, Yesor 

Captain Frandie I, Palmer, 

fs Messrse Frank & Du Rois, 
‘ #58 “iiiaa Sts, Mew York City: 

Dear Sire 

Mry Vdigen has redccived yow letter of 8th inst mt, 
and in reply dosires me to gay thati he ig very mui¢h interested 
in the proposed Internntion Bxpostition,; and will help in avery - 
Way possivle to make it a Biacéss. He BAY Bj ‘however, that it 

would be impraetfeahle for him to give to yow proposition the 

attention whieh would pe: necessary ith order to pro Miee the Light 
effects weigh you Biggest, for the réseon that the Fdison Uxbinit, 
will absory mont of Hig time ant wit? eal] for go mich of his 

Personal attentiori da to rrdelude his undertaking any oths wor): 

in connection with the Fairs 
The papers explanatory of your' préjec’s came to hana thi 
morning, and I am rotuning them: bi thig mati 
Thankins you‘on behalf: of Mr.° Naison fod having given‘ Hii ai! 
opportunity to examine’ your ylan 
I am: vor! truly yours,” i 
Private See retary, 
PO tina ig eto mente eee 

Mer, 19, 1eRy, 
John Py Spears, Nsq», 
Mditor's Offied of The Sin, 

New York Sty, 

Dans 3 4 rye 
Mee Fdinon hat reqnivred: vou loiter of 8th 
inetant-, enclosi ry one addragnod (10 yorr anal? fom Mr, Tote 
Ralph, endo he de sir dr wr to sty Jin reply that it wil glee him 
mich pleasure ta acdept the inwiteitdon to Aine with tna Ye). ove 

ereft Cluy on YWtodar Ue, 

Very triaks yas, 

Private Sagretar ye 


See ee = 
I TN ES ee a 



2 Set eee 


eee omen eee FS Um oR ge eg ER, “ST nme Saaremas XT Tom 

ee ee peae a nr 

Nets 10, 89. 

‘JI, T, Marshall, Maqe, ; 
Faison Jirenp Company, 
Harri gon, Ny 7, 

Deer Siyt. 
“ith referenoe to your letter of 9th inetant, requesting 

ma to emut over the packases of serhona delivered at the Labora 

tory by your massenger yonter fay and sign enclosed reneknt for 
sme, I heg to inform you thet heretofore it has ndt- heen OU ‘etre. 
tom to align receipts for fibres revezved from the Temp Compa ny. 

We have a book in this office in wich we regord thé packares or 
boxes as they com from your Company (apesifying the datos on” 
whieh thoy are roseivedt and retina), but with the contents of 
seme we @o not conaern our selyes. This fer this has proven a 
suf fieiant cheek thr all purponns, and we are of th® opinion that 
it ip mnneseasary for you to impos’ upon us the task of counting 
the fibres. I ean hardly believe. that you dxpeated np to const 
over the THIRTY TONSA, ROUR InNMRYD AN ELRIY tires, To tie 
lightning salevlators a} the Yap Horpany, Bitch a tas is perhrrs 
as easy as rolling off aA lo,, but tio as folk up here, life's too 
short feb an undertaking, the megrilitude of Which sinply appalis us. 

I endldse Hrravity ft Yet at pe or “tre pReknges received Cet. 

Sth, and Lridhinmh ca BERG apg ny LOuY messenwr to sign receipts 

Jo T. My wee 

for ALL pooknges delivered to him, we will in future receipt, for 
‘ thoge reasived from you, and vould megest that you sehd wth the 
boxea a fonn of ‘raneipt for our signature, 

I regret thet 1 ei wmable to infom you as to hom meyty 

fibres, nrc of what size, ware Feohived herve Ostoryer And. The 
. book ehows thet we reabjived one padkage ex'd one woo dm hiox, tmt 
what they contained I do not know. 

Please sond yur measenger to the Laboratory to-morrow (Fri-+ 

dey) morning. Thore will te a onefnge ready for him 

Vary tnily yours, 

The Eiulisony tuyap do., 

Neanrison, Ne. aw 

Soret tine ago we received from youl an Annealer for | 
inmidie purty oF Lamp, af which the fiven wore inperteet. “a gent’ 
the letgex ta the Yamp Go. for repairs, and ad yet they huve not . 
been “dsticnet.  %s are very mich in need of them ar present, m2 

w1Z he oly geil AS vou will send them te the Laboratory inpndiotely 

De qy Progate pared chout. 200 wires Por inhale murts, ant oblige 

Yours: truly ita ; 


Note ‘ BR. 

Messra. Dyer & Seely, 

40 Waly Ste, New York » 

Dear Sirs!- 

I endone herewith form of assignment of certain 
Gleetr te Lighting patents to the Aastrelian Fleetimio Light, Power 
and Storage Co., L't'd,, whieh Mr. Rdte@n haa signe’, I pubmite 
tad this coowmmt to Mr. 6, He Coster, ani I enel cae herewith o 
letter from It. Coster rel ating to the sume unler date th inst. 
WS22 yon. Kindly read the assignrent and advise us if Mre Madison's 
électrio roilway interests we mffiaciently proteated. Also if 
you'e auld give us any information in regard to the patents, Mre 

Edison will ve very mith oblige . 

Yorurs truly, 


Private Seqretarye 


ot. 12, 80. 

Hesarao Dyor & Sealy, 

49 Wall St., New York City, 

Dear Sirst. 

I endlose herewith the following French Patearte, 

grented to Mr. Mdisont-~ 

2 Phonoplex, 29th December, 1835, ant numbered 178,21; 
173,209, respedtively. 

1 Ore Milling, December 10, 1858, No. 194,681 

1 Pyro,-Mptor, Novanber 2, 1.887, Noo 187, 1A4. 
1 Pyro. Generator, Yovemter 2, 1887, Noo 187,125. 

2 Flectric Raklway, Novenher 19, 1887, Noe 187,087. 

Please nolnow ledge receipt of the above, am oblige. 

We have looked thrawh ow records, for French patent dated 
Dace 17, L867, on Muniaipal Unmp, but have failed to Pind tha 

Bam o 

Yours traly, 

Ppoomte Ssoret aye 

flats D-,. , 

Me 1, Ge Pnglish, Ten'l. ‘emcel*, 
Faison Phonograph “oxi, Orange & 

Ne J. 

Deg Sirte- 
L require another phonograh fr we in ny of fees 
M411 yor kindly send one qvar ah your necliest eonvenim oe, wil 

let ‘it be of the Latest types ev lag please nend cabinet sith Sto 

Yours tly, 

private) Sacre Wt Ye 

wee 7 NRE ee St 

Note 9, LeBO. 

My Depr Someryville,« j : an 


T have raaad ved your yory king lettar 8th ; 
instent, intorming m that the hoton Tub dashes to oxtend tn 
me certain hospitality itn the mera of a afrnear. 

"Yorn To acqiaint you with the stete af ry aystén yor wi92 not. 
be eurprisaé nor conai¢er mo wiorstetny for mv ire feerniet wher, 
T read your note, and I facl that To aah oaint with yout aged stemee 
in fevin; m from re tings with fn tate dt my om emuntry that x 
haraly escap ad while aleond « e the corgi ete Larnftion of ny inter 

nal epp arnt > 

Right duys on the oo#&h love. fallett ip vrepads thé armace 

dene to ry cigration hy a amida of Préenoh dimeérs ‘which it was | 
impose Lhie for m to neice Sere tip nirdly wd ats aes ything 

that waa set naforte ey Like # p'iain Arta Pi dey ear i zion, wr Io nave 

retuned o perfect. wreaks — i tosnincael ty Kheet avioltnt attack 

of gmt which wiht pro Hthly ta up in ade podedning eye tae 

row doerora wnt ding me nigh ont anys 

t+ is nea. ae mok of manlt that i ftdrke wet Cohan # yarn 

fayliy to abba Yann te doty ag Por f4s myn Tosant to er lint 


your sympathy md ga@ ya: to avtriin me a respite of at least a 
months unithl my prasont symptoms yiewy had time to aovelop. If 
Tt 5tils live nt the ont of that t ime will he glad to rapart to 
you upon my somdition andeonsinar further the nee @ tenae of the 

gonerais imitation of tha hotos ‘71. 

Sincerely yoarrs,-  ---e 

fo aa it Os. 


O04. 14, . 
Pagene “WLoedgond Yeano, Ban, 

a : * 

. Lal 
Sunday ! eareury, 

New York City, 

Dear Sirs ; ioe 

Mr. Faison has racetvad you lester of Ath instent, 
and it La nerdicas for me to say thet be in Acopity {nte rested tp 
the subject to whioh yar refer, Ila doen not think, hawewor, tras 
it willbe possible for hin to sive very rvek attention to the 
preliminary work aonmectad wit: tho nroporal Yapnsition of 1892, 
for the reason tat since hie raturn from Rupe he has eorrtn sed 
ancy Uno of experinat whigh he in following up might arf any, 
aw also bheanise the work comeetad with the premration of his 
On CARLIE will eonmume all the aprre time at hie diqosa. iin 
hes attendad one renting of the promoters of this Repoatt ion, nett 
they have doutless Lintend’a to hfs viawe upon the yenorel question, 
which ate now daing popularly is a Awad, 

Lome t nity, 

Prive Mare mys 

George My ifopkina, Mag., 
“Salentifig Amerioun, ® 

New York . 

Dear S{rie 

in reply to your leticr of Lith instan’, Mee Eaion 

wil! be pleaned to san vor nt the Jahoratery Twaduy nOxb ps rte 

Yares cede, 

Prive + Ney tarryd 

Note 12, BD, 

Se Be Naton, Maney 

LAD Arondray, ‘low Yor ’ 

Rear Sirte 

“42K yar kirely and a doxent pamphlet toples of dunt ine 
Bradley ‘is opinion, ar prepared ty you for the we of the Faiaon 
People, to the Laboratory, end oblige. This 4n response to yaus 
Xetter af 1th, inatant. 

Yours tmly, 4 

i ‘feate Yeereatery. 


Not. ¥, De 
hire “ey J, Mammer, . 


Preriny, Fronoe, 

‘Dem Sirte 

Nesara. Dyer & Saale are nor ig yan aix of my French 
patents to havea proof made of the ex: ihition in Franae of the 
inventions sovmred hy the fms. Thinemtter is very irportant 
and I desira yay to kindly give evory aed tenor to Measra, nyer 

ad Seoly's Agtnta dy Partin. 

Yours treeiy, 

be tenn * 
a gman 
~ a Fae 

Nose I, Bs 

My Dear Mev, = 

Here are a couple of letters from Mensra. Fs 
Zimer & Cos, £72 Jorgon Yall, Teniton % G, in relation to a mit 
which y 41 appear to have commenged against then in connsetion wi th 
aopying epparatus, These lettora hive never been anpyvared, and 
as the ructer seman to be somamhat importnt , lL forwnid them to 
you for euch nation as you conmidm Lt dvairahle to tikes. 


Yours $0 Why eh, PA ra 


Ae Be Dhek, Fayes 
New York City 

4 5 PD RANE STONY FERNY emery Dee pore nme ene nn on 

Note 12, 80. 

BQe» Trens'r'e, 


3. Rowland Hix, ! 

Orange Mendelssohn Unlen, 

Orang, Me ve 


Deqr Sirte 

lendose Wwrewith cheek for $12.%, in payment of 

anmial ‘dues as Aago ai ate Manor of the Orme Yemcelsechn Mnione 

King ly acknovlecge receipt, and old se 

Yeveten tritly, 

rey OE Seay 

BE ee 

Note 12, &. 

Se By Yat on, Nate, 

129 Srandeny, New Yor, 

Dear Sirsa 

You will rananter mentioning tome in your office the 
othor dey the matter of ranording on each phonograph the nowern 
of thé patent sumdar which the machine is gonstructed. You ex 
pressed doubt that thia had heen done. I have looked into tho 
matter, and find that every mohine that has heen sent out, With 
the exdept fon of abait 24 inatrummta, han had a plate nearing the 
date of oh of the WU. Se patents issued on tho phonographe The 
a4 veg tdnce Mead sand rad no pl ites on than. Seyeen af thor 

were sent out tefore the plates wera ieady, wet angravet on 3 

“body on cach inatrumont waa p record aimilar to that wH oh now 

appeern upon the pl stes. 


Pri y Seqrotar ys 

Thoren % Connery, Frq., 
c/o U, S. Tayatdion, 

City of “Maxd eo. 

Deey Sirt- 

L mg to confirm the following teLegrucs prod ved 

from sou and sent by mein 


THOS. A, TDISOAN, Naw Orieans, Do'te IP, Bio 
" Please helegraph me to Laredo, Texas, when 

mnchiner left. Te Be Me” 


oto 18, AP». 


T. Be SONPPRY, Laredo, Taxis. 
| "Machines shipped Walls Farge Pisgah et 

Sth instante ‘ty As Fe” 

f ve 

at ff % 

Youre Anily yy 7. 
Z fy, = Sait gt 4 
Pu - ie f af 

Nate iM, 89. 

Col. Geore M. Gorrand, 
Vittles Menlo, Upper No rwood, 

Surrey » Mnglend, 

Depry Sirs» 

I veg to corifirn the followins onhlegram sent yiar 
12th instant t- . 

"Have not yet reawived inalsrugtionn régerding 

shipment Denmark mehins;. We do not mike 

hand phonographs. Fadi aon" 

Yorn 4Huly, wo” 

_4 Lo 
a oe fy ; 


oe + 


Nate 14, 80. 
Mr, We 7, Nanrer, 

Paria, Frimoe, 

I weg to confirm the following bahlegran 

re aaivad from you to-day!» 

"Fdinwirys exhibition mrt troethirds exh ivit 
for six months wil) ae] Sver in New York at. 
blonn all expenne two ow mn Cormission will 
deliver in Santiend ene war quick. t will make 
contract they errange tHith Gourd for phenn~ 

crayhe Hafmer,” 


Oot. 14, 2. 

Lloyd yea, Tag es, 
Morty Ame rLean Riview, 

New York Sity. 

Daar Sirs. 

T mg to omfirm tho fo 19 odin telegrann ro geLondt 

Lrom yew and nent hy ome tomda re 

"EU yor oxplitin in tnroe or four Hundred worde for tho 
noe, North Ant'r£can Review thi? mean-e of avaiti ng she 

am xrs trom lectric wirgs Lin mr rtreete? Lf desirad 
PELL cond ntenographer. Anawer pein. TLoyd ‘Arve a” 

“When raat article %e prapored’! Pain. ° fl 

"Thursday, fy unless we oa hiwa itchy thm, it arn't 

spo in next mpher, ani efter {that the public will :pye tre 
yly have fornneten too mich aut the cirmmsonner.|to 
give full weishe to even your word. “Shell. -zend Sharoge 
rey hor? You a. ald aietate ta him, ‘fort hough I. ghar oo 
ploasod ‘ta bevit @ long: .catticlb, apace or -Ro WER) “yA mete 
fieiLont. “Hdittor, North Ame Thaview. * : 

“I willerita dt ryeelt ant on! dt over, MDISM" 
‘“vany *sruly yore, fea 


ele, SME Oe wk ; 


Not, 15, BO. 

Aw h Dier © Oe, 

32 Literty St.. New Yorr City, 

Dear Sirgt~ 
Will you please send to tho Laborstory wt your — ; 
enrliext convenimes, one (1) HIMROGRAPH, oonplete, with roll a, 

ink 4ae, fae Pleane include a supply of the prepared yayer inte 

sary for making type-wiritten copies. 

te, Rrivske Saaretam). 
; | 

me tee ee ae wlan 4 nya wef ge 

Nets 15, 1389, 

Maserog Marming, Maxwell & Meora, 

New Yor. Mitys 

Dear Sirg? o 

Pleano furnish to o- fretory ut Silver Jake, Me Ts 


one (1) 0 horse power Upright Yotllér, with 47 feet of amoxe attek, 

at seme prise an furnidhed before, Tat ws kus how soon we nan 

expent those. 

Yourg truly, — # ; 

Nets 15, Bq 

Pleane finish to our faatory at Silver Jake, %%. Je, 

New York Citys 
one {1) ton horse powar Upright Frngine, complete, eme an finished 
Yours terily, 









i > 










to or factory lest Inne. 

Dew Siruie 

- George re 9, Nav idson, Naq., 
Carlton Club, Pall Mali, London, S, W. 


Dear Sirte 

With reference to your letter unter ade 80th Ay st 
last, Mre Mdison regrets tint hin stay in Torvion wan ton wief to 
perm* of his heving an interview with yar. 

Mrs "dison did make e fer fundemerte) experiments in cone 

nection with aerial navigation, yt had to Fu ge nl thin line of 

experiment in farar of more imps rhant work requiring hia attertion: 


‘Yours very Gy “a et 
% 4 Ss fa é rD 

are tRI'ye 

4 /. MW oy 4 buy 

Ns Cer eg 7 tee t, 

Ah Cowanh Cf, de 
Ze x 
Zi, r.47, 

hh, re 00s grove: Ctche 1 lant” Y, Ax ad OC See p20 

tale COL Be eres vi rOsy a aaa Cll rere LO > og. ele ‘le ty 
Cchvercdll ‘al Satperbek “a ‘s 

eee FO-22 SONY: al yur avez ler 

ry A Cengage prance. wale, 

frm buaty Y 
Cetin + Voyfy, ba 

é Ricn® 

ok era Dp 2tVarly, 
Av tht 4 

Ooh 17 Ey 

GF epi Patten af 

“4 tf by tly ; Greed, 

prea Gols 

} fs 
LO tard aa i 
(inks few , fateh hth ove AVt[Kr “Ye 4 
ee, I hey ho eda une? ee SE id =? 
fp g 
Chuae rb fe h, de melte li aay h the 
Colracw ow toll rd. , Sey 
wer" Pr. alte ah Dats or f ay 
ade seiy £ af od, Ta 1 Patemal fans we we aes jag i “x 
» a [Je 4 of e “ Se : pe wo «SON 
. fi : y . Ondoags ” . @& ages Nae 
« fhe ia tf ” C m Tetati21o0an 
Lous = AAnll Oe oa ee sthak, be ie three nile are 
duc oh Ye Shuid hateinal aud Bowl onee tere ah 
hational fav, 

khe Prony 

ae i Uaaaiph 

Oote 17, 

Tease He. Vippinaott, Maqe, , 

160 Broadway, New Yorke 

Dear Sirt- 

I reg to confirm the following tal agram seri you 


"Pxper imental machine finished unc turnett 


over to fretory last night. It’s a dairy. 

Fal sone * 

Yours truly, 

Date 17, 8M 


St Nonis Rxpornition, 


Dear Sirs= 

I veg to confirm the following telegram stmt yO 

toed ay Se 

*Phonogrems heave en sent dy exprean.” 

Youre tmly, 

C ¥pet Corkeelers oC Dd 

Cre fens Many: un roperte ce 
ote yine’t Ciel « Se ee & arn alles GS 22d 

a ae 

MO-Gad Cong. tr Thre Kix 
z frac the ~ 

Valo Shee avenCe) Gc Comspe Cle 
Cisne thee 

ua wot ¢ Cor vel the NMawh alti, Cn 
e : ‘Sere ow 
cape el C: 

reuse ( " can cade 


(. whe Py irene Rowe 


VET. rials ta. va 

eine sa. as 

eb ieee teeta 



cule | Chon { 


AD va ey 


ee as 4 calc. pt. .- tt Veo 4 i 
eS, uC. ww (40€, Shi; Cota se ti nt a ne 4 
worthy IRew ip oe ec wae at LCC poet tare i 

beg hate. 

ae at 


Aelia ; 

Sits Ax aa 



Mec Heoeomnsns a. 17, LABS, 
Nant Motel, 

Mirmearelipsy, Mirzte 

Raison light ourrent phonograph works on any Fadaon ginatit with 

six~tenths amperes 

Thon, Ae Mdleons 

Oot, 18, 90, 

Dre J. Stiekler, 
Youns Men's. Shyriatian Association, 

Orange, Ne J, 

Dear Sirt~ 

Mr, Fad eon hen asked re to sand yar the end. onad 

check for me Thndred Dollars, hin wuhseription to the 1%. Me, Ae 

Kindly aeknowledge ‘yaonipt of same, avi: oblige 

Yours truly, 

hk at ; ; 
Private Searetanys 

Oct 4 18, 1880, 

Mriy! ly As Whiting, 

Word Brook, Me ‘In 

Dear Madame, = 
Mrs Hadatn has veotived your letter off liith indte, 
and in reply ic has askisd me 6 semi ya. the enclosed) eee ‘olilar 

bill, the same to be ayplied for tlhe bonefit of tte Nef arama 
Ohureh of 5 your City. 

Private Socretury;. 

eae | Rat, “it os 
lo ub The Che keke, ae —prpas Cats 
Qok Rue G~ ha- (An ting = 

Paint leads ~The hus ne ug Ou f- ae | 
OCC ecaned ce Me Reed ae ge O clan d- Ah. a, Wer f 
G@uu_alire . % “ee fife 7h os Tut hom: 
gel) fro-or ees yr - Lies Onpe, lobtioN | 
jfliwe. PY Seat. Pr Tee Lites alantey 7 
“Yh aera The Cortes ley e Qe. boi Mee 
tes atl See CML: Sheng tHe the Lote ig ofj | | 

We thwtese oF Lisanne gx. Wa} 
Prop net Ha i~- he Leg Lar ae Cha ioe” nas | 

Uhe-o pe tihaoe: tz ol Bee tn ee 



ete tee | 

2% ma Ce ke, He 

ee ee 

thea Th 
OM arate a 

Ahe ope ee 

Ake ae Pee gee Te ss ii a ‘ 
5 Core vey et <— 

L G 
(Fz) SOLD 
Ae onrucat” Gar e* oS 

p— ele eae il fae eS 

Tred Bat 

eel ae ‘ 

[f ee a) 

= a 

Aa Be Dick Company, 
152 = 154 Loke Streot, 

Chicago, Is, 

hear Sirste 
I beg to acknowledge, with thanks, receipts of your 
cheok No. 148, Dr $540.07, in payment of Mimoograph royalty for 

querter ending Srd Soptenber, 1889» 

Vory truly yours, 
toe ees 

Eee a a ee eS ee a 

Oct, 10, 80,! 

Mossroea Weyher & Richemond, 

Now 60 Route d*tAuborvilliers, 

Pantin (Sein), France, 

Dear Sirsie 

_ Tt beg to confirm the following cablegyam semt you 
18th instanti- 


“Proposition your letter September tenth acomted, Tor= 

ward drawings at ‘once and hasten patterns. Pleaso matl 

“photograph three hundred horse pover triple expmsicn, 

How soon could yo deliver a ‘three hundred horse power 

triplo expansion ecxgine at Havre for shipment to America? 

EDIS 0 Nef 

Yours very truly -: 


wn ee 


Oct. 19, 39. 

Mire E, W, Clarke, 
Machinist, 31 Vella St., Hartforé, dom, ; 
Dem. Sirt- 

We understend tint yat nake miehinery for covering 
wires with insulation, Please sénd us circular of sane, and cleo 
spooify what pressure can de used in the machine to mut such 
savoring on. “he purpose for which we want to use the wachine, is 
for sompressing some material, am we should Like to know if you 
think it will answer that ptr poues It is for small pieces, and 
the moterial that they are pressed from is in a plastic atates 
Please ensver imnediutely, and oblige 

Yours t.uly, 


By “orc t- Se Vl 8 

Gdisk 16 wey -— 

See CW Mephine 
samen Pr) 
Mydendin, a 
WHR mang hanks Lacknoukdge Re neceipl: > 
of qour dork on Expemmental detence. . 

Seneetme Is ony hat Qa te practice? 
chancslie of thr Kgsicol Appoictais, thie ceanmee of ho dencuspliie 
ws and ati‘onkee fredow from Walematizo, aera he werk o 
Vatae vn ng rnd aupotion 1h deny ther work on Elementary Pkaeice 

4ebich J am aware 
Jory Too, 
paren, ey 
ae AEthson er 



ng ETT 


- <a 
ee a el 

Baivaatl De Adams, Esqe, 

‘lesstise Winslow, Lanier & Coe, 

New York Gity, 

Dear Mr, Adams, « 

IT have received your letter of 16th instant, 
accompanied by a map of Buffalo, This wap does not give me the 
information which I with to obtain. Thwve a siificiertly accuk 
rate luca of the totet amount of power which is used in Buffalo, 
and what I now wezt to find out is, hoy this rower is distributed ~ 
that is, tha Location and size of the ee units, I think I 
could get this from an insurance map, if you will obtain one for 
NlSe fn avking a business plan, if is necessary for me to have 
cohmergalial data, 

fours tooly, 

a Osea Ss 1m 
é Reeatet fe ne 
i ee ye eee 
“ pe Mute? by ALO ass 
— . ae et oan aN 




Saga Shen tg SBAM Rage ygerea Fisoste tance eenaine o 
a Sei 

Octe 21 


9 oe 

4ntworan, Belgium, 

My. Edison has veecived Your letter of 8th instant, 

‘Yeiosing a list of questions asked by Mr. J. Obozinaky. He 

fave ting ke cannot work this slas. of ore with 9 machine similar 

to the one at the Paric Exposition. but he hac another machine by 

wich he sould take all the iron ovt; of this ore by heating it 

chightly after it is resueed to por ier, Iwill write you furthor 

upon the matter when the sample whicsh you have already shipped 

reéches us. 

Yours traly, ~ oe x 
whe ‘ 
? me Privote Secretary. 


oom am 


Oot, 21, 1889, 

Elliott Cones, Ksq., 
1726 N, Street, Vashiington, 

Dd C. 

Dear Sirs 

| The statement made in the clipping from tho NEV YOsK 
TRIBUNE, enclosed with your letter of 16th instant, to the effect 
that Mr Ndison is a member of the Aryan Theosophical Society, is 

not true. 

Very truly yours, ” / ,,- 



wt. Orns 

Oct, 21, 1889, 
Messrs! Woyher & Ric hemona, 
50 Route d'Aubervilliors, 

Pantin (Seine) France, 

Dear Sirst= . : 

I have confirmed elsexnore 

my telo gram to you under 
date 18th instant, 

accepting proporition kontained in your letter 

undor date Septenber LOthe I nowy beg to confirm your ‘reply as” 

follows: i 

' “Fai sons inmediatement dessins modeles photo~ 
sraphies Livrerians mivchine (300) chevaux . 
triple expansion D expiosition fin Novenibre 
Havre quiarmte cing mille francs ¢.ond ensenur 
complet huit mille fraines. WIEYHFR,* 

This messago seens to have htren somewhat mtulated in transe 

mission, I understand fron it thot you will mke immedi at ely 

drawings, models ani Photographs, land that you em deliver a 300 

horse power triple expansion en 
Yo wear feurkariygys tes sPerne ae. 

Live thousand francs 

gilne at Havre for the sum of forty- 

vr eee vhs, rey : . 
" Kindly corriet me it thia interprotstion is 

I believe that I sinlz po indtyruma ted in obtaining for you 

‘ & Lew good orders for engines in London, 
In rogaiw to Payment for the drawings aml model 

§ which you 
are preparing 

for me in aecordemce with 

your letter above re ferred 
“bOy yore may dray 

upon me at any time in payment for the 

8e on 
Drexel, 1 

forgan & Co., New York City through Messra, Drexel, Narjes 
& S0., Paris, 

Very truly yours, 

¢ W/3 . £ : , 

‘ ‘ ef qf fpr , 

ate paws Ae CM K | : | ‘ 


oF Cool ) Gf Yow. Ko pee 


A, Aer (yr i A ies lv fe tha re J 
‘ ; ae 7 
Ce pew Ke Dir LF 


Ga "fy nane fh Aba; 

re ie he tA oe 


Pe 4 

es ee 


Qote 21, 89. 

Bugone Crowell, Esqe,. 
#14 West 34th Strect, 

Nev York City. 

Replying to your letter of 14th instant, I do not 
~ understand how any of is interviews with myself could have Bgiva 
ary one the improssion that there was danger cormected with’ Low 
tension currents onipleyed for electric lighting » In all these 
interviews I have simply seiieaseod high and Len tension systems, 
The most complcte interview you will doubtless have soen in 

yesterday's WORLD. 

Yours truly 2, 

Oct. 21, 89, 

. Thoms We Knox, Rsqe, Secretary, 

Lotos Club, 

New York C.itye 

Dear Sirs- 
. Mr. Edison has received your lettor of 15th instant, 
in which you ask if it would be agreeable for him to xscops the 
hospitality of the Lotos Club on the 23rd Novomber, He desires | 
me tO say in roply that it will give him great pleasure to accept 
this very kind invitation. 

ij Yours truly, “7 

Private Secretary. 

Oct, a, 80; 

Messrs. Dyor & Seely, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirsi~ 

With veference to the form of assignrent which 1 


forwarded you the other day of enrtain patents of My, Fdisou te 

the Australian Electric Light, Pinver & Stompge Cos, Lit day WALL 

you kindly send the document ovoit to Major Baton, tio who I eve 

writton on the subjezt.e Also, kin@y send Xafor Fakon wre Cestous: 


Yours truly, 


PrivateSecre tary. 

Oot, 21, 89. 

Major S. Be Eaton, 

320 Bremenay, Naw York Citys 

. . Messrs. Dyer & Seely will sohd you, at my 
request, a form of ussiemment a desen: of Hr, Edison's patente 
to the Austral, ian Klectric Light, Power & Storajt Coe, Lt, his 
document van Sruanied to Mr, Coster, whore lether am the aubfent 
will accompany it, and after the receipt of ir, dhiieenm exo 
cated the anatgment. I believe ‘tmt the egal] repreucnintines of 
tho AuStralian poole in London, hlessrs. Waterhouse, Winterbotham 
& Harrison, are anxious to receive this assignumt, and it iow only 
velmains for you to pass Lineal judgemmt open wt vight to the 
poatonts in question in accordance with the agieement entered into. 
between that Comp any al Hr. Hdiswon, coples of which yar cim ob-= 

tain from My. Coster. 

Veiry truly yours, s 

Why dean We ChLta. 

Neue necdwecd your Bites of tO faitzecr~ 

previwue. engaqementpreus! 

Morand, CStshus FU he oma naqndt eucead 

keer wy ceed ptciites of Hue hence 

é , 
i\ 3 

serene (5 WSS NEB ERG RTE CSE eT 


OCte 21, 80.0! 

£ . 
i Tho Edison Phonogreph Toy Mitte y Sompa ny , 
: ; volt 

05 Milk St., Boston, lags, 

he : : 


Dear Sirs. 


; - T beg to confinm the following telegram sent yaa 

\ * to-dayte | 

; “I urderstand that the elegtion of Mx Benjmin 

| Fe Stevens to the office or President is desired 

by a “numb er of those interested jn your Company, . 
and I desire to say that it wioalda give mo great 
personal satisifaction i My Stevens were to he 

elected to this office, u 

{ : 

é Very truly yours, 


a aa ees | 



Mayo CY Ld Buaesg 2 

Miron Chanugecgl Poy TL aoe Coe, 

U5 WAL ie, Bort, hoi. 

dopy Shtee 

Theve your detter of itth dneiom intordina moe that ‘ 
wm the armel reotias of yay Cormpary bold we Portia Ocve ith, 
Towas oleetei a Director, Thie Letter inte inilieasa AY aeneiie 

tenes of this office. 

Vory Gry yor, 


_ a 



Tote NR eR eI ty 

Ty Me 
* * ® 
VOSA Vite Ubevonty 9 ' 
, * Thave veiw Letter of Both instam. Tf 

thoeb the potiness to be tyratageted at the meabing of Pe 

ef ths Toy Fhonezve-h Conpuny on Vadnesday nowt: Wwe 
s oy? Aes A er 
the eleet Sn tot OL es or se T handed your Latter waiter 
‘ . Py ~ 
rly to wn. and he eukes we to talesrrgph the Commony 

to tne efices that it would sive him pre 

Moyen vere ehoated ta the efitiae of Prev 
; ‘ one tt 4 ttre “Wey he 
HHia artornoone indy Lat cae snow chen you WELZ be in Nar Yorry, 

aro iP you have not an oporienity to ean e@ ont to the Labora. ory. 

Iwill go and see yma 

sig a eg Vases 
OA GBS Esq. ’ 

Mubiel Lise 

“ Bontan, 


Oot » eA So, 

Souok Inesdl, sae, 


MOLL Ste, Herr Yort, 

Deur Sirs 

Raferoing to the attached comas Tondenes, whieh Mr, 
Eeisin hes read, the ietcer agrers with ya that it vould mot -bs 
ut ull to the interest of our business to send complcbe details 
of our machines to educational inst itutions, 


Yours truly, 

ic *« ea 
2 TAA 
oes et 
ee eee 



remy DMs 
barney’ aie kaeeiacn 

hyn TOP IM WPI yp pomy weak 4 an 

At (rp 1 @ 2 


bsfiyey oy. dew Peep iss ate 
Sire aay : | 
Mp ear WPI IY meh yor’ a 
Mage ae ee re ee :-f 
"Ede Ypuergy Se ome mr 

: ; Bas ATO C yo ‘ar 
ERE PAG as ng, 



| ; lve i, ned At Vag De Se 
i eae ke 



Ae horr yr 


i AIfle Fay 

ALCO Eb wr re 

“hh eer 

AN? ru > a, 

Yr £2. ~~ ws Ut. 

Oct. hey 89, 

Nel. Snith, Esq., C, tT, De, 
New York, New Haven & Hartford R. R. Ooo, 

New Havon, Conn ® 

Deer Sirt= - 

Mr. Edison received your phonogram in goou condition, 

and at his request I am sending you by this mail, under another 

cover, copy of our "Ingepector's, Hand. Book for the Phonograph, " 

containing, suggestions in the. operation of the instru~ 

ment Se, &0 By following the instructions.contained. in this fi 
little book you will be able to obtain the best results from the . mere 

’ phonograph, and perhaps be able away with the hard scraping oak 

sound of which you complain in your phenograms 
Referring to your, letter of 21st. instant. addressed to myself, 

Mrs Edigon is at present oxperimenting with the phonoplex, with 

the view of improving the system... When he has comluded his ex~ 

perim@nts -I will conmunicate with you, ard I hope then to be able 

to Biseions all the aiffioulti es which you mention | 

Yours truly, 

Private Sgerotary, 



Octse 24, 89, 

Messrs, Wasmnsdorff & Hoinomam, ° 

Chica’g Ds “Tls,° 

Dear Sirs:~ 
Mr, Edison has read your etter of 9th instant, ani 
“has asked’ me ta thank you for the “somes He believes that the 
-esteb Mshment of an institution of the kind which you mention 

would be appreciated: By the American public And that it would be 

a sidcess. “His experimental: work; however, obsdorbs to mich of 
his time, it woald te impracticable for him’ to give the matter 

mich attentions 

Yours truly, 

sa Private Secrethrys as 


A. B, Dick Company , 
32 Liberty Streot, 

Now York Citye 

Dear Sirge 

In reply to your letter of loth inst +> Wo have suc~ 

ceeded in getting vory good results fiom tho. Lype~wrator 

mont of the Mimepgraph recently recéived Avm 


you, atl dd not think 

it will be necessary for your Mr, Howledn to visit thé Lehoratary . 

Thanking you for your kindness 

We arey yoors trily, 
Edison Laborat ory 




Thonas Be Connery, Esqe, 
c/o United States Legation, 

City of Mexico. 

Dear Sirti» 
. > 

I beg to aonfLirm rocoipt of 

Oct. 24, SO. 

the following telegram 

signed *“Oommery-Fox," addressed to Mre Edison, and received 19th 


"Concessiion beyond doubt. 

treadle machine compl ce. 

The treadle machine was shipped to you 22nd instant.’ 

Yours truly, 

Express instantly 


Private Segretarye 


i. Cone 


rt a ee 

Ost, 24, 89‘, 
ey Ae Tuttle, Esqe, Gen'l, Sup"t., 

North American %o2, Coinpary, 

Mimoapolis, Mirhy 

Doar Sirs 

Your letter of 16th instant. Has beon duly récetvod: 

Mre Edison ig at presont oxperinenting ith the phohoplex, 
with the view of Giving us 50 miles oxtra on a straight ciredtit: 

he. is also gottirng Up a Mepoat er! for us; which will make the 

distance over which we cen operate braétioglly unlimited: “We 
expect that these exporiincits will 1% Fintdned in tho coufie of 

& couple of Tomes and ag your circuit is tho long as to mate it 

doubtfal whether we could Operate it succesfully, wo think it &) 

: ar : 
vould be very meh better to defer Mr, Loguls's visit ta you until oats 

My Edison. haa finished his: work, 

We would then be ate to take 

hold of the matter wit 

heyery prosyeot of cre ying it taveagh suc- 
censfully.. This in ow’ 

opinion ig praferab'le to somnencd ng now 

with. every Prolability of crtowitaring dii'fi-ar 

Ities which we Would 

be: unable to overcome, 

Very tridy: ydlars 

Oct o Py, 89. 

Ba Me Sperry, Ksqo, Acsociate Editor, 
Atlantie Publishing & Ingreving Co., 

49 & 51 Chambers Sto, New York. 

Doar Sirs 
I bog to advise you that Mro Edison does not 
desire his picture to appear in the "Fnoyclopacdia of Contemporary 
Biography of New York," which yer Jommany is mw publishinge 
Iwill révise the aetvh of Hr. Ndieon's life that you left 

at the Luboratory, am send it to yor in the course of a few days, 

Yory truly yourd, 

Yrivate Searetary, 


Oath» Rhy 89. 

He Me Hobby, Hsqe, 

#718 Broadway, 

New York Gitye 

’ Denr Sirs- 

“Y beg to advise you that Mra Edison's cheek for $50,.00 

on account o i tickets for New York Tol-qsraph’ Operators Ree @tion, 

was duly forwarded to Mr, E. i. Lane on tha 15th instant, and we 

‘are in possossion of the New Yo Telegraph Oper+tora’ rocaipt. for 

same, Bigned par Ee H, Lanes. 

Very truly youre, 

“ee 4 ae 
: iy 

Privato Secrets 


aa bor 

Oot, 2h, 8a, 

Vdison Phonograph Work, 

Orange, Ne Je 

Dear Sirss= 
We this morring trananitted to you by tolephon? 
the following oahlogriam whieh was received from Mtre Hianmer, |Paris, 

22nd instant:~ 

” > 

“Send fifty knives, forty pocorder points, Pitty 

roproducer dia ph: aging .* | 

Yours truly, 


By . 

Sdore tary d 

Octe 24, 6, 

We Je Honmmer, EQ es 

Paris, Frances 

Dear Sirs» 
I beg to confirm receipt of thd following cablegram 
received Lx0m you 22nii instanti~ 
“Send fifty knives, fort} recorder points, 
fifty reprothis er ddaphrtyms .* 

Yours traly ’ 


aa an . é oO 
x wh Fa y 
LAPS ras a, nr ne 

‘now name a day when it would bo convenient for him +o see yourself 

Oct. 24 » 896 

George Ey Holbrook, Esqe, President, 
New York Telegraphers' Club, 

195 Broadway, New York:. 

Dear Sirte 

Mr. Mdison hns received your telogram of 22nd instant, 

asking when it woald be convenient for him to grant an interview 

to yourself and Vite-President. 


Sinte his réturn from abroad Mra Edison has -beon very busy 

ci mosing of work that accwmlated during his ebsence, and he has 
been compelled to deny himself to everyone. Besides, just at ; 
present he is not fedling very well and is considerably ‘under 

the weathers Und@ir these circumsteénces he regrets that he cannot 

and Vice-Presiderit, He deéires me to say, however, that as soon 
as he fecls well. ho will let you know and will then make an ap= 

pointmont « 

Yours truly, 
oa ‘s 

SRE oe ae 
PCa ea 

ss Vote’ Rhy 894 

Messrs, Goorgp L, English & Coy, 

1512 Qhastmit Ste, Philadolphia, Pa, 

Dear Sirs= 


With reference ‘to your letter of 2ist instant, jiast 

at present Mr. Edison is very butiy and ho haa not tim to conpider 

the matter of purchasing Mr. Kuns's dolloction, le woukg be very 

pleased, horover, so receive a detailed description ef it, which 

he would examine at the firet opportunity. 

Yours tutly, 

ON meee, 

tome bed) 

Private Secrbtury.. 

s ay 


Ki. ee 


Ont. 24, 89. 


eta aoe 5 

Mre He Ay Parry, 


Mytropalitan Iuseun of Art, 

Now York.. 

Dear Sirsa 

In reply to your letter of 21st instant adttrepsed tz 
Kr, Edison, asking if cleetricity cam actually be stored, woul? 
say that an eloctric current is passed through o stormse battery 
for the purpose of charging it. Tt selibieus in tke batttery a 

chemical action or state which ofterveriis results in a flow of 

atored, but th practical efivet is thy sar as though it were. 

- . $ 

Yeurs truly, 

Private Seoretarye 

ae sy. 

Oote 24, 1889. 

‘ Mr, Horry Frasicr, 
504 Hancock Street, 
Brooklyn, Ne Ys 

Deer Sirs 

Mr. Edison has read your Ictter of 22nd instant, and 
he has instructed né to plince your name on tho iLehevratory pay roll, 
for the next six months, at the rete of Six Polllore per week, com 
mencing Saturday next, October 26th, This ancunt will bo for- , 
worded to you every Saturday, ara if yo should change your ree 

sont address, please advise us, so that the monty my not’ miscarry. 

Very truly yours, 

Oct 25, 89. 
He Me Tivor, Esqe, Geni, Manager, . 

New Jersey & Pemsylvania Conoe@trat ing Works., 

19 Dey Sta, Now York Citya 

Dear Sir: 
Your letter of 24th instant, enclosing pupers relating 

to the purchase of the Benfield Irom ore PY opor ty, 

has bem duly 
received, and Tam returning you herewith etter: fmm Raton ‘and 

Rewis ani Mr. H, We Bland. Tho comtracts, which were Quly siemd 

by Mra Edison ana acknov led ged before Notary Public, I hetve sent 

by special messenger to the County Clerk at Newark, for the pur» 

pose of teving him certify to the Notary's Signature, ani as _s0-on 

as the documents are completed, the ne ssenger will proceed to New 

York and deliver them to yourself, You will lave become possessed 

of them before this letter reaches yim. 

Youre truly, 

frivate Secretary, 

Oct» 25, 1.880:, 

Dear Sir John,~ : 

During the past few voyks there has bem caqin~ 
Sidevable @jiscussion in the American pres 0: the dangers of high 
tension cprrents, ani Imowing that you aro interest cd iim “the subs 
ject, Mrg Edison hay asked m to forsand te you extras Cuan ‘the 
daily popers bearing upon the above subjects These I am sending 

under separate cover, awl trust they will rerek Yon smiylyn 

Very trmily yours, 

Privat. Sebretary. 

Sir John Pender, 
Eastern Telegraph Con, 
Winchester House, 11 Old By ‘pad St., 
London, Er wglend, 

Ott. 25, De 

Mra Philip S Dyer, 

Antverp, Belgium 

Dem Sirt« 
I veg to confirm the foll:oving ciblasram sent you 
DYER, ANVERS. . Gvitober, 25, 1880. 
. "Hope Lalande is peid ap, Meplye* 

Yours truly, 


ne arte 

Octae 25, 8g ry 

Gustave Stromberg, Faqe, 
Westman Furnace do,, 31 Broatl Bte, 
New York, 
Dem. Sirs~ ‘ * 
) I bog to confirm the following telegram sent you 

“Mre Edison will be glad to seo yoursol? and 
Mrg@ Westman to-day, to-morrow or Mondnye” 

Yours tmiy, 


Private Secretary. 

6 ApNt4-SADOK 
WYOSS TOP] SZUsrQ ott zo Ioquoyy ofut ooSsyY 
stsonp Temite so yUNoUE *oo* srg 1g ropa 


=ssTs <B2eC 

er *y fesuet9 
Suotun UYOSSTEPUei asuTcig 

tex, seory S*bsq ‘xtH PuaTHOU °L 

"6s *¥e °420 

at ae nt ae rnd Zane Saas 



Oot” 25, 800 

Mee dames I, Kelly, 

19 Dey Ste, New Yorke 

Dear Sirt- 
As a proliminary to the preparetion of a catalogue of 
the nev batteyies which the Edison Matutaetuming Company is about 
to plsse on tho market, I desire to obtain oapicn of all the cata~ 
logues which aro issued relative to ere already in the mar~ 
ket, and most of whith I believe qe he found in New York. As 
soon as possible vill yon kindly collect these and forward hiv tio 
m at the above address, We are anxious to start this battery 
business at the carliest possible moment. . 
Yours troly, 

We MoM. Speer, Esq., Socretary, 

The Comnittee for the Interiationsl Exposition of 1892, 

Mayor's Offiae, City Hall, New York City. 

Dear Sirs 

I enclose herewith elheck to your order for the sum 

of $537.63, in puymont of ny proportion of the $100,000 ‘to he 

subscribed by the members of the Woneral Somitteoe for the Inter- 

national Mxpo sition of 1892, Kindly acknowledge receipt of sam, 

and obligo | 

Yours truly, 


Ses ere ec 

Oot. 2, B04! 

Hy My Livor, Esqe, 
19 Doy Shay Now York, 

Derr Sint. 
My, Hdaieon bys read vour lotter of 
24th instert, in romrd to some expioriments 

vhioh yar Hideto recently at Bethtellsville, aim ™! 
has noted the vasults obtained, He sayh that 

he wilt spoak to yar himecl? in remrda to this. 

Yoars truly, 

Private Sdo ty. 

ew be 


Octa 25, 1 



Mesers, Dyer 

Li Styevt 


40 We. 





De & 


order for 

k to your 





L enclose 



rendered by yvoars:lves ageirst. the 


iL de 

account of b 


Phonograph Compary o! 

Treasurer ed 


Osta 26, 1930, 
«tf | 
Gy He Speirs, Heay, 
| : Ven Nostrand Oarqpary , 

| Dewy Sirte 

I wnt a chart of th: Niagera River from Diffale to 

the Falls, giving information in detatk ehout the width and depth 
of the river, speed ot flow, qolis- gical, amt mineralogical formation 
Q of the barks &a, &O a! Pleoge initomn mF a& sddn as possible as 
i to the price of maps and ho ake TALC ih ye cap fig nish on this bubs 
i Yeuivs tunty y 

oy “fs ihe . 

23 taway Stv, New ‘fowl Citys 

Oaty 26, 899 

My Dear Dick,~. 

Tam sorry ya's I havo been ‘irable to mie a 

by to-day, 28 you desired. It ine 


settLanent of your account 

veives an ayrang em mt with the Ndi on Phono grap Wor ka which is 

jast about porfected aml wine! “ili not delay the matter very moh 

longere You can feol angared. that I will push it through with 

all possible specde 

‘In talking with Nre Baier sn the other day about ow forcign 

ari in the course of con» 

business, he mentioned the Miy:eographs 

versation aske d we about the (ales over there ond what I considered 

the -r oyalties work amount t Oe I asket him if he had ony under= 

stonding with you in regard ‘bo royaltios, and he said that the 

general arrangement under whieh you gore solling machines covercd 
the foreign 8s well as the acy mest ic pusine Ss « Thereupon T dropp ed 

the sub jott, 50 thet I might shave an opportunity of conmilting you 

and rolicving 2 impression ‘which I md forwed bub whi ch I did not 

wish +0 comminicate %O Mre Edison without farther gnvestigat ion. 

You will remember tht ‘you ald I had some 1itul ¢ conversation with 

regard to Mre Udi ton’s goyal ty on Mimoographs sold abroad, while 

pit we did not pursue + ho matter very fars 
’ 4, 

we wore in Turope, 

Wil. yor kindly inform wo if Mre Edison's account is being 
credited with reyalty ob your foreign tales, the same ao on 

sales in this eymtrs, a ¢ very mach obligé 

Vory truly yours. 

Privete Searetar ye 

Ad By Diok, Haga, 

Chisngo, kilge 

Oct. 28, 89e 

Edvard We Clark, By Se 
$1 Wella Sta, Hartford, es 


Doar sirt- 
Please furnish to us sampatenenys one (1) Rutber Tube 
and Insalation mashine, as shown to our dire Batchelor last week 

at your factory in Hartford, .The maghine is ig ue complete, with- 
out dies, at $800 nets Let us know whon shipimert will be made, , 

and how « 

Very truly yours, 


Oote 28, 1880, 

Messrs. I. i, Burrowes & Oo., 

Portland, Mad ne» 

Dear Sirsi~ 

: With referense- to 7 due Letter of 7th instant ad= 
dressed to Hre Edison, reply to ivhich ms been ag Layod owing 8 
absence of the latter in Europe, ‘I beg to inform you thet I am 
sending you by this mil, under a.rother eover, photograph of Mrs 
Edison's house, in ace orlance wit h your request. 

Mr! Edism says that the sereons in his house, supp Iied by 

your fir, are entirely satisfactory 

Yours tridy, 

‘ Private Secretary. 

Cet. 24 /¥4 
MQ Grune bay , . 
*S- far Sar. 
0 ty Lo AOR fay gow 
W tha follruurg Aap t arcadh, Cet. 
Ad /é4 dy arn thy {- 
Jo Cutty Tt Oe 
4Yo Xe eet thy Potty 

SU As Oroduses Qe a ph AAG Aho 

pees. rules 


Compa DYE 
Payrmp Op 
: * vamgnry ct 
wnorg7ng VHTYS pevary vs 
UV IY II Vf) 007 

campmnnry Gl 
corbnagshrry r7psaaty LT 

Fane. 7e 
omy napeorry — IE 
onaywy), Th 
vont BL 
gr 4al€ borpre "$s hangs: 6m Pas id el 

‘Se pee bomoroypor iL fe ee 
bby o f+ f 

wr MY oY 

Ss nag Y moayrneyy PIVWI DY 

Apt be: “pory 

thaw wit ym 
yarrry ei ek td ay 

peek ed “TY ony) ' 


error: ¥e wT ny) 

OF 4 9 
iy YOIVTIMYY bomvyyof 9). 7 de 
bpryon 9 bmp § 
oy wery 
ied Bho DA 
‘Ywy Yyremormryp oy. 

Ay errvheragy, 3. Ay TOP 

by he 70 + 


ob vq if W5g 

My Max duc RcBavet 

Your fete of Souqs 09 preached the ab Sania, 
4. itanded fe hove stephed, Gut afttiwanda. Thintght~ 
} mauled dre you purronalfiy, vin Baugfeant feat fated 
suring 5’ Wae short oleiig, being Jrighltnet anny. 
by proposed banquets whech ave fame coqpuite 
Aettiones. Guang, deof and timid 
Penrnsl me Ki Rank qou forte Hone! expressiena— 
jf va yen Geller, ancl fo enprese fs qou my 
(& adwivation fer your prefer ane queat 
ie watinel obihily ia abranck whee 2 Rave, 
‘ abectatefy nome,” 

1 remorse ion 

srg Sheen Dn iene 

Caine Moot. 

Ulartatha wth Local aie” can Duph lictar wba Qa 
por yiclanwect faves/ Akiecl Cant Quucalinn at 

? ete . 
agd qenes? afesens AS 

Wesneapales — He deus 
tal CMa poon /H al ry ical aeepenres b Dfrnque 

1? hannd Ronel pos Bfrnque G 
cafe Hat Weck ) y) Af 1 

Vees Led negebaben, ; aed arly Jey axe! mae. 

jiton, tf Ihf, 

abl Agun/ ow/ oventonl tune as 

En | tre ffre 33 pe 

fh. wee apelece 
v Jen | 

Ceust wes on a of oF vee 
oo ase coarsest Owe __ S. 

de no saci 

Oct. 29, 89, 

‘John H. Harjes, Meq., 
Messrs. Drexol, Morgan & Qo., 

New York City. 

My Dear Sirt- 

Mr, Edison has received yor letter of 28th 
instam, and in reply deaires me to say thot both Hra, Edison 
md himself will be very plicased to see you on Thursday after- 

noon, as ya swepeste When yow reach Orange, please call at 


the Lsboratory before proceeding to Mrs Fdison's house.“ '“” 

i ana cally , 
Caen de eae jf Shh, a hee 


Very truly yours, — 


-Jacf “ay 


Private ‘Seovetary. 

ears 05, 

PR RTE Nt sani 
meres Tear ee 

Spe tee ear reer 

Oot. 29, 39, 

Te We Lattig, Esq., Sup't, -Tel., 
Lehigh Valley Re. R, Gomp any , 

South Bothlengn, Pa, ‘ 

Dear Sire 

I have your tw SErent Birt me to Lo 

rwavd you one of 
our phonogr mh batterige, 

wileh I rrazane you desire to use on 
your phonopl ex Girwite 

This battery is Going to supply a vant witch ina been’ ~wory 

manifest in Connection with the operation of fne vphowaples 227 on 

a? télegraphy,. 

ZT put 12 cells on on of wu chrewtts at Altowna on ‘dhe lines 

of tim Permsylvania Rellroad, Ties vhro met ip on the bth of 

September last od ave ruining vets 4m the Ath Octohar thar gave 

91/4 volts, ond on the 26¢h 93/8 rokts. Ginee this batt ery 

ag sot up, Mire Edison has found tat tis life in eVUatly tercased 

bY oWvering the surface of the solution With of1a itm ‘Layae, who 
i & Altoona, oiled the 

battery yesterday ard reports it is nov 

giving 10 voltse I go not knov what the fuk. term of the lite of 
this battery will be. hv, Edison thinks wo can pet six morths out 

of it, and he oan make a cell larger than th one we ase -at present 

that will ron for a year without boing tuuched, There is not ‘the 
least doubt thet this battery is the dest one tint has ever been 
made; urd I am going to start in. chai bry wd displace all other 
foims of cell which are now used fpr ‘telephone, telegraph, ‘signal ~ 
ling and motor work. Wo have had 8 olds in the office of the 
Gold & Steck Tel, Cos, running one of the ir motors, and which: ae 
placed 9 battery that had to be tronewnd every other Gay. Theso 
people huve taken five hours fer day dut of cur cells for ee 
two consecutive days, ani the ibatsery 1s still ruming oe doing 
their vork, Yhe calls such ag yon will receive, have a capacity 
of 300 ampere hours, while tho ~«<ires lyive a capacity of 600 ampero 
hourse Tam eatin up in Jersry City 50 vells to do the work of' 
a gravity battery and wilt kvep pm advised of the result of-this 
end otler tests which I prorose niaking. After a while I want to 

talk with you about displacing same batterics on your wiros. 

Veicy truly yours, .— 


s Elestrician, 

ROR Aina 

Oct. 20, 89, 

ee ee 

Colorado & Utah Phonograph Cosy 


Demvor, Colo, 

Deur Siret- 

The Noath American Phonogranh Co. hat hended us ‘0 : ‘yw 

copy of your letter to them, in regard to hatteriés, under date 

uly 22nd, This dae appear to be un error, ‘el ther of the Ho, 

Ame Phono. Oo» or of yours, ay you cOnmnicat tort nitst have bon 

written. sore timo duicing the present month. 

We regret exccodingly tit yor shavld have bad 80 ftrch trouble 
ae with tha battery went you fran hore, and it is ow intention to 
: take inmediate stéps to satisty yod in’ respect +6 yower for your 
motor phonographs. We will send yen towards tie latter end of the 
week u hew battery, which w4 havo reeertlLy remodeled, together wth. 
full instructions for setdihy tho Bome up, nd we are mo that 
you will have no difiioulty this times Thé writer hay ha¥ ono at 
these batterios in his of fie, yt king a, phonopraph, tinge the 24th 
of September lasts the 6th of keptenbor we sot up j2 pelis on 
one of our phonoplex cirtiitsa, on the Unet of tho Hahsylvanda 

Razlroad, at Altoona, whieh h'ave heen in dhily yse pitied thon and 


Cc. & U,, P. Co, 

they era still running as effectively aa when Yirss installed, | 

Wo sent 8 cells to tlhe of 

fieo of tthe Gold & Stoek Yol, S09, in Hew 

‘York, to run‘one of their motors, disp 


lacing a bat Sery ‘errich ree 

quired rone val every other day, Whese people have taken five 

hours a day oat of our eclis tbr 2 consecutive dsys wp to the 

present time, am the battery is still running, 

a Very truly yours, 
fe rf a try MES 8 Be . i ee, . ahs “ Gotan t red rere 
Ceo toy 8 i 

Pe Se We understanil thoroughiy thi? cauat of the tmuble,. of which 

you complain, and havt vane died Lb in thirsa: Lather COllen 

Oct. 26, 5S. 

Dre Werder Seinens, 

Berlin, Germny. 

Doar Siri- 


I take pleasure in complyin; witi: your request for 
informition concerning tho grag hophone. 

This instrament is a modification of the phonograph. Apart. 
from details of derign, the only clain to originality and a only 
claim covering a wroad vrineipie,embodind in the patents on the 
machine, is that of cutting 9 record upon a revolving suriace 
such es wax by moans of a. knife or entting tool. It is eluimed 
by the pr binoters of the gsraphoplione that the iat hod of retordin; 
sound vibrations described and illustrated in the various jpatents 
both domestic and foreign on tho phonograph, anticipate only the 
process of indenting, or in otber’ words, a recording surface broken 
a . only by the effect of soum weaves wpon o diaphragm carrying 2 
stylus, as Contraedistinguishadt from 4 method by which a revolving: 
roc ordiny sivhaue ds continuously cut or yaouehed ‘by a Imife or 
eutt ing tool attached to the catice of a diaphragm, and the sound 

vaves recorded at the bottom of She furrow thus produced. As I 

Dre We Se 

have stated, the Graphophone ‘peaple oliadm asiginality iin the latter 

method, and patents upon the seme Races! been issued to tin 

en here ani 
ina Low foreign countr jes , 

In the specifications of ny Srithsh metent of 1876; on the 

phonograph, and in the Laboratory reenras 

of the carly experiments 

which I aomivwted upon this cechize, ‘various nethods ol? recording 

ara described ant Abide ERE cd in a wy whick clearly ow. thet the 

idea of cutting a revolving surfaces hefore axl when rpcording was 

not only mticipated but actual by prantiget Yr myself’, and re fhr- 

once is hed to my exporioronte sctth wWaxcn, vovaéPine Hrd meee and 


conbinations of these, witch, owing to ‘the feom ond {zoneral cone 

struction of thy mchine et this tims used, were digplaced and 

preferome given toa mtnilic sumface, suvh ‘as tint'oil, 

In the issue of "LA MATURE,” published by Tissindier, of 

Paris, wer dete May Si, iste, is an articly relative to ‘a Dianen 

Braph rade by he Lambrigot, in xtLek hi desertbes a :mebhod of w- 

plneing the point of the Maison pooxomayh iby a blady of steel re ; 

the form of w knife and outting a yocord in stearine wax - clearly 

a% anticipation of the method whieh ‘the evaphophone people ¢laim 

as original in their instivment., ‘This is the fundumental patent 

on thdir machine, and it is worthless, The atthonties of the 

United States Patent Office wore unaware of the existence of ‘the 

Lambr i got arttitte and meghine whan they pronted tho claim, and 

Dre We Sa ~3~ 

fail wo to reviov ny British specifications. The remaining 
grap hophone patents cover the details of their imperfectly con~ 
strwted machines - 

The patents which I have myself taker owt upon the phono= 

eraph throughout the vorld during the yast three years ere funda- 

mental in clnmeter, for the reason that they control abddueely’ : 
all m@hods by which ‘perfeet articulation ama fai thiul rep ro 

Ration of the nore delicate sounis om be attained, Since np : 
retin from Europe I have mide further improviment upon the phono-~ 

graph by whieh all of the adjustments asl one-half of the "spec~ 

tacle" are dom away with, and the iinstrunmt rendered autornatic 
throughout, while maintaining ali of its former sopubilities with 
which you became partially fomilior thing my very pleasant visit 

with you in Borlin. 

. With rospect to the comiore ial. $ tatus of the grvaphophone, the 
rights to the instrument in the Unite d States an& Ounada are vested 
‘in the American Graphophom Contpany. This Oompany som time ago 
effected ai arrangement whereby Mr. Jesse H, Lippimott beaane its 
sole licensee. Mr, Lippincott, sutssequent to tho arran geome rb 
mentidned paurchasod from Inyself ard my asseciates the whole of the 
capital stock of the Faison Phonograph Company (whiah sontrols tive 
phonograph in Oanada Ane tha Unitied States), 1 re taining the mam- 

facturing rights, aml thereby hactane vossesdéd A'S the ‘wight’ to 

A 9 on 
Dre VWs be 

merchandi ze both instrummts, 89 grap hopkene and the phonograph, 

in the tervi tory noned Above, the var fous agreemmts providing 
amongst other things that there shoul) ne no disorimination in the 
matter of solo ~ thet is, that poth niacntnes should be offered to 
the publie without fhyor to eithor, so thay the public shonld be-~ 
come the sole nrbiter of the respective mrita of the two instme- 
Mentee VYhis course has bem puraiod. vor noarly a year by the | 
thirty odd sub-companier which have boa forned in the various 
Statea. A tow Immdred g“aphophoncn vere placed in the hands of 
the public ma servod but to demonstrate the uttier impractigability 
of the mankine as a commordinl instomnt. In its operation the 
hisaing sounds ropresentad by tho Lotter "S" and the oxplodients 
ara entirely Jost, the vesult being om imperfect ar) ineompl de & 
reproduction of Peet er tony ad the comequent otilehion of 
amy record emtruated to this mind nine. fhé armdyhhaa am dncon~ 
venlanee this carged was do eee bhat ateaneKake the different ' 
Companies Have overywhere returned thoir giaihorbenss sin replaced 
thon with phonographs. This is an accurate sta tomint of facts 
which goes farthor fad mything olse to prove tio taseLessnese of 
the graphophone for other tian purely speoulabive piposes, 

Some few months since 2 New York Syndicate arranged for tha 
¢ontrdl of tho gra@hophone in Foredipl countrios, This movement 

was suggested and stinmlatedt by fhe reports whi dh carve from abroad 


of tim great poblie interest which had been excited in the phono~ 

; a a ‘ 
graph, a circunstance whi d: favored speculation. Representatives 

of this graphophone syndicate wera sent abroad and by threats and 
misrepr esontat ion attempted to forer an alliance with the phono~ 
prathe Tnis IT world not permit, fivet because the pgraphophone , 
{tself represents no value ai a camercinl: article, md sedonily, 
because I hw eno desire to assist a purely speculative ontorpri se 
by lending whotever aid my namo and comection might bringe 
Failing thus to secure my KeeneeeaplONs this syndicate will with- 
ort 2oubt attompt to draw monoy from the public. abroad, I know 
thet they ave continuing their systematic misropresentation with 
respect to their patents and the comercial value of their inst me 
mont as dev cloped in this country, which hovever deploreble is . 
perhaps not surprising, as t stutanent of fgets approashing ac- 
curacy vould wean the. fai lure af thoir spoorlation, which wALL 
succesd tbo the same extent as they cre ss co exBftl in deceiving the 


Yours vory traly 

Oct s 28, 1839, 

Victor Oger d'Elbose, 
Le President General, 

Academia Politceniaa Univeral, 

Barcelona, Spninre 

Dear Sir ts» i 

| Mr» Bitison has asked m to acknowledge the 
receipt of your esteaned irae under date 2brd September, iIn- 
forming him that he has been eJeeted by #le Conseil Supérieur 
of your Acadany, "President a'Homour du Comite ae Pat ronage 
Intornational de ltAcadante Polyteshniq. ic Uniwonselie,. am to 
signify to you hes aceeptance af the sanic. Mr. Edison also dow 
siros no to thank you on his behalf for: tho honor thus dbnivexred 

upon hime 

Vory truly yori /? ee an 
- } fh ee 

iy gh 
ueeg oe 


Private Secre tarye 

Octe 29, 8. 

Col. George KF. Gouraud, 

Little Menlo, Upper ‘larwood, Surrey, 


Wy Doar Sirte ; ‘ 

Replying to your various conmunioations, in regard 

to the slipping of phonograma, wa found before your complaints 

reached us, that one of oir workmen hed wed a nandril of improper 

size in reaming a Lot of grams, part of whigh went to you and 

caused tm tmuble to whidi yar refer. Sone of these grams were 

sent out hore, with oxautly the same vasult. I am very sorry 

thet this should have oacurred, but you will be glad to Iknavy tmt 

the trouble was the result: of an drivor of this native rather than 

the result of any sertous defect in mothods of mnufac ture. 

' Very traly youn, 

peers an 


Oc a ry 30, 188'9, 

J, H, Horrick, Meqe, : 
Edigon Gon'ls Fleetric Company, 
“Mew York City. 

Deer Sirie+ 

In reference to the attached correspondence relet ive 
to the alternating Bystaest Mt. Elmer Ae Gyorry, my oytinion te 
that what the Hdison General Wlectrie Company requires, is an 
alternating system which sill follow a6 closmly as posible the 
model of tho Yestinghoase syste, Tho peltey of our [Sonpany is 
to offer to the publie alternating appurstun se Jike the West. ing 
house in ovevy respect that they carmot deceive *he pubilie by ve 
forring to the points of diffarome in our oysters as woulmesaes : 
and. the basis and cause of ow wondomration af thet “ethod of blece 
trie lighting, In other waltias if oi apparares cixfers material 
ly from the Westinghouse, it wid Bimply wean corfetitiot be treet 
two altemating systomsj; wiereas at we offer practinally the Same 
system as tho Westinghouse peuple » oP ZortdomAtion of ora ovte 
apparatus would carry with it contlemiision oF theirg, ib" we Bro, 

of course, agreed that the Editon Company Wis no der “fe , amd no 

intention of actually selling al vermcrbhby apparatus for electric 

af CA a FEL. 




& i‘ fd. « 

AA. ] 
cs y? 



Lighting « 

Somicl Insull, Esqe, 

44 Wall Stract, 

Maw York Oitye. 

Dew Sirse | 

Ina letter whioh we have yocoived from the Snovetary 

of the Hdisun Phonogrmph Toy N'i'g, Coe, wxtwr, date £6th instant, 

he says? "We are amxiiously .awolting the recopt of the model talking 

machines from you." Mrs Batcholor says that this is the Nrst 

intimation he has received of their dosire fo model talking ma~ 


chines, in adriition to the one whieh wan delivered to them by 

yourself, and he wants to know if you reeeived from then any order 

for the same, We have received no instrueations from the toy 

Phonoe Coe in regard to meking modol machines anf dro not working 

On AM. 

Youre. truly, 

Oche 30, 1889. 

Lloyd Bryco, Psqes 
Tre North Amerkean Ravies, 

S He i4th Sta, Now Yuk. 

My Near Sirte 

. Mr Rdigon askzu mo to ackmarladge the roceipt of 
yor kind letter of 29th instuvt, onoloning chee): of {3100 for 
copyright of article, ngers of Blortrie Ihignsing, “whith ape 
pears in your Novanuer. mumbery tind wishes re to offer ‘you ‘nis 
thanks Yor your sind cxprosstons: of appree tation. 

' ; Very tru; 

ge ate Semotarye 


Octe 50, 1880, 

My Dom Dick,» 

: I ain very moh obliged Loy your lettor of 28th 
instent, in remra to lire Edison's royalties on nimeogy ep hs cold 
akroa, I understood before interrotnt ing yoa in this natter that . 
Mre Edigon kad no righta in the ehepe of patents to trans or to 
your Compa sty, but that ia a eetter ws ch doos not ante into a 

considerdtion of the relations between Mr, Edison and your selves, 

The agreemont betvoen Thomess Ae Edisouw anid £1 As Be Divk Company, 

under dete 27th gay at! Junoy 1687, in the first seotion rrovidess 

"the party of the first ert (Edi son) dd gronts and heroby 

seeoeuaes ane empovers the farty of tho enacnl part and its suo} 

"cossors and assipns, “the 6ola‘ani oxulusive vaght for the term 
"hereinafter statad, to “mmuutie tare and to avant to others the 
*right to manutke ture, subjees to. tho conditions Keratnaiser named, 
a apparatus for preparing: sueperon hts Storelln fur printing, as 
"covered by said Lettern Patont, end to sell and punt ter other a : 

"the right to sell the sane within the United Statos, but. nat for 

"export-to other countr ine .§ 

It would apy cat fy 

om this thet the Umitation of your hue 
siness to: tho United States ty one of 

le coriitions of the grant 

of yar original Meme, ard & iat thin sondition isat the pro- 


Sent tim: being violated D¥ yous Conqaarys 

ITworld have pointed tyra 

out iu my preyious lotter to you, 

but tho same was witton witht reformec an ny part to the con- 

tract botivear your Combary an:! Mr. Edison, It is RB matter which 

you yourself have apparotiy overlookrd, aml I onll you attention | 

Particularly to it, for the risauon tmt {t seans to m to wo very 

important to the incorporated interosts which yo roprosent that 

wur business should bo candisted in acaoidmee with the existing 

records of the righta porscasimd by the Ag Be Dios: Company » 

Very tree sures, 

“". Privite Searotiryey 


Ae Be! Disk, Esqe, 

Chicago, T1s, 

Oat. 30, By 

beg AO sy 

Col. Youre We oucauh, 
Little Monlo, Upper Noryood,. Surrey, 

England, . 

Dem Sirie 

I keg to confirm the folloving epbilugrans reoeivod 
Grom you anl soitepy-mies co ek te inne, 


ROSIDE, Ne Ye - ee Herta: Bk, LES, 
: ; “Has Down cian Letes Mail 
Jhore 250 knivene® ~ Gee: 

HOSIDE, Ne Yeo “"s Detober 90, 1538. 
hat ae oo yr vent TADIAN , 
“WONAROHE) 8 *r. a 

pe gy, Beat Pie eth oe See eye : , 
RACY, wonwouD. Ortober 30, XIRI. 
upercare Havenbur soconts Euciver 

‘modlgd toedty,. Nothing tr Lydian 
~ Mgnerehs -Rai sone" 

Yours trely, 

at fs 
en Pr eG ong et hes 
POMS wee 
oe ER Geet en 
/ * . 

f sh? 

julyauiis te 

Date m0, De 

Edison Phonorpwavh Toy MILE Cae, 

05 Milk Street, Boston, Masse 

Deer Sirsi- ie. od 

I wg to-confirn the Lol arin telegram sent you 

to wiley sa 

re aay ais eet 

: 1 

“Gable Allien cxprens' to ws inmediately 

tvo sots of doll parts a omplote with : : 

rubbers ong Lot wa hat “hon we shall pot 

thon, Also sond us Allian's ensle addross." 

Your): sity, 

aa AG 

ee wee -. OGte Bl, 80. 


Col. Georsoe' Fe vourawl, -:- 

Little Mono. Uppers Horwood, Sarr ey, 

we Boglmde sce fe oe 

Dear Sirt- Sa 
I keg to gonfirm the followirg ecablegirams received ae 

from you amd sent by nie 

®After tinrce weeks negotiation powm ful syndie 

eute Berlin bankers probably includirg Siemns 

offa imiediste cash bonus Pitty thousand pounds 

for half ensh ai shaves they get for us from 
| Gexman public companies they will form on terms : ae 
t of your approval I advise accopting Conmitt ee i WE 
| Lave to-moriww answor qricklye* ; Es 

£ ‘ 
THOS« As YDISON. London, Oct. 25, 1380. 

SOQURAUD, NORWOOD. Oct. 25, 1889. 

"Ts it for Goxmeny only? Is Siemens certainly 
f in it? Is graphophom mixed with it? dian." 

¥DISON, ORANGE. London, Octover 26th,’ 1839. 
“Only German; no graph. Siemens ocrtein if 

can sake for Gorman Company on terms of yowr 
approval; don't hesitate." 

Gol. G. E. Go 

GOURAUD, NoRWoon, Octobsr 27, lage. 

“IL Sieums mmufae tures und Qompany ogres. 
adopt Ane yican standards, nukin: no change * 
for ten years without my epyraval, sell only 
in. Gornmny, incorporate ram phonograph, form 
nO colmoctian with 6raphons, no dude tions 
Drom ny: proportion ap my expense outside 

Pac tory investment alrea dy dowblo yours and 

42 /I.not troef£?ths on ald pretent and sub s0quent 
Bross roecipts of transaction And sat isine tory 

Contract driwn'think I void hive no ob je ation. 

EDI son,® 

+. VOry- tiuly yours, 
ss ree ee 

oy o 

Ya ‘€. Cocerecrscd é “ye 
Glider Mos. B° 

follewug ew eae 
PX SS. Isla gp’ Tho 

oe Ay (39) Plewmcor Aaph ae 
Pecoe hee da Ug) - 

Cug 7] ’ = . 
Ler Series ald (v0) 

fo ba firs Akedca 

ke Lie 

tet of Clee of Soda 

120 oat 

4200 Aure, (ot ky ler 

1000 Plirus B Latame (Woke) 
re Hivepee. Kans Anud ThovRa 

3G Chara 
“UL Arter 

bo Ree, 

a Crkhirus her Laud (ive, 
Roudme, brags 

Oey , Suuz 

ct % Yokifrccd UU, Richer Exg, eeekag ee, ne 
Agvatla Kreg. RAbeing 

F 006 & lays - 

Aiinigy Waghs ku3 tbs 

Youre, Araaty, 

SG Re {; dear. 

I hag  otfy “You Of a the 

Moy. and ae 

Supls ud wk Seuscbruoy for bree tterudhe 
o heard srsaes 7 Ribrodeetrg, 
rd dA SY ive 

-tog € na UAttt< 
do 4th, ¥ Ale, Med 

Lerncwa ° 

Co 8 Ceehreg lo ~ Chirag of Yauserg 
(0 £4, Ree Rep, Joriehey 10 ta, Mideieg Cina aud Laine 
fo Caw aher SAth Cu. fiwekse 

& Aths Gey Reushee 


: ; 

Oelatev sy 1889 

Yatpraed, Hh. Brechin bg. 
“Gadglten le apn 
Ahdipurnerd gion $$. “Gelacd* Harerg valle, Kies - waiting tor at MY We 4~ 
indy (39 Phowogarbhe Style AL" | 

Aamedton © (14) ny : 
BAAd in e i a é ; a . 
Chu oO Rattuurs (10) Stipfeblites Seudreese for 9 anol fs 
a sae Gy 3} Reeertiunaad & UA. 
b ¢ Ag tehitdaig 
ic ee AOE & falaad katt 
to AUrg Ret “Ue TT" 
yb NY Le meddoda, to f one ® ) 
oe oe . Cutrreie 4¢ “tubing off Kent, 
ISo>  Fbroren. Alas (fo 40:1 Wt Mae ah dri th Siig ine 
I Yuapurters Ward Resta, . § athe ow, Anuawes 

EITC C ENN Aw 3G errata urd Un’ ~berraa Warriors foo love te ide 
Werke! EK WLgls E503 Ves 

\ Hua Muy 
“ Hee (A: leon 

Ooty Gl, 808 °° 

Hirge Ae W, Evans, 
151 East Bist aye et, ce. 

het ork City. . 


Dear Nocane, « 

so a oe 


tr, Batson hes ro cot: vin yor Lotter of eee seats 

‘ 4 ot gas 

and he had os er ne to thant you for it, 


The thibies Ww hich | vou cempt ain af aim Mat being vemoved, 

hee Hdison he Inst conplate; the codel of a rronogreph requiring 
‘ q & , 

no adjusting of needles G@es Otte, one hawing mane of tha Beads 

tlonable foatrres wht als you ment fer 


Very ftiwly yor 3, 

rrivate Sooret cy. 


Ooty, 31, 80y, 

We Se Lopue, Nada, 

Altoom, Pa, . : 
Dear Sirte ~ 
. I be & to confirin the’ following 4.220 grin sent yaa 
toeda yin. 
. , "I have wo lready uryanged foy tegt of soda 

battery on worse sion, Pa Re Ry doty'con 

Jorsey City am Padladel paia 4 | 
Yours tot), oe eee 

Lietteils dame 

Octe Gl, Be 

Press Chin, 206 Haganu Stes 

Mew York, 

LToave wed pleogtre bn aneloariys; heres th ire 

Mdzson's check 207 B50.00, arora bo your wrfer, ig contyi- 

bution to tre fami whith i: vei wused ror Sry Harvin Be 


Privaty Scardavye 

‘Ry y- 

OTP R YE ey 
: Pee {ye 
bya a PDE 29! 4 

6320 omx segs Ormrer PmK Mer ebay 
< wpe, Oe ye La staf PHY ays Ss “a Op re 
_ f > : : 

- ‘3 aw 
il a Se a Se 

Jt Rep ow sy Re 

= 4 

yee f 
Raa earns 
PWV 5) e 
: as a 
74 ste 94 eee 
» ee es, °F 

. wee 3 . 4 Fa “ % : . 
Be vybnst ry ¥ a, 

ha MS bye ig i Pp ed oa 


Varies sp top- 
“7 v? v 

Pod i | 

f~ 7 a 

pry PME - 



: 4 
eoyrpp Py wpm pene ging yr hogs OUP Z. 
‘'y Ss Vag 2. oe x Pa 9°R 53 ? rye, 
wert Shh ope Synge prve 9 PTE 
Aw Myer vr Proves PYG WHT NIE i pray 
wry +r G7 

WJ xy LP *; Bes aks oe) 
Mp9 crn wag, 4°73 B. 

b13/ p732 49D 

re Ge 
& * . 
woe ee ‘ 
‘ : , 
‘ . t : 
iL , sae 

a Meee 

ON yi bo ot Lhe 
. we ar oo 
. t 
voatve A, y ( weeey 

at taal WROD 

Octe al, Lead. 

Froneis Ry Upton, "sqe, 
Edison Lanp Company, . 

‘ Harrison, We Je 

Dear Sirs- 

lir, Edison anks re to say to you thet it will not be 

necessary to socket all mr lamps with the ney lamp tip. If 

you eqaip about ton por corte of your caily output with tho new 

tips, you can f4LL1L orders fom these; whila 4) care no prders are 

recoived the remaining lamps are good for ow on trad Ce 

Very teuly yours, + 


Oote sl, Ba 
Je He. Norviok, Fiaqe, 
Hdisa:Genrerok Mloctyde Coe, 

New York City. 

Noar sirte 

stn loakihy: over Judge Anirenvat ‘ieciaion, I observe 
that he mnkes the statonontt that the Nov york Bona ox Algowren 
gave the Us 86-Company' and the Brush’ Conpa ns & ianonies, end thet 
tho Lutter inverted’ miUtona’ of morey tee Will y aa nlense obtpin 
copy’ of the Rog olution of the Nour’ of Alde mon ‘Zn 1680 ov 1861, I 
thfske IL my mamory serves nm right, this a ojntion only ‘atho- 
riztugthe United States Cenpary at oust, to go yinlermcint not 
arewhe da; ponce, it thoy hnve invested alt thas money, they Ind 
no right to do so, am it my be fumd fis looicing cover gd titty 
reanlat loro of the Bown of Aldovinen thet. the Ue Se Company nnd 
porteya te Rush Company have novor beon authorized to ereat 
wwerkead wires $i Net York, end haw no 8 tandii:y mow in cons quences’ 
Y aa dafrersed With the tdog that this is tho cado, so far as the 

United Stated doe ts concamiod onytay. 

Very truly yciurs,. 

he a ey 
jee oe 7 Cy 
Be & signa . 
oo ; 
‘ COP See Ue “ en a] 
rare Cerra tae a j 3 oder 

a Lee eee saeareaes CEE pepe mers 
E F oa we SI se a ELIS TSO Ea eA 

i i 

[po en eee Ye a a aa 571 27 
. 3G 

i pr Oot. SL, Wy 
: Ndi on Phonograyh Yorks, 

Orange, Ned, 

i ; 
‘i Dear Sirsi-~ 
: - Have you ever rerclorcd any bills for phonograph 
: thimoi to Jhing nou Jean? oh heve a lotta Crom Nvercts Prazar, 
AED sx Od to the Phonograph Viovke, ask iiy, Lo; prices, OF course 
| , ty, prices, quoted this concern must {ngi:do AY» Edi ons royalty, 
| A oma I teust tint you haw rade no quotnt forse 

Vary, truly yours, 

Private Sécratarye 



Cate al, BV.» 
Jana Fe Kelly, Maqe, 
AG Dey Strack, 

Neer York « 


My Dear Sirte 

| Tam voy much ap lined fay vow Latter of Goth 
inotmit, orale sin; dnta ia cegaid 46 postivies., You omitted to i 
meloce tho elroular of tic Soamany wilal te operes Ue & ain 2 

plant on Lafayette Plewe. 

On to in: over the data when ¥ i pe oonh uae, yak dn, 
talking tho mttos ove with ou Mery Kemet liy, T tees about uone 
eluded that 2 comparst ive teat of show: orth eireuts datieries 
with ow Kaui ney in “entare hy UMNOCOELITY » Tm sos uftdaturerss of 
the Lorre do not ofiwin that thet selip ave good fax alosed ire 
eult work os ary chaacter. Tt onky wills shirk soot gompat @ with 
own to any cxtont, are Hs? pen tey mitt var lous nod He tantdon 3 of 
electropoin etlis, the accords of Woh are voll kro to all 

ugers of power of tina deugespiions =f tink Uf wo gavo in ow 

ontaloyme a dovertivitn os tho work whieh ous babbery 1s cag isble 

of doit, amd brok it ayo by toat imoniaba, wid oh I carn atuin, Prom 

uu, PF, i 

the Permaylvan ta Rallyoy, the Gold & Stack perpla, and othors, it 

WA12 be all that is noaossary; but bxfore Weidins Pinoy, I 

Mould dike to have an SAPTE ENG OF apnea from yousell, 

Vary truly veers, 

Oct. 31, 89. 

John Krensi, Ure, 
Fdteoa Naghime Yorks, 
Solminetadyy Ne Ye 

Yow firse 

Tn ny voriad order go you of this morning, by tele 

; : 
pong, and also in ow weendis ondew oy madd, To tole you to send 

UB One Nos  Conmutatory sith 1S blocks, ard ore Muniainal Nog 1 

Conraitator, with 76 vlcote. twins sur wort be bint onsugh to 

oareel the mmber of biotty of Desk Of -thionts Cit take the io. 8, 

16 blotka, and the Muncedsel daenmersnine, 96. Let wa Imex by 

lother about this, so ioray le are vat wmarveatand rit ta vated. 

Also cand us ag snes o9 poalkbly, vor toecature windtre, x2 out 

80 powide of Now 17 Browne & Shbry naire eh495 dlaweger, asd 50 

poruvia CP Koo VL Sremn: & finer 902 hiamstert ormabute tre, 
\ . 
* Don't Corse to gone that gn ay root a: potaibte afta fore 

wie’ he Mia above s 

Yon te Voy Book, 

Ohon tia 


Oot, ‘Ry S00 
. : ane ‘ * . 
Gustave Stromserit, Veg oy 

Vostiant Barnesa Gorpary, 

SO) Brood Stes Now Vark, 


ily Dear Girie 

Bee Bédson da ar 

wigs to knov gore ta diy; about the 
furnace ,- av he world 2uko tf yor wedi mie uo dey. whon, yourrsah? 
ond Myre Wostemn can a 

"over with hime | 


wit to tho Ieboratory ind talk tho scatter . 


Very totly yours, 

i ar a 


5 Weis 
ence sagt on, we enone 

Oeste 1, 895 


Sanu: k Ino, Np es 

es 44 Vall Styaet, 

oY New Sark hte, 

i , 


Dew Siri» 
Peamless hocowithan wre s from the Inen orariely my 
| whioh I left vith yon bavere goby to levee, relative te Frayne 
| . Sage ne if - . ou a 
| : & Gots Proponal comtres% for the anle of the ohonueemh in Shing 
a Mk Tapane Did yeu take any aetdon 2 min nat bets ene if mam, 
| WEAR you Kindly acviee se vhat has vam: done, 
| e ‘ 
| ns ; Youre vety brad vg 
; : : 

| Wiens Seavetary, | 
| : ei 

: 8% 


Jund 30, 1880, 

FOR SAB OF PHMINS, IN. This nvther was turned aver to Hajor 

Eaton several wonyhs MO, at a timo 

when ha we Lowied tipwm with work in 

Comection with 4h Geer al Gompwra> ait the Lippi nes tt deal, -xe ix 

reddy to teko i¢ mp nov ant gonpdote tha paparee Tae Inst. time 't 

dkeanused the vottes with Sr, Ndiena, iy gute ® impted a royalty 

f $10 on cash puonagvah nole ba ehase fountr les through Prager 
& do. I think it ‘torld be meh aettar ty sit bo whadjust this 
Mud rravdita io r ine Lid aon to havo a devtain ‘paraentaga based upon 
the notary prise of ph ong(srar hs ani and Suxplies. Mee Frasar Inpe 
penoe £0 Nentton to ma “tr hia ofs$ee a Suv days 2) so that hia parte 
nera in China ani “Joad wane oontideriny the Tornntian of w Companys 
Tonetified hg: My DY lathar, that hie sanbiwet ele hile Phy yours 
not Te sia atahio, amd San Hg Foreat Lau of & Semrany would haw 

Be the soblost of Mother nenattatdons beievaan hdawell oud Mya 
Muson.  evatar ite on certs (Charengil) dx Chime, and nbeut 28 
machines. Neiityc te bean balla bo him, amd we have given him 
No sia ywurt oe Ao ft tie pride of phonogeeap lg Knee whole anttab san 
be ehaped to suit pro: wont OLY Tule BM gee You ech handle 1% as 
thagh it bid ina gare up Zor WMjanimait ot oo propent timt, ns 

shop a nye No betelf{ecstens. 

-perluys give uso bottes: tast than we aaike ge anywhere olse on 
P G & 

Oot, 31, 80, 

Me Se Logue, Ueda, 

fitoann, Pas 

Dear Sirt~ 
With weforenes to yaur Lotter of 30th anstont, and 
also your telogren roe okved toeday ati confinmd olscvhiera, would 

gay that I have arranged vith ky. Ettingor to pub up 50 cells in 

hia office for tust bebwom New Yorn amd Philntiol phis. This wih 

Pema ylvania Riutlroad om eseout cf tha rmoLstbure on whos crossings 

Newayk fintn. 

Vory trudy youra, 

Blac tiddan. 

Nove 1, 189% 


fe Gustave Stronberim, Esqe, 
Weatnan Farmaco Company , 

41 Broad Street, “Note York ¢ 

i Dear Sirte 

i bsg to confirm tho following Suleyram sant ‘yaa 
this mo rningte “ : 


eee are 

"Will bo in your of five abou - 

three o'clook,® 

Nov ay Be 


Thonias Wy Know, Noqeq Scarctary, 
Tho hotos. lun, 

Now York Gity. 

Just bafore the reuoip of your lettar of SOth ultimo, 

Dear Sirie 

stating that the Divoctory ox the Lotos Ciuh desires Me Edison to- 
name tyo gent lenin ahem ha vould bo vloaced to have invited to moet 
him at tho propor od dimer on Moven or iird, I had bean requested 
by Mig Edison to address a corieminatien to you, inibrring you thot 
ho would be oblived to lesva town mows tho oiddle of the praeent 
nonth to be absom until some timo in hixceiaes Tha breainras - 
which takos Mr. Esioon way was not anticipated shen he aceepted 
tho vory kist invitation whieh yew Olub has extended to hint, and 
46 ts of Bich inportoance that 24 satarof woll bo pestpoued, He 
appre dinteca. very hipivly the couthery an seuerenity vhich prompt’ i 
the action of your Club 4n this cowveation, am gecpar peniey the 

wiforpoen (froumstanae votorred ta aboved : : 

Very truly yours, 
. ~“ 
Private See'y. 

ecw Me-pruvods. 
Avrcth Annee mr Comp naray Map Ht 
ator € Movin hadrrd. Capes. _ 
AAA Awrenty free Winane dy howe 

. AY rte tern anied Me Hurpur 

AVA mem AL 

[4 Wo ae. va al. AANA 

_ Cade, 

Seimeng Brothers, November 2, 1889, 
‘London, England, 

i a 
a | i 

inn an Spd nt BH oe 

TL ear athe SS Le 

‘Nova 4, 1839 

2 Cnoblagra iw 

YWeyhar & Rigchemond, 
50 Route d ‘Auborvilliors, 

PANTIN (Seine), Frances! 
Will take theron hundred horse power trink: expension Expo sition 
engine, with condensers  Avait formal order bv weil. Have yom 

mailed photographs am blue wr ints? 


Mr, Wm, cg, carroll, 

25 yasex Strect, Omange, 

Dear Sirie 

Nove 4, 89. 

With referenge to yam lottor of 29th ultimo, I take 

men plinaswo in em choaing heratith hire Hdison?s check for $25.00, 

his subscription to th funi wiieh it being teieod ‘for Duffy and 

Pleast acknowlalge rdenipt, and oblige 

Imerend's Bande 

Yours truly, 

yrdvate Svarevary. 

Nov! 4 ’ 1889 e 

8. Ba Fat on, Mgq ey 

120 Broadway, Now York, 


SE cea 
BPR EL ee : 

Dear Sirte 
fe I lave received’ an unsigned letter, which I presume 
fe is from ‘yourself, it; being on your firm's lotter head, enclosing 

contract in triplicate mtending payment for two months of the 
Liminott sixty-fivie thousmd dollar note. ZI hove: signed each 
of these three doownemts, in prose@nce of a witness, as desired, 

and beg to return them td you ntenithe 

Very tvuly yours, — «--., 

oe AG “: 
Pe ao gaye OP i ’ i 
be yh . ; fi : “ } 
i . Be Rene re 

Hove. 4, 89¢ 
Prof, Ry Hy Thurston, 
Sibley College, Gorn pil University, 
‘Ithaca, Ne Ye. 
Ny Deay Sirt~ 
Ii Fdison has asked te to acknowledge the rec eipk 
of your. lotter of l&th ultino. Me regrets exceedirgly that it 
will bo impracticable for him to accopt your very kind invitation 
to visit Corm11. Ginge hts return from Europe, lire Edison has 
conmenced work on A New lino of experiment which will keep him 
very busy for somo ting to come, rendering it impracticable for 

him to leave home even for a short tim. 

Vowy truly yours, , 7 

A ot ew pigs ie 

“Private Secretary, 


Nove 5, 

ha Courrier de Ja Presse, , 
19 Eoulovard Montmrtra, 

Paris, Traneo, 

Doar Sirst» | 

Among, the clippings from tht newspapers which I 

re coive fram your Compimy, I notiae eeveyal from the American 
presse As I subsoribes te an Agency dm Mow York whiadh supplies 

mS with afl clippings concorning myself that appear in the Ameri~ 

oan nownpapere, Io mst ask your Oomany 40 confine itself, exclu-~ sy _ #2 
‘ F op } 
sivaly, to publications of Turone bo ¢ Ay / 

You, Amialy yedtrss 

by a uy p o J | 

"haa Pe mena 
Cu ei acs Ahoy ters 

thasd pale haaes tag 

(hs faatst ateauhpt Y we hive Betafo oie 
“Mat tor hi wT teaké a teapalaes bow for 
hathue Yiu fave bel ir Alcct ncbecledl j 

vhs £ Ment Glo, — ag” eae 

bite ft hase Made Lome of bat J th oda 

Pin. 0 Cot hy eT WH endl ktese Man. 14 facher — 

LOL Titus foelin seit, dg MET, Frans 

mad then a ta Me 

fey ere boa fo hfs ais “an LER 

Y be rast st Hal Lily fees ca 


a ( jek 4) 
og Gum renee 

eee be enath, 


Edvard ND, Adams, aye, 
Messrs, Winslow, Larder & Cos, . 

New York Oitys 

iy Dear Sirt- 

: ; , I have received your various let tox s ene los ing 
communications fram profes sors Rowland anil. Morton. I ean only 
say in regard to these that you ave vasting tine in obtaining 
opinions from these gentlemen, neither of whom has inore than a 
theoretical, sehool=boy lng edge of thi sulbject which. they ate 

tempt to discuss. It would be quite useless for m to met either 

of them, as both thaiy tinh and mine vo'rld be consumed to no ad- 

vantage « 

Very truly youysé, 

Nowe 6, 89. 

Benjamin Fe Stevens, Naqe, 
Now England Nutual Live Insurance 00, 

Boston, Mags, 

My Deer Sirs~ 

I have you’ letter of 4th inmatent, Mre Allien 
cane to th Laboratory yesterday, ond Mr, Edison was nutch pleased 
with hie report on foroign business} also with the samples that 
he brought with hime Tam to soe Hrs Allien to-day or to-morrow, 

and will advise you later wwint day we will go to Bostan. 

Yory bruly yours, 

brivabe Soaty. 

Novd 6, 89, 

conmebators ant bearings. Mako tie afvigions in the plate S62. As 

som as yar taw on: rosy send it dovm by oxprese anl follow 1% 

Toh Mr,i John Kreusi, ; 

: The Edison Machine Yorks,’ ay. | 
Seheneetady, Ne Ye Seth 

My Dear Sirs» 

M “4 Gonfirring ovr conversation by telephone, vleuse 

make us imnediately three Nos 4 Armeture bodies. Put on bh 

9 i shafts 66 inches longe The shatt to rvojeet one end 24 8/8 inchos 

2 i and on the other end Lo 7/16 incheas Only turn the slats sut- 

f | } ficient for yor “6 put tho Nog & body on, and do not make ony wey 

j ft ways Tor c onvartators Leave the erda so tint I oun turn down for 


irmeci ato ly by the man ta do thy winding, well aupplied with insc~ 


lebion, paper, cempoumi, wire, mica, aul everything necessary to 

do the varke 

: . a: 
The order jor wire tint I gave you October Slst was for 50 

pounds: Noe 17 Browns & Sharp, and Noe 41 Bromme & Sharp, e091 and 

d045, resroctivoly, Pleaso remnbcor tint this order shaild be 

multiplied hy thre, Send this wire as soon os you can” - 

Yours truly, 



Nove Gy 89+ 
Josse Uy Lippimovt, Ese, 

160 Broadray, New York. 

Dear Sirt~ 

Replying to your Lotter of lab instant, I beg to say 

thet the amount, $22,500,nemed in you ¢ onbract with Mra! Edison 

under dube June 2ath, et) as having been ho sw ‘paid by Mrse 

her stock an the Bdisou Phonogrepk SOREN» is incore 


Hemenway for 

rect, and appears os on erver on, the pect of Mr Maviki: nson. in 

avomwing this ageeemont » 

Made Honenvay prrehased ‘350 ahaveas of stodc et $148 pur share, 

a total of $22, 200, whioh @mount on the “8th asy of May, 1868, was 

dego alted in ‘the Orange National Bunk, On Ey Ne Jey in the mame 

at he O¢ Tata, Trustots On the seme day checks wer dramn as : 
n ig é i 

fyllors?- George Partons Lathrop, 32,5003; Fs We Toppan #2,500} 

We Be Porry $400 ($5,500), which atjownts x opresont 

puid, on ag dount of thie trammnction. 

stosknolacrs of the Haison Phonomraph company ha 

the comnissions 

At tho tine titis stock was | 

pod “ne d for med 

B *poal® and astbn With each other 
pro tata of the various stockh: ders of the Company. 

“tho any stock peas should be 

for the iwihoflt 

tte apathy dds sikile the trustee of the "pool,§ which aca outs Por 

ini above atebl ha*thing Houn dopo rited in his ume. Te palonce of 

Ud He Le Re 
this money was turned over to Mr. Udison, 
your letter of ist instant. 

Very truly yours, 


This in reply to 

W* Pe) oo z ei 
° gee ood 

Nov. 6, 89,: 

Te Me Herrick, Esqe, 

Faison Gen'1, Hlectric Co., 

New York. 

My Dex Sirte 

Theve your letter of 2rd instant enclosing copies 

of resolutions of the Nv Ye Bonrd of Aldermen, April 12, 1981, 

Giving cer tain rights to the Us S,! TiLwninet ing Go. and the Brush 

Eloetr ic Idiuminating Go, It is quite Gl ear eon these that the 

former has no right to orcet overhead somiuobons in the Gity of 

New York. Judge Andrews has doubtless aisumad, without lookirg 

at the records, oe they possess this V deht . Camot you have 7 
the EVENING POS? bw ot this point? es the min point in Judge 

Andrews’ decision was thant the Us Se Company had mado a lar ge inw 

ve simait und ey the lav. 


four 8 tryly , 

hes aitys i 4 MeN Omg 

a Cael 



wespen |e eters ge 


genteiwen LOth, 1888, addroased by |nysel f-to Charles Py nos 

., Nove 7, 1885, 

Major S. By Eaton, 


120 Broadway, Nev Yorks 

My Dear Sirts 


I enclose herawith cypy of a letter uer dake 

Usqe I do not think TI included & copy pf this conmmundieat. jovi. 

in the resords eoncernil ig the Gill, ate tem snes natter which 

Gate Aut. Ok, 

I eerie y ox some time agine 

Yours For” ey oO yy 


Chase Py Bruch, eqe, Orange, Ne Je Scpts 10, 188. 

19 Dey St., Nev York, 

Deay Sir? me ee 

Enclosed I biog to hand you Mrs Ndison's sheck for 

Three Hundred Dollars (3300) to your ordor, the same boing a 

loan to Mre Gilliland. 

Inmst apologize fivy having overlooked sending you this on 

Saturday . 

Yours (eithifully, 

(Signed } fo O Tate, 

Privaie Secretary, - + 


John Birkirhino, 
Novenber 7, 1889, 

Port Henry, Nw Yw 

If I leave Now York Friday moming what Station ao I-stop at. for 

Putnan nines? 

Hais ony : 


John Birkinbine, ee Nove 6, 89% 
25 Ne Ew Gity Hall Sqa, Ne Juniper St., . 
Philalelphin, Pa. 

San yoct accompany me on Shur eddy or Friday to Putnan County? 

Nov, 7, 1889, 

He Ce Donmming, Esycy 

Marion Improvmient Coe, 

Harrisburg, Pare 

Dea: Sirt~ 

: I am very mich obliged for your letter of Sth instant. 
We have an instrument thich vas designed by ny Assistunt, Mr? 
Xermelly, for the purpose of Lloenting mgnetic iron ore and which 

works escolloitly.s Wie wert skeed¢asful in locating several bodies. 


with it on oi last trip. 

Very tiny Youd, 
et et Mla ag ye 

on yn: ard 

ee ae y 
ee etd 


Novy 7, 1890, 

Wai Py, Taylor, Naqe, 

Altoona, P a, 

hy Dear Sirte 

3 lave your otter of Sth instant, in Yevard to 

ie lecture which you mo to give before the Blectricnl Section 

fa Altoana on, the avening of Deeanber Dth, We will sond one of 


our men tom the Laboratory with a compl ete ode Ape to asgfst 

you im canneation with thfs leature. I will Inve a variety of 

musical v ylinders prepared, and I om Setting up a set of Morse 

instiumaits for the purpose att redbraiiugy in tho phénogriph sare 

wotsaAges whieh will be sont you 4m thet way hy Mes Batgon hinsel £; 

ad which wilt bo reprodised itt Altoona by thi fhonojmiph, 

Sapposa avr wen sorta Wee here on Décanvbr Se 
~ Very ivy yours, «7 

Ay Peig t 8 
wih Ane OM Mes Hohe 
ty ‘ - 
a aly: a Ay va 




ye ae 

yet oe 

Nove 7,5 W889 ¢ 

Messrs, Lowigohn Bros o> 

81 & 83 Fulton Strect, Now vork oily, 

Deex Girsi- 

Replying +0 your ldtter of Bue dngtant, 

inquiring als 
to the starding of tho’ iidison Manufac tind 
Ny dy, 

re Company,. Siiwer Tak ay. 

I beg to say that this concern has not yet been regularly 
incorporated, We call it the "Rainon Nie. Cos® for 


Wstinguishins 14 fom the other intordsts wbntored here in 

Orange. It is Mre Hdison'y persona t. antetprisea, and will be in- 

corporated some +t iris in the future, but at presont its credit car 

bé rated by Mer ¢ Edison's personal Standing. - 

Yours truly, 

Nov. 7, 1aso, 

7 Mry English ,» 

| Get Peady ons of tre latest water motor 
er yut it in Tirat elngs govlition ana make a plate for 

sae it os follows!  “Thig Phonograph is pronetted to Frdiad 
Krupp by its Anventor EDISON." With this we wish to send 

if ny : 200 blanks ani a eoaple of dozen musical gylinters, Let um imar 

Do i When the above ig veady for shipment, so I. may conmtmnicate: with 

rosrk : Mee Krupp further. 

b. Yo 

exert) : ; : Yours tly, ta 

ee a *. 4 : 


Oo oaix 

Nove 7, 1839, 


- Referring to the attached, please make. 

UP a paclmge of such supplies as you eonaider is mecossary for 
the msehinos that aye in the bends of the GESELscHArT URANTA, 
and alvise me whon the sane is ready to 

go forward. Return the 
attached letter, 

Mra Philip sy Dyer, . 

Antweo Y Ps Belgium, 

Dear. Sirs. 


Your letter of’ 31 st Ootobor, 

‘addrops 0} to Mrz ‘Edi-eon, 
in romrd to, sondins to Lal 

ande samples of batteries which wo 
mMonuiketure wnrier the contract ‘betwoo him ant Mr. Edi con, is 
culy received, - ay ~ 6 

‘The different types of battery whieh it {8 ow intention to 

Mandketure undep this contract Bre not ready yet, put just as 
Som as thay ard conploted, we will ‘Bond samples of cach to BR, 


Lalande in accordance with 

7h clause of Agreoment.. 

Yours truly 


"i sete 
i Private Socretary., 
| fe Maree om pose a, 
; sty ob et gay Tee Pe ee OY Sh et 
BA ae Peas 

Hee We Jy donks, Standarad 23 ne Burgan, teeta 
Edi sin Gcneral Bledtrig Vompany, - coke Ss GE gk vee 
Bey York O44y 

Nowe . sissy 

I hog: tg reler to you ‘tole attontion the enclosodg letter 
Adgressed to Mrs Edison Which we hav 

YO cot ved from the Kdison 
THuntine tiny Coe of Newport, as 
ae eee De, 
Yours trialy ‘eo 


Plvate Scavotary, . 

Tk gz ran 


John Birkinbino, -. . Noveri:er 7, leap. 
eis Fort Htomy , le Yq 

8 en 

Wil. leave Ney York Sonmornow : (Syd ay Vnbtringon 1g : 80 4ntth 
nda River. Railroad, renelaint ‘Pookak12i: betwoey it: So aml im 
Och: you moto there? use 

Bas dom, ° 

mv aL ons dl aE Td i 
ema tml BS ANI FO nt tee tet 

Nav, ty 1eBn, 
Mrae Mary Honeny-ny, hs 
: i ; Be Big 9 Weis 
‘C/o Ay. Homonuay s 16 Troont St,, : 

Boston, Iinons 

Soar Mad ane, « 



I beg to eoutirn tho, Lollowd is télegrent Seat 

you t cduy 3. 

“Am ledving to-riorrow t6 bo absent X think unti2 

Monday. Will be glad 

to conminicate ‘With you 
oh my roturn, | Te Ag Ey a 

1 Very. tr uly YORYS,. 

pe key 

: k 
My ia 
out } 
‘ ¥e 
1 ha 
OY a 
ih P 
y: 3 
mb a 

_ Novy 7, 1e89, 

We Ay Stern, Hage, 

Hanilton Ruilding, Pittsbur ch, 
Pay : 

Hy Dear Sirt~ 
In roply to Your Lotter of gra instant, Nhat Mry 

Edison desires ig all the Literature published in repre to 

Vos tinghouse Aly Brake for frofsht trains, Also, copy of con 

tract they mko with ra:Llrondg Por amp lyin: freight binke, 

Véry tr uly yours, «7, 

Peete sdeotary, 

Pe Re The boand tnd susdraved book’ ner jonsd dn yo Letter 

wey venly has hot wet yaghed My Edd on, 

Wov. 7, 8% 

We J. Hanmer, Esqe, 

Paris , Prana, 

Dear Sirge~ : 

Ibe to confirm the folowing cad logran sont you 

to~day! ~ 

*Phonographs alreudy {urivished URANIA, 
Others all right.” 

Yours truly, 

teen thet 


ME bod baw 


Nove 7, 80¢ 

Jesse Hye Lippinett, sq, 

160 Broniway, Mew York Citys 

Dew Sirt= 

Here is copy of a telogran which Mr, Bdison received 

yenterday from Mrs, Horonways= 

"Please nane sone time when you will seo my 
Agont, Mre Gray, in Now York, or olsowkere, 
end oblige MARY M&MNWAY, ¢/o Ae Homenvay, 

10 Tremont Sts, Bostone" 

We wired Mrs, Hehenway in reply to the ahove, that Mr. 

Edison tus going may and. would not retin until next week. 

Vory truly ‘yours, 

wala ieee ies at. 

Frioda, Krupp, FEsqey 

ESSHEN, Gdyrany. | 


My Dear Sirse 

T have thy extedmed letter of your Director under 

date October 28rd, antl in reply Veg to way that the cylinder of 

the atandartt phonograph 33 not suPfielontly long to take a conti 

ous dictation for twertty-Live mirmtéa. It whl take continuous 

speoch for five minutes, whish 4a qyunl to one thousand words nr” 

ten ordimry lettere. I fds deer ny intention, and T gtidl de= 

sire to progent you with ony of these instraments as a personal. 

bift from mynetfs 1 havo etyen iMetmre tions for a opoatn mas 
dire to by pmpared for you, which 7; wast you #t2) ho Kink etougt 
fo Socept rah my pony sents 4 Twidl advise you thea it ig randy, 

| 4o go tommrds f vogrot vory nifeh dot having had thd plehiure of 
; . . , 

medéing you witn f wan $y7 Gartany. dy tite was an Miétoa tast & 

MeLlrt to B06 a funder bf my frietke whom I had ydpod to poot, 

; Vory tarady Wweany's, 2 . Cf race IE pe 

How.’ 1, 1889. 
Edvard De Adams, Exqe, 
Messrae Winslow, Lanier & Coe, 

Now Yorks 

Dear Sirs- 

. Referviry to ccpy of lotter frym Profe Coleman 
Sellers addresscd to yourself and emiloged with your lottine to 
m wider date 4th Novenber, Prof’ Soltleva is very practical, and 
I am weh ploased with the way he hand.os the subjest under dis- 

cus aon, 

Pace a Gh, oy artee 

Nova 7, |}889. 

De Meyer, Esqe, 

Gesellschaft Urania, 

Berlin, Germanye 

My Dear Sirs 
IT have yowr estcomed letter of of the loth of 

October, and in reply beg to say that two of tha phonographs 

gent to Prof, Helmholtz were specially designed for ths. Gesell. - 

sohaft Urania. I have given instructions for a supply of neceni~ 

sary parts to be _forvar did +o you imneiiiately, and I trust they 

will reach your Imnds sofely. 

In regard to an exhibition of models of ny inventions, I 

ghould be very happy to comp).y with your request were it possible 
for me to do SO» At tho proasent tim, hovever, ail my apparatus 

is in use, and at the moment there is nothing maileble that I 
souls forward to yous 
Perhaps j.ater I may be able to yond models of some of ny 
inventions, and will bk glad to do ga if it. is at. all practicable » 

Tam greatly indebted for the photographs of your excellent 

inatitution, am beg +o meee can ty 


Very prely youte, 1 _ es 
oe Fran ig AR 

Nov al 8. Lee 9 0 

Mao! Moebin Poree, 

If the Edison Note Books Nos. 53 ani 37, 

referred to on attached letter from Dex & Seely, are iz your 

posses Gion, please deliver then to 

eover, and return Dyer and 
Seely's letter, 

OE eae 

Mossrm« Dyer & Seely, 

AG VOLL Stet, Nest Yorke 

Doar Sirst- 

In reply to your letter of 64. indtaim, requesting 
me $0 send you Hdicon note hooks Nos, $7 ard 55, Mr MeGowon will 
had yar note book Nod 37. Tohwve made a ishor anes: search Lor 
Noe 58, but arn't Lind i, 

Please agknowledgm veoelyt of nog? boelk #57, amt oblige 
ty 1 ? 

Yours truly, 

Pi vate Seevctary. 


Nov, 8, 80, 

Col, George le Goura wi, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, 

Surrey, Fnglond. 

Dea Siri 

I bog to.confirm the following cablegrams re coived 
irom you aml sont by. me, to-day to 

‘ : 

"Slurring Misturazel taught ” 
"Gode book: not to hand, Gan’t interpret jour * 
“gable of to-daye® 3 BS ge AEE Mesias : 

Novy 8, &F, 

A * 
ee Ssnuel Insalil, Enq, 
44 Wall Street, Ney York, 
: Dear mee BR a ae ee & ghee ae ates 
" T have your letter of 6th instant, in veyand to a 
model for the Lay Phonograph Comy ange 9) Be at anony I unicrstand phat 
l . ” toga Py a ee 


he mode to bo filed with ue Compe ny MA, iy be cere RE hgh as 

fur norhinoxy Por. turning out the werdaua parts is conplebed,= 
: Gi Fe, is, we will send then a modo} nde from tthe dies which are “ic 

oe Vow 

te. wsed, in filling their regular stock oy: Gere. There | om thus be 

no alae about Ate dedrg the sane OC he ones sttorvends pals 


mi Shed than. 


Priv ate |secrehary, 

Nove 8), 8D, 
Av Mavews, Esqe,; sg 

Milde: Bagi; New York. 


Dear Sirte 

"Marg Edison ake m to ak snow laliso reept of yor 
Lette: of 6th ‘instant; in ir gaia ‘te ‘the Bide tan ard toe bate 


préas his vorret’ at aed hoon han Le ¥o moet” is Renait this 

By : "oe MCE ot 
weeky | Ny LAL 60% tert to “any ‘to be “‘abhent, probaply ‘anti2 Satur 

duy night “He wotila Like'4 0! sis ot fig Ronan) hi” tie “heb pratoty’ gn 

Monday next ab” any Hoi dohventent” bo tho labtons ; the ‘goueenponc 


dorian’ cheto#ed wit iy ‘your “Lets oe tnd 

op'Lyp T wiha x aed on file 
®. ue we 

va ttate tae Fe Saito Veer ae 
in thie orien, in eniie hey . “Hef itoon int bie paren” aes SOE ea 
to ite 

Very tilly rosea, : 

en RE ee cE Pyare Tye 

ted 8 

Dom s 

Nov, 8, 1889, 

tlowee 9 Vato on & leie,, ; 

120 ‘Bro ody yy is fork « 7 


3 Vettes: fii ace? aches 

At Mr ocean Teque 

40 sty J ZL ondiqso mroyith eLetter 

2atrosned to him by ee Georg Se Hole». 0:5, 400 » «firm, of Haley: mind 
eon ne a 7 

Tiske, Atborroys, a Sox wiwellorg, Rey 4. Urenont. St yi Ro don; ” nth 


; titer “ante Hoyenbe ath Ps lees rofenptyg toa, Budt- brought ss 


aijain st ‘Mite a wn. sore “aoverl, sears O80: by. Ep » Raker. Nelohe iy plat 

shitty ‘thous sand ones, for tiie Alseged homeach of oa. contiaats. 0 

kes prides ce 

mado api “1860, wht ls the Said oleh gia: imed, ontit Lads dint tows on 


om “id f tho en ofits aie sort x n wert doz 5 3 Jor double. ranimis sion, 


ma: de, eh “mt has bear renova, reagntly fares tim aloim amended to 
two inndred re ‘thirty ¥ hqus aut Hones 8 250,000). 
this Conmuure ee ion reltere ao ba at Aton Be Adam as dh vite 


M63 Lor Myre Uddtone wre {tone 3 at ig) present ‘ehin omy/hoyaa 

by tha Edi aon Lantp Company, ani f note Ati ieesnea to him tn tha gy 

\ 7 u ag 

sara, wilt bring him to your offtce any ' mo yo my wish do Hoo 

hing I wivlevscie tint kn ds Gh of town treaty itty, Sab VE oan 
be brought back wipnever you tit nba, 7 \ 

i: \ 


Voyy ty why your ha, pein’ 46 Sec io tar Ya 

s ~ 

_ Move 8, 1889, 

Be 20 Maguire, Maqe, 

Hotel Remort, BATMMINORE, 



Dear Sirs~ 

: ‘ 

I heve your letter of 6th instmt. The Edison Phono« 

graph Toy Manzrineturhy Cotpaiy has re cently heen reorganized, ar 

Myre Sequesy while on tle Betray, is not an efRoer of the Companys 

Ie! Benjamin F, Stevens iy. Birasident jj ars the Gonewal Manager ta 
: . - 2 i 
Mre Victor S. Allien. oMry Edison miueeeéozoa fom the’ Compan: 


md. isa stockholders, foam om of the trumtecs, bat havo not yet 

attonded a mooting, md fiave no dafinite Imowledge ua to the roy 
33 Ps “ , 

thoy propose condeting theiy business abroate You indeate in 

your lotter that yar destre ta sell Eogland, Franee ari Gornainry 

outright. So thr az I am asyarn the Comay does not contomplate 

selling any of its territory, the {dva beins to Aumish dolls for 

the foreign trace, the sumo as for the trade in tins emntry, I 

MM very sorsy not to hava sce you vinn you WOTG, in Now _Yovk When 

do you expect to cane va eg iad? 

Yours waly, 

Atlantic Publishing & Engraving Coe, 

40 & Sl Ohambers St peut, Nev York. 

Dew Sirsi+ 

In reper ‘So. your Letter of Slat ultimo, T bog bo 

hani you heradth biography of Mre Bdiven, fdyv puylication in 

the Broyclopnedia of Contanpota ry Bhography of Kev York, which 

your Compaty is at mrescont pubht shia « 

L would. ve vary tMaals obliged 

TP yar can sormnoniently do 80, 

ssoaphy, as it fs the énly eacy ua Bard 

LP you weoid retuen tits bio 

ooenahy tia 

and mey vant to refer td it qa sine Siture 

At the woment ( aamot ley ny bende da the phogiaphy Attss 

you sent hora for veviston.  - wild rotor 4b to. you tam dey oy 

gD, an agnirad. 

Vary truly yours, # 
, o te 3 

i ate 



Pe fate Seotat mye 






Nov, 8, 1889, 

Ool., Ucore Me Garraud, 

Little Menlo, Upner Mo vood, 

Surrey, Englai. ‘ 

Dew JSArie : ; i 


’ : Messrsy Dyor & Secly infoam no thit they lave for 
vearded to yor pavers in the uatier of Onse Naw 01. It is very 

necessary that yar shaild lose notim in filing your applications 

iu England, France and Germaiy, at Zam obliged to make publi eration 
in the United States very doortly. Yer had better coble m an 

rea. as these applications are Pilded, 

Vory truly yowes, 
Yi aaa : ! 


Nowe &, @, 

Mr ed, We G1 al stone > 

Fddson M't' 56 Cos, 

‘Silver Tala, We Te 

Dear Sirs~ 

For the present nilease do not make any quotations of 
prices of battertes to outsian yoople., Ye wild Within the Haxt 
few doye dotemine wint these prices avr to bey bub as yeh 4t de 

rot detinitely ddeided, 

Yous traily io 

Nove 8, 806 

Westmoa Furnace Coe, 
61, $8 Broad Stet, New 
Dear Sirst- 

I have you letter of Gth instant , notifying m of ny 
eleetion as 2 Trustee of the Westmma Furnace Company, and beg 
herewith to temler ny resignation as one of yow Directors, and tro 
request wie elect ion of my Private Secretary, Mr@ Alfred 0. Tate, 
in my sbeads I have transferrel one share of stock to Mad Tate 

to enable him to qualify as my representatives 

Very truly yours, 


ca ere 
(Jirera O% Css? 

Nov. 8, 89, 

Gols George le Gouraud, 

Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, . Surrey, England. 

My Dea» Sart 

I mailed to you Wednesday last photographs of the 
improved phonograph ywitich I have gotten up sincd ny return hone ’ 
md which, whe I am able to send you one, you will find to boas: 
simple a mech ine: as can possifyly be w ished for. By inspecting 
the phosographs you will chseave that I tave vemoved the kick- 
back altogether, The lever for Yaising tho ‘apectacle, whi ch, in 
the shepe of an angle rod is placed in front of the straight edge 
.on the michines which you use, has also been removed, aml the 
sequels is now raised by an orm which protrudes beneath the lip 
of the former; when this lever is thrown up the spectacle is 
reised so that the recorder or reproduccr point, as the case may 
be, is lifted off the phonogran ani the travelling nut thrown out 
of gon, am when lowered brinzs either of these poix s and ‘the 
travelling amt besk into positiom for recording or reproducing. 
I have cut the spectacle itself in two ani throvn cone side avay, 
using one diaphragm for record ing and reproduciag,. ‘Me wecoiver 
(hie in the other type of phonograph we used to refer to aga 

recorder ani reproduaer, there helns ‘avo of them!, is let into the 

Col, & HE G, 

spectacle in the usual waye dxtendi ng Lrom the pie hace Bide 

Peels wy? 
of this repraduser ani attached to the fame, is a sme, avm, which 

a perks I 
has a play up ant down ‘of about deck! ‘an inch, end which when raised 
cr lowered moves the receiver in a oircle to the same extent, 
Att hed to the aigphroem of the redeiver are the tvo points, one 
for recording ant the other for reproducing. When this arm is up 


aga tinst the adjusting nut, the rerodaedy te in position, and when 
it is thrown even the record ing point is brought into, plays In 
the photegr ooh you will notice a wire bent over the top of the 
receiver anda shorter wire protiuding upward to the left of this, 
This shorter wire is attached +o the eos ae and moves with it, 
The other is stationary, It is, therefore, obvious that these — 
wees will be closer together when the lever of the reegiser 4s 
thrown down tha whon it rests against the adjusting mut. The 
thinbles on the ends of the speaking tube ind the listening tube 
have slots cut in them fr these ivires to enter end permit then 
to be scét dow over the thimble of tho reocivor, When the ren 
ceiver is set for reprodgeing the : speaking tube >t hinb le cannot ba 

aug Mee wort nei PREG 9 AE Bet 
placed over the reeeiver thimble 

a euxl when me machine is set for 
recording the Li st ening tubes caro} be used - or in other words, 
aithex of these tuber em he used only when tie Mankine ib set 
for the purpose tov vatoh the tube is intended, It forms a sort 

of yale loak conbindt ion witLoh prevents any rai stake being nade. 

SME as om arn wee hatin nen I OO es, 

Mea aer 

SAGES TRS e A Tos cede en So AE tI oad LAG ay eh nena scbientnen etic ita Es 

Cole ty Ea Ge noe 

I haw bare ray tle ecrov on the Bifle oY the me Ia we em 

pleyed to secure tne ard nging gentre that sscures the brass oylin- 

der, and replaad tho at tne by a shart pendulum, whi ia, when raised, 
clsmps the svrang3 ne cent "@, holding it firm, aa when lowered re» 

leases it. This motion is much more rapid than the serew motion, 

The knife tas been placer} on the spaet<acle orm at the buek, ina 

kind of stedl box, which contains the movement. that operates the 

knifee On the sige pf thits hoax js a dotermining point which auto~ 
mot ically adjusts the kni‘fe for the yroper depth of chip, At the 
back of the box is a level Whi ch tork s wp am dom, When this 
lever is ane down it lowers the determining point until the 
latter jast touchés the surface of aie phonegran, am at the same 
time locks the knife in proper position for the cut. After the 
cut. has been takdn, aud it ig neconsary.%o bring the spect aale 
back to position for ‘recording, the spectacle avm is raised as 
usual, ond this moticin throws the Inife back by redethe the lover 

at the back of the knife box, thus eliminating the possibility of 

the cylinder béing gut thlodsh thougktlesmess or carclessne sa. 

The arm which reache$ from the #leeve on the backrod to the 160 

thread scrow Gt o split g dpriny which cirries ae travelling mts, 
one on each Bide uf tNe split Bathe® one of these nuta will carry 
the spect dele doy 49 vell AS the two together, which reinforces 

this part agoin/, accident. This naghine possesses gmat advantage 

listen to the context at his subjeat, it is only necessary to throw 

“the erirtyging aNiee, “hate tp the cling, arep the Mitothale syd ge | 


Gol, Gy Ey: Ge wih ow 

in the way of recordin, Loy the followirg reason; ‘he recording 
point is a fraction of' an ineh to the vight of the repre ducing 

point, When the record is heing nade and the speaker desires to 

up the lever attached to the ro coiver, keeping the speaking tube 
in his hand; the. reootvcir pol noy oanes into position and being, 
as I have said, the frag tion of an inoh behind the reeorder it will 
repeat about twenty ~Live words of tha dictated netter without mon 
ving the spectagle at all. So fy as recording and ere 
mre cancernea, alt adjustinente havo boon fone avmywith, Atber the 
Phonogram has ‘been plaged on the cyliviar, the operation dosieiste 
in simply cropping the sna etagle and gaiig mead. Ad she phoro~ 
ters 16 shaved oft ant de dialieter rodlieed the di fares ‘is sia 
pea sated Lor nutomatival iy by the recoriling vnd reprotheim points 
whiek }rave an upwind and downward moveiiont that reniers them at alt 
times in position for thi varyiny heights of standard phonogstame, 
which latter will yield tabout strenty five Surfaces. 

Wien. theso instruméiits are placed in business offices, a. 

‘ - con . # 
elork or offive boy will shave off the phonogram Ahi ken 4 Sapply 

Yeudy for use in thé drat! trs of tha phonogrmh esbinets The bu-~ 

singys ina Nae ondy to sliip one of these on thé itedhine, close 

dheads ALY Adfubbaints tre olintuaed ana thd treVtaore dom ve 

cheery ye: diyweded oi} the Tpotdesrain ‘Ot face « near ththi.’ ena av dn 

fd mid they WAVH QotATLy gad! Yosulte 


3 Ted acaeettge 

Gol eG, B, Ge Be 

ZI have also designe a water motor, which works to porfection, 

and which I believe will he adopted universally in place of bat~ 

tories. It rwns on -ordé nary city pressure,' At ordinary wat.ce 

rates, the cost of opérati'ng this motor will not exceed three and 
a half? eents Sart i have only completed om of theae ma-= 
Shines, and I have sent vin photographs of the SAME a “We are 
going to get our fartory in smpe to substitute eres for the in» 
strwnerts ve are at present making. They can be-run by vater : 
power or by an electric moter} aldo by Poot power. 

The North American Phonograph Company will very shortly 
aiscard ti@ grapliophone ard fornish phonograp is exe lusively ta 


“HH “ , ete > 
its licenseo companies. ah hy ta nude 7 co hing Richt Kee . 

\, fr. .{ «GF ee Hesis i 

Vary truly yours, 


C ON: a GAG ATO.. 


Ps, l af eke amen) i Wercwele ; 

: ! atte 

io wpe tons lee RR teione oi chan sasca 
re ft , Pa hse 
preec tye bey toed “| all . 




Hove AL, S06 

My odorg Stewart, Esqa; 

Albion, Orleans Cor, 
: : Ne Ye 
| fs 
Dear Sirt~ 
ith reference to your letter of Sra instant ngdres see 
; to tre Vdison, I beg to say ‘that tho last tint the writer had the: 

plossure of seoing yotr son was at AYRE (Germany) on the 28th 

Sephembo last, Me tlen shdted his intention of fro seod ing $o 

2 Reve pant oie ersten 

Dorion, Higland, on budine’s sonmectad whth elo¢tis Lighting in 

Chile, aia J presunt thas hé is nov tharvte 

Very drul’y vores 

Nove, LL, 89. 

North American Phonograph (C0.e, 

160 Broadway, New York City. 

Deay Sirsi« 

I beg to refer to you the enclosed letter which I 
have received from hire CG, Fe Jomson, who desires to make a 

practical test of the phonograph, re Johnson is a stenographer 

who has ‘quite a largo ca mection, and I hove veferr ed him to 

yourselves, stating that, I thought you vowld tive no ob jection 

to his making the desired test at your oafficos. 


Yourp trary, ‘3 

Nov, LL y 89, 

We de Hemmer , Esq, 

Pardes >» Traree, 

Dear Sirsa 
I beg to eonfir:; the foll oring cablegrans oxchanged 
between us 9th instants ~ 

"Gan buy narble cle 

otric ligtt oireuit 9,000 francs, 
Wanted twelve, 

Do yo. want it? HAMMB, * 

71f you refer statue On fas 

lamp, yes, buy it. Have 
best firm pack its EDISON" 

Yours truly, 

Letterbook, LB-034 

This letterbook covers the period November-December 1889, Most of 
the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. The letters relate 
primarily to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking 
doll. There are also several items dealing with the technical and commercial 
development of the Edison-Lalande battery. Other documents pertain to 
mining and ore milling, mimeograph royalties, and the phonoplex system. 
Included also are letters to the firm of Dyer & Seely regarding electric light 
patents and other patent matters and correspondence about Edison exhibits at 
expositions in the United States and in Europe. The book contains 499 
numbered pages and an index. Approximately 30 percent of the book has 
been filmed, 


Ps ae sel iS he aha eae eet test Ac 

Nove 11, 8, 
ane. Anna Lienkev, 

SQ) Kast ltr Street, 

Nev ort: City, 

Deze Uodano, « 

With ference to you letter widhout aase ade 

eressed to oy Hre Hagen, Baking if t world be ceonrenions Yor 

yOU to come to the Laboratory and sing to the phamagenphy in sop ly 
wo Plot very nuch to State tint died at proemnt it ia inyous ihlg 
lor aa to set apart an 2; tornoon Lor this PUYEO Gee We are very 
“busy gy tting out musical Cylinders, amd lav imBiglims, bards AGw'y 

&oe. ongRZAa to Piay toa tho phonega ap h @eary day for the nexe snorbh, 

Were it not for thig we Should bs yorw Tdresed to avail ourselysa 

ax your kind oer, end the first pe vtvidty, that veeure ye sh al 

be plang to corminiaa 


Vory. muly youth, . 
: é at 

EDISON baboRatony 

’ rogerd to your rerarks about leakage, I hog to say that thero’ 

‘housoholdors in the Park is run through meters which rogister tha 

Henry Be Auchinelons, Msue, 

Lilewvollyn Park, Ne Je 

Dear Sirs= 

I have your Lotter of Sth instant, in regard to your 

bill for light for the month of October, amounting to $25.82, In 

could have been no leakage which would have mado any neterial 

difforence in this bill, ALL the currert which is aupplicd to 

amount consumed by onch porsone These moters aro abaolutely gor= 
reet, &26 has boan peo time and time againee The trouble whi 
you complain of in regard to the firragulerity of the licht will 
bo removed vary shortlye 

Yours very truly, 

Nove J2, 89. 

Major Sa Bs, Eaton, 

120 Broatiway, New York City. 

Dea Sivt~ 


I return herovwth ‘proof? of Proposed Licamse agreonent 
betwoon the Edison Ore Miliéng Co., “D't*d. ad the New Jersey 
and Pomnsylvania Concentrat ing Vorkse You will obseive thab Mr, 
Edison states in his notes upan this contract that you mv omite 
ted to secure the Ore Millimm Co, its royalty for all time. 

I beg to call your attention to page 3. One of the para- 

6rephs reads as follovst "The first party shall promptly notify 

eny sub-licensas &a."* Should not this read: "The second party 

shall promptly notify the first party &c@" 

Very traly yours, 

Boston, Hm Ge 

. I bes to contivew the followings telegram seit you 

"Plonse send m: copy of proposed letter to 
Crarford ond permit me to communicate with 
you Diether before letter iteelf is mailed, 
to CravPord. Ae Ge a 4 

Nov. ll, 59. 
Gustave. Stromberg, Ese, 
53 Broad Ste, New-York, 

Dear Siri : : 
Io beg to confirm the following telegram sent you 
today tm 

“Certificate left in yorr office Saturtiys Please 
have transfer made this mornin so I can qualify or 
this afternoons Ag Oe 7” 2 

- Your's 


Nove 11, 1889, 

My Dear hhr,' Adams, — 
, Your Lather of Sth instant has boen, duly 

I cabled Siemns Bros, for approximte estimte on sizes 
cabled « _ The prices are rather high vhon 45% is eidod, and I 
think they can be made in this countrys I am certain I can’ make 
as good cable of the character tre want as the London poopla.: 

My Engineer is now alowg Ningara River, wakirg predimimry 
survey inaguirios shout ice, anchoring &a., &c. I have tvo ‘young 
ren at Buffalo makin; a Sieeehy Surv oye A couple of weeks will. 
finish it, and widl skow the position of every kerosene lamp, gas 
jet, eléctric and arc, and the hours of burnings This will ive 
us within five per cent of every nan's eas bill, 

Very truly yours, 

‘Edwaed Dy Adams ) Taq e, 
ev York Gitys 

Harold P. Brown, Esq., 

201 West 54th Street, 

New York City. 

My Dear Sir: 

With refercneo to your letter 

of 7th instant ana 

to the mtter therein reforred to, Mr. Vdison gaye by all means 

follow it up, 

Wes tinghousg has already starsed in Imgland a 

fifteen thousand light station, and is goings + 

(5 40 try and capture 

the whole Finglish trade. “Mre Edieon sugsests that you try and 

ayrangs with some of the English newspapers, 

to correspomi with 

them oceasfonally on this subject, 

iving thon list of deaths Coy 

&¢e, and thus educate the English people up to the dangers af high 

tezision durronts, 


Vory truly vous,” 




% ‘Privat 6 Snerctary, 

if Nov, 12, 8, 
1 . 
\ i : 

Col, Geor pm Eeuqul Qourmd, 
ittlo Menlo, Umer Norwood, 
Swarvoy, Vorland ¢ 

| lwor Sivt~ 
i F 

| if T bog to confirm the following cahlogram received 
; tron you am sent by pete 

FOSDIRe Lomon, Nove Uy 18%, 

7 “Mailed tomdby Urbrta tnportant prepesal, 
: Have porto Nolinn: Leste vhend Code 
POStAl with In ttay a” 

GOURAYD, roRtwan. Hoveuber 12, 204 

“Holi and aliiyocd Bevaniay oe core, 
Ateancy Ban. Saiaioy® ; 

kenrtn Syetly. 

Nove 12, 1280, 

fh Chambey of Commerea of the Stato of Now York, 

Naw York Cit Ye 

Your Conmittoe of Arrangements haus kindly 

tbe | seats wr a isvitation to attend the l8let. Annual Bannuet of the 
i og 
. Ohanhbor on ti4 Lit: dintont, end this ig to signify my acceptance 

of the saoe 

f | a; Vdry truly yours, 

| a 

Hove Li, 1839s. 

Uharlos Stewart fnith, Neq., 

Olarber of Conmoree, 

New York Oitye 

My Deny Sirse 

Your esteemed thyor wider date 8th instant, re» 

queatin: my acceptance of ‘she invitation kinlly extended to me 

by the Chamber of Comerac to attend thoiy 12ist Annunl Banquet 

on tho 19th of the present month, has been duly received, and in 

yeply 1 beg to’ inform you that I have to-day signified to the 

Conmittee of Arransements my intention of being present on the 

occasion in qestion, 

_ «Very truly yours, 

a as Gf 
WY vee a. AO gt 

Nove 11, 29, 

George Wilgon, Hsqe, Socrotary, 
Ohombor of Oomnarce of tho State of Nev York, 

Mow York Citye 

Dear Sir,= 

I beg to acknowledge the recoipt of your lotter dated 
%th imtant, notifying me that at a mooting of the Ohamber of 
Conmorea, on tho nomination of dite Exocutive Committee, I was 

duly olected an Honorary Nomber of tho Ohanbors 


I shall bo very plensed to receive ny Cortificato of ‘Meriy cr 

ship, and apprecicte highly tie honor ‘thes conferred upon ne by 

my olection to membarship dn the Olevber of Conmerce of ‘tho State 

of Now Yorke 

Yours rdspectfilly, 

: ne wy 
fiw A a predey ghee 

atin Mache. Hate, 

Ahad bee, Webredt; pees Ha? 4 


+ thant) be 
Morac } 


Gyre Nix fers, > 
Agha fw IZ Synanee 

ers (6) An yz flea, ltt, tao mde ba 

Aw 74 © oe 

Rate sen Ne Nema Fo in, 


aty Wy. 

Colady PTs t— tietes ef 


fue, 20 Aunlbt 

MNtad th wilaand #8, gor Otel bat ~ 


Cr Ctun On 


A Yeu ed tae 

“Gl hase a thaw wo Cast of Herd 

Vu LRG Gb On te eatea 

f tie 


ow ratte fat 

Novo 14, BY» 

De is Dr seo 11, Faqoy 
Messrso Dyer & Sealy, 
Now York Citye 

Dear Sirte 


I enclose herewith three tyne-witten copie 

‘ of Mrqg Edison's testimony in the Edi aonsSwan Tnter~ 
fereice, taken at the Laboratory yesterday: also ons 
scopy of that portion of My, Batchelor's testimony im 

nee. ta batt 
the same case .taken Tuesday last. 


Very truly yours, 

Stonogarphe r a 

C / 

Aer i *iiq 

Cedeltsehagt Curd 

Be rsas ancy 
en Hd, 
R beg ts usbfy | 
rw tf tae ff Coe Mab ucet Unrade Bie 
Ce ee neg | 
hay, pw Willy “farege xdust bo. se a 

No Goes - Bark conhadung 200 Choire. Rtruke, 

v Jobe. Bar ‘ rier ire 
to - a Cankwe 

“- w edly 
10- Keke Sertat Bil, 

(0~ S Livin Ping Pe Ta P ee te 
10 ~ mes . ta ay : oSag 
10 - Chir Dkateg ¥ Serta s r : 
10 Curt, Off Karine bs ; 
109 Reeory. Herta 
19° Rbegdue te 
au ‘ Dealing ura 
aut tier S Pea 

Deer hal 


10 Laveniey 
F lo Rat. Seren cu ath aerteva, 
# Goro - Roy 24 Mirrical R teerde 
ce het Ob chao 


Messrse Drexel, Morgm & Cos, 

New York City. 

Dear Sirs:- 

Will you kindly send mo a statement of my ze count 

to November lst. ‘The last statement roc cived frons you was for 

Septanber 20th, 1889, showing a balance of $475,515.08 I wish 

you world kindly bring this up to the date nomad Noove. 

Very truly yours, 

Pa } e 

F io ed 
a “es ; i ae e it 
ae an eas 4 eed yok a 
Pat ey oiney 2 a we fo Nad Coe 4 at 
a” * ‘ Lad : a eas rey ie. ca 
” ” oe por TAAL, ; : 

Nov. 14, 89. 

Major S. B. Satan, 

120 Broadway, New York City. 

Dane Sir:- 

. Replying to {row note of 13th instant, Mr. Wdison has 
addressed a letter to the Cie, Continentale Fdison, of Peris, 
asking them to give you of your correspondents in Paris any ine 
fomation in refird to the foreign feedor invention rhich my be 

osked for. 

Very truly yours, ae 

Bedy d e Se cretary's 

Nov, 14, , 

Mossrs, Weyher & Rie homord, 
50 Route dfAubervilliers, 

Pantin (Seine), France, 

Dog Sirst- 

I beg to confirm the following ceblegran sent you tow 

"Imperative I shqald mve immediately | 

foundation plan Ixpoaition engine. Have 
you meafled blue prints requested in ny 

cab:lo fourth? EDISON," - 

at - 

Very truly yours,” 


Nov 14, Qe 

Wy Dear Six Joln,~ 

I have vas Letter of Blot witimo, enclosin; 

cory of anarticle in *ENGIMMTRING" velusive to tron in Now Loam - 
lam. I an quite forsdliay with $ae depoait referred to, wit di ‘ 
ia tho finest in the world, am in comection with which my pide 

ocoas of aoparating cogld hoe worked with great suecoss and an onore 

mug business built upe This tron is refrantory, oviny to the 
presence of titanlo ivon, which uy mehin yomoves and leaves in 
tin tailing se . 
Yours very troly, 
wl yy 

. i ae 
rete rit he cgceee 

Sir John Ponder, 

Winchester House, 50 Old road Ste, 

Lonion, Pri Liuid e 


Nove. 14, 120, 

Oompenio Contingontale Edison, 

Pawtits, France, 

I beg to acknowledge with tinnks reeoip, of 

your letter of 28th ultimo, in rogaid to Spanish Patent, Sot ag, 

I have conmmnicated with Messrs, Tatton and Levis, Goneral Coyne el 

of the Edison Flectric Light Oompoity. I wish you would Very 

kindly give Meossrs@ Haton & Levis, or their correspondents in 

Parin, Brandon and Fils, any information that they may aak with 

yelot jon to forsign patents on the feeder invention, which You oan 

supply. : 

Vory truly yours, 
BT ise seca teh i _@ 

Nove 14, 80, 

Lomiel We Sorrell, Fsqe, 

140 Nassau Stre Gy» New York, 

Dew Siria~ 


I return herewith order on Comnissioner of Paton ta 

to furnish you with cortified copy of ny Caveat Now 37 Pilea 

Jemuary 24, 1872 for Distr det ond Alarm Telegraph, which I have 

dily sigwed as requested in your lotter of 12th instant, 

Yours truly, 

WA a 
ey ie 
fils t. oh Vad U ny 
Be “OA A EPA gy 
See Ea teeta CELE thee ths Cs 
ree or, oN 


Moe rfeg 

please te Mcla- beg re 

f.. dd de APtA- LON pa A» ly Lay rl 
ers alton. a 

“Gf fs pe tarvuts rat Le 

kt wth - Wary ya erp yal 
age yaa At a 472e th. ee | Ms rte), 
Cm Atte fir ht aw ‘etatine fo 6 
On ns foro GO aVtarl, 
are ae me ie Me pty bs” 
CW bear f Prd —farrr a Cin. ite 
6G oe Ain lA BIA cle, te uv Boa 

a po: 


NE a 

a phere LLG 


Nove 14, G50 

Messrs, Eeton & Levis, 
120 Brocivaoy, New Joris 

age ep recta NE Pte cla eee re Seah A TNE eee 

Dear Sirsi-e 
Lonelose nerewith (1) copy of contract botwear 

Thomas Ae Edicon md Ae Be Dick Company, wiflor date June 27, 1887; 

(2) copy of contract votiweon Thoms Ae Edison, Robms% Gilliland 


amd the Ae Be Diok Coe, wien date Aumst 4, 1587; (3) atintch of 
correspondonce hettee hire Dick, myself and Hie Raiuon, which 

oxplains itnells 

Tho Ae Be Dick Company ramiihe tures Mincormphs in Amorten 

md ashlps thom abroad for sole in foreign countries, “Have ‘they 

the right to do t his? Mo, Edison has no foreign patents on the 
Mimogveph, amd the A. Be Diok do. dteaa thi ground that for this 
| vention it 4@ tree to sell in foreign countriog without paying lrts 
Fdieon any yvoyrtye I wish to asgortain what their rights really 

ore wider the aontrnacts Which lav boon nade with them. 

| : : “fe ae 
OP ym ee 

| Vary truly-yours, ye 



Private Soatye 


Orango, Ne Je Oot, oo, 1889, 

My Dow Dick,~ 

Ioan very nuch obliged for yom letter of Riny 

inate, in io mrd to Ure Edison's royalties on mincographs sold 

abroad. I wwerstood before interrogating you in this nattor 

that Ih, Edicon had no rights in the shypo of patente to tranater 

to yor dompary, bit that is o natter whieh does not enter into a 

| consideration of the rolations betwem Ny, Edison ond youreclveas 
The agroanemt betwoen Thomas A, Edison and the A. Be Dick Company, 
urder date 27th day of Juno, 1°87, in the first .seetion wowdddst 
*The party of the first part (Mdison) heroby grants and hereby ‘ 

| "licenses and empowers the party of tim seconl part aul ‘its BUCH 

“ Sgessors and assigns, the solo and oxclusivo rimt for tho term 

“*hersinaftor stated, to ninuikcturo and to grant to, others tho 
: : “right to namikoture, sabject to the comitions heroimfter named, 

“apparatus for preparing Autograrphic Stencils for printing, as 

“covorad by said Letters Patont, ond to 8011 ami grant to otlmrs 

Xtle right to coll the some within the United States, but not for 

“oxport to othor countrios .* 
It vould appear from this that the limitation of your bu~ 

| . , 
i siness to the United States ia one of tha conditions of the grant 
of your original license, - and tmt this condition 1s at the pro- 

Sont time boing violated by yow Conpanye 

I would hnvo pointed this out in ny previous letter to you, j 

Dut the same was written withaut reference on my part to tho cone 

n . j 2 


Ae Be De ~rpe 

tract betwoa: your Company wid Mr, Edison. It is a natter which 
your yoursolf have apparently overlcoked, ami TI call. your atteubion 
particularly to it, for the reason thit it sda toa me to be very 
importent. to the incorporated interests which yo. represent thab 
i your buainess should ba condioted in sscordands with the existing 
a records of the rights podicssed by the As Be Ditk dompany. 


Very truly yours, 

(Simmed ) : Ke O. Tate, 

. Privato Suc'y. 

4. B. Nick, Isq., 

Chicago, Ills. 


dranip, Ne Js Oat, 26, 8&9. 

My Deor Dick,- 

in tolking with Lis Edison the other day about our 

foreign bualneds, ho mntiord the Mimoogroph, snd in tho cours¢ 

of conversation asked m about the sclta over there amd what I 

considered tho royalties would anoant to. TI asked him if ho ind 

omy understandi mn: with you in regard to royalties, and he mid 

that the general arrangoment woler which you were selling mehinos 


covered the foreign as voll as the domestic business. Thereupon 

I dropped the subjoet, so that I might havo an opportunity of con- 

sulting you and relieving an impression which I nd ernst put 

which I did not wish to connnnicate to Mry Edison without firther 

invest imt ions You will romanber that you and I Ind son little 

conversation with regard to Myr. Edi son's royelty on MWimoosraphs 

sold abroad, vhile we wore in Hurope, but wo did not pursue tho 

matter very for, 

WALL you kindly inform my Af Mre! Rdivon'ts accownt is. bein: 

oreiited with royalty on-youw foroisn sales, the same as on sales 

in this country, ‘amd vory mush oblige 

Vory truly yours, 

(Sigrod ) Ae OF Tate, 

Pyivate ‘$v. WW Ye, 

cence meg caer 

.' Nov, 15, 1880, 

Hy Fondersmith, Fsqe, Dive O'p're, 
Pemsylvania Railroad Company, 
Bend & Kiwkeb Strocts, Philas., Pas 

Dear Sirt- 


T have hed a conversation with Mre Logue in regard -to 
tho use of.our new battery on you lines. He inforns me thet yon 

have 29 wires terminating in Philadelphia + 14 at B2nd and, Narliet 

. . 7 

Strects end 15 at Broad Ste,- und that yar desire to know if we 

can work all these out of one battorye 

_In reply I beg to say that we can work the whole of these on 
150 cells, so far as I can calculate from the data given ite by Mre 
Logue « I am going to ask you a few questions, sve won I re= 
geive your voply Iwill give you more accurate income tian ) 
: ‘ I understand that a riumbdr of these lines are City wireas 
iT : ’. Please let ic “Jenow the evact imber; the thileage of the longest 
aes. one of trees its total resi stamec, including resi stance of relay 8} ; 
| ; the voltage wait you wish to sheure s | 

.I separate these city circuits, because I ‘understand they are 

ae | : : ; 
i ; aR 
iz , : . . i 

short wircs, and it is, therefore, desirable to operate then fram 

a independent battery. 

In remrd to tho balance of you wires rum ing ‘out of Philo~ 
delphia, I want to imowv (1) the mileage of the longest one of 
these, (2) its total emu egea: including relays, (3) the voltage 
desired, (4) munbor of wires, 

If you can conveniently do so, I would like you to let me 
haw a record as follows:-. 
OLTY drRoUrrS, 
(1) Mileage of oath wire 
(2) Total resistmee of exh wire, including relays. 
And the seme for "ut of tom* wires, 
The intemal resistance of one of ow cells is .only 202 - 

local actior’ is less than one-half of one per cont; there is abso~ 

lutely no cleaning to be done in connection with it; its resistance | 

does not rise #tt folie constant during its life, ani the effect 
is to ronder the battory as serviceable in wet weather as vin dry 
’  Pevhaps I can best illusti‘ate its capabilities by means of’ 

‘ figures ¢ The “éta which I uso may be incorrect, as Hr. Logue's 

initrmat ion wag: Apa sh*t, but pragtically this will, nole no dif. 

Vor gdee to my 2esent purposo, 

I hve agtumed ‘that you have nine short ality wires, leaving 
20 lon ones to be sroupal in on) battery; that you want an initial 

pressure of 128 volbd, aint that bh total resistance of tho. longest 


H, F, -d~ 

of these, including relays, is 3600 ohms; therefore, wien these 20 
wires are "evened wp" with ein tics to resistance, the total re- 
sietance of the outer circuit will bo 180 olms, 
To give you the desired voltage we wouln install say 150 of 
ow cells; we can neglect the conlsined. internal resistante of 

theso, 98 it would amoint to only 3 ohms, These cells have o caw 
pacity of 300 ampere: eee with one charge of solution; the oxide 
plates and zines have a aapacity of double the Ab.OV 8, 80 that tro 
charges of solution give 600 ampere hows, 

. On my asaamed data you vorld take 7/10 of an ampere out of 

the battery 24 hours daily, which with one charge, would give it a 

life of three weds; or six weds on two clnsges of so lut jon, In 
practice this tine will be extended I think we cam safely my, to 
one mdnth on ons charge, aim double that time on two, or even 
te tter than that e 

I mow with to call your attention to the nerits of this bat 
tery in wet weather. The internal resistance of the cinm it is 
3 ohms, and the external 180 ohms. Supposing as an extranet crsa|, 
AL Ee dad eure reduges the resi stance of your wires ten timers, 
bios ing y our aietnay circuit down to 18 ohma, you woul, -sttiih. 
sé S/F of the whole current on your lines ~ only one “seventh: 
dst iA the batteryé# In short, this abt Oey wil work just ‘as . 
well in wet weather as in ary e . 

I am réking a test now on localss Think we can -roon-upwrds 

: @- 
of tY%ive sounders on tyo aellse Iwill let you know about this’ 


I shall be glad to hear from you in answer to my queries, and 

thenking yo. in anticipation, I am 

Nove 15, 1889, 

Messrn. J, M, Geballos & Coe, 

80 Wall Street, New York 

Dear Sirs:~ 

I beg to acknoviledge with thanks, receipt of your 

letter under date Sth instant, informing me of Mryu Conunpry™s 

suiceess in securing from the Mexican €ovexsnnent the desired fam 

cession, which intelligences was received with nuch gratifinatior, 

Very truly yours, 



2 Te a fees gt ence A RE aL 

= —— 

ee are 

Bxescrecrre sant 


Nove 16, 89. 


My Dear Young, « 

Roderying to yow letter of 4th instant to Mr, 
Rdigson, im regard to an easenttie cam for Jucking tho side arm of 
the phonograph, I bolieve you refer to the swinging centree I 
mailed Cole Gourmet o few days ugo a deseription of Mir. Edison's 
new phonograph, from which you will see that he has olreadr sow 
avay with the screw in quostion, substituting a clamp. 

5 we fe 
Voy triiy: tortie, .~ 
5 (aay 

. he SRST Oe 
ay Boe 
Fodvabe Scearoter ye 

J, Levis Young, Heqe, 
: Edison's Phonogrmh Go,, 
; London, England. 

aera rn lewtanieee sme 

Nove 16, SO 

Ool,. George i, Gouraud, 
Little Menlo, Upper Norwood, Surroy, 


Dear Sirt~ 

. . In reference to your letter of 31st alte, rogardins 
an attachnent for min shaft and spogial veeordars and rep eaters 
for making a record of twiee the uminl length, I beg to say that 

ve do not make these. 

Vory truly ypurs, 

Cate ae eg OT 

Samuel Insill, Hse, 

44, Wall Strect, Now York City. 

My Dear Sirs- : . - 

Iam very moh oblisel for yow Letter of th 

instant, enclosing pricas on new battorys Iimy obumve that 

the quotations in mt option avo abowt faur hundred peor cont. tov 


4, : “og } ; 
M {Very truly yours, ,; 
‘ % ee oe 

Eiisonts Phenograph Coe, 

Nove Lo, 80. 

London, Rnglend. 
Dear Sivsie- 
to confirm the vollowiny eoblegram sent you 

towdiy tn 


"Reciadiv art eo" 

Mov, 16, 1399, 

ilar rap emmerne aseoncn Low eietoramnope a. ae. 

Nov, 18, &, 

NH, E, Smith, Esqe, 

New Heven, Com, 

Dear Sixvie 

With reforence to your letter of 15th instant, your 

order for mesical records wilh be filled at the earliest possible 

moment, md we will take particular paring to select Lor yar gocd 

reoordse Wo have nono of the sclections momoned on band and 

vA LL looms jo bo nocosuary to heve then played to tke phonogrepliys 

fhe cornet solos we wid soil yor in a fou Cys, but the fil band 

selotdians may be dolayg@a wedi or 506 tat this will 

we sabisaotory 

Tam, yours vary YLT 9 pp 


Seat oe 
Sagar anneal 


ae See oe ee 

Nov, 16, 1889, 

SE ee 
Sco SS ermeer 


He Me Livor, Esg.a, 


19 Ney Ste, Now York. 

Qnar Sirse 

I enclose herewith for your indrrution translation 

of a lotter witdoh we have reveived Simin Messvue Weyher ane 

Riclemond, Pantin (Seine), France, doted Sth November, 1889, and 

addressed to Mre Edison. 

Vory traily yours, 

Prive sor Soore tarye 

Traenagilar ton 

= Bintin sth HaVanber, 1589, 

Thomas A, Eciron, 

Nour ire} F 

We iova dJaust roohved your teloguam 

as Tollovsie 

"WLLL inke 300 he p. triple oxpansion exposition 
‘ ongdine with comlmsar, Aveit Lorwal order by 
mail. avo you mailes photomenhs ent blue prants?# 

Wo teoows yar very meh far this order, and await inevructions 

Wiigh you wantse by next maid. We aro making at this moment 

sengdial ywhotegvaphs Lor you, whitch wd wild bow the wivausneo of 

+ sending you in a few dayu. Camplete vorking draviniss for tie 1650 

and. 400 he Pe ongines, as well its the condensers, are nenrhy Cini- 


gee ond we think we ghall be able to send tiem after a fe darse 


The wooden. mdols of the 150 h. p, engine are abowt to tw Nnished 

and those of tha 300 he p. angine are fu ndvandeds Wa ore loeine 

no time in order to let you how. then at the oorliest pexstula 

moment. Kindly sond by firet nnil exact lintrugtione Lor list: 

shipping then from Havre to tho United. Statess Ye thavk you for 

allowing us to authorize nm draft upon your Bankers, Drexel, Morran 

' & Coe thragh Drexol, Ha'rjes & Coe, of Pettis, but wo will not tuke 

this iiterty until afte; we ghall have gent your made end dra- 

wings « 

2 cea mm I BE spre fect Jat 

Le hee ye “ce 

In conchision we sholl state tint wa shell w extrenely happy 
iP you will vavor us witha rex words in your ov handwr it dass that 

wo Way proserve as & HOU ON fT » 

(Ginmed} Cth. Vc y he ve 


Nov, 18, 60» 

Oorning Glas Yorks, 

Corning, We Le 

Dear Sirsi~ 

I beg to comvium the folloving teloegrarn sem you 

this noruingse 

"Picase send five gross Bdisonts special bulbs 

similar to sanple sent from herce" 

Yours tinly, 

‘ fLhe 

v4 F a 

Sy aire: ee er rd fn, . 
eer Machine Vorko, 

Schemetaty, Ne Le 


Deay SiveteH . 
s > 

ioe te confirm the followin; tolegran sent you 

Wo sre very mich over lo ndede When cen you 

give ws our number ty cbhves% BATCHELOR." 

Yours truly, 

Gha Se Be te hne lo Ve 


Foe TAM gee 


Noy, 19, 1e8d9. 

Re Je Gray 2 Ee, 


#5 Dey St,, New Yor! ditye 

Dear Sire~ 

Ihave a munber of cirevlars in regivd to ow nev 

pattery, and Tovant teem to reech the tands of the variow Division 

Operators and Superintendents of Telegraph throughout the country. 

So for as nossible 1 have taken mmes from the "fravellers! Raile 

way Guide,"® buts this apnewrs to bo very ineomplete, en I fini the 

Jigk ammbers only a little over 200, Would I bo askin; too mush 


to request you to let me have a copy of your 1i a? Of covrse I 

wi LL Yay al. etvens? of getting if oute I my add that whenever 

you want data for a "write we" on this new battery, I will be vory 

pleased to give it to you. Mre Edison kas been away for the last 

ten days, Upon his return, to-morrow, Iwill send you a check 

for your bile 

Vary truly yours, 

ie Pe 

, Bee F 
Sl a Oe re ee ee, Sa a 

Geoige Wilson, Secretary, 
Chamber of Conmeree, . Nove 18, 1889 
New York City. , : 
My, Edison is wnwell ant desires you to Kindly oxpress to yow 
Conmmittce his deep regret at being unable to be present at tho 
Banquet of the Chamber of Gonmeme this evening, 
Ae Oe Tate ? 

Private Score ta: 

Nov. 19, 1859. 

Cheae S, Smith, 

215 Worth St., Nev York. 

Mry Edison is well and regeets exceedingly that he will be 

unable to attend the tenquet of the Chamber of Commerce this 

evening. » I have indor ned tia Conmittce. 

Ac O-¢ Tate, 

Private Socrotarye 

Se z 

Nove! a, De 

Seneca WEA ae Gece 


Semuel Insill, Esqe, 

Now York City» 

Dear Sirs- 

Plouse note Mre Edison's remarks on back of enclosed 


Yours truly, 

Privabe Seelys 

Nove! 22, BO» 

3 teen, 

Mre Logu ey~ 
Get u BMorse Sounder working good and loud, 

and set it ap in the Levture Room. I want this for Mn# Edi son 

to prepae phonograns for faylor's lectwwe at Altoona. 

Nove 22, £% 

My Dear Mr. Fiold,~ 

Now that the afvaivs of the Edison Phonograph 

Toy Manifucturin; Company have passed Lrom a state af chaos into a 

condition of sonuine business, I fecl that it is due to yourself, 

Mre Stevens, ard those who have co-operated vith you, to express 

to you my appreciation of the ective part whieh row have taken in 

comection with this reorpanization, From the cormenacomen of my 

very pleasant acquaintance with yourself anl Mre Stevens, I liave 

felt assured tlat we world veach a thorgishly satisfactory solution 

of the somewhat difficult problems which were presented, and ‘Yt ‘is 

a gratification to me to lnow thet my confidence was so well pincotl 

I have now fall faith in the success of the business of your dom 

pany, amd will gladly do all I em to contribute towrds that ond 

I desire yourself and Mr, Stevons to receive my personal thanks tr 

the able assistance which you have rendered in protecting the 

rights of yow stockholders, which involvéd to no Bitall oxtormt nly 

om veputation, and with kindest wishes for your welfare, beg BD 



Yours very truly, 

” ‘ 

{ whe » 4 
rR ce etd, ly eA 

Ae Ms Meld, Esas 

Nocl Be Amory, lsa., 
Delavare House, Port Jervis, 



Dear Sirie 

Nove 2, B89, 

I havo yow etter of loth inetent, asking for my 

opinion as to the use of storage batteries in couneetion with 

electric railways, and in reply I beg to say that for this pur~ 

pose I consider them an absolute failure. 

In addition to their 

wireliability in operation, they have no commercial elenent, and 

they servo only the temporary purposes of speculation, the public 

being decoived by their apparent simplicity. 

Yours truly, 

ree = = 

Nov. 22, 1839. 

Messrs. Eaton & Lewis, 

120 Broadway, New York Citye 7 

Dea Sirsi~- 

I beg to return herewith deed and assignment of con- 

tract for mineral rights from hir. Edison and wife to the New 

Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentratizy, Works, duly executed by 

Mr, and Mrs Edison, and acknowledged before Notary Public, the 

same having been enclosed with yow letter of 2oth instant. 

Yours truly, 

Privato Secretar ys 


Geovpe M,y Hopkins, Nsqe, 

361 Broadway, New York. 

Dew Sir: 


Referring futher to yaw lotter of llth instant to 

Edison, the letter Says to come over any tine and cet what 

you wart from My. J. C, English, General Manager of the Edi son 

Phonograph Works, who will fit you out to the test of his ability. 
Owing to Mre Edison's contract with the North Ave rica Phonograph 

Company, he can only loan you the amaretus. 

Yours truly, 

Priveb e Secretary. 


Hove g22y 1% Fs 

Je De Graviiet, Bee, 

"20 Walt Sheace 

Dee Sipse i 


SP oho wea Cookie et Lok in guns, 
Lehoyvar let at the Lioratory 
is a mixture of oxidized hydrocirion and Supprordzed hydrocarbons. 
It. could be used dn sensi’ arable Montity, if cheap oroush, for 
ovr undersround tube mterLal, He docs not see wht other use at 
would have for insulat Lng purposes, We Should be compe Led te 

tin- ow wires to prevmt action of sulphur. Ordinary coal ‘tar 

can be tuned into the save chmacter of mterdial by heating with 

sulphur anl oxidessnnpenrsey Ab E ov meh per ton could this m- 
P Bd 

tewiid bu deligevet ub Ne york? . var! 

Tours % 

Privete Sort, 

Nove 42, 904 

Dear Mire Adans, « 

the points ve forved to iu your letter of loth 
Lustant wil bo all worked owt in my firal estimates. I intend 

submitting Lour estimates, ~ 2 minimum, a moximun, aml tyvo inter~ 


Vory truly yours,  _- 

ide De Adamb, Eeqe, 

Now York 


Nov, Ry 89 

Milger Guay, Hedge, 
Us Se Land # {nvgetment Coe, 

4 Bromditay, New York Citys 

Door Sirte 
Mre Ae Ge Bradstrem haa vary kindly referred to Mre 
di, gon yqur lottor to him tail ox ante Sth innatent, in regard to tho 
Pdison. Ore Milling process. In order to give you de Hite ‘infor- 
mtion in regard to tho treatment of the oro wkien you iavo in 
mind, it will tc neaessary Tor Mire Edison to awe fw details as 
to the character of thea ore, its situation &ce Porhaps the best 
way vould ba to havo 20 lbs. of the same sont to the Labovs Lore 5 
and in doing this the eer neanples shonlu bo salettude  Miws 

Edivon ersets lls for separating iyon ore, of from BOG te 441900 

tons ditty emucitye We Inve no ctraulars in raat Yo the pro. 
cean, torm being wado subjeat to contract, and poytion & © depending 
upon the sucess of the mill, We om generelly take ®. 40 Wait 
ore end yin it wp to G8 units, losing only two per corte ot Tom 
in the tailingss Of coursa, overythiayg deiondd uupok Lhe Ghuradter 

of tho ove, atl My Edie will be glad to rocoive 4 M@yiplo when- 

ever you can sond it, after witeth le will comunicete vith you 

further » 

Very truly yours, 

Privetes Sncrvetary, 


RD Sere pee 


Nova RE, Bis 

; United Mdison M'f'tire doe, a 
o ‘ 65 Fifth Avee, New Yovl: City, 

Dear Sirst- 

Replying to yaw letter of léth instant, in regara to 

sample of insiletiion invented by My. Ohabe T. Snadekor, which you 
desire Mr. Edi son to test, tho Intter will do this work at om 
veguler Laboratory rates. 0! gomsoe the extent of our chat ges 

would depend upon the time consunied in comuating my testa whith 

you dosire to have hmde here, aml we cannot name definite fienres, 
but. ow bills against you would be wade wr ih exnetly the sae Nay 

as those. against the Edison shops, the Phonograph Co., and ali oe 

others for whom work is done in tha Laboratory. Please eitise pees 

ua wign the sample ia to be forwartied. Bs OS, 

os é 
c / 

Vory truly. yours, vf 

Wadltew MLildlae vy 

We have arranged to give an oxh Ub ition 

of the vhonageepn at Altoaann,y Prey on She owns of Nasembor Gtty 

L850, You aie te take a phonograph ami a complete autiis of 

cylinders so Sto Hive a Livst class aitarpainvent. aty Eads 

is olny to xecort: gone Movse vwidtiny oho a phonagraph, Grd Io rave 

told Mre Long to see wi the dnstaanenta te moks this ryccde 

How,' Rid, Boe 

Dear Mre Field, « 

Me Stoveny sent me an evtrat twin Afe Lottie 
Ve yor under date ldth Yustunt, fa esgard go proms lisenuvition 
er a portion af the foreign buclnest of 4h Toy Phsnogruma Suen , 
owilinins his interview with ive Youmince Tohuve nousnbtied rg 
Mii gon an re gost to this Subject and teve vhosvn hou the Lettor 
aveve rotorread to, anl he Wonipes me we say thas ha tp widlings te 
ve to tho wale of 4) Eropean deli bag LEtGhy poeta the 
pur chasars are vantrsat ef in the rether ot SEY Atal | mG Loe fa 
other words, Mre Edin doss not vic to wive any ome the «pore 

tunity to ovor-copitaliza & Lorcign Guvany; first, Qeetereue ta 
asim boeing ‘wile to Bastain svg cap ttaliaet ton, steli appear, 
So ® fahLlure and wold ro tle upon otiar ittereyts of leics ant 
socom, Worese ho dettres te peovant apetulmtona tea Yuamans 
‘Tropefes that the vey Gomany Gial! tore 250 af tae rhock. “mM Qo. 
yarlen Lotetal oornad, afet tho vortits ton bLen eq Wert eul.von 
to plea wyin ito dopdtels sit jon of oreigh buabenne therdord. 
comes huis to thd Yay rhovoeyaph Sompany, wh et, Wee ds Rn pra. 
tection, sidnld avuange Sb provel# the dproohimtter of Wea ‘ory net 
holding by ov -aettalffehion, 4 Tar as New Siteds ds ports = 

ty ahAghenbde AA He gp wughod tow by yoursel? and Yrs Stave™'a, 



Re He Bs 2. 

he ig, of sourse, mite vecepteh Xa to Mave Wahoo, I would Uke 
to go into this scatter witty vou to praater oxtent than is poa~- 
uihle by le ter. anl sadn Like to mmo df yor are comin; to diew 

York soon, 

In yrepord to tne ota Lethes veld Gh y ov Lleit with me, after 
farther comideration, I geaidywd to imma sing Rdi oon of the state 
of afthirs, ant by sayn tigre dis gbeelutely actian, in tho elatas 

tavie by Nre dacquec in re vsraqncs to patents, 

Vory trendy yours, 

Privits Seurctary. 

Re Me Fiold, Meqe, 
Bonbon Mysew, 
Bothon, Maou. 


SOO th peepee ane na. emeaeremgenettes 

Nov, 20 » 894 

Geor ye Je Llewellyn, Brae, Goutyy, 

The Inventors! Leogue al U. Se ai Auericy 

Pittotarny, Poe 

Deur Site 


Mre Edi sou has reecliy mova Jeter user anba 164h 

instant, ashing Lia to becoue one of the organizers of tha nranose” 

Inventors! Lenmo of the Us. S. of Amorion, ard adiine for an up» 
‘ ’ 3) if 

pointmont with lim for ‘your Coositbers alte Edisouts engagements 

at the present ticm ere istech that ho amuiwt wake a dePinite ape 

rointiont, but he would be slud to phew yor aruait toe hiba your 

By Laws, Rules amd Regulations, together witha ssatenont of the 

object of your proposed orzanicatlone 

Vory truly yorrs, 

pravath Sactvt ave 

Gotu Te Bougs, Bete; 
decePrcsdecat & Gath. Munger, 
Eeteon Bhete Tle Goe 3 yr Mos York, 

Her Yo! OLtye 

pDonv Si vie 

Referrin; ta wour yeuvest hash od shoul! give 

my opinian as to the nest cgonemisad we thot ci lighting the lower * 

part oF New York, I beg te say fant other congiceriugy the Losation 

of vou various Contrai Stations, Pam oe the ondinion bint the 

best course to he pratsnen wea de te mers a ner Cguneton Station 


sormomyere in the wedotiberiioss a2 the Qorbe, to tia the phage? oF 

the present Poort Ste Station, tne to aormog! with the LEV to TY 

nor coverod by the oath Ste dishes, 

territory below the Limite of the .6th Ste dietwtes irom tags one 

E Statiori.s Qo arrive at cay de Cate cone lasicig an bo tiie sash 
ie of the widergroum sondnotors Fox mueh a. sintien, ib vari be 


neaesmwy to siase & ayo tent de ema g ih, the ergaler tar, xo 
waiech woultl be reared the sowiees of tires yeahs mmm abr ebout 
: shreu woekce Lf it -is desided to go chead with the naw dovm-town 
Station, I shorld be glad +o afford your: Company ALL tho assistonee 

: ‘ poysivle, ond will w pleased fo haw the Qeterati ab ions mado tn ey 


may supervision. 


Yours very truly, 

? ; £ . 
2 (A oh apts 






William L, thomus, Esqe, 
"The Graphida ," 

190 Strand, LONDON, Wa O , England, 

Dear Sirs 


Mre Edison las received yow lotter of 6th instant, 

and is much honored by yow request. 
have his name appear in the list of subseribers 
of your papere You are propwdy avare that Mie Eason is not 
very prolific Writers. 
but his experiments sake up sa nmoch of his tim 
he hag an opportunity to use the pens 

to feel tha the oppor tunity is before him at any tir 

Sire to appear in you en Lumns « 

2 oceasionslly indulgos in literary vom: , 

Novel 22. 80. 

Ho will bo vory gled to 
to the columns 


that it is seldom 
He is very glad, however, 

tine ae Mey den 

Yours truly, - ~~ 

Private Setretarya 

mM Hove 22, BQ. 

We FP, Taylor, Meqae,; 

Altoona, Peay 

My Near Sirs- 

I have your 2attexr vt sth insaint, and will carry 

out your wishes dn remrd ta te: phonograph. Mire Miller will be 

in Altoona on the roming of Peecmoer Oth, I presmum he will find 

you at your olfiace: 

Vory truly poate 

Nove 21, Su, 
Moss re Weyher & ichemond, 
50 Route D'Aubervilliers,. 

Pantin (Seine), Francee 

Dear Sirst~ . 

I have received your osteomed latter under dete Sth 
instant, and I beg to give yo. o Lorml order for a 300 hhorsp 
power Triple Expansion Fngine and Conien sure Kindly ship these 
at once by Compagnie Tronsatiantiqne line of shanvnrs Lrom’ Havre, 
adéressed, "THOMAS A. EDISON, NEW YORKe" J shalt be glad to havo | 
you cable m the namo of the steaner witioh Qatedes ticis shipre nt, 
so that I my arrange for its reception wyo arrived, I am very 
pleased to know that yor are moking conylote werking wvawinyk om 
photogr@hs, which I trust Iwill receive vory seons 

I take pleasure 4n enclosing herewith a tew wort in ‘my ek 

handwriting, and am mach honored hy yorr roquest for this, 

; \ 
Very truly your’, 

Wa! & Re fe 

Pa Ss L have thought perhapn that “yaa would -prefer-to have 
my photogyaph, and T vant sourlang yor camo by this yall 

under nnother cover, on which appears my handwriting. 

A. B. Dick, Hen e, 

Dem Sirs- 





You will sce from Major Eaton's letter, first roferred to 
above, that your interpretation. of the contract between you Com- 

pany aml Mre Edison, is incorrect, and tint thre Ae Be Dick Company 

I erelose herewith the following correspondences = 

Letter from Se By Exton to Te Aw Raison, umdor date 
Novanber 18, 1839, 












Nove 22, 859» 

to Ae O. Tate, December Glst, S37 
to Av Be Dack Cos, Jenuary 3, 1688.4 
to Thos « A. Ndison, January 28, 1885. 
tovAs Be Dick, Imiunry 31, 1808." 
KG ha Be Disk, October 26, 1639. 

to As 0. Tate, Qetober 28th, 183 9+' 
ta Ae Be Dick, Ogte 50, 1889. 

to Ae Os Tate, Novomber 8, 1859 

the promisos, 

has no risht to manutiae tur) nimeographs in the United States for 

expor te : : 


In comnection with alt this correspondence ‘ana om various 

aiseussions af your rights obrond, I wish to Say that Mrs Fdison 

appreciztes Lully the Qiltionlbtes wxior whioh you labor in tho 

Ewopean market, The m.tte was not brought up for the murpose 

of saddling your business witha royalty to cause you further vem 

larressnent, int for the reason that there ia & principle involved 

Whiol.'s hotdd certainly be recognized by your Companys sire Edison 

ds quite willine bo wake we very Liberal ana reausonmd le arrangenat 
tt ‘ 

with yon, to emble You to parvy on the business which you have 

alregdy eolmnnneced, Aim willie yo a propo Bi tion or reecdive one 
Bom YO, AG Bool) ag you era prapared to recognize his Yights in 

Kindly retwy alt sorvespondence to m after po- 


Very truly youn uy a, 


Brivate Seoratary. 

Nov, 70, BW 

Mee Wing de Martin, Deputy Collcstor, 

Custom Mouse, NEWARK, Ny de 

In veforoues teen lather of (Mieh inslost ta om 

Mre Miller, we will bo cing feos ae cw pat ht, Se Lowther hie 

assay which is betimy mec. of ore shinee 

very important work ds body Lebar feo  care ime LLity to ob- 

toin this shipnomt. 


Yours truly, 


| By aa 

é aie, 


Yo ae | 
tty of 




ipa ROP CRT semeay 


Nov. 3, BO, 

Feorg Ke Holbrook, Eeqe, Prasidont, 
Nov York Loleeriuph Clas, 

48 Cinch Ste, Yow York, 

Dear Siri= 

) I beg to acknevlodee red cipt af you letber of Lath 
inst at, wht eh Myre Hdiwon lus made He states that hoe will om 
very nloandd to attend tho Mirst ¢iriwal Dimer of your Cha, tat 
would prefer that you Should not orgnise this with any partivla: 
reference to himelf, He would like te ettond simply in his ga~ 
pacity as a member of your Clus, a2 oka yar ta indly arvan ge 
tho mtter in that WET @ You, of course, vaderstond his obfeetion 
to speach nokine, or vather hia liability to mee a aerehe He 
seys it will give hima prenat deal of pleasure to meet the moms ors 
of tho Telegraph Glvh on the sceasion in quostion. : re 

Yours very “truly, : | 


My Deay Inal,- 

thould seo Gouraad, but Loci los ftoucthes t, 
you, ao thero aro gome sethions penctas wet Y 

Solves regurding this Maciecn bo oetmeun, 

ae tf a 

hy, ye 
PYivate Soerctarve 

Samek Iusml1, Faqe, 

44 Wall Ste, New York. 

Nov, 2%, 8%. 

We Preston Hin, EB 

Se, - 

Go United Wag aon Wlte, Counauy, 

Now York dity. 

Deny Sirs. 


Meg: Bidsen te mek obdiyed tor vow tether of 1lsth 

notant, inforebiye tis thak you inva eo 
, a 

Sterged fox the Lomnation 

of a Gomany of 430,000 captial at Pittsburg, and enclosing ety. 

culas showkne the priess ow arpenontu ave gesting in that aity, 

He says there ie phonty of reney tn the bucineta at these Nt, 

Very truly yours, 

Nove 23, 80. 

Gustaf My. Westinn, Nee, 

Westuon BRarmace Gompany, 

Gu Broad. Ste, lier York. 

. Deer Sirte 


With vefarense to yor letter of 20th inatait, ibe 

Hah con thinks that tn wildl iv shle to visit Isekettetomn ami bave 

ab lod at the furrmaae orm: day oarly opxt vor. 

a Pidvato Saoretary, 


Je G, Rnglish, Nua., Vontiy Hanae, 
Tre Nealon Plonegrerh verbs, 

Ortuyies , ta 34 

Dog Sirgse 

In ceformige fo you degtoe oi mot) 

to tates or puteuts to ho umiiné an tem toy oi. 



-ductent, in vopord 

Hh mavauante , 

Tan obtainis; thtia dmvoroms dees eta. au Moab wepidity an noeciple, 

Ioumerstam fron ke, AUder te, 

mimbers apon one of the parts of t 

Gelay werk on these mover, Witey beds, wan ke 

Plobe te the Lirst lot whieh yoo tere ose Act 

obtain the iunbers, tho enn ce atu 


Mors tavdyy 7 

atimp theos vata 

ane? unt te 

Hove, HV So, 

Mesevse Dyer Gc Sonly, 

Moar Siras- 

Mie Ce Ge Davrd fuciann oo Tatber addresced to 


lng Viigon that he ts tha ounev ato rhewk ue. G48, 971, fr: o 
Vagnet ic Ore Separator. Ue doga net state whether thie pat ont 
Jaken out dn hie own rome, bet Po chinwult fedce from hin letter that 

ft tas boone  Mre Bdigor vant Line tect s dony of 44, indhy 

send it ta the Teboristory ia ums an yweasthle, aml of lipe 

Private Sectdtary. 




Bekine you to progure and send to the Laboratory az minily ar 

Hove 28, 39, 

¥ Ste. Nov Yor’ City, 

Ny Dem Siri. 
I ber to oonfiern + telep tions weceare af? tondny, 

peasible, the Sollewky: ealia: 

4A Voss Union No, 1 bieheeoute 
4 Uitro Chronda 

4 sobrrt's Brovoort. 

& Masen Weod 

6 Marie Dovies . 

4 tuasey Cells He lines 

4 v . Rluastoane. 

| Wa desire to start ony teats J88t 88 700% un you aan set 

these colis out to us. 

i fours very teate y 


Sop et ae a 

SESE Ns enncry cey Shs 

Move 15, LONG, 

Wilon Phonegrmh Wo via, 

Orarga, MW de 

Dow Sirsat~ 

Tvant to obtain for «oie fonmtabe padee Met ot 23) 

the various parts of the Pons cr hy, toyether with the -ambers of 

these parts, whieh Topresurn ara seat ving ordoriny:, This list 

a5 for Traeny oad Commouny, fot cout he uent m Tor yaviaien, as 

your rpdees before pedo: to Wagut & Sa, og bo tnevowsed by tho 

MLaontu waralds wv, 


sy yer qe oye 
MOVIN Oe ate dad 

TSU. OMY teed, 

e . 

Prdsnth dep hit y, 

Hove 23, S09 

Je We! Boll iar, Esq os 

Morton House, New York Citye 

My Dear Sirte 

. Mr Bei won hau received you lettors of August lst 
and Nov, 18th, in regaiwt to you inemdesernt lamp hold, He 
ssys tint he £8 vory mich opposed to the ase of hard rubber Gin 
sormection with clectric lighting. ith has cost him about $2,500 
_to repair damage dene to his seilings on account of the use of 

hard rubber in comection with tho installation at hig TLOusos 

Yours very truly, 

Privot to Sacretaye 

Nove 23, 89, 

Gol, Geore Ke Gouraa, 

Little Mondo, Umer Norwood, Surrey, 

° Hngland, 

Dem Sirt 

Reforring to yow lotter of RGth Oateber, ln regard to 

| 8 shortage of on eniwely rer S. S, "OTHVLLO,”® we firdi that an 
evlpr was node in the statemont es to the number of barrels shipped 
| you, only 15 boLry: sent instead of lo, This ie simply a ed stake 
as to the number of packages. The shipping lat which we sent yar 
ie covers all the mterial forwarded. 

Yours truly, wo ta 


Se Jy Ritchie, 

Sth Aves Hotel, Now York» ' Nove 125, 1389. 

L will bo at iy house to-morrow no rnings 

Te Ao Rdi sone’ 

211 i 


oF) espe teach, | 
CL. - Mie o, a/v & . ; y, / E 
G Ld om P, Ys; Vi) ” > afew Lh, hrokz / a / 

Or AN . - ; as 
Dean Lic) p 

theo. Fs Geek wav by comcch Che sn 

: tangy surbach, ow Ae an ade ae py wins Ltr ' 
> . ‘ieee 23” snrady ft sane: tho aes whacky 
. hae Ave a Paulo a a 

tbe fr the Eelacn orb apt Woe wi 

pure ci Teh any ment gs belon 
t this wnt hin A Ld, wh. frersticaeron a, 



f | the Sas) wrred oy) one ons dafanrcl hv 00 

Sate, bAe ecnthin 4 thy Colraen Ph; c raph LL. 

; Mrdiucttd fw He En Srutlor As Adhaur a! shook 1s 
kis G dew, veces for ape gh An did and, 

' | te heh waa je hav Get, anol 

i : AL. Fy Ve Aw Qa Ge a rg tind ow oheulls 

i d+ sis kethr§ Ai AY kay Joto i J th Ain 7 

| thethur Ee rece pucha keto Aon yer irae | 

| eR 
oF aye ee fr maa i rls os "oh cuclitled cln 
q dd gol hong A ann ble ag ca rns 4 otal 

Nave om 

rales Tiivelimes saw 725) we 


“a LO RO Ne 

er ST FT se 

¢ FH 2 FF 7 

| Ge oo. e va Sponges hy ban ge" b } 

UD eee L5G va 
; Kian b ols 

KO) Cay oe a 
Lode * CAA cl wk es Saude as HCO 
pe7~ b CM nacknetha o the, Golam Phenesrapl 
Withee ian hy ‘ aan ee) Wnarch! QAan proach Ac 
RL CArry AAs (Ve TONG (retnAs fag et ‘ 
tn oF belomguy’ ‘I, thes Gelam Phone ip oh, Uty a 
cath, mh |. ear alin im gu 
Ne pad) Dd. UC cecenel, av oliccles) Arar AR jee Ont 
7 las aati amature dd ba Weal _ Pruttow 
3) An aw ~A/ the eh Ao kw ee Ny pe nde jor 25°00. 500 oe 
pan of LAA Brw late AAD ooh Of th ah Comp 
ni 7€ corn oh ALL Airis e CUS Ws bliin aoa 

the heh | avtrrek. fy pe Grd. 

a ie, 







a OC eo 
oe CK Gage 



SS racemes ee 

Je Ge Homiersen, Jeopey 

3 ‘ 
eek vent y 

Mer Yor its» 

Dear Sirs 

Nepiyin; to your letter of 2d imetant, tho canvesu of 
Ne thd * FAN reat Yo pat Ye ter ao one 4 s LG 
sovfort io ni pout, OU TAWA fend & Monk as once to gover tie 
ton: thor aylilye This mean shovl) very careful shout ratins 
the skeweae Tha position af cash hone Should by gloaly shove 
on the mp; also the di stana: of sash nonin ov alk addes tor W Yate) 
street, so that we van asceetain the dency ond @ost of our sere 
sLoee ¢ There sao! alway be shor the abavanter of the poverns: 

om onch street or ostimetas tor excavations T would also lik $2 

Ve a My sheiing the lecvatlohor the roses antus md thate 

Rises e Wow sot ant odd Ante data Lupicmry please send it out 
to nee 

Youi'a treaty, 

Hove Ben Be 

Messrs. Veyhor & Righonend, 

80 Route D'Auvervil lies, 

Pant £n (Seine), France. 


baa | 

to confirm tho VolLowisar a lesream sent vou 

Lo ch iy oe 

"Plans ot ongime vurcemtly mooslude When vere thoy 

gents ANS VOL s Eorsan,® 

Yours Sutcly, 

i aay oe ¢ ey” 

ew ba 
“ Oe 
Gate of 

“a eee Coen tg hea iomins teenie be, ATS 



Nove 20, 1089. 

Se Je Ritchic, Biugey 


ork Gitve 

Replying to vow tes oF Qist instant, in regard to 

reTining. iron ores in Canada moans of my Magnetic Ore Separator, 

I beg to amewer your queries catesovieslly 2s follows? 




What would be tho approximate cout per ton, of the 
ore as ming? Prom the grov nl, for erushings md scpae 
reting the ivoh contained in it from the silica or 
other Yoreign rntter, by you’ proccss 2?" 

Actwel cost, G2 caibs per crude tons 

Hoy mich iton will you be compe Lled to waste in the 
Yocky naetter which you separete from the iron?" 

1/2 to 8 units of original ore. 

How high ea grade of ore can you prodded Pram an ore 
carrying, as mtisd, shy forty per cent. of mtollic 
iron?® : 

asl! - : 
Average G5 je by rayvining concentrates, cost 10 cents 
a ton, 68. % 
What would oo tiv di fferonso per ton in cost of prom 
ducing an ove ¢hnt Yorrld yield sixty per aont. and 
ore ylolding sixty-tlisht per conten 

Ton ecnts.- 

Se dy Ry 






To how low a grade of ore enn You use the whole 
product of tho ming, without throws ye wy portion 
of it into tho vaste heap, hy sortin: or separating 
it into secon. clase piles¢?t a 

It will pay t@ vse as low as 20 unit ore, 

i bac 

ores, that thirty per cent, of the oro mined is 
thrown into the waste heap, these heaps usually 
garrying abowt forty per cont., of iron, how nuch 
of the cost per ton for mining cdn yar save by pring 
ding up the whole amount mined and saving all tke 
ore contained in itee a 

Allowing, es ‘in usually the case in all MAgSNet Le 

Ordinarily, adining costs $00 per ton} if you take: 
everything dow to 20 unit, cost generally wild in: 
50 to 60 cents, a 

Oem you lover the phosphorous cont ai ned in neg ntic 
ores?l ‘ 

We can reduce the phoMhorous 75 ta 80 per cent. 

Will the fine ore which is obtained by your erushiin; 
and separating proaess be vorth as much per unit ‘02° 
iran, vlen delivered at the furnacos, as the Lake 
Superfor Bossomer ores containing on-equally high 
percertage of iron? 

Yes, 80 the i1on men say, and werth more if we po 
to 68 per cent, 

Galling tho mining of the Conadian megnatie ores Ono 
Dollar per ton, the Railway and Lake dreights no 
Dollar and sixty conts per ton, the Maby savent y~ 
five cents per ton, sevonty per cent. of the ores 
carrying fifty-five per emt. and thirty per cont 
carrying forty -per cant. Can you deliver this ora 
in Clevoland at as a low a price per unit of iron as 
the Lake Superior oreg can be delivered at same 
place, the Lake Supertor ores being sehject to a 
royalty of Pitty conts per ton and the Canedian 

ores being freo from royalty?" 

About tho same. Can on above assumption of costs 
deliver a 68 per cmt. ore at Ohevolend for $5 ver 
ton, sure, against a 65 per cent. ore from Lake 


STUNTH On wint terns will yar erect, at. your ovm expense, 
upon the line of the Gentral Ontarr Railway at the 
mines belo ‘hsing to the Anglo-American Tyron Conma ny 
in Cmada, the plant for which you have nov, com~ 
pleted the plans, having a ecspacity for tw 
orp thousand toms of ore per day?" 

eat ing 

Ae Iwill pot up mill aml refine for 70 eents per 
crude ton to 65%, and refine concentrates at, 10 
cents. per tan, to bring it up to 68%, capacity 
1,000 torts daily - no less. You nay purchase mill 
at om of two years on trensy per cent carnings, 
being capitalined at par, 

"ELNVENTH, On wint tims will yar put up a similar plant 
‘having a wapacity of tw thousand tons per day?" 

Ae Sixty-sevon cents. 

"TWLETH, Hoy soon can you Jave this plait in condit ion to ~ 
work? # 

; Ae Begiming ifay Is+, 1890 « 90 working days. 

OMTIRTEINTH. Do you think it practicable and advisable to 
put up o blast furrace Lor smelting this ore, aud a 
steel plant for the mmufecture ‘of stecl, in Cmada? 
If so, wht measures are neceseary to le adopted by 
the Pominion Gove mnent 2" 

he Yos; Protective tariff ani a boms for eight 

"FOURTEENTH. Are you willing to begome interested in tle 
smelting andl manuihe turing of tron an stool, 
in CGannda?" 

Ae Yo Sa 

Very trnly yours, 


oon Bde 
ON ian Ch Oedaoen 



Dr ae Tis of q 
hres. Aas bo ere ach ey 0. 
uy’ b Chverrug, Lad pup" th 4A 

Hib ae 
LD Covey dois f 

i I, hy ly * i} altel te 

Lhe, MQ eben, wwh bean foarol Aas 

is a atl toe. md ees clone ah Lhe, Diricdes eee om 
wureved the, ty, a . Gols A 
ade bee Then ald, aw 

bua favin od te, ioe og added: 
Vii Os, Pilar dees for athination anol . 

oI, Ace crt, dies 

vite sen htt ayaas 
oe BAL Atbinnrud Qaant/ 

anckd aoe the, belle. Ye che aiih Dink aak., 

and snehe 

it hp akarch oiuf a OVW As fret 
a Avr Aa. VE 

we PeTe fre thr, yi rhe fr cniph attivotion auc 
Artaemn ae Ae. an yo hare Geliaen Chat, the, 

ink Aw rebaf acfary A are ete that, Y haa account, 

ta p Cts of rlmnurnece ) . : ; 
Ve | 

| oD Marcle poke bo 
: | SG ae 4 j | 

ole {f ov tivo 



Now. 26, BD6 

Wiretrin R'y_ & Motor Coe, 

10 Broan Ste, Hew Yori 

“hy confirm the Loubo > teleguvam sent yar tits 

soins avay for ceveral dayse 



Yours truly, .- 

Private Socretary. 

. ¥ , 
: ance 3 i Ke 

tome nancyunennen euimaamnitanneti srtnisnmtie fate ethan eel dc ETN OI re eee 


Nove 25, 153) 

toh Loa, Kote 


Mi, Haines: has ashe! me to acknowhadge tho 

we opt of your letter under écte Wom inatoute Ho ois ounel 

Schad at Golumbia 

diterestad in the suceers of tim Hic 

wer in the .anner 

Collesa, caw vould be very ward ta paca 

snieh vow Sesgeah, but at cupsetrh tee gurmot see hig way gles te 

to sue The apparvatuy 

Prrdu Manosicvion of tid 

amid wt if is Mee Rdisen 

proresed Ane vivan Exp oats 

heey this vppasaics Tages ws The digpaay mad, ot the dave Paris : 

Eepomtion ia the sist campacte wid bh ot Mie Mulaor'’s invenyi ais | 
Sing. bas over been side, and so the rear ev u pYGat deal of labos | 

ond oxpense, the apparatus ai oi faving cost vuirmirda of sinty 

sand dollavs. Son: of dha dctrvitonts irelided in thia collection ° \ 

enuld not te duplicated, and you tl LL reodily understand Mw Riis 

sonty aversion to pomitting any portdon of it %6 pass out af his 




Yours very truly, 

Private Scereter ve 

a a od ee 

Met 24/9 

we Sood — AA. HK bg 

Sen. furs. afteel 

f Catal AL. Me 
Bow tte Me he. 
QA he pr wt-k> : iS a 
x fi. wither. taferesese— 
‘. ies mane Vie tee rt ae ee ve” Crow eh 
Calenr.. hia te (t. - ©. Ra 29a a. rig cane! Ae phere. Ce. 
ow. ae. Gerrtans. OAR L te sen ee ey 
of Prrmte& pr fa ry a tye. otal 
glee of tan. MGW | pore Ba ak 

; Co ALA LU 
yh lw, wb WE feo. Vane Parke “he 

- EX ’ af eae whe he Cae ar Oe 
Rio readly led buen... fone, 

.wk a fAaee bee-n, "af fe mca 
* ue. vs ow PON Ao pte om, thawte 
bax eae i pare aeRO, | 

at OO GE Sa gueatl, by 
Che COM mene ee tad | Petras 7 
of OR te a tins Yasar Con brealy 
La. fF hee the Gateny nk, 
ibd... Caresuntd, 

tae tateay Casa ly 
a ? wee 

ihe ut Ames om hy Stent 

A, Gee wey wn Heerateatd  h 

Fire.Me. a flrs Anas R0rasreceara ly OL ger, 
ee \ 

eS eioen sa ennracnnaaaed 

ace ieeen ae oe 


Nov. 27, 1880,. 
Major S, Flood Puzo, 
the Ediwon & Swan United Hleetrie Light Boe, L'ttas, ” 
100 Vietoria St., LOUDON, S. ., England. 
My Dear Sirt- 

I understand tint the dison and Swan United Fle ce 

Serie emp aaa ayn Ai a Prt Ig STOTT 
map en epee RT PE Pn Senne = 

tric Li git Company, Limited, has comnencoa mit in Enrland for 

: infringement of my feeder patent, ant as we are edbout taking -up 

the samo mattor here, I hava thought it probable that we could 

assist. cach other by exchanging information, I would, therefore, 

ask yo. to kindly give fli information to the le sad representative 

of the Edison Hlectric Licht Company, Major Ss, By Eaton, to whom I 

i Will send this lettor in order that it may be accommanied by on 

: from himself, explaining in greater detuil the points upon which 

he desires to be advised; md Iwill be greatly indebted LP pres 
Will place him in communiention with your Attornoys,, 

5 Very truly. yours, 


ay MAb be 
¢ Pes wv ‘ Nec amtane mmasnete oD 

Re tet cane 







Hove 27, 89,0 

Major S, Be Fat on, 

120 Broadyay, New York Qity,. : 

Der Sirtes 

WELCH versus EDISOM, Roferrirmy to your ‘letter o2 

25th instmt, in remrd to bill which Hr. Fdison paid Cherles 

Willians, dre, of Bost on, of about $300, the former states th ab 

he kas no record of tiis poymont, which was nade at a tine when 

such matters vere but indifferently recorded by him He belioves, 

however, that yor aonld get the information you want trom hie’ 


Williams, who is aorrastly located in your lotter., 

Yours truly, ae 

Hove 24 Be 

Samol Ingull, Eoqe, Ist VicowPrenddent, 
United Edison Menufagtw ins: Compary, 

4% Wall Stroet, low York. 

Roplying to your letter of Ba instant, in rerord to 
Mlo of oleetric Lighting reterial in countries outside of tho 
control of any of the Batson Companies, I len ta say that Iosilt 
toke saven per cent. on MenarGe Finaar & Go's tusiness in China 
amd Jopan and all outside gountrios. In vemrd to Norvay, Sveden 
ond Portugal, Mogarno, Drexol, Morgen «: vos hive oi interest in 
Yheso, ani this 7% woul! have to be Qivided with them, Wonlg tide 

be matisfactory to De Me & Coe? 

Yours titly, wo 
‘ ay a c woe é 
‘r Pp th ae ode 

EAS a. rf 


Nove 27, 8% 

Dear Mr. ibmiltan,~ 
You Intters of sth instant to mysolf? ous 
Mre Eicon, cure duly to hand, Wo vesrot oxeagdimiay the aheap- 

polnhaent whieh yar hove koon enusaed thrayh the fatlure of you 

arrarygont with Col, douvand In rasaid toa supply pf pkonographe, 
bit there is no vory uctive part that we onan danke fn asnietin, yon, 
beyord recallin, tho rather to dol, gouminid's uttontion, whieh rag 

bem dome Me bas All contre] of tha merchandising oi the phons- 

graph abroad, and we ure not dua position to interfore with hin, 

I weerstand shat the Thorne maching, in whieh I helieve you 

ave intorestad, is havin creat suureco over Hores 

Of fe 
Very traly voures 77,7 
Re Sh oy 
PD 6 
fy od 

tyes. ? ey 
yitseate Seores ary. 

Htads tiingdten, Boas, 
4% Gopthall Bepse, Lorton, 

Nov, 87, 1889. 
Mee He Bandowueipy, Tv, Ora, 

Pormaylvania Nafivcad O06, 

Woot Phidadalriia, Pa. 

Doar Sirt- 

Replyin: to your dotiier af dind inatant, Bre Loma 
Siforrs an tint you desire so ebtalr nome automatic attachment 
which will keep the phone in sear offLeo ciiet vhon too otties 
hear you is tranumitting, tho letter hein; the ternimil ofrice 
of the phonorlox clroulte Ido not soo how this van be sYranceds 
We could give vou an automitia hoy, whiteh whan throvn open vould 
gravd thd phonoplex strauit and ond it in your offices, crt thus 

qitet the phom in the rarulir ferminal office of the circuits 

THis would aasomplisn tals viet fou desive, but I know of no ar- 

renganont by whieh ws could sidonon the prone in en Antermenti we 

of Stos whan tite terminal office ts trMmamittings 2 could sev dire 

"Logue to equip you eircudt on Pritiay or SettirG@y noxt, and would 

ask you to kindly wire mo your wiehon, so thdt 1 ney mvo the ine 

struments forvhséed ord telograrh to Mrs Loos Vito is in BALL = 
z EE eet 
wore at the waHont manent. — Yours wuly, 9 090% 



Nov, 27, BO. 


27 Park Ploge, Now Yous. 

Noa Sirny- 

Roplyin; to the Letter of yom Secretary nnder date 

Qlist instant, Lobeg te exy that the Edison Negnotie Coneentrator 

is munvfuotweed by Mis Radion, and that i is in practical wee 

for refining Lron ores. 

a . 
Vory tral, yours, 



: ! ae 

rmivite Seovotarys. 


Hove 27, 80, 
My Deas Tiiculd, « 
Lo thoocht the Onetvosed might interest you, rf 

wack tia rp, 

Sromiod, Thali, Esqe, 2h 


Ney ‘Cork, O86, Mt, ISG, 

Mdison Phonagvaph Toy MS, oe, rey 

O5 Milk Sta, Boston, 

Mags a 

Bork Lomen,«~ 

An coplieation of Mire Edisen for the nev tor phones 

graph invonted by lim before bo vent ¢o Faurope Ine beat allesred 
] . 

br othe Pateit oNice, It covere a lcrso inybey of improvaments.: 

in the donstrustion of tle tov tachine cnd ire Edison has caugces~ 
« i. t tobe 

ted tow that you muy wish to arrange Tor takings om Lovrelin- pre 


nov merly six months inwhieh to do this hh if you wish to ob 

anything in tho mutter you shoult proeced nt cnee, so an not to 

delay tle issuo of the pnrtent ‘berth any Loner than ie necessary, 

We cnelose a copy of the clatmas elloves 4n tia Country and 
niso ow office copy of the drmvLiyy so tint ‘you, eanyseo whut the 
‘ Cond Odes 

device ise Pleane return the tracin; wien, you jaye exondned it. 
as ae p; 

*s iw. 
Yours tauly, ao aaa 

| - 8 tga } i py Asm 6G 
7 hy : f ate : ea gate a ; % 


5 atl tetas Ste ie) 
tarkness Five bs KV 

Boas Sleate 

Bee pppoe of sony fevirkiov syntam ha 
Ry rey "bee. Fete, roy eee 
throveh che IS OVOGOe, aml Low she dase Wat vans 

wedtlag to have the 

emaarh tu bow 
We yeas 

Gow ten 

meth she reuse may on 

SaPOaeh vom mon to te 

nip — 

ese BGO nee 


Suviakler Iyads nubsuched, Pigprgse 

hore to gam hese 44 





rus all 


emeinnsre a ae ee en Richa Mak, ex : 

a aa Neve 27, 8% 

Daunte. Weld, heae; Seoatve, 

Watods, Pcecvoph Boy Bibs Ole, 

Bes hema, BWiine 

Dee Sirvs- 

Toenieten ts copy of a dtttey whieh was nddyessed 

to your Goupeny Ue Ment ree Dem & Caelyy Mee Radicons patent ate 

torteve, on the loth of Oaretrery Lod, reforing to certain ine 

provemants in the sonsbiyvation of ble toy phon onraph puterted in 

this camtry, and agkdny Deer tare apryision of yoru Gor 

whether the same obowld ke pat cated abecade Acopy ef the claims 
allowed in the United Statens together with an offices copy of tho 

Aree, Was toveverded vous Company oF Meosree Duer & Sealy with 
*% ¥ ” 

their letter above micrred t06« Pueyw now advioo us thet tiny hevo 

mver received my reply to tin sy cornnmmnioas tan RUE rete e ta youn. 
solves, amd ank instine fons in copard to the issue of the Us. Se 
patents The mntter soap tone te aw heen on of sitficiert ime 

roptenee to have dulbel for inmediato attention on the part of the 


Yoy PhdNsé Gere or otal be mad to i vow -ady jee mm ouhab. 

hpor re @dan oo td vou, fyvdy, oo 4 

privata Sexy 

Toes tw enantio, fie Le 

toles vans Teena org 

betweay us on one 

Novanler 2th, isso, 

"Decision siacesee on Mawey ait Rddosn, 

Tharvay jy Mery ny Hao ohana, teu Faison, 
wo? . in ae , 

Ne Dp Ue & 0o,# 

Nov. &, 1280, 

"We join you in wijstg! 

de ke Of T,8 
‘ Yours truy, Chey ; 



Nove 29, 80. 

Homry Villard, Neqey: 

Mills Butlding, New Yor:, 

Dom Sir» 

Ibe to contivm the following telogram sent you tom 

day 3 = 

“Mre Edison is absont, Nave formmawied hin 
copy of your lotter tronty-seventh and will 
advine you ionediately upon receint of his 

replye Ha returns in shout ton fays. As O. Ty” 

Private Secretary. 

Nov, 29, 89, 

Gol. Goorze Ne Gonyad, 
74 Madison Avenue, 

Now York ofty, 

Dea Sirse 


Hore in sopy af a cauleseom froin Sicmons, Berlin, 

dated 28th inst at od addreasei to Mv, Eaisonte 

Borlin, Nov. 28th, 1ase, 

"Bdison, Oran 


Gavernpent mints So phonographs 

for Pruordan mebools; eivo terss. SIEMENS, 

Yours traly, 

Private Gocrét Aye 

Vov, 2G, 1869, 

Ny Doer Myr. Stevens, - 

I have your letter of 25th distant fon 

Kensas City, and an very eneh onlt vad for the enclornres, 

In yepard to the tev hustie muy Tolad a vovy pleasant interes 

view the other ay wath Hr, Yeovans, hoiny geconpanded by Mrs 

Field Pore cane on Cran Beston ter tie maser and Ive moet think 


we eewld ploce our interests in hotter bandas Toput sone quese 


tions to Myre Yeomuis dn resard te the mother af oramavae sure ond 

royalty, askin; him if be eowld havdle the witter as 

wold vera hry 

MMisor to retatin his ramwvnes turdio: rmbostes pia alse big royalty. 

Mr, Yrorers aid tiat 4t ronlca ne very chrifonlé for Nim to rake ao 

stile in that camer} that royoltie: rer: ototastefal to the 


trih people, aml tint thay vould alto ansee $4 aaditite the menue 

Poe turing vights. Ho wae very poritive on ihe ne poirtts, and 
\ ; isha 
:  f¥essed mtd tha conclunion that eh outbight shld mat be mule 

Wi Thont any driyhaokss Mr» Fiodd and my'solf told Mre Yeomans 

thut sitters would bo arranimd betnten Mra Bt mn und the Toy 

Phonotray yy Cose So that wien Mr, Yeorsig obtained uly authort ty 

\ SQ World eve portent 4a dbepaun of the eothee imaineas. - 

In consideting thin ania, and in alakine any estimte Zor Rho 

no é ; Si sie 
| ; 313 
5 Re B, HS, am 
diviston of the proceeds, ‘there are three clorents 40 pe conside- 
mds Bivsg, tie are of tye Loy Phono. do. dorived tron more 
Chandi nity: th. ite Lis. Secomi, the provits ropresented by Mey, 
Edigon's vovaltyt.and third, 4he prs Sty of nanuihe ture, The 
pod vid seconl and the thivd roresent Mr. Ndtron's interest in the bu= 
Siness, cad the gaoehion is, to deteretne whut yelation they bea: 
sa ariel to tia lest, s you are awe, Mr. Edlon haa always Lonlied 
a3 Lormard to inttddties np a kare 4 vdgahey in connection with the 
i$ woty ‘\  naeuheture of these movenients , Said has; dn thet, installed ime 
} bro rt ghivery fora jaryer outnat that aan be conguma2 in Ancrica, Ae a2 

tr 88 the other countries lett to us alter hurope is disposed of, We 

has aiso eon at consider bie expense in amansing for (hei litios 

tf eaak? 
rtLayor abrond, uovely, dn Antsiorr, to assemble the moves@rts whiah he 

hoe LA had intmidad te forward thora roy tin Have pean trade. 

0% 9 IM 
Wille the tor phonograph, conmievatally, has been separated 

tk olna 
Rear the phonomrayh prover, as seh soyeration vas made, or sould 

yy fe at 
suave bea trde, ao Ser as Mr. Edison's experimental wrk ie cone 

a ia. 

rg rf Oe, 


AHMET ¢ The tey bas crown ont of the larger Last NuneNt, amd voy 

yous heey 
0 Be ber 
aa bs ft 

resonGa a porpica of the vast macunt of labor Myr. Edison expended 
fn poxwfe@bis: the parent machines Porhaps I con mata this more 
elpar by stating that the toy movencat du proteated under all flr, 

Fai aon's patents on the phonosmph itself’, beth here and abrond, 


ow et ft] 
; These pataits have been token out in all the combrios in the 

world which afford sich yrolection, and the toy voprosantd sone 



ice an 


oy RN 

me mmit 






é ren nee ee, Cpa cn ny A 
ne ace LT Loy Antero ten man = = 

B. Ye S. wie 

fraction of the 


ee gonneatod with the original muchine, 

DTomntion all these umttisrs to vou, so as to sive you a clear 

iden of hir. Batsoouts line of vouronine and to illustrate the exe 


Weel reconbiegve take PALES 


tent to whieh his Lnterest enters dnto the Toy Phonopyaph tsisimores, 

Tt is nore easy to avrive e4 o avideractory conclusion when 
beth sides of the question are “horengshily widerstoud by all cone 

, in 
We have nev to deeide,shat. proportion tho precesds of the 

prowscd sale of our Buropean business showkia be divided boteam 
My, Haieon and the Poy Phonosrarh dontpanye I have iad som dis- 
ousaicuwith Mr, Ndimn upon this point, and he miuggestsa that the 
fev Phonogvanh Company shoul taka aubxty-adgnt per acnt., am Line 
silf thivtyetyo por cent., and that the Company should vahe him an 
eqiitable allowance Lor the omxeess aa meoliinery dustalled ag tha 

+i if van considered that the whole of the mamiduetiwing ahould 

th dene by hiu. This latter anowt vouht not he largo 

lo hava Seen unis Le 46 disgues tpis mutter with enyone ropro- 
gonting; bhe Boy Phonuzroph: Company, as tiny ali desive you to a 
preveats whom the question iv brought ute In ardey: to rave bim 
ZL phedé the of tua dou be dors you a wolk os 1 ont in a dettoar, so 

Mi val my lave on, opportualty bo give beme thought to 1a during 

414 otoxt ton divee Povhaps sou emmy be ablo to cone La gote defi- 

nite conely.gion carly eanywh to we tte my.’ Meanwhile Iwill w all 
I canto fvailitate mitteru, so bint My. Yoomanga ean be equipped 
yapddly upon your woo, Tam goo vespenitas vith hin at the: 

“present time, 

Wiening vrai a pleusams and sade hon ward Journey 

_T om, vourg vary truly, 

a” , 
‘pe yp to Booratary. 

Baaj, Py Stevens, Keqe, 

St» Charles Hotcl, 

Now Orleans, Ls. 

oo odbst 
3 m0 J 
vy Shiqsr 



Hov, Vig Olle 

Bece ‘sirte 

realetidan + hea Pad m-ste 
Av ralatian to My e Pai mths Phenesirag ts Yarhs feayt 

orks, An ay ayoranca 2 Soy 

i on 4 7] is 
YOU Delowe nev departure for te 

rapo, To states) that Motan a beta = 
Bat Ratan ened “ORG PMONae Best seeercnernt 

wd te th. VPheld Sas 
Tth the Gayf4erd Sate Deposit Coy, udioh 

qr Jy ‘Uxmeeatie lea 
dret tirt thin aemeriart iy auolinate 

pbuenee . hat notidne tae 0 °F: 
: tonotidns Ime been com with dt. Totti: tt oweke en 
Le excewted divcut ate ly ur i ae 
CUNS ANU aba by weal Me. Md sents retin, cul tie steel 
wy Levee ppt ik 4 ? Sal 
PAQG eta In teat wilthomt ame pwenep a L 
4 any Pirthey delay, espe ls y eonataent ys 

t rs aunts . o 
tim Mertttetdoos nae yore sd no, 

Yours very ty Wy, 


Samol iaarl dy ray 

Dear Sir3. 

Here ts ey MO ooo deeper ag oak MR fast « 


recedyed from Sfonenn, fester. 

*dovornmmnt Wadty Ditty Phoneeranto yey Pyare 

fchaolss 3ive torn: Olostynlytio TAO ES ET ye 

thin woek, SISMVNS, & 

Z have Sormunicatad to Gowrcard Shas portion ef the aseve 
“ch relates to phonoyrap hy, 

Yours truly, 


Oe ar ey 

MONe “oO, TR8Q, 



bo} 3 he 9 


Sm Ce ee em 


Nov. 29, 1889,, 

Meusrse Woyher ¢ Riehowmimt, 

5O ante Dtauparyt Muors 

Panthy (Seiten ), Fear re, 
Dear Siruge 

soe Sollee hear oat tens: 
toa Ler. 
tomday s~ 


“Send motnle to Orannwes Borges 
. ! Nplsey, 

yours truly, 

Move 2G, Liz, 

Dore My, Mud sone 


T enclore heres th Copy oa Lotter dated 2vth 

inShint voeosived veauterday Pron Naty dM, avenes yon to dviteste 

wh port of the cheatvie dis Vey YOU Sat at ang Cen Jache i 
i) Pre LES 


Granda vould dy degdvabte for tha VWosants Dixehuiee 


be hela oan Are th masts aloo aopy atte hottor dz Anshans , 
A s 

Mecei ved Siont Me Ay By do Broce, ins vera to the Hua Meo soot. 

Aa Mite Villuvd is anndens 4 O Gormunionte whth she Gerscllachort 
\ . 
the abave gov ver MOMCOTIEE » 

Uranin, Io sond you cenias of 
? ‘ 

Hem nce copies af som rChoroms just remivedse 

“As 0, Tuto, Mowtronl, Nove 25, tS. 
"Deoigion raniored in davos of Edison; 
hurray; Memy Mansngiving: bel Fdison, 
, Me De Burs & dog® 

Te Ae Fit none 

y Sle 

Greavrinh, Ct., Nove 25 

Uthadion doe 4eloh minaret in ow favor 
fowday; Horry Tonkagivings Fe Se Hastings." 

'o a 

y ater 



"Te. Ae Ediuon . Svalol, Nav, 

“Your arvolous phonoszrvaph oxhibited Sva lof 
Siredon to-day; eminent suce cus; Harty cone 

ovetuint dons: Lirat phornographic umcatye to 
tho Svedish King. RUDE “MILIND, " 

2 melorcures. 

Tho' ty Aw Kesron, Eaqe, 
ofa Telegrant ofPice, 

DOVER, uy Je 




ed Copy 

ee York, Novom ber 2MHth, Lesg, 

Dow dir, Hdleone 

WALL yor on rood enon to trotente, by retern 

weed, what nart of ta @loctrie Uisplay you sav at tio suvania, 

would be desirable for the exhibition for tho Jeman's Exehanse, 

tnanruch ao I intent to «rite to Meelia by newy Bertdey's weil, Lor 

seylicates of the apraratus 9 

. Yours wwwnly, 

(Signed) Henvy Viulara, 


wf fray 

od Ler ty 

dum Yors, Nov, 26, 1renp. 

Tear bese 
Iomporteé to tha moetin: of sh 

tading Comite a. tho Younn's Perdance yeuterday, onnoures G 

your om event dann te ervanca Loy axhihitten, the date a2 the 

opening 3 4 be Bas nar Monday, Asal Anh, pocwanston of hudldia? to 

bo hei tou sess vroevtous, 

Yoo Stone eating Qo, casey seed 


aobhdd nos adsadtniny, sree 

. 7 


tan hire S21 209 to soo pever aeea thaly hebbrrg, Trerye ts eleo 
G Shean lot, on whieh it de Sonn mn lake fo amet mip sisetrin 
Lddhs plint, and -4t fe epeeted 44 ing, one iaeriched ay om Core 

vanye 1 an nagetiatiny for tip snot adth Mey Preotdce, Presd dan + 

Av tho Steam Heat in: Cos 

Mee Vill od coigmat. thet eoominseattan ie er termi into at 

Ome vith Rurape fox poehdipliestes a tas iA procured of the 

Berdan and Paris Meno ettieu: also fi'r “vitinders of Bispurk, Yot- 

yee y WAR too, Von Melts, ti Austittdin Eeperor, &4e, &c. 
Grst gaa mabe ma aye ointeaet te Prapeer dea prosdeos with 2 


GAA SITY SOE ret yan Bop gla Asultdne fotther rargse 

ig Jetmt eet nee. 

iw Stoned eh tetana ne lotabavar dive et in danans y 

.- : 


Hove 29, B06 iz 

De We Yoomansy, Eoae, 3 

BU Well Strack, 
Mew York» 

Dear Sire : 

ReLlewsig: to vous Letter of 26th instant address ed ! 

: i 
to tle Hddson Phonograch ov MSs, Cor, velative to the sale of 

} if 

i: the jy Buropenn business, Io neties thet! the consideration whieh you 
Mame to the Gompany is, One Fhurtred shous ays Pourds, Sterling, in 

onsh, avd tvelve amd a half yor unnte of Webb paid shaves In the 
! toveden Compuny so Jormad. TL tave wteays suaders tood that tho ’ 
proposition vas to give the Commny 254 tally poid shores « not I 

+ Ayer 
123 Lysis . 

.Yoursa troly, 


Hove 3, LBRO, 

The Bloctrionl Advertisizs Seale Coe, 

Chieago, Ills, 

| t ; Dear Sirsi~ 

Replying to yow letser of 25th instant to Mra Hadi on, 

Iohsg to inform you that the eolls which you use in your business 
arg very unrelieble, owing to internal Local action vhich causes 

thes to polarize very vap fdlys When Mr, FKdison porfeeted tie 

phonograph it was necossary for hil te have a battery to run it, 
and he spent a cnront deal of time dncperfoeting ta cell, which we 
are abort placing on tho varke't for all Kinds of motor meee, t 
enclose herewith 2 eireular letter that we a1 now sanding to thy: 

visions elosttical supply houses thtowhout the bountry, and iwiteh 

tives the detutils of this coll, which vill coubtiess be interns. 
bees to yourselves . If ym desiva ftw her infotmation mere closh- 
; hy de.rosted with your own work, we will be very happy to firnish 
_ es e dt, dAwlich fase please advise ts whether Yon us ls more that cone 
j i. 5 thass of mesor ara what these vatreidus kinds ‘arsy 


we ie) 

a agree 
ed Es, 
yours very thuly, SoG Ws 

t Vena 

tae te eee ene 

Nov, 30 » GO, 


Moses, Yyor ood, 

Mtr yay Gdty, 

Deny GLrate 
+ s 

toynyr lotter or 

fe een 

“ep yd fwthes tye izgtarmt, in 

terran to an dp itagpion or HY. Rayon On bhe opi toy Fhorog mh, 
7 ; Viielr las yoay Allowed -by thy Ua Sa Pavan lee, Tne to coy 
don LS 

oe 2 4 a" 
M1 Phonograph TO; Maro dnetuy ay : 

Bom Foon URthaygage 
ero erts . 

Ae ake 

Origen ar, to “trke OU Tatecte 5 

DY tho udy 

ad Son bd er; COUNt Le 2p Mis ine - 
PTOVEront , OF eourde timae widd he token Owe th Ate Dal Mars | 
ane, AN wo WLU V4 fsa$ th9 nas toy With Poy Provera, Soe 

r 2 | ‘ae “ 
Weiner Fite Uodaonts AUredtiont ree thi,  * we tak ee. PBEM A 
Paee wha. dey, SURE Bick ge pg ape Pts 


vind ay Ulyy 

Prdvete Senca gay ys 
Pe He Yona YOU herenigh yong! of ONL 1; 
me by tha pet aon Paonge toy 1 

whieh war Weurne’ 4 

Wingy Cos 


ri rit 



ove 30, 50, 

Denial Wold, Erne, Soore tary, 

Hetson Phenoyrarh Poy Ue. Cos, 

Rocton, Mas 


Dew Sirsg~ 

In revly to you lottery of 29h trast ant, 1 be: to 
aviza yor that tien instracted Meccan, hyer & Seely to take 

ort ritents dn aly Toreicn coumtries an the dnvortion yeserrat to 

in: the iy letter to yournelves unier Cave Ith Vetoher laste 

Yours truly, 

Private secretixy, 


BAB a ee pe 
ob SiO Ete tt 

Yn : “Le: 
aI’? 30, JES ly, 

Lot nad 
Mre Poni 

2 Wale, Geet y, 


Madeon Phonog iti few MYS%ey Coe, 

Of MED She, ROSE, Mann, 

2 pet 

Ting te cauting the call ovary, teboge 

hsy do 

ord ork 

bis toeny a nat of 

Me ooht foy Qonpane : 


OP flak vers cod wariah I oh oecatend 

HVT gave Lis pred: 

Private Soere taithe 

ats) hast 
2 sod 

s2 bros 

wo oy 

Sarr cane, 

Lloyd Weyue, Bepeg Eas ueny 

Wow Yolk: try 

Poo sao mecntien she yo bees toteinm adivase cl te 

Hire Millan as seived riya orcar toedang- 

“WALI Gi ie entirely avrceuble te gem cdf Fo aati 
ano yom at ony plage and hows you mic ase dny £ 
radon toa yow mont valuarly soudetietion te 
the North Ameriom Review next Meader? Ansnot 
PRs o® 


2 tudes aphad yor in reply to the above as folvivset- 

*Mre Hoon iu ostot herd at prdoonte £ aapoet Os hene at 
tke one of text Mhake Wildl atvizo yout immokintioly vipon 
Tata oro tern. é 

Yours timiy, 

Private Secveticdta 

Hows’ 40, Isha. 

Dear Hiss Spalding, - . : 

Mr, Pddaon desires ma to shank you for tip e 
Versern chelosed with vouw wad Lletiory to him under ste 27th. inste, 
und fe say that the tomer are exenllannt and will be of preat ane 

it od 

shetucna ta ne in loadire our dpdis sith aperche I am sewlitye 

thom thts merdng ¢e ony THEPLE ay ELOOUETOU, where wo hevo a 

mimyar of girl anmessed in making phonogruss for movenenta,. 

fhe business of tha Toy Phonomwaph Company duno din excele 

dont conditions We hoy: to met a immber of dolls on the rarket 

for tho Ohvintimas trade, 

Vary truly yours, os 

Vopbe ft 7 
: ELE Hine 

OR Ace 

; Private Socreturyve 

Ww J. te Spaldins, 
15 Arlington Ste, BOSTON, Mase. 

forel.n petents on tika coy de 

Yov a 80y 8394 

My Doge Me, Stevens, = 

the ottsched cocpospanecence oxplodiw iteely, 

M™ the lsth of dotober tnot, Hoarrse Toor Sealy eddrossad e lets 

ter to the Hdl son Phomagrapi day MIP, Mog, Sdvirdne then of on 
Wp Dent fou vitkeiy Atte Bedgon ined aig Sov nm new toy nhonesvepis 


fivented hy hin wfore te vent to Mawre, and whieh arp lication 

lag boa onnuted by the U, Se Pot ax OLL i2 Oo Meaerse Dyer ord 

Socly Peterverntec the 30Y Phone Uo. dn popard to takion out 

Mp bob readviiy no reply the rroto 

Be mies date Love Utd, thy git heeLons {1 verard to tho teote po 

of tire Ue Sy Potent, whieh was haber Weld beaek to avoda publioation 
eryawes an Lieatians wore fhisd Oyoul, Lashod fiver a godly tor 
weupy oF theds lnttar ta the TOY Poonos. Coe, whinh J pee atyod atta 
“wiarodk to the foy Phorins Ihe. tA ys a copmundaattess) Hon hyaed fe 
Mere Wade Mmplics tom: ution dase Sovenbet Amey aWeeiee tray the 
Si fig ore of bao Gorpany WY focedved my Enroteab ten fh vodara 6 
th! wppardadion Jn qudationy vo sorter poder is dards phnatya thr 
hand uf hd ekemieddamss Ye. cuequos, Ae seal nie Haney Bee 
Figha Ta: dyetey pak me Piet Weg Sumer bee it iidiie en nfs nan 

Vetter bn Bet Campane, Rod thd signed ab aowenh te tae nan 


ta “haa all his aligcod inventors an COmMmMeCtwien oeh vit toy 
Peevourophe Lo lngn do ven, mecessa y tha ve HOE type dense 

the cypeecctions aie by May Jacnuon for Loproimn -patente dw view 

0” tho ibet of bio awaits suvpronuad the mpser Antended ty deer 

Yom byonsit to the Abten ban wo. the toy Phonoynaph Yoram: iy: 


she 40th of Octohar taut 

Yeuma very truly, a ae 

Private Hoc tasy, 

Vole 2s Stevens, Mave, 
We Charles Roker, 

hay Mone, Lo, 

Nove 30, Ue 

Hy Deore Me, Picola,» 

Mare Yocunstt has Sarwarded ino a letter age 
Orened to the Rdfso.: Phoromvazh Toy Wf'tye Company, u copy of 
shich Yo onclosa horewithe Lo hevre alyvays voiderstood that our 
Comagiy nreponed takdag trarky=tive yer cent of filly pudd anarer / 
in tea foreign Gdanyany = not 121/28, as Mre Yeonane stutese SZ 
have. weitt gi Mr, Yoornng nposd thin point, | 


Yours vary 

ee 2 


oa ~ 

7 it 

@ *, eh BS 
omy tees Reet 


UAL ere 

WG W Bield, Ber 

Boston (un. Hiesat, 

Oopys. ae 
53 Wall Soe, Naw York, i. 
Novestay Seah, 1880, eae 

The Vaiaen Dhenogryd: Toy titise Coe, 
Boat toon, Nesdngtawetta, 
Gantlemons « i 
Roferwedre: to she sarersl cp owrecavtiisns L bave rad 
with yors OM bean aia Views, J ona cet to cantiym my prapoe 
sition anc vwitlerstimdbi yyblective ta tin sale of your Patonts Lor 


“vent “witaly, the Mamrek Padvraio, aa) Sautinental Yeroye « 

Yor Gormeny fa tong ore cote es vertedt ont fit of Simm le 
Dolan bab oh EN tbase wovescbes width | oanmetis aid thosd yore 
hig witha auwenihe 

With coplemw of ven Verlict anc Cantirentel Pasontds 

With the ovisinal, or cystitis’ one af sing is stormed the 
"Trench Cortracts of 

With. cartitled eapy af a ony hi tten phesed hy your doar of 
Diractors, mubhorizin: nee. enpowrrriny og &o dfanope af sour Potteta 
and. iitersots cs sbovo yelanes to, upon the followdry tains ane 
comlitdons, vizie 

fo orcato, ov caine to be ovdttsd a Tinttod Jolnk Oreck Cove 
pony, with w oopital not oncocdiy Murse thaubeed Thu Shayyths 
Sterling (. 500,000). To dispose dV moh interes te dt 44a Coxe 
pmy uy the sale of shures a dGhophitd us one ree BS ys 
Compary'n sini of not lous thar fox) ityhdred ‘thantas Phlutas Reyes 

ling (| 100,000) in eaaliy ard tid iv' end ont ere! / OY conte of 

fully paid shares in the Foreisn Company so Lorunde 

Your Gospany ty ray one-hal? of my expoaras fran the tha of 
leaving Now York ¢0 a conmlebion of the salo of such Patents or ca 
abandonnnnt gs tho pate Sush exnenues, hovaver, not to oxerdd a 
total of One Thousal Poundn, 

Your Gonpany to advance me foe ard on account of gich expenuas 

the sum of Tyo Hundved and Fhity Pownde (°250) on or before the 

Sixth (Gth)} doy of December next, 

In case of my med cee, aid when seapletion of a sale upon 
the toms abave sentioned youy Company ahnll pay to ne om my ordar, 
Ton Thouband Pounds. Sterling, Lesa the amatnt vor hove actually 
pabd ot the tice vor ard on ascount of my expensede In sao yaw 
Vonsuns shewhi ocuopt any lesser omovnt in cask am a greater emornt 
in stmres, thon the sum paycble tom shall be ten per conte ol the. 
eesh aml ten per emt of the oinies se Acaupted and reecived by 
“you aduuys dnduetin; frea cash veesived tht amount gis have wh th 
sium acyiamed for exponsns. 

"Yor wand dh oangdderntion of the above, I gyroo to vin rr time, 
best ondeavors, fineneial comoction ond influtnce to ozrty wit 
tho tovms atipalnteds,also to pay ore-hulf of Bie oxnonsi. ns 
phova apntioned, such expenses, hovoverp ac before utaket nyt ‘te 
exdetd 2 total of Yq Thousand Pounds (/1,000). 

In case of wy fublust to Garry out this thle and kuwinons wpon 

the above toms, or othe totam that Yaly be Weootter agreed nron, 


a abaxlannont of Ay ubbepte of thoy by ny om dcosira ar ot tho 
£ Last remot of 1 Y | 
Met of your Sompary, then and in such event oy events, rodthor 
7 fuged + . = J 
Party slid have any a$idaapon the other, out all Mimeenenty 
aed Uae % 
veol MALL age ‘ 
Mall auave ond og dotowndned ag tioneh nover having been Gn tee ad 
* * A 
ec into. 


Yours wery teqh 

(Signed } 







Hoe AO Wrll Ste, Now’ Viork Nov, 25¢, 1880,, 

Alfsog 03 Tata, Beye, : 

Orann, N, ‘Je 

Dear Sirs. 

Some time ayo I spoke to ¥ou Abowt an application -of 

Mite Edicon on the now te 


y phonograph whith had kocn allowed, ‘en 

you desired te to write the Maison Phone-mravh Toy Namie turing 


Geupany vith reZoremee to takin; ot fored-m patents on it hofone 

tho dasue of the united Stutes Patent, Tiavoe never bad my roply 
. \ 4 

to this letter ant I Sagsost that 4f no Loreien ratents ars to he 

takon, Mre Hdison ought to buve thy United States natent ismed, : 

There are sill spout four wrthig hevorer before it is necessary 

to pay the f£4en1 fre, 

fours trnly, 

(Siened } Me We Saeoly, 

OOP yY, 

Ovanio, lie Je Hovy tc 

jv Poss 
ye seeliey 

ere : 
was oepens ; Fhe 
MOG se Dye a Becky, 
‘to yel 
rena } 

Wie cet more te vee Lebtaye ao cropa frotant, wil 

Bway or the ledter whieh cou cddressed to 

Yours tru, 

(34 sred) 

; Pefereana.canisids SaMMRCREEMES titaaa- 3 
ees : Lilpenea ten 

Taaduaw Ts mtaeteen sy . 


40 Wa1z Stre at, 

Now York, Hoven dep “oth, 1380. 

F Alfred’ 0, Tate, Boqe, ae 
Oreaga, ue Je 

Daw Sirge 

Your lottes of oth instane ‘scatvad, Syl an Tate gel 
Wo auglose yor heroin NX gopy of the lottery sont by un to Rett aan 
Phonograph Toy ASinthes tur any: Company, Our effiee copy of thy 

Qiaidng whieh wa 2ent to than as the time hag not yot hom returned 

Yours truly ? 

{Simon ? 

Ryer & Seely, 

“jork, 00+. 19%, Ise, 

Edison Phonograph Cay Meawtne traticys tlo., 


O8 Mils Gt., Rowton, Moan. 

Gent] onen te 

AM application of Mey ilaon for the naw toy phono~ 

orpn Invented by him heforo t 

‘eowir§ go Rurepe haa freon allowed by 

tho Potart office, 

Tt covers a liggs rmunber of iavrovements in 

the consutmetion of the toy nuchdre and Nrg Maison haa magmas ted 

tows tiat yor may wish to errenie cor takdiv; out foyvntim patents 

on it, Levore the patent is dssued tu this country. Vo inve nor 

netardy six months dn which ta do tits out if you wish to do uny~ 

thing in the mutter yat sheale peeeged af onee, a0 ay not tp delay 

the losue of tho patent here ay loner fhan 4a <A COMEDY Ye 

Ve enclose a aopy of the claim: ellovet tn this rountry cond 

ziso our of faa copy of tio Chavdn: so thet you eat nde what the 

devico is, Pleose return tite tracing hen you Tins? Yxeutnod 1b, 

Your: truly, 

(Stened J pryie 4, sprny, BN 

Duninl Wolk, Eade, beatey, 
Edison Pornoge mh Yov Bes 

Doston, Maes, 

Doar Siste 

I cuclase herewl th Sey ok & Letter which vas addrossed 
to you Sorpan By Lescra, Dee a ssel Yy Nie 
favtoys, on thor Lm, os! Oetaher, yb 
Provanents in sine 
this country, aad ask Ary: ow tt 
who ther the num should be THB OUAA Maro od » 

uddowed in the unio at g6u 

Oriucdinty was Lo 

‘hoky Leties aloes pathived Lier g 

Ovem mdaaieed aay copay te 4 

BoLVes.y wai and 

Diloete he rmat 
por Ganes ta ave end iisc: 
Foy Phonde Ctrmany, 

thoy propose to dow 

en segy 

mramded vows Cocmaly by Mousse Dyor & Seely with 

en meaine| 


Ganges ke J. Nov, s7, lad, 

wg Ww, 

Hdison's Patont At- 
“Oy, welorydys to certain Ime 

2 tormsiriation of she tay rhonesrma i patented in 
20 decleton of you Company aa +o 

A aoyy of the alatig 

Suinsy, tocatoss with an oftied govy of the 

Thov uesr advise us that the y hove 
warle dantinisot idm addvossed to youre 

Insieaatiere tow 46 tha lesae or tho U. 8. 

wer gee trouve to have bon one af aM iadent ine 
ae lune Dake heptton on thd part. of tha 

} abatd be vlad to hiwe dob advtuo i viet 

Yours {onty, 
ABic} As Oo Bitte 

Prfeuto Googly, 

CoP y, 


Boston, Mov, 29th, 1880, 

Thomas he Mideon, Meqe, 
Qyrg Ry Ne Je 


Dear Sirse 

Your tevar of 276h, with copy of letter fiom Messrs, 

Dycr & Socly hay bea yvoemivod, This is the firgt time thot this 

letter ims come vofore the Osieers of this Company (except the 

oneBresd dnt) cr upon saonaristion with Mi. Field it ts decided 

that tt ia tho desfrve of tthe dompacy that you apply ard take out 

touts in Pereira countries foe all of your improvauents in Toy 

Phoenonvaphe., This 48 o¢ mre inpertonee, as Mr. Yeomans ia short< 

ly to wroceed ahroad, ta dimonc of our foreign rights, and vill 

aeairo to have aoples of all natente, or applications for same, 

Wo vadlese tracin; vefemred to by Mesovs, De & Se 

Yours very truly, 

(Sisned) DANTEL WELD, Soare tary. 

Addre sed LX9) Ae Oo. Tata, Feae, 

Private Seetye 

- ‘ 
Tin “ r BS Tie 
DVGT Mas thts ng pe ee ae Soi ter wld ab 
rae! + ok 
ne ee vawi a n nus a cant ‘ 
: i apt 2 tkhrourhout 
she Uniuad States, slate ol, hols nym ttear to ca 
4 bees ree On PEE ee. 2 
2 ww ahlophe dita 
‘trese Dogs: quote for wen as 
Pav wn ho ragitns In cnootra~ 
WOULD oF” eetatac 
wiet vou want. I se¥t soe 
LO ovsae ED bey ae i = ae 8 
’ OF oy re Lis ts Boaled ore, to vor the phonsplex on one oF ON. 
i a neces: 
cB) oF = ie *) 
: * ee & ton Se : : re Tees 

i ’ 
t ‘ ’ ORE th ee Sa? “6 
aan s vel e 
: H b oy ‘4 ts ws 
ey, tee i 7 ty 
ie EEE Leyes yen by oN Gas 
: ‘ +1 re i 4 o 
eee “Lal eee ’ Lhe Soo - . 4 ; Nt 
€ 1% te he On Qo “Vvonel]y hee (4.0233 i 
- met ree dds “ . Fi 
’ ph sian Van VE Sha thtoger, 
' Tn, 

eee Ai ness tdoaliy one date 

al Bho ea fr van rattory $0 the cael 

‘inh can vo lt as Napa 


Le a Gis vew would won tty LO neyere Leaur aeolian, Gvt = 

tO nee mid 

LaGts Reis oo dyer 
2 she un our 
PARA ES Jercoey 


wrer 200 milos , 

3t comm in am Vopos i 

VOOR Moo lis testa in Harvisbinyy, 

oO. Mattison, bus the rersni¢ stays 

te domble 4 

OSe Ae 


0 Mare Leemorly sble te cnermsbe sues 

ea culilve Upon ope niu aur 

maid khia ame etme to fing a vepory from the Be & Ox yreovule on “We 

£ a6Ve. TT eneloge herewith eoutes of the seme 




“vory bn iy 

Pe ‘. 
Ney % fits 
rte aeny glen 186 

octet ug henedinne 

ey chin ah Teg ae 


Oneangy J ( LQG rd 
Cdleion Phme rafehs hy Qs / 
Prange be. f. 
Dean hres me 7 

Place owes fur hart cl CAR eer CALS 

parttr Mere pines? Phen oy Ad, fp ircHace, CMHachinites 
vv if oth. Baviag/s tar 

& thnes, Clhanr PA me. Ah aprectiiite 
aba&hirrnte thes han, vT? 

Liat, EOb Af with, the mie fae ¥ 

otha orartedh Sha Coy @. bron aks, EC by 
HI vith 3 faito, oe yr 7 

Cllro Dbarcl AS the th otauw . : Cu 
Ireadle, knachaie OW Rate pros “a moi thy Aas 
Con te attache, Ww the Cracturnte w/e 
Prac atiao perrds one Srrrarcel, Clrrclire cor lana 
festa: 4 a Gull Band auet Gichectia, a a Aagh tly 
Canscedt au Goes hrecea, ateut, the ee cLextan Pere 

Phra tA, ara Hives Lear - the, alurve wie 

Dece &; “15689, 


Everett Frazar, KF: 

124 Vater Ste, Vow York .ditye 

Dear Sirs i 

Ioheg to aeknowledye the receipt of your lotter of ond 
instant. I have placed an order with the Phonograph Works Lor 
the speetacic attachments required by you for Yolohama and Sheng- 

hai, also for the msical cyliiniorg. In revard to the four 

presentation rhoxioyitap he’; Tunierstand tiat by the ond of this 
veel, the Phonogranh Works will bo working to its Full canac ity 
on the mw noginncs, ed turning ‘them out dn quite Larne numbers, 
30 th pt ‘there will rot be meh Curther delay in furniciing you 
with these. The original muisoers of ports taken out by Mie . 
Churchill have now boon changer. With os meh haste as is pos» 

sot of tiese for you, together with the 

sible Lan sotting 2 

wmices wid: you have askad Tor, und w 41. forverd tiom to you as 


soon as I receive them from the Phonopraph Vor ks-. He io day 

Yours vony ‘truly, 

itm 8 A ANS IL OR yin sn GE ICED GE 


Deep 8, 1989, 

My Dear Dick ,- 

Ian vory soy that © vag urmsh le to erraig a 

sottl anent of your Revount bevore Mee Mligsen sent UNV He left 

severil days bereve f iamected him to leave, und 1 got no further 

then the &rangerent al the corsideration which you are to recoiva, 

ir Fdison intends redmbursity vou in cash to the oxtent. oz! your 

GALONEOS, an SwMimittod, Sant is aldo Goins tu give you two hundred 

: sleeus of the stock of the Toy Ganpeuy, the par value of thich 


two thousand holies, Twiil hove the treumsfer rede wpan Mr, 

“ML Leo nhs ‘otlien, td forwart yor cotter ante to yim, together 

With rottlement of YOU OXPONe th, 

Please roturn all the faproctas, cortys 

in veaard to mnufaesrae 

of mime yrsphe whieh was sutmith ed} oF Oe Am abies 




Betrate Sogty try, 

Ae Be Dic sy "EQ e, 
Ghighzo, Ts. 


Dive 3, LABS. 

Ne soys e, Duer 

Stroct , 
Nor Yer Ob 



Deer fav. ; 


agey ano tear adden to ire 

eet Aetna ® che Mdiaen, to othe nvirat that 

an Bdisen Couey orcs 

aor tae fe 
pat Moe 

Ltalr, Set to Cieters) 



Itely, Bet al (ate 

wee tg set efueae ft 

cag DM wey: Yo Ws 

ally obtain copies OR te potty wa hee Set evtg ang submit 
LT heve wet to Letter of the Cice 

them bo Mre Rado 
sl Lt bear irom. yore 


Yours wory by ly, 

years atl angen = * 
Peppa Boers trys 




Paris, 20th Novembre , 1854, 

Thonas Alva Rai mn, 

Orage, 8, 7, 

Deer Sire 
We hear fora the Italian Eaiaon Co, that they ao not 

noy wish to continue to rphole wig tonper the ty To llowing Ed tao 


Italy Set 10 f:95) (loter a) 

. os 
uo Set 1 

Soren) (Dynrcag ) 

Of yiich please take note, 

YEE O NeyY tyke, 

Le Syerdce. At Mt Getucell a admiud ct pat ton, 


(Signed Cha Bara 

an cary 

Se Be Papo. i.e : . . 

7 FS es, 

210 Rhee 

‘Yous Pret on : 
1: PL heey olde a doy vente Letty oe 4, we 
: Se AOE OM A Me 8 

Sh OP a EN REES | St PRY Oh 

veodrer te tears ler sen a St Sete the 

Mat irae tr; ee es : 
ation Phonogrera Toy Mtilie Ou, Word 

4, pee 
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dors tly, 

Private Szdvetn M¥q 

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Se By Abat 



Deer Ay 188 O» 



with petayanges to Mus Meiuonts agreement with 
treat exeowtion ia sade of the use of 
sabbery Pay seevondary pwrposes, and also for elec tric 
non would Like $0 ohtain the right to 
euy Lory eleuvteie dighitinm, paurnoses, to te used for Uehtins 

Soup 2G gars, om the pasta of royalty as we pay at 


Covkints vou gyrarge this cetter with Lelandace He 

to ive Me, Vdison this right, as it wilh exe 

. ° 

batsery, sud increase tie maoum of alando's 

os eourse its use in tiia vay would be limited, but 

ye wilh attospt to work up @ bus Foss LP Talenae will give us tho 
poser to po uhendes Kindly put this tiwoimh es yu ie kly as pos» 

ubble, amt cable the resu 14 of yow endeavors. 

Yours very truly, - 

Private Secretary. 

Philip Ss, Dyer, Nsae, 
Antwerp, Belpiurns 


Afetalie bia! a oO . 8 
4 ea0M Sea Messrs, Eaton & Levis, 

, pee 120 Broucyay, Now York. 

Deay Sista 

On the Sth of duly Lunt you gait to the Leboratary 

2O°r00 wo Goplec o2 a provosed asrennont betwen: Uhomac A. Edison ane 

epee the Gar Viole Safe Depo nit Gompanyy, agkiies in yorr lotter of sane 

lito date that a ocrtifieate for 592 8/10 shuree of the Gapital Stock 

“at od of thy Ndioon Phonogrenh Works be iace out in the yeme of the 

there Gar field Safco Deposit Company,  Berors transfering tits st ack, 

wil. you kindly advise me iY thn Gardield Sa’e Deposit Company 

has agreed to aecept the trust, ofter which Twill have Nw. Ba 

; ; 
execute the agrecnmt ast LSommrd it to Yous f] 
ties Ae at 4. M5 a Pe ae es ae ee f. ‘ 
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Yours truly, 

Pravate Secretary, 

Onan ch) rc i he 
Glee om Phone rapte hres ted 7 

Chaar av A. a 
. AQ tary Lies C 7 tf 

a. Leas aye pow haw Jyitler, lus 
fr voli 4 the 

eee ee pe ea we et 

i : 
i orden ef J Phan ae @. Clie or 
= i A 5000 Ts each. uel fey atteak the, Munch 
; t Preliinn of Thaut, Yow tb Leh, aan ol wears, Rome Fe Ov hs, 
i aud Jf tee, fo au ane Ged J Gee Lief, acc 
i oF aamt aa ftolloue! f 
i hes if Chew aver Acthl Jee ¢ 1889 oun 
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Cfil re 70 anc anh 4 the Aenean batinal 
YQank cae A te chan wticl aud the 
frucadl A be Placed te the credcs " Lhe Cctraen 
Ph avs aph broke lt, anid +e {leary nee 

rae ihe A. Peay ee Y bu aval ' toe 
Fhe ative wee Caneel ort 

ttnrfrrck : AL i wars ay 


hw ay ee a 

Med ert the peers ww ie 10%. on tach, 
ry) pov ff 20h FS on toth, : 

Mme. Jose Nicolas de la Cerda, 

Chez lonsiew Domingo Vora, 
Moissonier 2, PARIS, IWance, : 


Dear Nadamo, + 

| Mr, Kdison has asked we to acknowledge the receipt 

| of your lotter under date 4th November, ant to thank you for the 

; a . 

, kind sentiments coneerning himself therein expressed, Ho ren 


members with pleasure the visit. whieh yow friends br, Domingo 
. Foermandez Couche and Dr. inuis Infarito de la Cerda made to his & 
Laboratory, and if yowsel? od Imsband should over visit the 

United States, he slall be very pleased to also extend to you 

the privilege of inspecting hie \orkstnp,. 
An autographed portrait of Mr. Ndison will be forwarded to 
you in the course of o few dsys, pursuant to your re quost « ; 

Yours very resyoctfully, 


73 Dart 


Dece G6, 1080, 

The camiedinn Copper Company, 
103 to 109: Superior Streot, 

Clevelund, Ohio. 

Decr Sirsi~ 

In roply to you inquiry ov 4th instont, I beg to. 

inform you thet your ore was passed upon by the Customs uuthori-~ 
ties yestorday, and nov only evaits the roturn of Mr, Mdison, wien 
it will te treated. © Mre Hdison ins bom ubsent for the past ten 

days. Ho is oxpeeted back, hovover, carly next veek. 
¥ I ’ ’ 


Private Secretarye 

ae aie : Ne i s ere nero ‘ 
Ce pra pear ¥ 3 " o LoL eee ketene Ce Geet NL eee ee eo ie ee heer ee ee 
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% ied Gis, sess - ae 0 aero 


Nemry Villard, Reqe, 

Hew Yorlos 


fhe following ‘hele gran which « 

yodr" otter of RIth ultimose 

27th alte 



nebo Aina nn nin 

Sa Bs Eaton, Moge, ° 

_ hed Broadway y 

icine seni tin He 

How York  Gitin: 

Dem Sirt- 

ys + ralapyce | ‘ 
I beg to achnowledge recatpt from you 

of Stoek in the Féin Ph : 7 
the Hai gon Phonograph Toy H'PG. Jos, 

000 shares, inca out in omy nann wad unendorgad 

wYours very tivby, 

tc nN 


it Re 

: shai: 

ee Sy gee tah eee fe 

Seem seted an ohne armen pits een sar 
Vago SMART epeeneiioren, ‘e 

Messrs, Kdwards & Coe, 
‘Fourth Avonue & 144th Streiot, * 
“New York City, 

Dear Sirs: 


With reference to Your letter of and instant to ow ‘Nite 

Roywdolph, I hog to advise yor that your bil. was ve ferred: for ap 

‘ . 

proval to Mrs. Edison, who reports that tho tells at her house 
are still in vary ad order, the detects coaminrieis of not bev ing 
bem remedied at ull, T nota youa mina Fabre enclos cd ‘with 
your lottor unler reply, to the eifoot ‘that a8 tosted Howe “ana 

found nathing wrong, and would suggest that when ho egain visita 

Llewoll yn Park (ani we vou Like him to do so at. gnse), he. ine 

quire Por ‘Mae Rat, pon, tho vith Rete ‘out to: him the trouble. 

What ‘sho complains of is, thet sho cannot ring ¢ one boat: vitvou’ 

Bounsieng: several other Vella. : When this aofect, is remod body 3 your 

BSL will be pasced upon. and check. an sottionont prompey roubeted 

Yours’ ve xy traly, 

Sentech 3 ithe win Ay 

Scat BC" 

‘Dede Ty 1889. 

My Dear Shaw,~ 

Thaw your lettor of 4th inste, onlosins appii~ 

cation of Horbert Ba oho, of Tanoaster, Pies for 8 pop Sidon in- 
the Lal oratory « te young non oupoyer by Norst Raison ore: aeusily 
graduates of te eaknical schools, swh an Qorne 13 University ani the 

Stevens ' Institutes I will be gisa to slo ‘an ybhing I can for daw 

Goho, but it is difficult to plac at. young aan who has pod no 

previous knowledge o Lf elestrical werk, 

By Shaw, Feqes 
Witiansport, Pre 

Re Pe Rothwell, Usqe, 

P. Ov Box, 1833, 

Nav York City. 

Dear Sirs~ 

. q ‘ 4 

with reforenc.e to your lotion. of ara instant. ot ‘hit! 

Edison's. request, foam voronvonisty with “MrgcYesaa Heslippincott, 

President of the North American Phonograph Coe, with the vier of: 

arranging Lor. the prosontation of a “phononraph to yoursolf, 

SPIO GS PR OY tsa ini accdeen amici neneticenlnin poe mace Ueinanneannaaten si eatin 

sre a ara on 

- Deeg My ABD, 

- Dear Mary. Price, « 

Replying to your Letter of 4th instant, we imve 

ae Sete 
” ee 
esac cipiscen core tataiia 

no data yot in reyard to the new battery; beyonl wiat is given in 

the attached circular, Wo are yumiing a lot of comparative cur~ 

ves of ow battery and others, and ‘when thié deta is in shape I 

wi11 ba glad to let you have a copy, 

Yours truly, 

Mere eee nce AE EEN on, 

"Chas. We Price; Reqs, 
Hlceetrioal Review, 

New “York « 

Col. Goor go Be Gouin, 

Little Molo, Uppay Nomood, 

Survey, Hagiind.. 

Ioyueg to con 

arom vou and geit py mote 

WMey ute hava okpo | 

Duals ee 


“Yos, you muy dave medical dumels. 


Dece 7,5 BQe 

My Dear Upton,~ 

I ‘duly vooeived your otter of Gth inotont in z 
ro card to the Keratry Break Mat. Hr, Kaioon had already received 
on invitat jon fyom Mi'e Ry Ve Jolnwon, of the CHTURY, to mect 
Sount Maite de Koratiy on thy ove sasion in quest dony and I av ote z 
Mire Jolmacn ‘last night, siating that More Bad son ses ‘absent ona 
that it woald be impossible for him to bo prescte The Latter 

arvaved hone vunexpeatodly last night, and som bits Johneon the 

followin; telegram this morning? 


MZ have jist velurned hen 4 ‘sor an plsones: 
of several days and Inston t4) expreks nly roe 
gret at boing “unable ta ationd the proakfa st 
to Count. nile do Keratrys wiho represents 2 
movement which has my ausbens sympathy eo” 

Yours very truly 

“Braweis Re Upton, “Meqe, 
| Bdieon Lamp ‘Comp enty y” 
nade GON, . Made 

My Dear Mr. Lippincott, ~ 

. In the early days of the phonoj rap h Mire 
Re’ Pe, Rothwell, the writer of the aiitached lotter, rendered ire 
Edison considerable aBsistence, at the: latter proms 2 to let 
him have a Machine as soon as it was, porfected..  Mry Rothwell is. 
Calling. now for the ful. Lilmont Orns promise, aml Mr, Aten 
has asked me +o write yed ann see 1f it could be arranged. IT may 
add that Mrs Wdison says that he thins this is the last. 

Yours vory truly, 

Jesse He Lippincott, Bone, 

160 Broadway. New eens 

ii tireaicemoach 
scope aie 

Dece Ts B9e 

Edison's Phonograph Co., 

London, We Ge England. : 

Dem Sirss-+ , 


I beg to acknowledga thd rvecoipt of your letter of 

26th November, in regairid to CAS 91, contents of which I haw 


Your's trudyy, 

tae caus 6 

Ahk sok 

j 1 te eee sew ngeds 

Sanna toca nets eemeae gente te 

ate tater sariow a wl 


Ts Ae EDISON, Esq, 

Bis tbe, abeorico" of: 001 ‘Gourand, we. 

oped ‘Your Letter dare seed to pe af date ath dyetant which 

torres wht a We aro 2d caohatog’ to our heontes vith: ‘the veanest to 
expedite ‘the £Ding of the Dap dit ‘in the, ‘freape ative countries, 
consist ant wit th ofRoimey ag regards. vans] abion bes 

The: Provisional Speestig tion for England wilt be™ filed by 
our unglish Fatmt Agoint hocmorrony, ani we: do. re antioipate any 
great delay. in the ‘tiling ‘pf the Continental Patents, cspeaielly 

“France an Germanys as aL “the necessary “docments are ; in ‘the 

Agent, onda. be ia? 4 ; _ ee “, es es ? — ; E : 

Dece 9, L8B9¢ 

Hawaii De Adama, Faqes 

i : , 

Poy Nor yori: City. 

‘I beg to enclose herew isr you infornation copy 
f Opy 

ve acived by Mr. Eaison from Messrs. Walton Harrison 
Taylor, Yosh ington, D, Ce, under date Dec, 3, 1859, 

n of the power of Niagara Falls,. 

yelative to utilization 


Yours very t2 wy 

Private Secretary. 

a OES Pg 

Wardiyton, De Oe Ded, 5, LeBso, 

; : } 
Mi, Thowys Ay Belson, —- : 

: Qvange, Ny J, 

Pew Siri 

We are nvare tint yom time is rost valuable, but 

vould to pleased to have 

you oxmiine into the merits of a thor ough- 

ly feasible plan that vo havo for utili atiys 

the power ‘of Niagara 

Pallse . We would especially sey in the hojirning that ours is 

not a wild sehowe requiring newly diverted or ponderous devices 

ealewlated to my tha heauty of tho fs or surrounding scenery, 

oe Bod 

It is not; strictly speaking an invention, but rather a general © 

out ne ol\a gipantie Ougineeriiy; vorl, the data 


a careful shu ly of the natuie and extent of the 

belng based upon 

aqdiificulties to w 

OVETCONL » es endeavor a Oe ras bea to simplify, to 

our princinal 

cheapen, to cater practical ami to avoig novelty , 

guide being ehmon sense Ve vould be glad to present ip person 

| : 
ov to forward No you plans and specifi 

ications setting forth tho 

details with thy urlers tanding that you examine the samee If 
\ : 

oe inves tigation you find our plan to te meritorious, 


pe glad to have iyo mike us a propo sition Leong towar da putting 

we would 

the. Bane into: option, we being mutually interestedy With over y 

é ‘snPidence wo singe thé matter to you. 

Hopirg to receive an 

ly and a fev or ato rep ly. We are very récfeetfully, 

Walton Hayrigdn 
\ -(Simned ) John G. Paylcr. 
sews taiess. 


aed Mato a 

bs eit LAP EPEN 8 Forty at pn) A ee Soo AMY A 

Messrs. Walt on Narr ison’ & John G. ‘taylor ? 

412 Sixth Ste, Ne We, Wadi 


D Oy Ce 

Dear Sirst~ 

Mr y! Edi son has read yoru cate ond favor of ore 

SEVERN amd in roply fesives me to ee you that ho is alveaay 

Anve ab ket ty the matter of utilizing! the power of: Niagara Falls,’ 

TT ereneeneennearaee ses rere AY, 



Reel duplication of the whole or of 
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In lieu of transcripts, however, 

enlarged photocopies of selected : 
items contained on these reels : 
_may be made in order to facilitate - 


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ade Sen tt AS RIF 8 Par ee go 

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QL Edison. fapers 



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(ANSI and (SO TEST CHART No. 2) 



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EE iis 




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